tagMind ControlNatalia: The Honeytrap Ch. 01

Natalia: The Honeytrap Ch. 01


I'm just an average guy, early thirties, average height, weight and build. I'm not devastatingly handsome or exceptionally talented so I never really come to understand why I became victim to such a shameful case of entrapment as I currently find myself. I am approximately minutes away from having the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life which may end my relationship and set me down a path from which I could not return but first let me explain how I think I got here.

I firmly believe that every man and, though I can't speak from experience, probably every woman, has changing trends in sexual fantasy and preference in what provides the greatest sexual gratification. An example of this may be preference for particular positions, pornography or partners. We're all adults and understand that there is a broad spectrum of the sexual flavours, as some refer to it, and though I wasn't vanilla, I certainly wasn't tuitti fruitti with sprinkles. I have however always had a penchant for pornography and found the visual medium the most appealing.

I had gone through particular fondness for handjobs in my teens, blowjobs in my early twenties. For a short period a girlfriend and I experimented with anal. Over recent years however my preference had been towards the new trend simply termed 'Jerk off encouragement'. The videos of the sexually proud and powerful women seducing and positively manipulating men into reaching orgasm without even the slightest touch ravished my mind. And as we all know this is by far the most powerful of erogenous zones.

Innocently I began to actively search out as many examples as possible of this type of video and enjoyed the variance of female dominant characters, seductive storylines and taboos. As a result I built up quite a repertoire of favourites and downloads.

My girlfriend, who has always been a caring and thoughtful lover, open to exploring our sexual options has however always lacked a little self-confidence and the seductive power that was being demonstrated within these videos and as such I had never shared this recent perversion of mine.

Equal to her positive attributes my girlfriend also had a jealous streak that would see her very quickly turn from her loving self into someone capable of cutting to your soul with the most hurtful remarks and constantly accusations about the most casual run in with a female colleague or co-worker would become very tiresome.

Now as I sit shackled in place with a woman equal to the fantasy of any man standing in front of me invoking the pleasure on me in one of the most erotic fashions imaginable, I begin to piece together the scenario that may have led me here. I was caught in a specifically built and particularly malicious Honey Trap.

If you're unfamiliar with this term it is a service offered to women that tests the fidelity of their partners and roots out those that are unfaithful or otherwise unworthy of their relationship with their significant others.

Though I have always been faithful in my relationship my girlfriend had always lacked a certain level of trust in me and had always been suspicious of my enjoyment of porn. She accused me irrationally of attempting to cultivate relationships with the starlets - something that anyone else would know to be impossible. I can only conclude that it was this doubt that she held for my faithfulness that resulted in my current predicament.

Over the last few years with my girlfriend I had progressed from being a keen amateur photographer to being invited through a friend of the family to shoot a few high profile head shots for a notable local celebrity. It was a great opportunity for me and I had taken the leap to quit the day job and rent a photography studio where my style of portraiture had become quite popular. I had even been asked to do a number of boudoir shoots for some couples and rather attractive young women as wedding gifts for their husbands to be. All entirely legit and though it may have been quite arousing seeing these women scantily dressed and placed in provocative poses it was all very professional, respectful and innocent. There were occasions however where I had to excuse myself for a few moments to take the odd deep breath and regain my composure but that very same evening I would go home to my loving girlfriend and put all that built up passion into an almighty explosion of lustful lovemaking. Though my girlfriend had feigned a supportive attitude towards this career path I had always believed that it did put a strain on our relationship due to her trust issues.

My day had started like many others I had made my way to the studio, checked my equipment, looked at the diary - this morning was quite quiet with one or two entry level actors headshots followed by this afternoon featuring a couples shoot and a new appointment that I didn't recall booking and appeared to be written in my girlfriend's handwriting. This wasn't uncommon but I couldn't recall her mentioning anything about it. Nonetheless I checked the records and the deposit had been paid, though it was quite a late appointment it had to go ahead.

