tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNat and Sandy Pay the Rent Ch. 02

Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent Ch. 02


(Room-mates Natasha and Sandy have landed themselves in hot water sexually speaking, with the naive Sandy particularly feeling the heat - at a sex party hosted by their landlord. To fully appreciate and enjoy the girls' predicament, I strongly suggest you read chapter one.)

There was nothing tentative about Natasha's approach to her duties back in the living room. At twenty-eight she had been fucking too long and too lustily to be coy in the presence of Alan's younger guests. She knew from experience that a spirited contribution made the task easier in the long-run. Guys came quicker, were worn out longer and let you call the shots a bit more, if you matched them in vigour. Nor was she averse to multiple male partners; despise Alan though she did, she had a fundamental liking for cock, and being left alone with this crowd might have had its pleasures.

But there was Sandy to think of. Trapped elsewhere in the apartment, Alan's filthy and experienced friends slowly closing in on her as they loved to do with first-timers, she was going to need Natasha's support as never before. The plan was simple. Get these boys off in quick succession, excuse herself while they broke for a drink and hunt out the other group. Alan might object, but the others would be so horny they would be glad of a second warm female in whom to stick their cocks, and so she could draw some of the heat from her friend.

She'd known from the off, however, that these young men would be a tough proposition. They were strong, confident and no doubt well-supplied in their lives with pussy. What they might lack in sexual finesse, they would certainly make up for in stamina. And there were seven of them. Three were well-developed and testosterone-fuelled personal trainers from Alan's gym; the others, it had transpired, were a squad of builders, who had worked on one of his house renovation projects - less well-groomed than the gym crowd, but with plenty of raucous, lustful energy, heightened by camaraderie and alcohol. The only male in the room not set to take her on was young Ryan, who stood observing from a secure distance, re-clad in shorts. He looked as intimidated as he did intrigued. Just as well he was holding back, thought Natasha. There was enough to occupy her as it was. She acknowledged her task and met it squarely.

The body-builders exposed their rampant dicks first and she fell to her knees near-naked before them, to give the organs some well-co-ordinated pump-and-suck. The demands of three rods slowed down the process, as one always went unattended, so she broke off occasionally from her oral endeavours to encourage whoever was waiting: 'Come on, wank that cock, get it close. I want you bastards to spunk in my face at the same time!' Then she would fall to again, sucking and jerking her way round the three cocks, knowing the guys would not turn up the offer to facially douse her. She gauged it carefully from their guttural moaning and the feel of their pricks in her mouth, moving between them with increased rapidity, so that they all achieved a state of maximum pulsing hardness together. Then she leant back and challenged, 'Come on guys, full in the face, fucking blast me!'

Even without prompting the men would not have taken long. They pummelled their cocks frantically in front of her, faces reddening, neck muscles standing out, as they raced to a combined climax. They came in quick succession, in a tumult of primal grunting and orgasmic obscenity, shooting viscous, pearly jets point blank into Natasha's expectant face; her features were instantly obscured in a great messy splatter of semen. She screwed up her eyes and took the copious combined-load almost proudly, waiting till the heavy spurting had completely subsided, before wiping her eyes clear and running her tongue round her mouth to lap up male seed.

Well that was three out of the way. Her face still plastered with sperm, she stood, parted the wilting bodies of the gym instructors and walked amongst the hastily stripped and fully excited labourers. 'Okay boys,' she said, pushing one young, pony-tailed guy down into a chair. 'How about I make myself comfy on this cock and then suck off the rest of you?' This plan proved universally popular. She gave pony-tail a splendid view of her smooth back and gym-hardened ass and he held his length in place, so she could lower her tight cunt on to it. She could hear his pleasured reaction and groaned a little herself, as his thick sex expanded her. Then, squatting firmly down on him, she bent forward so she could slurp on the other cocks as they crowded in on her, while thrusting back purposefully on the one penetrating her twat.

