tagMind ControlNancy's Descent Pt. 03

Nancy's Descent Pt. 03


A week passed. Then another, both nearly identical. Nancy went to work and came home. On the Tuesdays and Thursdays when she would see Mr. Hoyden, it was the same every time. She would arrive fully intending to drop off or pick up and promptly leave. Then he would invite her inside and she would follow him into the foray, drift along behind him without another thought. Then he would look at her and wait for her to remove her top. She had worn a bra the first two times back, driven madly by pride to disobey him, perhaps in hopes that he would grow frustrated with her and leave her be. It had resulted in another spanking, this time longer. He had then made her stand in the corner for nearly a half hour with her pants and panties around her ankles.

He sat on the sofa drinking his brandy and watching the news. She had faced the wall, her red ass on display, her wrists locked behind her back at his command. She had cried of course, tears of shame and anger. Then he'd come and retrieved her, pulled her into his lap and stroked her thighs, her clothes still pooled around her ankles, her breasts pressed against his shirt front. She decided it was the worst when he comforted her after a spanking. It was worse than the spanking or the corner. She sometimes thought the anger might be enough to break her free from what had begun to feel like a spell. But she wouldn't move, wouldn't protest. She would only sit rigidly, baring the repulsive feeling of his hands on her thighs, bare the feeling of helplessness and worst of all, the arousal.

Then there were the talks. Minutes seemed to turn to hours as she would hear herself telling him things, telling him everything. These were some of the most surreal moments, as they simply sat in his living room talking as two normal people; only one of them was half naked and freshly spanked. The whole thing repeated the next time, Nancy having again chosen to not wear a bra. That time, he had taken her out into his backyard. It was a lovely arrangement, with a pool and a nice garden with an electric fire pit, bar, tables and chairs. He pulled one of the chairs close to the pool, pulled her over his knee and spanked her there. She knew the sound of his hand slapping her ass and the noises she made were obvious indication to any listeners of what was going on. Then her corner time had been spent standing with her nose to one of the posts of the pavilion, on display to any neighbor who might peak through the fence. She never knew if anyone saw her.

She had been smoking less and less and hadn't noticed until the following weekend. One, maybe two a day. She had only been doing it for the last three years, and as much as she despised Mr. Hoyden, it was not a suggestion she was going to resist.

She made plans with Sam. On Saturday he took her to an Irish festival. He bought her a Celtic ring and they kissed under a gazebo covered in bougainvillea. Then they'd taken a walk in her neighborhood. Across the street from her condo was an orange orchard and they strolled through it as the sun was going down. She wanted to tell him about what was happening to her. She felt this odd sense of infidelity but didn't know to whom. Back inside, they made dinner together, and while watching a movie, they started making out. He put his hands under her shirt and she let him. Some part of her wanted Sam to touch her everywhere Mr. Hoyden had, as though it would un-claim her or wash him away. All it did was to make her feel cheap.

Since it had started nearly a month before, she had not been able to reach orgasm. Or rather, by her assumption, she had not been allowed to. At the same time, she was furiously horny all of the time. It was a cruel game he was playing with her, one she began to believe she couldn't win.

The following week came and went and was nearly identical to the week before, only she finally gave in and didn't wear a bra. This had resulted of course in a visit without a spanking. It was replaced by additional conversation. Always, of course, naked from the waist up. On Thursday, he had pulled her into his lap and tucked her hair behind her ear, pulled her chin up with two fingers , looking deep into her eyes.

"Nancy, I'm very proud of you," he'd said. She bristled, and at once, a hot pulse made her pussy quiver.

"I know this has been a difficult adjustment, and you have a long way to go. But I'm very glad to see that you've chosen obedience over pride, this week. I want to do something for you in return." He held her fast with one arm around her and tipped her head backwards gently with a hand, until she was sitting in his lap like a limp doll in his arms, her head lolled backwards, her breasts jutting out toward him.

