tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNancy Porter's Journal: 05

Nancy Porter's Journal: 05


Nancy's fifth journal entry...

Time flies when you're having fun I guess, and Thanksgiving was here already. I had lost all concept of time, my life rotating around those crazy Friday nights. Thanksgiving we had my grandmother come over for dinner and I got to listen to my mother praise me to grandma non-stop.

Oh, Nancy was doing so well in school (not anymore mom, as I knew we'd all find out soon enough at the end of the semester). Nancy has a job working for a professor every Friday night (I wondered how they'd like to hear about what I do), and is making new friends (The Professor, Monica, Pam and the dynamic duo of Walter and Kay, with who knows who on deck). I ate in silence and endured her babbling as best I could.

Upstairs later, I got myself off by replaying that kiss from Monica in my mind. This was six straight nights I had done that, and hopefully tomorrow night would give me a new and more explicit memory of Monica.

When I got over to the Martin house the next night, I took care of Ziggy and Roy as usual and was greeted by Professor Martin and Monica, who was looking as ravishing as ever wearing a lavender sweater and slacks. As we went through the house, I tried to determine whether Monica was wearing a bra or not, me not even trying to hide my staring because after all what's the point now.

I got taken to a workout room above the garage, that I figured must be part of Monica's secret to looking like Monica. I had never gone near any kind of exercise machine, because I knew there wasn't anything there that would help me.

We got to the exercise room and there was this guy with short blonde hair sitting with his back to us, pulling these wire contraptions from over his head down to his sides. This guy's shoulders and arms were incredible, muscles bulging and rippling as he worked. His back was broad, the little spandex top he wore hid nothing, and I freely admit that this was really turning me on. I was never much for the muscleman look, but seeing it in the flesh ...well, now that's another story.

"Bev, I have someone I'd like you to meet" Professor Martin said after clearing his throat to announce our arrival.

Bev? As this amazon got up and turned around, there was no doubt that he was most definitely a she. She jumped up and smiled broadly as she came over to us.

"Molly, so great to meet you, I'm Bev!" She announced loudly in a husky voice as she shook my hand.

"Nancy" I corrected her meekly, watching my hand disappear into hers. All I could do was stand there and gawk at this Bev. The first thing I did was to check the crotch of her outfit for a bulge, because this just couldn't be. The tight material kept no secrets, and there was nothing there to indicate that Bev was anything but a woman, one whole heck of a lot of woman.

Bev had to be almost six foot tall, with short spiked blonde hair and a friendly personality. Good thing too, because I wouldn't want her mad at me. As she spoke to Monica I surveyed the rest of her, which featured a pair of fairly prominent breasts straining against the material, almost no waist and a big curvy rear end. The bottom of the outfit was cut to reveal thighs and legs that looked like they were carved by a sculptor. She sported a deep bronze tan that had to be from a booth and the tan didn't appear to have an end. I'm no expert but this woman had a breathtaking build.

I went down to the basement with Monica for my grooming session. I hadn't done anything in that regard which gave me more time to be touched by her.

"I see I've got a little more work here than last week Nancy" Monica said.

"It's the only fringe benefit I have here, so I might as well take advantage of it" I said bluntly. "Besides, I still haven't recovered from last week's goodbye."

Monica blushed as she ran the razor over me. "I don't know what got over me Nancy, that wasn't right of me to do that" Monica said almost apologetically.

"Wasn't right? It was more than right to me. It was what I've wanted all along," I told her, "and the next time you do it I'll be more prepared. And I won't let go next time either" I added.

Monica laughed as she finished up. "Let's get you dressed and go have our cocktail" she announced merrily as she helped me get into that stupid plaid uniform.

This had become a favorite time for me, this drink or two or three I had with Monica before the "festivities" would begin. I usually tried to get something out of her regarding this whole production, but I always felt she was hiding something.

"This Bev is really something" I told Monica. "I thought she was a guy from the back."

"Isn't she an incredible specimen Nancy" Monica said. "She was a nationally ranked bodybuilder for many years and still keeps herself looking great, doesn't she? She's forty years old and doesn't look a day over thirty" Nancy remarked as she gave me my vodka and tonic.

