tagRomanceNancy and The Evil One

Nancy and The Evil One


This is a little story about how a sweet young woman named Nancy came into discovering her essence and how to enjoy it.

You see Nancy was a wonderful woman untouched by the evil one. I am the evil one and know a little about creating an evil woman. If a woman has heard of actions and positions to be tried in concert with a man, there is always that need to try and see if they are as good as she has heard. I hope I was and am.

I think Nancy has a little S&M about her. I found she loves to put her hands high and let lips caress down her neck and body. She is so alive when the lips are near her ears. Her nipples turn into solid marbles. Her skin creates those little goose bumps men strive for. Kissing down her back from her shoulder all the way down lets her quiver with delight. Feeling the sliding of soft, demanding lips sliding anywhere on her body creates a delightful feeling over all her body.

Her breath quickens. Her nipples harden even harder. Her flower opens and shows her essence. It is liquid gold as it slowly runs down her petals and lower. I know how it tastes. It is pure honey. I love to place my tongue under her petals and suck as it slowly pours from her body.

I know her essence flows faster as I play with her cheeks and her hidden area. I call this her cherry. She knows I want this cherry for my own as I am the evil one and am very selfish. I want what she has not given anybody else. I have told her it is mine and I will have it.

Should I spend a lot of time with her arms up over her head? Should I melt her with my lips in preparation for taking her last cherry. I think I will. She deserves some slow, intense, sweet time with my lips on her body. I want to have her cuming several times. Perhaps I will slowly work a lubed vibrator over her cherry while she is cuming in my mouth? This sounds like the most pleasurable for her. I slowly working a vibrator in her sweet pussy for many cums as my lips suck and nibble on her clitty. Then lubing my fingers up and working just inside her cherry. I would tease it and as I pushed into her with these fingers, I would bite her clitty.

I know she would enjoy this action. Soon I would lube a bigger vibrator and tease it inside of her cherry. No vibration, just a little push now and then. I would be drinking her essence as I performed this action. Slowly and surely she would feel the fullness inside of her and then I would turn it on.

Her legs would no doubt straighten and her moans would increase. She cums so quietly anyway. She would be more vocal now as the vibrator is pleasuring her cherry. She would feel her insides quivering and then my lips nibbling on her clitty. Stars would be formed in her eyes. She would enjoy it so much. I strive to give her more pleasure as she is very deserving.

Here is a woman that could look at any man and say, "Come here and pleasure me." They would pleasure her in a heartbeat. They would work her diligently and as her directions guided them. I know that and have known that for several years. I have told her so. I can see you have your sparkle in your eyes as you get out of your car. You walk up and ring the doorbell. I open the door and see the sparkles up close and open the door. You come in I let you get in far enough to close the door behind you. I turn and you are looking around a little. I reach around you and hug you close. I love to feel a woman in my arms. I feel you sigh a little bit as you feel me surround you with my arms.

Suddenly you feel lips on your neck. They are soft and just pressing on your skin. You feel my breath over your ears and your shivers begin. It is just the start of many shivers. I ask if you have a little time on your hands and would like something to occupy some of that time. You sigh in a small voice, "what would you have in mind?" I let you go and then lead you to the bedroom. As you enter your mind is going wild. You don't know what I might have in mind. Nervously you watch as I close the door.

I begin by taking your t-shirt off. This is the tight top. I pull it up high but I stop and trap your arms above your head. I usually let you pull out of your jeans and slip off of your body. But this time I pull it out and take it over your head. Your breasts are naked and your nipples are hard. I get on my knees and then unbuckle your belt. Then I pop your top button and unzip your jeans. I reach down and untie your shoes. You won't need them for a little while. I pick your feet up and slip them off. I pull down your jeans myself. I slide them down and across your tight ass. You step out of them. There I see a little wet spot on your panties. Apparently there are thought running through your mind as I slowly slide this article off also.

Then I smell your excitement. I can almost taste in now but that will come soon. I raise your legs and the panties also end up in the clothing pile. Now I have Venus in my sight. And you are she. I finish taking your top off and slide your arms from the sleeves. I stand up and caress your tight ass as I move you to the bed. I can see a lot of thoughts going through your mind. I lay you on the bed and let your legs hang. I undress as you watch and your eyes just get bigger and bigger. I now am naked also. I stand in the middle of your open legs and reach down and kiss your lips. I kiss you neck. I then spend some time with your breasts teasing with my hands and lips. Your nipples are extended greatly now and I lavish them with my tongue. I cross from one to another and back and forth. I know this is making your body squirm a little but you enjoy it. I continue for a few moments and feel your hands press me into your breasts.

