tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Treasure Ch. 02

Narlissa and the Treasure Ch. 02


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, hurried through the bustling town square towards the guild hall. She wanted to hire a couple of mercenaries to help her in her aims of finding the treasure that the map she had received yesterday led her to. It was only when she woke up that morning that she realised the guild hall would likely be full of merchants all trying to hire guards for their own caravans.

She cursed as she caught sight of the guild's entrance and realised that it was indeed the case. The place was swarming with people and she knew immediately that the warriors inside would be charging insanely high prices because the demand was such that they could. Suddenly the gold pieces she had earned from selling the amulet she had stolen seemed far less valuable than they had.

Narlissa pushed her way into the guild hall and looked around. Men and women in all manner of armour stood about everywhere but each was surrounded with merchants and nobles haggling for their services. Narlissa knew she would have trouble finding companions now.

Still, she was not about to give up so she strode further into the building, hoping she might find someone she could afford at a later time. Of course, common sense would say that she should wait until later in the year - it was unlikely that the treasure was going anywhere and the prices would be lower outside of the trading season but Narlissa was very single-minded when she set herself on a task and so she did not want to be made to wait.

Instead she locked eyes on a pair of warriors arguing at the back of the guild hall. One was a tall blonde man, with a heavy-set to his shoulders and his hair cut fairly short but not so short you could not see its colour. He probably stood at 6'6" and was wearing leather armour with a large sword strapped to his back. His brown eyes were narrowed as he waved his arms angrily at a short bald man with a quill and parchment.

His companion seemed equally animated at the short bald man, though he did appear to be slightly less angry. He was much shorter than the blonde warrior, probably about 5'11", and although Narlissa knew that still made him fairly tall the contrast with his companion was stark. It did not make him seem any less attractive, however, and Narlissa appreciated his good-looks, from his blue eyes to his shoulder-length deep red hair.

She watched them a moment as they argued with the scribe until at last the blonde swore loudly and stalked away. His companion followed him and Narlissa darted into motion. These two looked tough but something was clearly stopping them from being able to display their wares in the guild hall and be hired. Perhaps she could strike a deal.

"Excuse me, good sirs!" she called out as she hurried towards them, and both men whirled to her with a snarl.

She chuckled to herself as those snarls immediately became more placid the moment their eyes fell upon a beautiful woman and she realised she could use that to her advantage. Not that she had not before but it annoyed her that people always seemed on their guard against a beautiful woman as if she was using her looks to win them over. Of course, most of the time she was, but it still irritated that a beautiful man did not meet with such suspicion when he worked his charms on a willing subject.

Regardless, Narlissa stepped forwards, offering her hand to the blonde warrior as he was stood closest. He took it, shaking it gently, then bowed.

"How can I be of service?" he said low.

Narlissa grinned. She could think of a lot of ways he could be of service, but it was as a mercenary she needed to hire him right now. Perhaps any other ways she might wish to... request his aid could be worked on at a later point.

"I am in need of a mercenary or two to accompany me on a quest," she said matter-of-factly. Narlissa could be straight to the point when she wanted to be.

The man's eyebrow rose. "Oh yes? I would be interested in that. My name is Eavu, and I am a warrior. This is my companion Taicoss, a druid."

"A druid?" Narlissa said, surprised. "Not many druids offer their services to the public."

The redheaded man smiled. "I would not normally, but desperate times call for desperate measures, m'lady."

The blonde man shot him a filthy look and Narlissa realised there was more to this than met the eye. If she were going to hire these two she needed to know more about their predicament.

"And what would those desperate times be, Taicoss?" she said in her best flirtatious voice. These two were not going to be easy to tease information from. "I am looking for two big strong men to help protect me and keep me company. It can get awfully lonely on those long cold nights in the wilderness."

Both men's eyes widened and Narlissa knew she had chosen the right path. They would be easy to get information from now and if it put ideas in their heads that she might want to have sex with them at some point, well that was hardly a bad thing...

"We are... in debt, m'lady," Taicoss the druid said after a moment. "And that prevents us from hiring ourselves out under the name of the mercenary guild."

"It does?"

Eavu nodded and took over. Clearly he was the talker of the two. "Yes, m'lady. The guild does not allow those in debt to represent it. They feel there is too much scope for corruption there. And despite our good names and honest natures, because we are in debt they have turned us away."

Narlissa considered a moment. If they were both in debt and thus unable to find work as mercenaries they would be much cheaper than other potential companions here. Nobles and merchants hiring from the guild did so because of the guild's guarantee that it would replace any earnings lost through its mercenaries not doing their jobs. If these two were not part of the guild then they would not have the guild's guarantee, and the merchants and nobles would go nowhere near them. To Narlissa this seemed an excellent opportunity.

