tagNovels and NovellasNancy's Quest Ch. 04

Nancy's Quest Ch. 04

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XIII

Nancy's Quest

By D.C. Roi

Chapter four

"How was the convention?" Nancy's husband George asked when he arrived home from work the day she returned. The crisis that had kept him from going to the convention with her was continuing, which meant he had to work late hours.

Nancy was in the kitchen, cleaning up a few dirty dishes her husband and kids had left on sink. After she got the kids to bed, she changed into a silky nightshirt she sometimes wore around the house because she knew George liked it. She knew he liked it even more when she wore it without anything under it, which was how she was wearing it tonight. The nightshirt, worn that way, usually led to love-making. Maybe making love with George would help her atone for the things she'd done at the conference.

The nightshirt hung just below her firm, shapely bottom. She knew her ass was one part of what had attracted George to her fifteen years earlier. She was glad it remained good, even though she'd had three children.

"I signed enough sales contracts to make the sales manager a very happy man," Nancy replied.

Her husband put down his briefcase, walked across the kitchen and pulled her against him. Nancy was surprised to feel a rush of excitement when she felt his stiffening cock pressing against her bottom. Maybe the things she did at the convention weren't going to affect her love life after all. "What's that?" she asked and wriggled her bottom against her husband.

"What do you think it is?" he replied and cupped her breasts in his hands.

Nancy groaned with happiness. She loved having her breasts played with and George knew exactly how she liked it done.

"I take it you missed me," she giggled. "I know that isn't a gun in your pants. You don't have a permit for a concealed weapon."

"I thought about you every night, and couldn't get to sleep because of that," George said. He turned her in his arms and their lips joined.

"I missed you, too, honey," Nancy replied. She felt a little breathless. "Let's go to bed. I'll finish this stuff up later."

Instead of starting for the stairs, George stood there, grinning. "You know," he said, "I've always wanted to try something and, since the kids are in bed..." He backed her to the kitchen table, put his hands under her arms, picked her up and sat her on it.

Nancy was both surprised and delighted that her husband was being creative in his love-making tonight. "George, what on earth do you think you're doing?" she giggled while he unbuttoned her nightshirt, which fell apart, exposing her legs and middle.

"You'll see in a second," George murmured as he moved between her legs, opened his zipper and fished out his erection.

"George, somebody could come to the door!" Nancy exclaimed. "Or...or the kids could come down..."

"I thought you said the kids were in bed, asleep," her husband replied, then he shoved his cock into her. "And it's too late for anyone to come to the door."

Nancy felt passion rising rapidly in her as he plunged his erection into her. Her arms encircled her husband and pulled him to her as his cock slid in and out of her hot, snug opening. "Oh, God, darling! I really missed you! I need you!! Oh, God, do I ever!" she groaned while her husband's cock delved into her. "Darling, I...I'm not sure I can wait. I...I'm too turned on!"

"Don't wait!" her husband whispered. "Come, sweetheart! Come for me! I missed you so much!"

"Gahhhhhhhddddd!!!! Yes, George!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!" Nancy cried, when her body exploded into spasms of joy. "Yessssssss!!! Oh, God, George, yessssssssss!!!! Take meeeeeeeee!!! Take meeeeeeeee!!! Nowwwwwwwwwww!!!"

"Uhhhhhhhhh!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!" her husband yelled as his molten sperm blasted into her.

"God!" Nancy cooed, hugging her husband. She could feel his cock soften, then slide out of her. "You really were horny! Maybe I should go away more often!"

"I'm not sure I'd like that," George replied. "You have no idea how lonely I was when you were gone." He smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

Nancy kissed and hugged her husband, then slid off the table. "Oh, darn, we got the table all sticky," she exclaimed, seeing the damp spot where their mingled juices glistened on the table. She kissed her husband again. "I'll clean it up as soon as I go to the bathroom."

When she finished cleaning herself up, she went back to the kitchen. George was drinking a glass of juice.

"So, you never told me, did you have a good time at the convention?" he asked.

"Wha...? Oh, yeah, it was OK," Nancy replied. "It would have been a lot better if you'd been there, though." She put her arms around her husband from behind and hugged him. Guilt began to fill her mind as she did.

"Did you do anything other than make sales?" her husband asked.