"Just relax, baby. That's good. Just breath. Last week we established that disobedience results in discipline. Today, we establish that obedience is rewarded. But I want you to know that today your reward is more like a prerequisite to a reward. It will indicate what I can do for you if you continue to be a good girl." He had been stroking her stomach while he spoke and then his hand came up to stroke the side of one of her breasts. She inhaled sharply and started to raise her arm but he shushed her, and as always, it had a sort of stupefying effect on her. She whimpered, but returned to her limp state, as he continued stroking her breasts with the lightest touch. After a few minutes, he took one of her nipples and gently rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. A sigh escaped her and her thighs squeezed together. He pulled and tugged on it from time to time, and then moved to the other. After about ten agonizing minutes of revolting pleasure, he stopped, and lifted her back up straight. Her breathing was labored and her face and chest were red.

"Nancy, Nancy," he murmured, giving her chin a pinch. "Tell the truth now. Did that feel good, little pet?"

"Yes, Sir," she breathed, her eyes filled with anger and arousal. He hummed and leaned forward, kissing her lips softly.

"Nancy, now that you've shown me what a good girl you're ready to be, I need to ask you to do something, okay?" He asked, tilting his head with that smug expression on his face, a sort of gentle smile at the corner of his mouth. He glanced down at her breasts and took one of her nipples back into his hand and pulled and rolled it as he continued.

"This weekend I want you to break up with Sam. I am the only man to touch you, do you understand?"

Nancy gritted her teeth and her mouth opened.


"Ah, ah. Nancy, what did we say?"

"No 'buts'," she recited, and he nodded, rolling her nipple more firmly and she moaned.

"That's right. Now let's try again, and I want to hear the appropriate answer to a question. This weekend you will break up with Sam, do you understand me young lady?"

Nancy clenched her teeth and made an odd sound between a growl and a whimper. "Yes, Sir."

"There's my good girl," he said, giving her other nipple a light pinch, before helping her to her feet.

At the door, after she'd put her top back on, Mr. Hoyden put a hand against the doorframe and smiled at her.

"Nancy, I think a part of you is very curious about how good I could make you feel. All you have to do to find out is mind me, and keep that attitude in check. Do you think you can do that for me, baby?"

"Yes, Sir," she said gloomily.

"Try that again without the attitude, Nancy. Now, or I will spank that bottom on my front lawn."

"Yes, Sir," she said quickly, and he nodded his approval.

"Good girl. Off you go. Have a good weekend, Nancy," he said, and she ran back to her van.

A good weekend. Sick fuck, she thought. Had she agreed to break up with her boyfriend for Mr. Hoyden? Besides the obvious sexual things he was getting out of this, it was the first request he'd made of her that was just really wrong. It wasn't even really because she loved Sam, because she didn't. But he was the only thing these days that made her life seem remotely normal, and he was taking it away from her so that he could play with her tits without any competition. She had reached new levels of resentment. Now, especially way from him as she drove home, she actually wanted to do harm to Mr. Hoyden. She imagined having him tied up with his legs spread and kicking him in the balls over and over again until he was crying and begging for mercy. She wanted to see him suffer. She wanted him to touch her pussy. Noooo! A voice interrupted her train of thought.

"That's not real," she said through clenched teeth, glancing at herself in the rear view mirror. She pulled into her garage and sat waiting for the door to close. It was quiet then, and she felt blessedly alone. That's only his control over me, I would never want that man to put his hands anywhere near my pussy. It's not real, it's not real...right?


On Saturday afternoon, Nancy finally dragged herself out of the house to go the grocery store. She threw on a simple skirt and t-shirt, slipped on her sandals and headed to Tom Thumb. She wanted to get in and out quickly, feeling rather anti social. All she had been wanting to do was try to get off or distract herself from wanting to get off by studying hypnosis. And anything to avoid breaking up with Sam. She was afraid to know what he would do if she failed to do it. And he always knew if she lied.

Nancy drifted through the produce section, finding she circled two and a half times before finding everything she needed. She was beginning to seriously tire of the distraction between her legs. She pushed her cart past the dairy aisle when a familiar voice made her stop.

"Why, Nancy. What a pleasant surprise running into you."

She didn't want to turn and face him, but she did anyway. Upon seeing Mr. Hoyden's smug face she felt at once filled with despair and arousal, each one spurring on the other. Her cheek flinched in anger. Yet, as he stepped closer, her obstinance slipped away from her and the overpowering submissiveness was quickly replacing it. By the time he stood right in front of her she looked up at him, her big eyes docile and meek. He grinned.