"She doesn't look forty that's for sure," I commented,"but she's kind of well... butch looking isn't she?"

"You should tell her husband that later" Monica said laughing. "He's always trying to get her to soften her look a little. No, she's a woman who enjoys all her options."

"Is her husband going to be involved in this thing tonight?" I asked tentatively.

"No, he's not involved and, oh you... you're trying to get me talking aren't you, you devil" Nancy said. "Richard likes things to be a big surprise, so that you look more natural when it all happens. He'd get mad at me if he heard me babbling like this. Let's just say that Bev will expand your horizons a little more tonight. I think you'll really like it if you only open your mind and relax."

"In that case, I'll need another one of these" I informed Monica, waving my now empty glass in the air. "Another couple of these and I'll be ready for almost anything."

Monica took the glass and did her bartender thing that she did so well. I took the opportunity to try to pry more out of her.

"Say Monica, what exactly do you and Professor Martin do back there on the couch while I'm getting put through these shows, or whatever they are?" I asked innocently.

"Oh, well... we enjoy watching you, that's about all" Monica said with a nervous edge in her voice, looking over my shoulder toward the door.

"Does that bicycle pump or whatever it was that I saw on the couch a couple of weeks ago have anything to do with your watching?" I inquired.

Monica handed me my new drink and looked at me quizzically for a second before bursting into laughter. I loved her laugh and I realized that I had never really heard it before.

"Bicycle pump, oh dear, that's so funny Nancy" Monica said while laughing so hard she began to turn red. "Oh god, you have no idea how...well I guess you aren't that far off!" she said while leaning back against the bar for support until she managed to control herself.

"Well Nancy, as Richard explained to you in the beginning, he's getting on in years and... oh let's just say that sometimes we pleasure each other while watching. It's really quite.... enjoyable" Monica said while shaking her head and muttering "bicycle pump!" through her giggling.

"I'm glad I'm so entertaining and amusing" I snapped, showing I was a little hurt by the answer, I suppose. "Maybe some time I'll sit back there and watch you two go at it and see if it's all that great a show."

Monica put her arm around my shoulder and gave me a squeeze.

"I wasn't laughing at you Nancy, really I wasn't I swear. It's just that you're so sweet and unassuming, I just find it very refreshing. How I would love to trade places with you."

"You can be my guest tonight if you're that interested, just go up and wrestle with this Bev" I quipped. "Better yet, let Professor Martin take my place and I'll sit back there with you."

"That would be much more enjoyable for me to watch Nancy," Monica said with a smile, "and remember you can call him Richard, dear."

"You wouldn't be doing any watching if I was back there with you Monica" I said, surprising both of us with that comeback. All of a sudden now I was getting assertive, even if it was a few weeks late. "And I'll stick with calling him Professor Martin."

Somehow I couldn't call this jerk Richard. It was too much like making him a friend and putting us on a even level. Calling him Richard would take away the fact that this asshole was blackmailing me. I downed the rest of the drink and asked Monica for another while we waited.

Professor Martin came into the bar area moments later and seemed quite jovial, herding us over to the other room and leading us over to the bed.

"Bev will be joining us momentarily Nancy" Professor Martin announced happily. "Now what you are going to do is give her a massage and, well actually you will both give each other massages. Bev will tell you what to do as you go along dear. Have fun."

With that, they retreated to the darkness, leaving me alone at the bed. Bev entered the room, still wearing the workout uniform. She was almost shining from the perspiration that coated her from head to toe, and it seemed like she had gotten even bigger during that short time period. If that was what they called pumping up, well it worked.

Bev came up to me, bent over and kissed me lightly on the cheek. I felt so tiny, so insignificant next to this woman. I could feel the heat radiating from her body, along with a light scent of tangerine.

Bev helped me take off my plaid blazer and skirt, something I never minded because I hated it so much. My blouse came off next but the bra and panties were to stay on, Bev indicated. Fine by me I whispered. Bev then told me to undress her and I could see that wouldn't take long.

I tried to figure out how this thing would come off, then saw that it would come off her shoulders and down. That was easier said than done, as I had to use all my strength to get the straps over her muscular shoulders. Once I got past that part, it came off rather easily.