"Mostly I stayed in my room, you know me," Nancy said, and hugged him again. What she'd told him was the truth, mostly. She hoped he would never find out what she'd been doing while she was in her room, though. "What did you and the kids do while I was gone?"

"Tried to get along without you," George said. "And as usual, we didn't do a very good job. Which you probably realized when you saw the sink full of dishes." He put the last dish on the drainer to dry, then let the water out of the sink and dried his hands.

They watched TV for a while, then they went to bed. As she lay next to her husband, unable to sleep, she kept trying to figure out why she couldn't keep from doing things like those she'd done at the convention. Then she remembered an incident that occurred in her life when she was a teenager. "God, I wasn't any different then, was I?" she thought. Memories of what happened that other time became clearer:

She had been baby-sitting for Glen and Dora Davis for three years and was a senior in high school. Back then she wore her hair long, almost to her waist, and straight. Guys she dated told her she had a very sexy body and she wore snug clothing because it got her a lot of attention. She had been sexually active since she was fifteen, but only with guys her age.

During years she was baby sitting for Glen and Dora, she became friendly with both of them, but especially Glen. She and he talked a lot when she came over to baby-sit, and they'd talk sometimes when he was outside working in his yard when she walked by on their house.

She had a feeling Glen had the hots for her. When his wife wasn't looking he would let his eyes travel over her body the same way guys her age did. Guys that wanted to make it with her. And he always took time to talk with her when she came over to sit with the kids. He wasn't that bad looking, and the fact that he was married, but interested in her, aroused her interest. She got a kick out of flirting with him, but was always careful to do it when his wife wasn't looking. Even though she knew he wanted to go to bed with her, she never dreamed he'd try anything.

Then, one night, Glen phoned her and asked if she was available to baby-sit.

"Sure," she replied. "What time should I be there?"

"Ah...about eight, I guess," he replied. She thought he sounded kind of nervous and wondered why that was.

A little before eight, she walked up the sidewalk to the neighbor's house. She didn't even get to knock before Glen opened the door.

He smiled at her. "Hi," he said. He held the door while she walked by him, into the house.

She was very aware of the fact that Glen was staring at her more openly than he usually did. She wasn't sure why. She wasn't dressed in anything sexy. All she had on was a pair of jeans, snug ones, and a very loose sweatshirt that had the name of a college she'd never heard of on it. "Hi, Glen," she said, showing Glen what she hoped was a sexy smile. "How are you tonight?"

"Ah...I...I'm fine," he stammered. He closed the door then stood there, looking really nervous, almost scared. "How...how are you, tonight?"

She looked around. She wasn't sure why she realized it, but it felt as if something wasn't right here. She didn't hear the kids, who usually greeted her at the door and climbed all over her. "I'm OK. Where are the kids?" she asked.

"They...they're not home," Glen replied softly.

She was puzzled. "I thought you called me to come over and baby-sit," she said. "This isn't right," she thought. "I better get out of here right now!" She had no idea what her neighbor was up to, and didn't like how this felt. She looked at the door, but stayed where she was. Part of her wanted to know why he'd done this.

"Ah...would, would you mind if we...ah...talked, ?" Glen croaked, looking desperate. "Just for a minute."

She looked at her neighbor carefully. Part of her still wanted to leave but, to her surprise, part of her was excited. Her heart was racing. "I...I guess so. Just for a minute," she said.

"Why don't we go in the living room?" Glen said. "It will be more comfortable than standing here." He walked into the living room and sat down in an overstuffed chair.

She followed him and sat on the sofa, at the end farthest from him, near the door. She wanted to be able to run if she that was necessary. "What do you want to talk to me about?" she asked.

"I was...I was wondering, do you..." Glen began. His face got red and he paused. He looked like he was struggling with what he wanted to say. Finally he took a deep breath, then started again. "I...ah...a while back, when I was on my way to the bathroom, I...well, I looked out of the spare bedroom window. The window in there looks out on the street, and your house is right across the street. I...I found out I could see your bedroom window from our spare bedroom."

She wasn't sure what he was trying to say. So what if you could see her bedroom window from theirs? "So?" she asked, puzzled. She leaned forward, her elbows on her knees, her face supported on her hands. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"Ah...well, I saw that, when, uh, you, ah, get undressed for bed, you don't pull the blinds and..." Glen stammered.

