tagGroup SexNasty in the Alley

Nasty in the Alley


I want you to see me do this.

I am sitting in my uncle's van outside the halfway house. I am waiting for Ray-Ray and Boudro. It is exactly noon on a mild September day. I am wearing a short trapeze dress, the kind that fits like a tank top over my boobs and then falls wide as a tent down to the hemline at my upper thighs. It is the shape of a dress a baby doll might wear. It is very simple. It is white with a pattern of tiny cherries with tiny green leaves. I am wearing red flip flops with very very thin soles. I don't wear a bra or panties when I come to this neighborhood. I feel nearly naked. I am in the ghetto.

Last night, I spent an hour and a half on the phone with them, Ray-Ray and Boudro. After some pretty nasty back and forth phone sex, I agreed to meet the two of them today to play out some of the stuff we talked about. I am not nervous. Last month, I spent a whole day getting fucked by nine guys. Nine guys! I've been taking it up the ass since I was sixteen, and I've got a lot of aptitude when it comes to stretching my holes, but nine guys was a first. My pussy and asshole had been sore for most of a week, but here I was again, ready for whatever may come. All nine guys live in this halfway house. They are all ex-cons. They are all black.

I am sitting for maybe a minute or two when Ray-Ray comes through the gangway gate on the side of the building. He sees me and smiles his ugly smile. I smile back, and wave. My pussy twitches. He motions for me to get out of the van and come to where he is. I wonder if he will take me inside. I wonder what will happen to me when I finally get to go in there. I wonder if there are more men in there that I haven't met yet.

I climb out of the van, letting the hem of my little dress roll up under my ass as I slide out. Ray-Ray grins. He can see I'm doing this on purpose. As my feet touch the ground, my whole dress has been pulled up a little past my waist. I just can't tell you how much I like being naked where people can see me. I grin at this ugly man who is so excited to get another shot at me. Even though I know its not a smart thing to do, I gather my hem and hold it above my waist to expose ass and cunt as I slam the door and flip flop up the walk until I am standing in front of Ray-Ray.

I'm surprised when he abruptly bends at the waist and kisses me right above my cunt split. He straightens up and says, "How you doin' baby?"

I give him a one-armed hug. "Hey, Ray-Ray." I'm holding my dress up at my waist. I feel the sun and the wind on my belly and ass cheeks, and between my thighs. My pussy feels cool. It feels like its getting wet. "Thank you for kissing my pussy."

He says, "Thank you for bringing your pussy. I got somethin' for that nasty sweet thing, you know."

"I know. That's why I'm here."

"Come on, baby. Or should I just start callin' you Fuckhole again? I know you be likin' that shit." He holds the gate open for me like the gentleman I know he's not. As soon as his dick is hard, he's going to start being mean, start treating me like shit. Its why I'm here. I step through the gate into the shaded gangway.

He tells me, "We out back playin' ball." He walks behind me as we walk toward the back of the house. I clutch the bunched fabric of my little dress at my waist. He's watching my ass as he follows me. How could he not? The gangway runs the length of the house, along a brambly back yard, and between the halfway house garage and the one next door. I know if I don't let go of my dress I'll walk right out into the alley with everything men like to look at exposed. Ray-Ray said we. We out back. I've had most of the cock that lives in this house stuffed up my cunt and ass. I've gargled their urine. I don't have to be afraid. I keep my hem bunched at my waist as we come through the end of the gangway out into the sun-drenched alley.

There's a basketball backboard and hoop riveted to the garage, above the door, right under the roof peak. As Ray-Ray and I come out into the alley, Boudro and Yellow are wrestling over the ball. Bobby stands off to the side laughing. When they see me emerge with my dress clutched at my waist, everybody stops what they're doing.

Yellow says, "Hey, hey, hey, look at this here now!" He hands the ball to Boudro and comes over to me. He puts a hand on the side of my face and kisses my cheek. It is affectionate, but there is something menacing in the gesture too. Close like this, he says, "So nice to see you again. And I mean that." He steps back, about three or four feet, and just stares at my cunt. I hold still and let him look at me.