I then step back and allow myself the sight I am after. I see your legs spread a little and go to my knees again. I raise one leg and kiss up and down it. I raise the other and do the same. I want to build your excitement even more so I raise both of them at once and then kiss your cheeks. Nice and soft in my lips they are. I nibble and feel your legs trying to jump in my hands but I hold onto them.

Now I know what I want to do and the timing is just right. I lower your legs and let them go to my sides. I then see the treasure you have for me. You lips are wet and reddish and they are slowly opening for me to see. I look closer and your inner lips are opening like rose petals. I reach in with my tongue and caress the outside of those nice wet lips and slowly ease my tongue up on side and back down the other side. I am stirring your pot and am not even inside of your lips yet. I also see another item I should discuss. Yes, it is your clitty. When I started licking the outside of your lips I must have stirred it to life also. It is now growing so nicely but I want to wait on the teasing of that. I did say I was very evil didn't I? I take my thumbs and open your outer lips slowly and making them open very wide. I see the inner petals and want to lick in between them and the outer lips. I start to do that and I feel you burst with a push of your essence and then I hear you cum. It is nice and what I wanted. It is the start of what you had wanted also.

My thumbs are getting very slippery now as I try to open you even wider. I place my tongue directly on your clitty and hold it there. I feel your heart beating through it. That is very nice indeed. I then slide off your clitty and feel you jump. I slid across the right side as I already know that is your favorite side when I do this to your. I then circle your inner lips. I look up and see your head jumping back and forth. I know I cannot stop you from doing this so I attend to my feast. You feel my tongue going deep inside of your opening. You don't know how much more your can take before you cum again. Again, this point is mute since your body has taken over and decided to cum without your approval. You body shakes and your moan and breath deeply letting your air out very fast. I continue and now comes the time for your little clitty. I start to mouth it and fling it against my tongue. It is quite large now and I have a nice morsel to taste and play with. I flip it back and forth and then grab it with my lips and pull on it. It tastes so nice I cannot believe my luck. You body is shaking and cuming again so fast. I continue until I feel the splash of the essence squirting on my face. I then drink deeply from you. You are stilled and have passed out.

I watch you as your breathing slows. You are still out of it but you have such a nice look on your face I hesitate as to bothering you. I have more plans.

While you are recovering I go check your bag you brought in. It is by the front door. I look inside and I see you have brought your toy. I smile. I had suggested you bring it so we might play a little and you did not disappoint me. I take your toy out and head back to the bedroom. You are recovering and awake. You smile and blush as you see what I am carrying. I place it on your tummy. It is cold and you flinch a little. I then go to a drawer and pull out another toy and bring it back to be with a tube of KY jelly. I can see the look in your eyes. You mind is in overdrive wondering what I might be thinking of doing.

I slowly remove the lid of the KY and put some on my fingers. Your legs are still hanging over the bed. I lift your legs and put them on my shoulders. Slowly I slide my fingers across your pussy and down to your anus. Your body is quivering now. I take your toy and ask you, "Where have you been putting this little toy?" You say "in my pussy. I do that when we talk or I am reading one of your stories." "Oh you do...and does it make you feel good?" I ask? You smile and blush; I turn it on and move it over your outer lips. I slowly circle the soft wet lips and stop for a short time at your clitty...It is on low speed but your still moan and quiver as it stops and starts again around your lips. I dip it into your pussy just sliding the curved part in...you lips open to accept it. I slide it in and out. The KY makes it so slippery it slides in very nicely. I slowly stir your pussy with it even a little deeper inside of you. I lean down and start licking your clitty at the same time. Your legs are opening and closing on my head as I do this. You are moaning a little louder now. I go deeper with the toy. Then I nibble and suck your clitty into my mouth. You flex your hips and cum for me again. I keep attacking your pussy with the toy and lick your clitty until you come down from that magical place you go when you cum. I slowly stop the toy but leave it inside of you.

My finger slowly plays with your anus as you come down. You feel it but do not recognize the feeling as your entire lower body is still quivering. I grab the tube of KY and lubricate your anus and my fingers...yes two of them. I slip these into your opening and while doing this; I slowly push and pull on your toy. You have new feelings in you body now. I think you lick what is happening by the far-a-way look you have on your face. Slowly I push and twist my fingers deeper and deeper. Soon your hips are thrusting on my fingers and your toy. I reach and get the other toy and lubricate it generously with KY. I then slowly take my fingers out of your anus and replace it with this toy. It is straighter than the other toy but just as big. I slide easily into your bottom. I work it in and out of your anus...let call it as it is...I am fucking your ass with this toy and playing with your pussy with your other toy. I turn them both on at once and plug them deeply into your body. I hear a scream and I know you are cumming...I work them both in and out through while your body is thrashing back and forth. You are thrusting into both of them and you are cumming very hard. I feel the squirt of your juices on my chest and face. You do not stop cumming. Your juices are everywhere. I reach my tongue down and start to lick when I can catch your pussy. You are totally wild now and I can barely taste your pussy long enough to get a good lick in. I turn both of the toys off and slowly pull them out. You are still moaning aloud and quivers and shivers are coursing through your body. I decide I must take your virgin opening with my cock.