The morning flew by, clients came and went, one or two people came in from the street and booked future family portraits and the sort. We were continuing to grow in popularity.

By the early afternoon my 3pm appointment came in. An older couple clearly looking to reinvigorate their relationship with a 'couples boudoir shoot'. Not everyone is perfectly equipped to wear lingerie and pose in provocative positions, the larger lady and gentleman certainly have curves that can be made to look sensual and optimised with good lighting that their respective partners adore but from my own perspective, this was not a shoot that I relished.

After a 45 minute gap between this appointment and the next, I spent some absolutely necessary time trying to blank my mind of the rolls and rolls of bare sweaty flesh I had just witnessed and fighting the overwhelming knowledge that they were probably now writhing together as one sweaty mess.

My later appointments all flew by without much to talk about and I filled my time with post production and filled my time with thoughts of food, films and what my girlfriend might be up to eventually 7 o'clock came and went and I my appointment hadn't shown. I stared at the clock impatiently, tapping my pen on the desk as the door swung upon at 7:18. As a shoot runs between 90-120 minutes I get a little fed up when models run late. As I looked up however my mood softened as an extremely beautiful woman, Natalia, strolled into the reception.

Standing 5'9, bronze skinned, blonde haired and clearly of a trim athletic physique she would certainly make a noteworthy entrance to any room, her beauty would certainly turn heads. Having come in from the cold she was wrapped up in a rather bulky fur coat which covered her upper body but her long sleek toned legs were hugged by a tight black pencil skirt under which her tan stockings where a vivid black line caressed her calf and lower thigh emphasising the perfect shape which guided the eye to linger at the upper thigh before the illusion was disrupted by the presence of the oversized coat.

Hello, I'm here for my photo session. Am I in the right place?

With the name of the studio on the door, interior walls and with a vast selection of images in frames decorating the entire room I was a little stunned by the question but her voice was gentle and a little short of breath so I responded with polite duress.

Yes you are. Are you my 7 o'clock booking? I said with a little emphasis.

Yes, that's right, I was running late, I'm sorry, but I'm here now.

She had a soft tone about her, she was clearly beautiful but had far less of an attitude than most models I have worked with or those we stereotypically conceive of.

"Right. Now I believe my girlfriend may have arranged this booking for the boudoir shoot. Has she provided you with the guidance on wardrobe and a basic outline for the shoot?

"Yes, I've brought my own clothes, I hope their appropriate, I going to do something special."

"I'm sure we'll produce some really special images that you can give to your husband as a special surprise."

"No I'm not married"

"Oh, I'm sorry, are they for a boyfriend?"


I daren't ask any more questions, people's personal business is their own. I knew this from previously offending a lesbian couple that came in asking about wedding packages. Despite not offering wedding photography I'd really put my foot in it and learned to keep my mouth shut.

"Well we typically start off with some nice easy shots in slightly more casual clothes before changing and trying some slightly more adventurous poses. Have you ever modelled for the camera before?"

"No, nothing professional."

"Ok, well we'll ease you into it gently. If you'd like to come on through."

The studio was separated into three areas, towards one corner was a plain white space another was a black space and the entire left hand side was used for the storage of props such as stools, chairs, a chaise lounge and a few other things that could be integrated into a shot if needs be. In addition to this was a small kitchen and a changing room with a draw curtain, the sort you may find in an older clothes shop.

"If you've brought a change of clothes with you then please feel free to use the changing room provided.

No, I'm happy to start off like this but I have bought a few pieces.

Ok, well we'll begin like this then. Please take off your coat, you can hang it on the peg over there."

Natalia strolled over to the coat peg rolling her hips, her perk buttocks rising and falling in a slow hypnotic motion. She removed her coat to reveal a tight white blouse. Her chest was a moderate size perhaps a modest D cup, certainly ample in proportion to the rest of her body, yet fully covered with only the minimal cleavage showing. This was clearly her office attire, professional yet complimentary to her firm athletic figure. Slightly tight; her breasts pressed against the material of her blouse and the small amount of skin visible from the single open button teased the mind into picturing more and more.