Ten or so feet behind Yellow, Boudro holds the ball at his hip and stares at my cunny too. He is so dark he looks like negative space in a Bulls jersey and nylon gym shorts. His socks and high topped gym shoes are impossibly white against his black, black skin, which glistens with sweat. Boudro is not a big man. He is barely even a man. Last night on the phone, he told me he was twenty, had been charged as an adult when he was sixteen after a string of burglaries had been committed. He hadn't told me he did it, just that he had been charged, and convicted. Convicted. These men are convicts. And I fuck them. I slide my slick asshole up and down their black shafts. I let them put it in my mouth after they fuck my asshole. It is becoming a regular thing. So much that I'm losing my incentive to date in the conventional sense. Why should I? I know where I can come any hour, any day, and have a halfway house full of cock.

"What's the score?"

Yellow says, "Don' matter. 'Dro, he be losin' just like he always do."

Boudro whips the ball at him, harder than he needs to. Yellow catches it and barks a short laugh. Bobby walks over and stands a little behind, a little to the left of Yellow. Yella. It sounds like Yella when they say it. He is yellow. He is almost as light-skinned as me. His features are completely non-Caucasian. He is a good looking man in a sharky kind of way. He is not sweaty the way Boudro is. He is bigger than Boudro.

I sense tension, so I say, "Who cares about stupid basketball? Why don't you guys play 'fuck the white girl?' You've got a perfectly good white girl right here. Look at this." I take my left hand, the hand not holding up my dress, and make a peace sign with it, then use it to squeeze my pussy lips so that my clit pops out a little. "See?"

Yellow throws the ball, sidearmed, over the garage into the back yard. He squats down in front of me, his face about a foot away from my cunt. "Hey do that again."

I widen my stance. My flip-flops are planted about four feet apart. Ray-Ray squats next to Yellow. I take my first and middle fingers and again push and squeeze my naked pussy lips to make my clit appear. Ray-Ray leans up and touches the tip of his tongue to my exposed nub. This makes me hold my bunched dress against my hip with my elbow so that I can reach down with both hands and stretch my lips apart to reveal more of my inner cunt. I know they can see lots of pink now. I stretch my cunt for them. I love being nasty like this.

Ray-Ray knee walks a step closer so that he can put his ugly face right up against my naked box. He begins to lick in a sloppy, random manner. There is more spit than pussy juice. There is no focus on my clit or anything else. He is eating pussy the way a man might eat cherry pie in a contest. I know for some women this would be frustrating, but for me its just hot. Some women only come from getting their pussy licked, so its really important, how well its done. I don't care. I can come getting eaten out. I can come lots of ways. But I mostly don't care about coming when I'm with these guys. With these guys, my M.O. is just to get fucked, filled up, used. To swallow sperm and piss, to be called names and treated disrespectfully. To feel nasty. I can come on my own, later, thinking about everything I did. Its actually kinda hot, how none of them ever seem to consider whether I even have orgasms. More and more, I am theirs to use, like a thing.

After a minute of me pushing my hips toward Ray-Ray's sloppy licking, Yellow say to him, "Man, I can't believe you doin' that."

Ray-Ray pulls his face back enough to speak, but not so much that he can turn and look at Yellow. Looking down, I see only the top of his short afro. He speaks directly into my cunt. My cunt is slimy with his spit. "Why not? Her pussy be goooood. And ya'll niggas gone have it all nasty and stinkin' soon, so if I gonna eat some, I gotta do it now."

Yellow just says again, "I can't believe you doin' it."

But Yellow is looking intently at my face. This man is probably in his thirties, and I just can't believe he's never gone down on a woman. More likely, he has, but doesn't want anybody to know. He watches my face. I look in his eyes while Ray-Ray slithers his tongue around my box. I have my lips pressed tight together. The tip of my tongue is caught between them. I know I look sexy and dirty. I know Yellow will eventually want to get me alone so he can stick his face in my snatch. He won't want anybody to see.

While this is going on, Boudro walks around behind me. I hear a sliding sound and I turn-- not so much that Ray-Ray's icky tongue loses contact-- and see that he is sliding a rectangular piece of cardboard, an insert from a beer box or something, over behind me. He kneels in a position mirroring Ray-Ray. He says, "Yo, spread that ass."

Ray-Ray is shoving his face in my cunt like he's a big, unruly dog. He has no idea what he's doing, but he's doing it enthusiastically. He doesn't need me to keep spreading my lips. I let go, and they close a little around his muzzle. He just keeps licking and smacking away. I reach behind me and spread my cheeks. I spread my cheeks and know that anyone at all could look and see my actual asshole. I wish I could show my asshole to everybody. Just walk up to a man on the street and turn around and bend over and stretch my cheeks.