I pulled it down past her breasts, which proudly popped into view. Bev's breasts were pretty big, about the size of hand melons, but appeared smaller that they actually were because of her immense upper body. I got the bottom part of her outfit off and she was naked.

It was an awesome sight to see, sort of like Arnold without a penis. Bev had muscles on muscles, and every movement she made caused them to undulate. She had only the tiniest strip of blonde pubic hair adorning her pussy, and that seemed to be the only hair on her entire body besides her head.

Bev handed me a bottle of lotion and got on her stomach on the bed. I got up on the bed and sprayed some of the goo on the back of her legs, and realized I had no idea what to do, and told Bev so. She told me to do what I had done to me during a massage.

Well, that was no help. There was no way I was, well no way I would have ever gotten naked in front of anybody before this stuff began. Anyway, I did the best I could, rubbing the lotion all over Bev and kneading her flesh like I imagined it should be done.

Bev did not have an ounce of flab anywhere, even her ass was muscular. I could not help but be impressed at the body I was massaging. I would even confess to being aroused, although I was embarassed at the prospect of having her do this to me afterward.

I got up to her shoulders and dug in as hard as I could, and was surprised to get a small grunt out of her in response. After a little more of this she rolled over and I started on the front of her legs and worked up. I didn't know what to do when I got around her pussy so I avoided it.

"Go ahead honey, it won't bite you" Bev said smiling. "Do whatever you like."

I grinned nervously in response and began rubbing around her pussy, my hand stroking the labia and all around. Bev seemed pleased at what I was doing and began breathing more rapidly.

"Get up and take off your panties honey" Bev said in her husky voice.

I got up and slid the panties down and off me, tossing them aside. A low whistle came from Bev's lips as she looked at Monica's fresh new handiwork. She cupped her hands behind her head and smiled sweetly at me.

"God, you are so gorgeous honey. Now take your bra off for me Nancy, slowly, okay?"

I reached back and unhooked the bra, shrugging it off my shoulders as methodically as I could. I had been getting more comfortable with being naked in front of others but still felt nervous and intimidated about it. I looked at Bev who was biting her lip while staring intensely.

"Nancy, finish massaging me so I can do you. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen" Bev whispered.

I had no idea what she was seeing but it did make me feel real good, so I got back up beside her and squirted some more lotion on Bev's stomach. I guessed this was what was called a six pack, this ribbed wall of abdominal muscles, and it was a work of art. I looked up at Bev for help as I didn't think I was supposed to go much farther.

"Uh Bev, am I supposed to, uh... do your breasts too? I asked tentatively.

She nodded and smiled so I lotioned up and began kneading her breasts. Well, there was some fat on her after all, I thought as I squeezed and rubbed her firm cannonballs. Her pudgy nipples grew under my touch as I worked over them and Bev's eyes were becoming glassy. Finally I moved up and after massaging her incredibly large biceps for a time, Bev told me that it was my turn. Too bad, because I was really enjoying it.

We changed places and Bev repeated the process with me. In the beginning, it hurt a little bit as Bev either didn't know her own strength or I was too soft, but after I mentioned something about it, she settled down into a comfortable pressure.

By the time she got up to my shoulders, I had figured out why people got massages, because this was great. I felt so relaxed that it seemed like I was floating. Bev worked around my neck a bit and then whispered for me to roll over.

I rolled over and Bev was at the headboard of the bed reaching down for something. She asked for my hands and when I put them out she put these cuffs on my wrists and the next thing I knew my hands were ties to the posts at the top of the bed. I must have looked scared because Bev whispered that I was doing great and just relax.

Easier said than done I thought, but once she began massaging my legs I began to relax again. By the time she was up to my thighs I was ready for her to do something more around that area. Instead, she bypassed my pussy and went on to my stomach before moving up to my breasts.

Between laying on my back and my arms stretched high above my head, when I looked down there was nothing there but puffy little aureolas and very stiff nipples. Bev didn't seem to mind as she worked them over with passion. In a minute I was rubbing my thighs together almost begging for release.