Glancing up from the ground coyly as she returned to me I lead her to the white space to a waiting stool.

"If you could just perch on here for me please, knees to the right and feet crossed, please."

Silently and without any further direction she stepped into position as I moved over to the camera and perched on my own stool at the same height. As I looked through the lens Natalia had fallen perfectly into place; legs crossed at the ankles, hands between her legs pressing down on the stool seat, her head slightly dropped and looking up at me through piercing eyes. It was such an intense look that I paused for a moment somewhat lost in the moment, her gaze was mesmerising.

"Is this right?" She asked, snapping me back into reality.

"Umm, yes, that's perfect, you've definitely never done any modelling before?"


"Well, the lights can sometimes seem a little bright the first couple of shots, but you'll quickly get used to them. Do you mind if I take a couple now? Just stay exactly where you are"

I focussed back on the camera and made a few adjustments before releasing the shutter and firing the flashes.

Reviewing the image that appeared on the camera I stood up to make a quick adjustment to the flash box.

"I've just got to take a reading from the flash with this meter so please don't mind me, just look away for a moment"

As I approached she fixed me with a strong look and continued to look at me as I moved right up to her and held the light meter up to her face. This close together it felt quite electric, I was beginning to feel a nervous tension growing. I made my final adjustments and returned to the camera.

"Ok just look at me as before with that sexy smouldering look"

I took a few shots as Natalia moves slightly between each.

"That's it move with the shots... small adjustments... that's perfect... you look gorgeous"

It wasn't uncommon for me to fire out empty compliments to help our clients feel confident in front of the camera but this time I felt a sudden pang of guilt. I meant it, she truly looked gorgeous and I could feel that I was attracted to her, who in their right mind wouldn't be. But I had to fight to stay on the right side professional.

"Wonderful let's keep the momentum up and move on to the next set up, please feel free to change behind the curtain."

Natalia walked past me to the changing room at the back of the studio glancing at me seductively at the point of passing. I looked back over my shoulder as once again her walk mesmerised me into staring avidly at her perk rolling buttocks.

Rustling through the available props I selected a full length free standing mirror which I often use for clients with particularly admirably legs and this was something that Natalia was certainly blessed with.

She returned from the changing room in red silk dressing gown, shorts and high heels. It was clear she wasn't wearing a top as you could clearly see the outline of her nipple under the soft material.

"Please come and join me here. I'd like to you stand facing away from the camera like this, feet a little more than shoulder width apart and holding the mirror at about shoulder height. If you could drop a corner of your dressing gown over the shoulder that would be fantastic."

Natalia silently moved up behind me while I was still in place. So quiet were her movements that I barely noticed until she was right behind me. Her confidence while barely wearing anything seemed palpable when compared to how timid and retiring most clients are in this situation. She needed no encouragement either when I returned to the camera.

"Ok would you just flick a corner of your dressing gown off your shoulder?"

She let both drop over the shoulder exposing the graceful elegant lines of her exposed neck and shoulders while hugging the collar of her dressing gown against her chest squeezing her breasts together and her cleavage that could send a man blindly wandering into a wall.

"Is this ok?"

"That looks great" I replied.

I took a few shots and with each flash of the bulb Natalia moved between some basic variations. Pose by pose her look became more and more intense and each angle exposed new glimpses of skin that created a mosaic of mental images undressing her inch by inch.

With each subtle sway and dip her dressing gown belt loosened and more and more of her chest and shoulder became exposed. I zoomed in to make sure nothing indecent was exposed and began to see the very edge of a pert erect nipple. My mouth began to water but in the vain of professionalism I looked over the camera with the intention of warning her but the dressing gown was now it was fully tied.