I'd like to bend at the waist, just a little, to make my anus easier to get to, but I want to get eaten out front and back at the same time. Better just to stand straight and let each man dig for what they want. Ray-Ray slobbers all over my nasty cunt. Boudro has just filled my ass crack with lips and tongue.

His tongue finds my pucker. He presses it there and starts to snake it around. Now I'll be honest, this is not going to make me come, but its a fabulous way to start the day. Tongue in my pussy, tongue in my ass. I'm spreading my cheeks. Yellow's taken two side steps to the right, so he can look behind me at Boudro. He stares in disbelief. I'll bet Yellow will eat my ass too, once he finds a way to get me alone. I want him to kiss me. I want a tongue probing my mouth to complete the intrusion. But he just stands there, staring. I keep looking at him. Now he's just glancing at my face every few seconds. He's more intent on what the other guys are doing to me than how I'm taking it. And since I like being a thing for them, I like this. It turns me on. What Yellow is doing is making me hotter than what the other two are doing. He is watching guys he knows lick and suck a pretty white girl's holes. His cock is long in his jeans. I can see the ridge of the head through the fabric.

Bobby is standing right there, about six or eight feet in front of me. He is standing right there, but I haven't noticed him until this minute. I notice him because he's making me want to laugh, even though I've got tongues in my pussy and ass. He's standing there with his eyes and mouth wide open, like he's getting ready to shout or laugh or something. But he doesn't. His hand is on his head, like he's wearing a hat and he's trying to keep it from blowing off. If there were a caption at his feet, it would read, "OH MY GOD!" He acts like he didn't fuck me in the ass and then come in my mouth-- more than once!-- a few weeks ago. He pissed on me in the parking lot. But here he is, acting shocked, looking so comical. He just holds this pose. Its so funny, but I can't laugh now.

Suddenly Yellow takes about five steps back, quick. In a harsh, urgent voice, he barks, "Car! Car!" He looks like he wishes he still had the basketball.

There is a car approaching slowly from the far end of the alley. In one motion, I drop my dress, and Boudro and Ray-Ray stand and step away from me. Bobby is just gone. I know whoever is in the car saw us.

We all step back, against the garage door, as she drives by, this older black woman, a fruit-filled hat perched atop her silvery head. She turns her head to stare at us as she rolls by at five miles an hour. I wonder if she notices their erections like I do. Ray-Ray stretches his thick lips into a big smile. He waves his hand exaggeratedly. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Shelton!" Boudro snickers. I think, they both smell like girl-crack.

Three garages past us, this older lady hits the breaks and one of the doors begins to rise. We all watch her watch us in her rear view mirror while she waits for the door to open. We watch her slowly pull her car into her garage. While we are watching her, I am aware of waiting, of the pause. I am feeling my cunt split and ass crack smeared with spit. I lean close to Ray-Ray and sniff audibly. He pulls his face away from me with a little jerk, looking surprised. I say, "Ray-Ray, you smell like pussy." Yellow and Boudro laugh. Ray-Ray looks embarrassed. "Yeah, ha ha motherfuckers." The garage door has closed and I know the part where they lick me is over. That's okay. I didn't even think about getting licked while I was on my way here, though its one of the things Ray-Ray went on about on the phone last night. I came here because these guys like to fuck, and they do it hard and long and over and over, and they treat me like a dirty whore. That's what I'm here for.

I know a lot of women have fantasies about men like these, men they consider beneath them because of their color or class or social status. I fantasized for years. I feel so smart, so ballsy, so in touch with my inner whore since I made the leap from fantasy to reality. I don't have to worry do they like me, do they love me, am I smart enough or funny enough or classy enough for them. I have a cunt. And an asshole. I like getting fucked. I love having come spurted into my open mouth. I love it. These are the things they appreciate. I appreciate how they appreciate me.

We've got a good thing going here.

They are talking about me. Not to me, even though I'm right here with them. I like this too. Nobody ever forces me to do anything, they just decide what they're gonna do, what I'm gonna do. They act like I'm a pet, or a child, and like I'll do whatever they decide they want me to. They have reason. I haven't said no yet, and they've done some pretty dirty things to me. Last time, all nine of the guys from the halfway house and three strangers walked me out of the motel room we had been fucking in, out into the parking lot and spent several minutes pissing on my face and in my mouth. I swallowed and gargled and giggled between streams. I expect I'll drink piss every time I'm with these guys. If you knew a girl who would let you urinate into her mouth, wouldn't you just do it every time you could?