"Very well," she said quietly. "I am looking for an ancient treasure. I know of its location - I am merely after companions to help me retrieve it. Would you be interested?"

Eavu nodded. "We would, m'lady. But first we must discuss payment terms."

"I will pay you each fifty gold pieces now. The rest of your fee you may deduct from your third of the treasure."

The warrior's eyes opened wide at that. "You would split the treasure with us?"

Narlissa nodded. "I would, as part of your payment."

The two men looked at each other for a split second before turning back to Narlissa with grins on their faces.

"You have our aid, m'lady," Eavu said, bowing. Taicoss followed his movement.

"Excellent, Eavu," she smiled, digging out her coinpurse. She passed them their gold and grimaced as that left her with virtually none. She hoped that this treasure was worthwhile.

"When do we set off, m'lady?" Taicoss said, stepping forward.

Narlissa grinned. "Immediately. But please, I am Narlissa. Call me such. I assure you, I am not a Lady."

She wasn't sure whether the two men picked up on her undertone there, but she hoped that they had. Allowing them no time to question their decision, she turned and strode out of the guild hall, pleased to note that they were right behind her.

"So where do we go, Narlissa?" Eavu said, staring out over the town.

She smiled up at him and pulled the map from her pack, perusing it before settling on a direction. She had known their destination without checking the map, of course - she had copied the map last night in case of losing the original and in doing so had solidified the directions in her mind. Even so, she wanted to check.

"We go north, towards the mountains," she said, pointing at the jagged peaks in the distance. The treasure was not as distant as that but it was in that direction. The mountains made a good landmark to keep them going straight.

"Very well, Narlissa," Eavu said. "That path follows the river. May I suggest that we perhaps travel by boat?"

Narlissa considered him a moment. The man spoke sense. If they could speed up their discovery of the treasure by following the river as far as it would take them then she would have the gold in her hands sooner and lessen the chances of someone else finding it. If there was this copy of the map there might be another and she didn't want to lose the treasure now that she had just spent most of her gold hiring two companions to help her find it.

"Shall we head to the docks?" she said, replacing the map.

Eavu shook his head. "I would not recommend it immediately, Narlissa. It is mid-afternoon, and the sun is hot. Most people in these parts retire inside during these hours. It is unlikely we will find a ship until later in the day."

She appreciated his advice again. The man was more intelligent than most people would have expected of a six and a half feet tall hulk of muscle. Of course, she appreciated that hulk of muscle, too, and not just because it might help keep her safe...

Narlissa shook her head as that familiar feeling in her pussy flared up. She could ignore it for a while yet and the man was right. Perhaps she should find them somewhere to rest.

"Then I suppose we should find a tavern or the like," she said at last. "Somewhere to spend a few hours, at least. You speak sense, Eavu."

He smiled at her, then motioned across the street. "Most mercenaries in the guild stay in the inn opposite, Narlissa. Taicoss and I have rooms there until tomorrow night. We could stay there?"

She nodded. It was a good idea, and if they had paid for the room already that helped preserve her dwindling supply of gold coins.

Eavu led them across the street into the tavern, which was as busy as any other in this town. She laughed as she entered and in the corner saw Raymonde with his arms around two busty serving girls. He would not be going unaccompanied tonight. But then again, she hoped, neither would she. She watched as Eavu opened the rear door and motioned to the stairs and soon she was standing in the room that her two companions had rented earlier.

It was not large but it was private. Two single beds stood against either wall with a small aisle between them and a table at the end of it. It was comfortable if not extravagant. She wondered which bed would be hers for the next few hours...

"Narlissa, it dawns on me that we have only two beds. One of us shall have to rest outside."

Narlissa grinned to herself. That was not likely, if she saw to it. In fact, both men would be sharing one bed with her.

Before she could speak, however, Taicoss had stepped forward. "It has been too long since I flew among the trees. Please, Narlissa, take my bed. I shall see you both in a few hours."

She opened her mouth to stop him but the words were stilled as he raised his arms and quickly transformed into a bird. A bird! Right before her eyes!

With a pleasing note of birdsong, he flew from the window.

She stood there a moment in silence before she finally spoke. "Wow."

Eavu laughed and turned to her, shutting the windows of the tavern to keep out the heat. It was common practice at this time of day in an attempt to stay cool.

"I forget that others are not so used to his shapeshifting," Eavu said with a smile. "It no longer surprises me."

Narlissa stared back at him. Lust had begun to burn in her veins at the thought of having her two companions pleasure her, and although that fantasy was set on hold for now, one companion -- especially when they were as good-looking as Eavu -- would still keep her very well-satisfied indeed.

"Perhaps we should get ready for bed if we are only to have a few hours rest?" she ventured, reaching for her bodice.