The group of suckees pressed her more urgently, vying to stuff her mouth and slapping their cock-heads against her cum-stained face, whenever someone else was being attended to. Their seated colleague drove into her as she pushed back on him, impacting deep within her on each thrust. She worked hard and with practised skill at both ends, keeping all pricks fully inflated and drawing reactions that were steadily more fevered from the fuckers of her mouth and cunt. Then as one of the self-taught studs grabbed her head and began to force his cock down her throat to the very hilt, she seized the two remaining hard-ons and pumped tenaciously. It was all she could do to remain in control of four cocks at once, but that hardly signified at this stage. Within a minute the guy she was sitting on began to buck out of control and grabbed her hips so that he could fuck with orgasmic urgency. A constricted scream ripped itself from his throat as he shot his load inside her and his violent climax triggered those of his friends. The room was full of climactic yells and profanities, just before Natasha was engulfed a second time. Cum drained down her throat and splashed over her face from both sides, as all her attendants emptied themselves.

She eased herself from the spent cock on which she sat and moved through the drained labourers to lift a beer from the table. Then having washed the remaining cum down her throat, she wiped further spunk from her face and made her move. 'I can see I'm going to have my work cut out with you horny bastards,' she said with a wry smile, as she set off ostensibly for the bathroom. 'You'll have to excuse me.'

But her way was blocked by Jed, a tall fitness instructor with elaborately tattooed, bulging arms. 'Oh don't go just yet,' he grinned, pushing up against her, so that she felt his prick against her stomach. Fully reactivated, she noticed with a sinking heart. 'Party's only started,' he explained. She tried to manoeuvre round him, but he grabbed her by the waist and heaved her backwards into a sitting position on the glass-topped table, causing the other men to laugh appreciatively. 'Okay girl, spread your legs. Do what you're being paid for,' he said, with cheery lust.

Christ, she thought, as she parted her thighs and provided him with access. Impressive recovery. Looks like poor Sandy's on her own for a while longer. She braced herself for a long, hard fucking and the boys supplied.

From the sidelines Ryan watched, quiet and avid, as the live gangbang played out before him.


Sandy ran her fingers over the surface of Gavin's cock, staring all the while in tremulous fascination. The hard, priapic tower spasmed slightly under her touch, as she explored the bulbous, purple head and traced the engorged veins down the underside of the shaft. She was acutely aware of all the male eyes fixed on her, as they avidly followed the training of this novice. And Alan's intrusive camera clicked away, recording her plight. The dick far outsized any she had seen in her life. Her hand could not fit around its girth. Its outrageous length jutted ceiling-ward like a threat. Yet she knew her body was about to accommodate it. Somehow.

'Use your mouth. Lick the tip clean.' Gavin's voice was as granite-hard and demanding as his cock. Sandy took the shaft in both hands and curled an obedient tongue over the eye, scooping up a shining bead of pre-cum as she did. 'Now flick your tongue under the head. No, flick it. Fast. And harder than that.' She worked at him heatedly, no longer sure she knew what she was doing. 'Look at me. Don't take your eyes off me. Now keep going till you get it right.' Sandy gazed up at his stonily handsome features, feeling some imperative she did not understand to please him. She stared intently as the efforts of her busy tongue began to register in his arrogant face. He was enjoying what she was doing.

'Now flick your tongue down the shaft. Take your time, girl. I said take your time! Now - lick my balls.' She followed each instruction, receiving no word of commendation, simply reading his expression - his curled lips and the increased heaviness of his breathing - for signs of pleasure. She slavered her tongue over his bristling, red sac, waiting for further commands. 'Suck on them.' His voice was hoarser. It was all she could do to slurp in either of his heavy bollocks and, but she persisted until she got the measure of them, massaging each testicle between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. His next words, however, almost caused her to panic. 'Right, now suck my cock.'

She broke away and looked at him pleadingly. 'I don't think it'll fit...'

He dragged her up by the hair and stuck his dick between her lips, forcing her jaws wide apart. Then he jammed her head down on to it, filling her gaping mouth, his plum-like cock-head searching for her throat. 'There, it'll fit,' he said with cool savagery. Her eyes bulged in shock, as he fucked her wide-stretched mouth in a fierce bout of pumping. She could feel herself starting to choke, as his massiveness stoppered her helpless airway, and began to suck in air desperately through her nose. Then before she had come to terms with what he was doing, he withdrew his cock, hauled her to her feet and flung her sprawling on to the bed.