I stand up and leave your legs on my chest. I rub some KY on my hard cock. Then I see the target I want. I pick your legs higher than before and aim into your tight ass. I place the head of my cock against it. Your body opens and I slid into your opening. It stops at your splinter muscle but your body is still quivering. I wait until I feel your body quiver again and I thrust into your ass. I have it deep inside of your anus now and am just holding it there. You have a wild look in your eyes. I see you looking at me but you aren't there. A moan starts from your throat and your grab at my body. I plug in and out of your ass as your grab me and pull me to your lips. As I get closer to your lips you take in a great breath and I close the gap between our lips. You scream into my mouth as your body forces you to cum. I fuck in and out as you cum and soon I feel your muscles quiver and ripple up and down my cock inside of you. I scream and come inside of your ass. My scream is lost inside of your mouth as your scream was in mine. You cum again as you feel my hot cum go into your bowels...we both pass out with the pleasure.

You gently wake and you feel my softening cock slip out of your well uses anus. You have the dreamy feeling all over your body. This feeling makes you warm and you do feel loved even though I was indeed rough with you.

I have gotten a wet washcloth and am cleaning your pussy and ass now. Loving touches below are what you are feeling. I toss the washcloth away and reach to kiss your lips. Your lips are still quivering as my lips touch them. I feel you breath and touch your lips.

You start to rise up and I push you back down. "WOW!" you say. That was intense and wonderful all at the same time. I smile at you, "and it is not over." I say. I aim to pleasure all of your senses. Slowly you see the dark blindfold I have laid next to your head. You smile a small smile as I reach up and place it over your head and across your eyes. You don't see a thing now. You start to get nervous as you feel the headset over your ears. The music playing is soft and romantic. This is something you would not listen to normally but this is not a normal time. You listen a little more and feel something gliding across your chest. It stops at your right nipple. It flutters as it stops. You haven't decided if it feels good or not but your nipple rises and you feel that instantly. The fluttering continues across your chest and then it stops at your left nipple. You squirm and smile as that nipple also lets your know it too is rising. Your neck feels lips on it...you shiver. The music is playing but your barely hear it. You neck has something gliding on it and you feel the air as it crosses your neck. Goose pimples rise as the air does strange things to you. More fluttering across all of your body are the feelings you feel. You don't know what is happening but your pussy is starting to leak and you feel it.

Soon you feel something lightly touch your pussy but with the fluttering across your chest, you don't know what is happening. It feels nice but you are still apprehensive and to how you are feeling this way and what is making you feel this way. You pussy is leaking a lot now and something is sliding up and down your lips. You think it might be my tongue but you aren't sure. Something feels right but not quite...as the feels starts again you feel your pussy is getting very warm now. What is making it do that? It is almost on fire and again something just slowly works its way up and down your lips. Your body is moving by its own mind. You move back and forth. You are tightening your thighs since it does feel good but you don't feel anything between your legs. What ever I am doing I must be using my fingers. But you would feel my hand surely as it grazed across your upper thighs. Your mind is not keeping up with the feeling you feel. This is the sensory deprivation I was after. I want your mind confused by what it is feeling. I want your shivering and trying to figure out what is going on. I want you to question what your are feeling and how.

You feel something slowly playing with your abused anus now. It is tickling you and shaking it a little. Slowly it gains in a vibration and you know there is a vibrator playing with you. Finally something you recognize. You smile at that feeling and then there is a cold feeling against your anus and it starts vibrating again. It is vibrating deeper and deeper inside of you. It stops and some how it stays inside of you even with your body picking up the vibration. You are pleased but now something is really cold on your pussy. The feeling goes back and forth from hot to cold and across your chest and nipples.

Suddenly your feel cold deep into your pussy and then you feel my cock following it deep inside of your body. The shock is too much and you start to cum and thrash. I do not hold you back as your shiver and rock and roll all over wondering what is going on. The only thing you know is that your essence if squirting from your pussy and the stars of your orgasm are in full brilliance...the blues crash with the whites that crash with the reds. You are amazed as to what you see and suddenly the blackness appears. You pass out and the darkness encompasses you.

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