They are talking about me.

"Where we gone take her?"

"Can't take her inside, Buddy and Roger be on."

"We could sneak her in the basement window."

"Naw, dawg. She ain't quiet. We get to pushin' up on this bitch, she be makin' all kinda noise, hollerin' and whinin'..."

"We take her in the yard then."

"You crazy motherfucker? They look out the window, they see what we doin'? Ya'll dumb ass be back in county 'fore you even got time to pull yo' dick out her nasty ass. They look out the window, see we out here rapin' a white bitch, that be all fo' our black asses!"

I say, "Its not rape. I like it." The simplicity of this statement, saying it out loud, makes me hot. I like getting my asshole reamed out by cock after cock after cock. They fuck me, fuck it, my anus, my shit hole, and then they pull out and step to the side and then there's another wet dick snaking in and out of my hole. They stand around and watch. They watch each other doggin' on the white ho.

Yellow says to me, "Baby, one of these counselors look out the window and see the three of us all over you, stickin' it in you all different ways, they gone say 'rape.' I only been out two months. I ain't goin' back til they figure out you a dirty ho and you wanted it."

I love that he calls me a dirty ho to my face.

"Is it just the counselors you don't want to see?" I ask.

"What you mean?"

"I mean, you don't want your counselors seeing because you'll get in trouble. What if just regular people can see?"

"Baby I don't give a motherfuck about 'regular people.' I'm a grown ass man."

"So fuck me here, out here."

Boudro and Ray-Ray look at each other. They high five. Ray-Ray says, "Hell motherfuckin' yeah! We gone do this dirty bitch right in this motherfuckin' alley."

I smile. I am Miss America. I am the prom queen.

Yellow says, "What if somebody like Mrs. Shelton come by again? You know I don't wanna be givin' ol' girl a heart attack."

I reach over and caress his cock through his jeans. All the debate about where to take me has made it soft. It stirs at my touch. "Then we'll just stop for a minute." I know this is ridiculous, but what's important now is getting Yellow to go along. I could get fucked by just Ray-Ray and Boudro, but Yellow's cock would make three, and that's how many holes I have. And Yellow's cock is big and fat and he takes a long time to come. I want him with us.

He looks ready to unzip and take it out right now. He says hoarsely, "How we gone do it, you just bend over right here and we'll take turns on yo' ass til somebody come?"

Daddy Ford steps out of the gangway. He smiles his gold-tooth smile as soon as he sees me. "Been out huntin' down a job. Got here soon as I could."

Ray-Ray says, "What up motherfucker? I tol' you she be here today. Noon. Here she be."

Daddy walks over and kisses my cheek.

Yellow says, "We just be talkin' 'bout where to do her."

Boudro says, "We gone do her here, right here."

The logistics of standing-up fucking can be difficult. They are all taller than I am. Both Yellow and Daddy are much, much taller than I am. This makes keeping anything in a hole harder than it would seem. I know before we even start that I'm going to have to get on the ground.

Okay, look. I've got a handful of fetishes, things that give a turbo charge to sex. They're not normal things, or common things, like lingerie and high heels. I haven't worn any of that stuff any of the times I've gotten fucked by these guys. I guess getting pissed on is a fairly common fetish, but I hear its more common in men and less common in women. I like getting fucked in my ass better than my pussy. I guess that's outside of normal. But there's other stuff, stuff I haven't heard other people, even men, talk about getting them off.

I like kneeling, or!laying!, on bare concrete, or asphalt, or cement. I like the idea of being fucked out on my back or on my knees in a parking lot or on a sidewalk. A lot of my teenaged fucking happened in basements and garages, and I would a lot of the time be either bent over a car or a bathtub or an old couch, or be fucked right on the floor. Teenage boys aren't that sensitive about your comfort when they're fucking you. Your hair can be laying in an oil stain, and they'll just keep ramming your pussy. Other girls complained about it. I thought it was hot, not getting fucked on a bed, on clean sheets, on the nice living room sofa, but on the unpainted cement of somebody's cellar. I'm originally from Louisiana, a pretty rural area, and I've been fucked in the back of pick up trucks and out in open fields and up on freeway overpasses too. But getting loaded up with cock while my back and ass rub against cement or concrete or asphalt! Its up there near the top of my list of fetishes.

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