The others roared their approval at her tumbling nude form, all tangled hair, flailing limbs and bouncing boobs. She was still recovering, brushing her tousled locks from her face, when Gavin climbed on top of her, pinning her wrists and clamping his mouth to hers in a kiss that channelled pure lustful intent. As her flailing, helpless tongue fought with his, she felt one of his large hands kneading her breasts in turn, exploring their fullness and then plucking at her big nipples. The same hand searched downwards over her flat stomach and pelvis, reaching between her legs to tease her clitoris into life once more. And all the time that gigantic cock was pressed menacingly against her thigh.

He came up from the bruising kiss and his steady, blue-eyed stare burned into her, as she panted for breath. His searching fingers had already found out moisture in her pussy. 'Getting wet for me Sandy,' he said, his voice demonstrating its first glimmer of approval. 'I know you're here for the money, but I think that part of you WANTS to get fucked.' He slid one finger right into her slick interior and began to move it around, exploring her wetness. 'How many cocks have been up here before tonight? Tell me.'

His steely gaze and the quiet dominance of his voice drew the truth from her. 'Th - three,' she croaked, almost inaudibly.

'And when was the last time you took some cock?'

Her hips squirmed under the effects of his fingering as she answered, 'Last summer.' His enquiring look prompted more information. 'My boyfriend Tommy. He's - He's not my boyfriend any more.' Why such an explanation was necessary, she did not even know. As if she owed this man any details...

'And did you like it when Tommy fucked you? Did you like his cock right up inside you?' She nodded, her whole body now trembling under his touch. 'Yes, and I'll bet he loved fucking you. I imagine he told all his friends what it was like groping your lovely tits and sticking his cock into that tight, wet cunt of yours. I'm sure he made quite a story of it. What age are you, Sandy?'

'Twenty,' she said breathlessly.

'Twenty,' he mused.' And only three cocks to date, a pretty girl like you. That's not very giving, is it? You have to get it into that pretty head of yours - the main reason a girl like you is on this earth is so men can fuck you.' His voice sounded coldly earnest, like he really believed it. 'Well you're going to do some catching up tonight, Sandy. We're going to remind you what your pussy's for, right lads?' There was a chorus of lewd agreement - 'Fucking right', 'We'll fucking show her' - as he climbed on top of her, shoving her legs apart and nestling his cock-head between her wet labia.

She was holding her breath, such was her combination of expectation and dread. Oh God, oh God, he's going to split me!

'Now this might hurt a little, Sandy,' Gavin explained to her plainly. 'But it's going to make me feel fucking great. And that's all that matters.' He seized her upper arms and with a single thrust drove his huge cock inside her as far as it would go.

She screamed as the great hard slab of man-meat filled and stretched her like nothing in her memory. Gavin held himself there for a moment, imprisoning her soft, feminine body under his iron form, his thick pole still buried deep. 'Just remember, Sandy,' he said, his lust-reddened face hovering over her, 'that however hard I make you take it, this is only the beginning.'

Then he gripped her hard and fucked her without mercy. She could only cling to his broad, muscled shoulders and cry out incoherently, as the swollen cock withdrew and thrust again, withdrew and thrust, cramming her helpless, twenty-year-old cunt. She was overwhelmed by how forcefully and how completely she was being penetrated. Her whole body shuddered and bounced on the bed, her tits undulated rapidly, as this powerful man, twice her age, rammed her unrelentingly with the strength of his whole body, his face contorted into a primal snarl as he did so. Her mind reeled and her mouth hung open, releasing an urgent moan at each spearing, body-slamming thrust.

Quickly she lost track of time, knowing only the totality with which this man was controlling her body. Then she heard his taunting words again. 'Oh, you're going to get fucked like you can't believe, Sandy.' There was growing excitement in the hoarse rasp of his voice, as his driving sex opened up her sucking, wet orifice time and again. 'You're going to take yards of hard cock tonight, I'm only getting you ready - You're going to be fucked in ways you've never imagined. They're all lining up for you... Oh Christ, your cunt feels good. Guys, you really want to get a piece of this!'