Confused I returned to my view through the camera in which I saw Natalia now caressing her cleavage before taking her entire breast in hand and squeezing firmly with the release of a moan and rolling her head back in gentle ecstasy. I could feel my arousal growing and my tongue aching to take her breast in my mouth. Again looking over the camera the scene appeared entirely natural and respectable however within my camera a soft-core erotic show was taking place. I returned to the eye piece and a tingle rippled through my body.

The flash of each shot started to compound in brightness. After each shot the brightness faded less and less, though this brightness was becoming blinding, I couldn't avert my gaze or stop shooting. Natalia caressed her body more and more her clothing loosening and exposing delicate soft bronze flesh. The image grew brighter and brighter until I began to no longer be able to see detail, my eyes and head began to ache while my crouch also began to reach fever pitch. Natalia's hand glided from her neck down to her breast brushing aside her top and exposing her soft breast but almost in unison the piercing light overcame me and I had to avert my eyes. I rubbed my eye for a mere moment before returning to the eye piece but reality had returned and Natalia appeared fully covered and calm.

I needed a moment to process what was happening and allow the gripping ache in my head to release.

"We've got some good shots there, let's move to a new set-up, would you change into your next outfit?"

Silently she moved past and a left for the changing room. I took my head in my hands and massaged my temples to relieve some of the pain. This strange electric atmosphere lingered in the air, I feared I might be having some sort of mental episode. The images I had was seen through the camera seemed so erotic as I took them, but looking back now they seemed entirely different and reasonably sedate.

I pulled out a high back red leather armchair and dragged it into the centre of the room focussing on the job at hand and attempting to ignore the peculiar goings on.

Natalia returned wearing a high red and black corset with intricate black lace detailing, pushing her breasts together to create a breath taking cleavage and barely covering her nipples. I felt my heart palpitate as I first got a full look at her long toned legs emphasised by her 6 inch heels, black mid-thigh stockings, leading to her fiendishly enticing bronze smooth upper thigh. My head filled with erotic images and fantasies of what may lie beneath these carefully placed patches of luxury material.

I directed Natalia to towards the chair.

"Sit straight on to the camera crossed legged straight backed and tall."

She walked over to the chair turned and slowly leant forward looking directly at me as she sat, I had a unobscured view directly down her cleavage causing a my cock to jump within my trousers.

"Picture yourself as a queen upon her thrown or a sultry seductress; men begging at your feet."

She adjusted herself with a wry smile and slowly crossed her legs first lingering for a moment with them slightly parted. She fired a powerful look of self-assurance and confident through the camera loaded with a bristling level of sex appeal.

She arched her back pushing her cleavage out further. She squirmed in the chair crossing and uncrossing her legs from side to side grazing her hands over her legs and body in an amazing erotic fashion. My mind wandered momentarily to the porn collection many of the video starting in a similar way with actresses tantalising the audience with their every curve before building to the big crescendo.

She pressed her breasts together before gliding her hands down her abdomen, as she reached the line of her panties she twisted her legs obscuring my view as her hands clearly continued over the soft mounds of her pussy. She squeezed her legs together pushing her shoulders forward burying her hands further between her legs, her eyes closed for a moment as waves of pleasure could be seen emanating from her exploration and small twitches in her face teased further with thoughts of what she might be doing.

Suddenly her eyes opened again and fixed on me directly through the camera her mouth slightly open coyly presenting her tongue. She lifted her chin slightly subtly lusting for a hard cock to part her soft full lips and slide along her tongue to the back of her mouth.

Something snapped me back into reality as I realised I was staring at her dumbstruck and having not taking a single picture in an unknown length of time.

"Sorry, I just a little lost for words, these are truly some amazing shots, I can't believe how confident you are in front of the camera. You have such an intoxicating aura about you, I may need to take a moment to calm myself down."

"May I take a look?"

"Well normally we wouldn't until..."

Natalia had already sat up and was walking over to me rolling her hips seductively with every step.

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