"Hi, Mr. Hoyden."

A tilt of his head and a stern look was all it took for her to correct herself, although she could not help taking a quick look around them, first.

"Hello, Sir," she said in a small voice.

"Are you embarrassed to call me that in public, Nancy?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Hmm. Well, you do know how much I love to see you a bit embarrassed. It pleases me immensely. You want to please me, right?"

Nancy glanced at a woman walking with her child in the cart with her. She wasn't paying attention, and Nancy looked back up at Mr. Hoyden.

"Yes, Sir," she said, her voice even smaller.

"Good girl. How is your weekend going?"

"Good, Sir."

"Have you broken up with that pesky boyfriend of yours yet?"

Nancy could feel a muted thump of her anger, but it was so very distant, she could not reach it. She shook her head.


No, Sir."

"Nancy," he said in his most condescending voice. "Tsk tsk tsk. I had wanted you to do that first thing. But instead, you've been playing around with hypnosis, haven't you, young lady?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Oh, Nancy." He sighed and looked around for a moment.

"Well, shall I give you your spanking right here or out in the parking lot?"

"Please not here, please!" she hissed. "Sir," she added nervously. Mr. Hoyden looked amused.

"So in the parking lot, then?" he asked. Nancy's shoulders slumped.

"Please, can we go to my house? Or your house...I'm begging you, Sir...please."

"Nancy," he started, taking her chin in his hand. "I do not respond to begging, no matter how sweetly you do it. A punishment is a punishment, and I do not compromise. You need to learn that there is no wiggling out of what's expected of you. Do you understand?"

She had tears welling up in her eyes, and her skin was hot. She knew some of the people nearby must hear, but she didn't want to know for sure. She couldn't pry her eyes away from Mr. Hoyden's, anyway. She hiccupped, trying to not cry.

"Yes, Sir," she said, defeated.

"In the parking lot, then?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Alright, then. Finish your shopping, and I'll meet you outside."

"Yes, Sir."

He disappeared down one of the aisles, and Nancy felt paralyzed for a moment. When she finally moved and began pushing her cart, she caught a young man's eye. He was looking at her with his eyebrows raised and a crooked smile. Nancy shuddered.

At the checkout counter, her hands were shaking, and by the time she was heading outside, her legs were weak. He was leaning against her car, waiting.

He helped her put her groceries into the trunk, and when he was finished, he sat on the edge of the open trunk. He invited her forward with his hands. She could not help but look around. She had not parked right out front and there was a sizeable truck blocking the view from the store's front, but anyone in the parking lot from the right angle would see the spectacle in full view. In her quick scan, she saw only two people on the other side of the lot, heading toward the store.

She climbed over his lap and covered her face with her hands when she felt him pulling up her skirt. He lifted it up as far as it would go, and she could feel the hem on her neck, her legs and panties exposed to the warmth of the sun and the summer air. Mr. Hoyden placed a hand on the back of her upper thigh and stroked her, soothingly.

"Come, now. It's only a spanking," he said, gently. Nancy groaned.

"I will allow you one chance to make a choice. But if you whine and beg or don't make a choice quickly, if you give me an attitude, I'll choose for you. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir," she said into her hands.

"Do you want a twenty minute spanking with your panties on, or a five minute spanking with your panties around your ankles?"

She stifled another hiccup, her mind reeling. He continued stroking the back of her thigh and admiring her pert ass across his knee.

"I want an answer now, Nancy."

"Panties off," she said, miserably.

"What's that? Answer me respectfully and clearly."

Nancy removed her hands from her face briefly to answer him again. "Panties off, Sir."

"You want me to give you a five minute spanking with your panties down, Nancy?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Alright, then," he murmured, hooking his fingers beneath her panties and pulling them over her ass slowly, taking his time before they hung from her ankles. He held her in place with one arm and gave her bare ass and thighs a few gentle strokes, before beginning. On this occasion, he went back and forth from one cheek to the other in an even rhythm, but each slap seemed to get harder and harder. She held her face in her hands tightly, and prayed that no one she knew saw her. What if someone who worked in the store came out and told them to leave? Would she be glad or would that be even more embarrassing?