The outburst heralded his conclusion. He suddenly climbed from Sandy, dragging her from the bed with him, then he pushed her to her knees, grabbed her head and once more shoved his thickness into her gasping mouth, as his balls began to clench involuntarily. 'Come on Sandy, fucking swallow it - drink my cum! Come on - Ohhhh fuck!!! Take it!!!' His whole body went rigid with a paralysing ecstasy and he shot off, hosing cum into Sandy's mouth. She quickly filled up from the onslaught of gushing sperm and spluttered, letting some of the thick, salty fluid leak out the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

'Don't spill it, swallow it like you were told!' It was Alan's voice again, matching Gavin's in severity, and she responded the only way she could, by gulping down the semen like the good girl she was expected to be.

Gavin gripped her head, pumping out the final few shots. Then he roared his way to a quick recovery, dragged her to her feet and swung her about to face the others, panting, 'Right, who wants her next?'

There was a close-up flash of Alan's camera, capturing Sandy's dazed, spunk-smeared face and temporarily blinding her. 'Right, Darren - Steve - take over,' the photographer instructed, taking charge once more. 'Let's see her double-teamed. Don't give her any rest.'

'Oh don't you worry, we won't,' Steve replied with conviction, as he and his brother grabbed Sandy enthusiastically and bundled her back on to the bed, dropping her on all fours. 'You want to take her from behind?'

Darren had already climbed up behind her and taken a firm grip of her ass with both hands. 'Don't mind it I do,' he said feverishly, fitting the head of his substantial prick between her now swollen cunt lips. Then in one fluid thrust he sank himself to the balls in the wet tunnel so recently vacated by Gavin and started to pump energetically. Sandy gave out a loud, involuntary cry every time Darren's thrusting rippled through her flesh, but only until Steve seized her by the hair and corked her mouth with his own cock, so he could resume the oral fucking he had been giving her earlier. She tried to suck on him, her muddled brain barely clinging to the task she had accepted, but Darren's vigorous shafting began to drive her hard on to his brother's organ, so that her throat was gorged once more with rigid male fuck-flesh and sucking ceased to be an option. Alan continued his photo shoot and the other men looked on in erectile delight at this beautiful, naked young woman, now spitted helplessly on two hard-working cocks, her large, firm tits swaying beneath her like udders, as she was banged from both ends.

The brothers drilled Sandy's opposing holes with a technique they had honed through numerous similar three-ways; they plunged into her throat and pussy simultaneously, nailing her between them with a combined fourteen inches of stiff cock. Three times they exchanged places, leaving her livid, red cunt exposed and her ravished mouth drooling globs of saliva; three times they sank their shafts back inside her at opposite ends and continued their precision assault. Finally, with Steve driving deep into her pussy and Darren filling her throat, they both acknowledged some unspoken signal and banged their way, harder and faster, towards completion. 'Come on, come on, come on...' Darren urged himself through gritted teeth, his pre-orgasmic determination mirrored in his younger brother's charged facial expression. With near-synchronization their voices combined in an exultant roar and they hammered furiously until their cocks spewed thick, heavy loads deep into Sandy. Her snatch quickly swam with Steve's generous delivery of sperm, while Darren's cum jetted copiously down her throat, to mix with Gavin's in her stomach. They continued thrusting until they had drained themselves completely, then they pulled out of Sandy's body and clambered off her, leaving her bewildered, spluttering and spunk-filled on the bed.

Sandy's mind reeled at what was happening to her, the extent to which she was being used. She slumped lower on the bed panting, tresses of damp hair sticking to her face, her whole body slippery with perspiration. Her throat burned from the cum she had swallowed, her mouth was thick from the stuff. Her pussy felt stretched from the persistent filling it had taken. She could only hope for some sort of respite, because she knew there was more on the way, how much she could only guess. Before she could hope too long, however, Alan's hands were on her, pulling her into an upright, kneeling position and brushing back her tousled hair. He pointed a plastic water bottle in her face - she briefly wondered from where he had produced it - and soused her with a long jet of cold water, that made her splutter once more, as it washed away the cum and saliva. Then he put the nozzle in her mouth, saying, 'Here, drink this.' She sucked down the water gratefully, feeling it wash out her mouth and soothe the hot sensation in her throat.

Alan took the bottle away and looked her full in her water-dripping face, stroking her cheek as he did so. 'You're doing well, Sandy,' he told her, and for a moment it seemed to her that there was a touch of concern mixed in with his obvious desire. 'Fifteen hundred pounds, that's how much you leave with tonight. You just keep your mind fixed on that, okay?' She nodded and felt herself calm, if only minutely.

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