Bev noticed this and immediately straddled me. At first I thought she was trying to hold me down, but I soon figured out that once Bev positioned herself we were now grinding our pussies together. I felt her little strip of pubic hair sliding against my smooth pussy as she continued to rub her hands up and down my chest, occasionally pinching my nipples as she went.

I fought the restraints on my wrist, wanting to grab her breasts as they swung up toward me but I was pinned down tight. I felt my orgasm build up inside me as Bev began grinding into me harder and faster. I could tell that she was getting close too so my hips rose up to offer myself to her.

I came first but Bev was not far behind, and I enjoyed watching her screaming, reveling in hearing her call out my name. The bed was somehow drenched as we slowly regained our senses.

"Oh babe, that was so good" Bev raved as she slowly got up and went to the night table next to the bed. "You're gonna love this now too, I promise."

When she came around I saw she had some things in her hands. There was a jar of something, a strap of some kind and what looked like a rubber dick. Bev was putting the strap thing, actually it was more like a belt, around her waist. She grabbed a little pillow and put it under the small of my back.

Bev then ducked down and I felt her tongue lazily drifting around my pussy before darting inside. She worked her way up and down my opening as I found myself getting more and more interested in what her tongue was doing and less concerned about the other things.

Bev's tongue began sliding down further, occassionally sliding below my pussy and into that sensitive space between the pussy and the butt. Then Bev's tongue left my pussy completely and started licking around my butthole. I was going to tell her that she was way off but soon realized that this was not an accident.

Bev's hands took my cheeks and spread them apart and suddenly I felt her tongue burrowing into my asshole. I nearly flew straight up out of the bed, restraints and all, as I yelped in shock. Bev's tongue stabbed around, darting in and working all around. Her right hand slid up off my butt cheek and began rubbing my clitoris roughly.

My whole lower torso started shaking under this incredible manipulation. I didn't have time to be disgusted because I was coming and coming hard. I couldn't believe the screams that came out of me as I climaxed, as Bev held me tight to the end, constantly licking and stroking.

I was still coming down off of this crazy ride when I looked up and saw Bev attaching that rubber dick to that harness she now had on around her hips. She almost looked like a guy with that dick sticking out in front of her. She was rubbing goo all over the dick and then Bev reached down and I felt her put one of her fingers in my ass. This felt really weird, and it felt even more strange a minute later when she inserted another finger and began sliding them in and out, turning her hand like a corkscrew as she worked them in deeper and deeper.

This was so surreal because I was just watching like it was happening to someone else and made no effort to resist. Bev knelt between my legs and I felt her put that dick up to my lubricated asshole and start putting it inside me. I gasped when a little bit of it went in and Bev pulled back a bit.

"I'll be gentle Nancy, just relax" Bev said as she slid a little bit of it in once again.

Bev gradually began putting more and more of it in, and statred to hump harder and faster. It was beginning to feel good in a weird sort of way. Bev was crouched over me as she rocked in and out, her sweat flying off her onto me, her face a light crimson.

"You okay baby?" Bev asked with concern in her voice. It's a real little one and I'll be real gentle cause I know it's your first time."

I nodded and as I watched her leaning over me, her hands next to my shoulders, I wanted to reach out and grab her breasts. I wanted to squeeze those massive biceps and longed to sink my teeth into her collarbone.

"Can you let my hands go Bev?" I asked her with increasing urgency in my voice. "I want to touch you so bad."

Bev looked at me, surprised and pleased.

"You do? Well sure you can. You can touch me all you want in a minute when you do me" she said while continuing to probe my asshole with her thing.

I was going to do her? Now this was interesting enough already, but this added something new to the equation. In a minute, Bev stopped stroking into me and slowly withdrew that thing from my ass. It came out with a little pop, and I was almost sorry it was out, because it wasn't feeling bad at all.

Bev was saying something to Professor Martin, and she went over to the night stand again and pulled out another package. Another dick, this one much bigger. Bev undid my hands and took off the harness and put it on me. It needed a whole lot of adjusting and then this big dick was finally attached to the apparatus.

I looked down and there was this gigantic dick wagging in front of me. Too weird! Bev rubbed a wad of that jelly on it as I stood there and watched.

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