Eavu's eyes opened wide as she did so, but then he nodded. "I agree, Narlissa. I shall wait outside until you are ready for me to come in."

Narlissa grinned. "Do not be so silly, Eavu. If we are to share a camp for the foreseeable future we must be comfortable around each other. I have no problem with you seeing me naked if you are not abashed by your own nudity."

He nodded eagerly. Narlissa knew that although he could not be sure of her carnal intentions, merely the appeal of seeing her naked (and the fuel that such a sight would give to his masturbation sessions for weeks to come) would convince him that agreeing to stay as she undressed was a good idea. She knew she was hot and her big tits drew looks from men in droves when they were not staring at her slender body, her long legs, her absolutely gorgeous face or the way her half-elven ears peeked through her flame-red hair.

"Excellent. There is no place for unnecessary modesty in the wilderness, I feel."

"I agree, Narlissa."

They stared at each other a moment before Narlissa reached for the knots to her leather chestpiece. It came away as she pulled them, and she didn't break eye contact with Eavu as she slid it from her body. If he had been unsure of her intentions prior to this, he wasn't now.

She stepped towards him then and moments later they were kissing, his hands finding her big tits and groping the large globes with glee. At only 5'5", Narlissa felt almost like a dwarf compared to Eavu's height, but somehow that difference only made her want him more. She enjoyed the feeling of his touch and his seemingly-giant body against hers and so hurriedly reached for the blonde warrior's armour. Soon they were both naked and Narlissa leaned over to whisper in his ear.

"Which is your bed, Eavu?"

He motioned to the nearest one and she quickly reclined upon it, running one hand down her body between her tits and then spreading her legs.

Eavu did not need to be told of what she wanted and soon he was kissing her again, before pulling away and slowly running his lips down her body. First he kissed and squeezed her tits some more and Narlissa moaned at the feeling before he slid his palms over her thighs and pressed his tongue against her cunt.

"Oh fuck!" Narlissa groaned at the feeling and Eavu started to eat her hungrily, using his tongue and fingers to pleasure her exceptionally well. Her juices smeared over his face but he did not care and Narlissa writhed in pleasure at the tension building in her body. It took only a few minutes of his expert work before her brown eyes opened wide and she came against his face. She could feel her juices leaking against his tongue even as her pussy spasmed but Eavu lapped at her cunt until she had ridden her orgasm through.

As her eyes refocused she stared hungrily at the giant blonde warrior, then shifted up the bed slightly to let him climb on after her. He did so eagerly, kissing her and pushing himself up with one arm. Narlissa wrapped her arms around his body to feel his hard muscle, and groaned as she saw him grab his cock.

She breathed in with a sob of pleasure as his member pierced her folds and she could not help but moan as he slipped inside her. Her cunt was stretched full and she stared into his brown eyes with glee as he started to move his hips. Soon their sex was passionate and Narlissa's moans contended with Eavu's in the small tavern room.

The bed thumped noisily against the wall and Narlissa knew that in a crowded inn like this there was almost certainly going to be someone on the other side of it. The thought that someone else was having to listen to the noise drove her to even greater heights of lust and she wrapped her legs around Eavu's muscular body. Her ankles hooked over his ass, which bumped against them every time he pulled out of her cunt before thrusting powerfully back in.

"You're going to make me come..." she moaned and Eavu nodded in response, a grunt leaving his lips. Clearly he was not far behind, either. Her tits were pressed against his hard chest and she enjoyed the feeling and her back began to arch as her orgasm neared rapidly.

Eavu's eyes were unfocusing and Narlissa knew he was about to come. His hips slammed against hers and with a cry of pleasure his cock twitched and he threw his head back. Narlissa could have sworn she felt his cum spraying against her walls.

That was all she needed and a shriek was torn from her as her own orgasm arrived. Bliss assaulted her and all she cared about was the way her magic cunt seized hold of Eavu's cock and sent shuddering waves of absolute pleasure through her.

After a while, the feeling slowly faded and Narlissa felt Eavu slump down on top of her with a grunt. He rolled off and she grinned at him, enjoying the sight of his six and a half foot muscular frame slick with sweat.

She realised, however, that there really wasn't room in such a narrow bed for both of them, so she quickly moved over to the other. Eavu watched her go eagerly as he seemed to drink in her naked form. Narlissa could not blame him if he felt the same way about the sight of her as she did about the sight of him.

Settling under the covers she watched Eavu settle down. He could not see in the dark very well, but her half-elven heritage meant she could stare at him lustfully a little longer despite the lack of light. The shutters on the windows did an excellent job of keeping out the sun - if Narlissa had not known it was midday she would have thought it late in the evening. Eventually she set her own head down.

Her last thought as she drifted off to sleep was that this was going to be the start of a very satisfying working relationship.

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