She was stunned and felt her face reddening. She never dreamed that anyone could see in her bedroom window. "Oh, Wow!" she said softly. "You mean you...you can see me from...from your...bedroom window?"

Glen nodded.

"I...I didn't know!" she whispered. "I...why are you telling me this?"

"Because I thought you ought to know and..." Glen said. He paused.

"And what?" she asked, looking directly at him. This was getting weirder and weirder. He was acting more nervous than guys in school did when they asked her to go out with them. Why was he upset? She was the one who'd been undressing in front of an open window while someone - the guy sitting across the room from her - watched her.

"Well, I...I guess I wanted to find out if you were doing it on purpose," Glen whispered, glancing at her nervously.

She couldn't believe he'd said that. "You don't really think I'd do something like that on purpose, do you?" she asked. She knew she should be angry, but she wasn't. Actually, she was feeling kind of funny. He was watching her get undressed at night. Now he had arranged to be alone with her. The question was, what was he planning to do next? She knew what he most likely wanted, and found that the realization didn't upset her. Actually, it turned her on a little.

Glen shrugged. "I don't mean to upset you," he said softly. "It's just that I didn't know. I mean, I guess I'd have to be pretty conceited to think you'd undress for me, wouldn't I?"

She was amused by his comment and laughed. "Yeah, I guess you would have to be pretty stuck on yourself if you thought that," she agreed. "So where are your wife and kids?" she asked. She leaned back on the sofa and crossed her legs.

"Ah...they...they went...away for...for the weekend," Glen said.

"Oh," she replied.

"Can I get you a soda or something?" he asked.

She was kind of enjoying the fact that he seemed to be having a real hard time getting to the point. She was sure he wanted to jump her bones, but it looked like he didn't know how to ask. "Sure," she replied. "You got any diet cola?"

"I know we do, I just got some last week," Glen said. He stood up, went to the kitchen, and returned with sodas. He handed her one soda, then he sat down on the sofa, on the end opposite where she was sitting.

She did notice that he'd moved closer to her, but she wasn't afraid of him any more. Actually, this was kind of fun. She sipped a little of her soda and smiled at Glen. "How come you asked me to baby-sit if your wife and kids aren't home?" she asked. "There, let's see how he answers that one," she thought.

"Ah..." Glen shrugged. "There's something else I...I've been wondering about..."

"What's that?" she asked.

"Have...you ever, you know, thought about, ah, sleeping with married men?" her neighbor stammered. His face was bright red and he was kind of gasping for breath.

She shrugged. "Yeah, I guess sometimes I do," she said. Actually, she thought he was cute and spent more than one evening sitting here in his house, wondering what he'd be like in bed.

"Look, Nancy, if I'm making you nervous, I apologize," Glen said quickly, "I...you know...I just wondered about that..."

"It's OK," she said, smiling tentatively. "I...it's just nobody ever asked me anything like that before, you know? I'm not used to talking about stuff like this with guys. Especially not older guys, you know?"

"Do you have anyone you're going steady with?" Glen asked.

She nodded. "I'm seeing someone," she said. "We're sort of going steady, I guess." She was seeing a guy named Mark Thomas a lot, but nobody else knew they were going out.

"Have you ever gone out with anybody else besides the guy you're going steady with?" Glen asked.

She was puzzled and a little irked by his question. Actually, she had. Mark had sent a friend of his over one night when he couldn't come because he was studying for a test. She wound up having a miserable time with the guy. It was an episode she would just as soon forget. "How come you want to know that?" she asked.

"I'm sorry," Glen said, "It really is none of my business."

"Have you ever cheated on your wife?" she asked. If he could ask her that kind of question, she could ask him the same thing. After all, didn't they say turnabout is fair play, whatever that meant?

"Ah...no, I...I never have," Glen replied.

"Did you ever want to?" she asked. She liked it that this grown man seemed to be off-balance.

He nodded.

"How come you didn't do it, if you wanted to?" she asked.

"I...I don't know why I didn't," he stammered.

She was even surer now why he'd called her to come over. She decided to see if he'd be honest about why he'd asked her over to his place when his wife and kids weren't there. "You were hoping I'd want to make it with you, weren't you, Glen?" she asked.

