tagNovels and NovellasNancy's Quest Ch. 17

Nancy's Quest Ch. 17

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XIII

Nancy's Quest

By D.C. Roi

Chapter seventeen

Despite her determination to break off her affair with Lee McGill, Nancy found herself alone with him, in a motel room, a few weeks after the weekend she spent with Ben Morris. "I can't...believe...I...I'm...here, doing...this again," she thought. Lee was sucking her breasts while his finger plunged in and out of her pussy and the feelings of delight that resulted from his caresses were making it hard to think. Even so, she found that guilt was intruding on her thoughts, making what she was doing far less pleasurable than it had once been.

Earlier that day, during a break in a sales staff meeting, Lee cornered her in the hallway. "I miss seeing you, Nance," he told her, "I think about you all the time. I need to see you again. I...I really am sorry about what happened the other week with Lee, Jr.'s little league game."

"Now would be a good time to tell him I don't want to see him any more," Nancy thought, but at the same time, her body began to tense up and grow warm as she recalled how exciting it was to slip off to a motel and make love with Lee.

"You want to skip lunch and go somewhere, Nance?" Lee asked, his eyes brightening. "If...if you want, we can just talk, honest."

Nancy found herself growing excited, even though she knew she shouldn't be. She knew that if she went with him, talking wouldn't be enough. Not for Lee, and most likely not for her. Despite her misgivings, she felt herself nodding. "I...I guess so," she murmured. "Where...?"

A broad smile appeared on Lee's face. "How about the same place as before?" he asked.

The sales meeting was history and they were lying naked on the motel bed, exploring each other's bodies. Lee continued to drive Nancy wilder and wilder with his lips and hands.

Nancy wrapped her hands around his cock and began to slide them up and down stroking the throbbing, veined surface of the swollen shaft.

Lee kneeling on the bed next to her, lowered his face between her legs and his mouth ravaged her vagina while she continued pumping his dick. The sensations evoked by his fingers, lips, and tongue were incredibly intense. Her hips went wild and her groans of delight grew louder and louder.

Lee's tongue explored her soft vaginal lips, sliding into her, then out, lashing her clit, making her squirm and twist. When he sucked her swollen clit into his mouth, Nancy took her hands off his erection and pulled at him.

"Lee, take me!" she moaned. "I want you in me! I...I want to come with you!"

Lee slid on top of her and she guided his cock to her pussy. With a thrust of his hips, he buried himself in her.

"Ohh!" Nancy groaned as he plunged into her. Her legs locked behind his as her middle ground against him.

Lee, groaning passionately, drove into her wildly, his excitement obviously near fever pitch.

"Now! Now! Now! Ohhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yess!" Nancy wailed. She stiffened, then her body began moving frantically. Her legs locked Lee against her and she grabbed his arms while her snug sleeve rippled around his invading cock and milked orgasm from him.

"Take...it! Take it!" Lee groaned, grinding his body against hers,.spouting jets of his molten sauce into her.

"Does your wife suspect what you're doing with me?" Nancy asked after they finished and were lying next to each other, not touching, in the bed.

Lee shook his head. "No, does George have any idea about you and me?" he asked.

Nancy shook her head. "I...I'm pretty sure he doesn't," she said. "You know..." A pensive look formed on her face. "This is so wrong and..."

"Look, Nance, we...we can stop if you want to," Lee said. "I mean, I don't want to mess up your marriage and..."

Nancy shrugged. "I...I do want to stop, Lee. I tell myself that every day," she said softly. "I...I told myself that earlier, when you asked me to come here today. But I...I guess there's something wrong with me. I...I can't find the strength to turn you down. I...I feel so guilty after we've been together. Don't you?"

Lee nodded. "Sometimes," he admitted. "But I try not to think about it a lot. Sometimes I tell myself that what you and I do doesn't have anything to do with my wife and me."

Nancy turned her head toward Lee. "You and your wife...do...do you still...?" she murmured.

Lee nodded again. "Yes, we still make love, if you can call it that," he said. He looked thoughtful for a moment. "I know this probably sounds crazy, but I swear our love life is better now than it was before I started seeing you. What about you and George?"

"I...I don't know," Nancy replied. Should she tell Lee that her husband was a far more satisfying lover than he was? If she admitted that, what would it say about her and what she was doing? "I guess our love life is OK."

It occurred to her that not only was George a better lover than Lee. In fact, so was Ben Morris. The fact that she was thinking about her young lover caused her to experience an additional twinge of guilt. "Oh, great!" she thought, "Now I'm not just feeling guilty about cheating on George, I'm feeling guilty about cheating on Ben, too! More guilt is just what I needed!"

"Is George a good lover?" Lee asked. "Better than me?"

Nancy looked at him, smiled, and shook her head. "I don't believe you asked me that, Lee," she said. "Men always worry about how they stack up against other men in bed, don't they?"

Lee shrugged. "I don't know," he said. "I...I guess. Maybe we're all insecure. You know, all that crap about penis envy and stuff..."

"It's funny," Nancy thought, "Ben never seemed worried about how he compared in bed to George or anyone else. Why is he different? You'd think a young man like him would be even more concerned about something like that than a more mature man would be."

She shrugged and sat up. Suddenly she no longer wanted to be here and, for once, she knew she would have no problems leaving, even though she was sure Lee wanted to make love again. "Lee, I have to get going," she said. "I have to pick my daughter up at school then go home and make dinner."

"Are...are you sure you want to go right now?" Lee asked, reaching for her.

Nancy slid back, out of his reach. "I'm sorry, Lee," she said. "I do have to go." She got off the bed, walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower, then came out and began to dress.

Lee lay on the bed, watching her as she dressed, not saying anything. She couldn't tell if the look on his face was petulance or disappointment and, she knew, she didn't care.

While she donned her clothes, Nancy kept thinking about what she'd done that day. "I don't understand why I keep seeing Lee," she mused, "I'm really starting to dislike him as a person, and on top of that, he isn't all that great a lover, either. Why do I keep seeing him?"

Dressed, she looked at Lee, who was still in bed. "Lee, I...I don't know what to do," she said. "I don't want to keep hurting my husband, but..."

"Why don't you give it some thought, Nance?" Lee said. "I do care about you, but I don't want to hurt you." He paused. "On the other hand, I'd hate it if I thought I couldn't ever make love with you again."

"I...I don't know," Nancy replied. "I...I just wish I didn't feel so damn guilty." She stood up. "See you tomorrow, Lee," she said, then she headed for the door.

"Hey..." Lee called.

Nancy stopped and turned. "What?" she asked.

"You never answered my question," Lee said.

"What question?" Nancy asked.

"How do I stack up against George in bed?" Lee said.

"You'll never find out from me," Nancy said. She turned and went out the door.

She agonized over her situation as she drove to pick up her daughter. She had to stop doing this before her behavior destroyed all she cared about. She had found the strength to leave Lee today, even though she knew he didn't want her to. Would she be able to find enough strength to turn Lee, and other men, down in the future. She knew the men she slept with were using her and really didn't care about her. Why did she have such a hard time saying no to them?

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