After three minutes, she was biting her finger to stifle little yelps, as the slaps were getting rather hard and loud. Each one made her jerk forward a bit, but he held her in place with an iron grip. She curled her toes and covered her face again. He stopped abruptly.

"Nancy, we have one more minute to go, but you've tensed up. I don't like it when your little bottom gets all tense. I like it soft and supple. Relax and keep relaxed for the duration, or I'll need to add another five minutes, okay?"

"Yes, Sir," she whispered. She forced her hips and legs to relax in his lap, and he stroked her.

"Good girl," he purred.

He resumed with the same vigorous spanking, and all she could do was hold her face and focus on not tensing her body. It felt like the longest minute of her life. When he had finished, he did not replace her panties or skirt right away. He stroked her for another minute or so, before pulling the panties off, completely. He helped her stand upright and held her by the shoulders to steady her.

"Are you alright, can you drive?" he asked. Nancy nodded in a daze.

"Good," he said, nodding. He helped her to her car door, but stopped her when she bent to get inside. She winced with her back turned to him. All she wanted was to get far, far away from him and what had just happened. She could not, would not look around. She couldn't bear to see the faces of anyone who had seen or watched. He turned her around to face him. Then he placed his hands on either sides of her hips and began sliding her skirt down. She gasped and grabbed it, trying to keep it in place. Mr. Hoyden halted his movements and look up at her. She froze with fear. Oh, no.

"Are you fighting me?"

"No, Sir," she said quickly.

"Are you certain?"

"Yes, Sir."

He looked at her a beat longer, before shaking his head.

"Remove your hands. Now."

She complied, her hands shaking.

Her eyes closed as her skirt slid over her ass and down to her ankles. Her bare pussy was now on display in the parking lot, and she covered her mouth and kept her eyes squeezed shut tightly.

"Step out," he reminded her, and she had to look down and open them, placing a trembling hand on his shoulder. When he stood up straight, he held her skirt and panties in his arms and he smiled.

"Alright, get home, Nancy."


"But? There are no 'buts', Nancy. You know that."

"Why, Mr. Hoyden?" she pleaded.

"Because I wish it. That's all that concerns you."

"What if I get pulled over?" Nancy had shuffled backwards, trying to hide herself as best she could between Mr. Hoyden and the car.

"Drive carefully. Mind the traffic laws," he grinned. Nancy ducked into her car and shut the door. She watched him walking away in her rearview mirror until he disappeared among the cars. Mr. Hoyden was well out of the grocery store parking lot by the time Nancy banged her hands on the steering wheel and screamed angrily into her lap.

When she got home, Nancy had never been so grateful to have a garage.

The following Tuesday, Mr. Hoyden spent the day preparing for Nancy's next visit. He had set up a few special pieces of furniture, and after it was done, he sat in his wingback chair, considering the next few interactions. The one this evening would be a turning point for her, provided her submission carried over. If not, then it would simply be postponed and he would get to have her lovely little ass over his lap again, which he loved. It was reason enough to be strict. He looked forward to the day when she was complete putty in his hands, ready to bend to his every whim, but at the same time, the phase of resistance was so delicious. All those moments in which he would take her submission a little further and the look of shock, anger and finally surrender that played in her eyes. He loved that she put up such a fight. It made her both endearing on a human level as well as an ideal playmate. The phase of resistance would last a nice long time, he suspected. But if she came this evening without a bra and told the truth about having broken up with the boy, it was going to be an eventful afternoon. It was not time yet for her to be granted release, that wouldn't come for quite some time. He would make her work for that. In the meantime, he was going to drive her mad with need.

Breaking up with Sam had been uncomfortable, but breaking it off wasn't so bad in and of itself, so much as the fact that it hadn't been her choice. The fact was, it had always been difficult for her to end anything gracefully. Mr. Hoyden's insistence that she did was more motivation than she'd ever had.

She knew it wasn't really going anywhere with Sam; it was the principle of the matter. After he'd gone, she curled up on the couch and racked her brain for what to do. She couldn't seem to talk to anyone about it, was there any way around that? It was worth exploration. Perhaps it only extended to verbal cues. Her audios were not helping it seemed, but then again...it could be cumulative. She would continue on with the research and listening to her audios. What else could she do?

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