Glen nodded. "Yes, I guess that's true," he whispered, looking at her nervously. "What does that make you feel like?"

She shrugged. "I...I'm not sure," she admitted. It...I guess...it makes me feel kind of funny." Actually, hearing him say that he wanted to make it with her was exciting. His wife, Gloria, was gorgeous, really built, not skinny like she was. The fact that he wanted her made her tingle all over.

"Have you ever thought about going to bed with me?" Glen asked.

Conflicting thoughts raced through her mind and she sat quietly for a while, trying to figure out what she wanted to happen. She did want to go to bed with him, at least the idea was in her mind. And she had been wondering what it would be like to make it with him. The question was, did she want to admit that? Finally, she looked at Glen and shrugged. "I...I guess I have, sort of..." she said softly. She looked at her neighbor and could see excitement in his eyes. Her breathing felt strained, suddenly. Did she want to go to bed with him? How would she react if he made a move on her?

Glen slid closer to her, reached out, and began to stroke her hair. She made no effort to move away, even though she was suddenly a little scared. She took a deep breath. He looked at her and she gazed into his eyes. There was no question now that he wanted her. She licked her lips nervously. He gently cupped her face in his hands, then he covered her lips with his.

Even though she knew it was coming, she was surprised by Glen's action. She didn't actively return the kiss, but she didn't pull away, either. Electricity crackled through her. He was going to do it! He was going to make a move on her! And, she knew as powerful sensations swept over her, she was going to let him!

Glen probed her lips with his tongue and she parted her lips to let it enter, and emitted a soft moan. Her hands clutched his arms.

He held the kiss for a time, then he released her. Both of them were breathing heavily. She continued gazing at him, her eyes wide and soft.

"Do...do you...do you want me to stop?" Glen asked softly.

She really didn't know what she wanted at that point. She shrugged. "I...I don't know what...what I want," she stammered.

Glen stood up, took her hand, and pulled her to her feet. She rose and kept gazing at him. He scooped her up in his arms and started toward the bedroom. Her face was close to his and kissing him seemed like the most natural thing in the world, so she did that. This time, she put a little effort into the kiss and her arms encircled his neck.

When they reached the bedroom, he stood her on her feet next to the bed, then sat down on the bed in front of her. His hands slid under her sweatshirt, onto her belly. Ripples of delight raced through her lithe body. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. His touch felt really neat!

His hands slid lightly up her belly, then he cupped her breasts. Trembling, she murmured softly as he caressed her breasts. The sensations she got from his touch were very, very thrilling! She knew she wouldn't be able to stop him, and she didn't really want him to stop!

After he spent some time caressing her breasts through her bra, Glen slid his hands behind her and unhooked the flimsy garment. She began to feel light-headed when he slid his hands under the loosened bra and touched her ever so lightly, his fingers seeking her nipples. When he found her swelling buds and teased them, soft murmurs poured from her. Her legs trembled. "Oh, God, Glen that really feels neat!" she gasped while her neighbor continued to adore her breasts with his hands.

Glen did things to her breasts nobody else had ever done. He was making her crazy! Then he slipped his hands from under the sweatshirt and pulled it up and off, baring the upper half of her body. His hands went to her waist and he unfastened her jeans. Considering how tight her jeans were, he had surprisingly little trouble sliding them over her lean hips and down her legs. She stepped out of the jeans. Now the only clothing she had on was a pair of scanty pink bikini panties.

Keeping his touch feather-light, Glen began to caress her all over. He stroked her legs, hips, belly, and breasts. She groaned softly and the shaking in her legs got worse. "I...I don't think I can stand any more. My...my legs feel funny, like they aren't going to hold me," she murmured.

Glen laid her on the bed. Continuing to stare at her ardently, he stripped off his clothes, then he laid down on the bed next to her, and took her in his arms.

More turned on than she'd ever been, she pressed herself against him urgently and their lips joined. She felt his swollen cock pressing against her belly and realized it was wet with his pre-cum. When it hit her soft, warm flesh, the feelings she experienced were so powerful she was afraid she'd come right then and there. She'd never felt more out of control!

She also realized he was very nervous, even more so than some of the boys her age she'd dated. An idea of how to get him going even more came to her, an idea that thrilled her! "Lay back," she whispered when their kiss ended.

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