tagInterracial LoveNatalie Gets Seconds

Natalie Gets Seconds

byAnson Macabre©


The note was written on an index card, and taped to the inside of Natalie Junswick's locker. At the bottom of the index card, Mr. Randle had signed his name.

Natalie hadn't seen Mr. Randle in weeks, since an unfortunate incident at her house; inside Natalie's bedroom. The episode had nearly cost Mr. Randle his job as a substitute teacher; therefore she was astonished he would set up their next encounter on school grounds.

The prospects of doing something sleazy with Mr. Randle inside Pleasant Point High School made her body tingle. Lately, her favorite substitute teacher had been ignoring her, avoiding conversations and eye contact in the halls. Natalie understood the reasons for his discomfort. She had observed Mr. Randle in a way no student should observe a teacher.

It was 8:03 AM. In two minutes, first period would commence, and Natalie would be expected in Mr. Phelps's English class. Ironically enough, Mr. Randle had been substituting for a flu ridden Mr. Phelps the day they had removed their relationship outside the confines of the school.

A shrill bell signified the start of first period. The remaining students headed for their first period classes. In a few minutes, Natalie was alone in the halls. Both her locker and the washroom were located on the first floor. At the moment, the hall was free of security, but at any moment, her isolation could be thwarted by an off-duty police officer, then all hope would be lost.

She slid the index card inside her English book, placed the heavy text book back in the locker, and shut the locker door. Hurriedly, Natalie walked to the washroom by the gym. She encountered no serious problems, but at the stairs near the washroom, Natalie heard the husky voice of an off duty police woman, yelling at a student about getting his butt to class.

Natalie increased her pace, nearly running through the empty halls. She arrived at the washroom door unseen. She made one last observation of the hallway before entering the washroom.

Finally, after weeks of suffering, contact with Mr. Randle.


"Mr. Randle!" she called out.

The boy's washroom was empty. The two stalls were unoccupied. She was surprised by how clean the place looked, and how fresh it smelled, but it was still early in the morning. A girl could only imagine the smell five hours from now.

"Mr. Randle!" she called out again.

Natalie double checked the stalls, but neither revealed the substitute teacher. In an area this small, there was a no place for him to hide. Mr. Randle either had a change of heart, or he got held up by security or another faculty member. Natalie leaned toward the latter.

"Mr. Randle!" she called out one last time.

Natalie observed herself in the mirror. Her walnut shaped, emerald green eyes glimmered. The tears she held back didn't come from the profound sadness of being stood up by the man she loved, but the immature sadness a child may express in a mall if the child didn't get the toy he or she desired. Natalie was spoiled rotten by a rich father and overprotective mother. Only on rare occasions did Natalie not get something she wanted.

She wore a tight white tank top that barely concealed her 34DD breasts. At the center of the shirt, written across the breasts in big red letters were the words: MORE THAN A HANDFUL. She also wore a pair of denim pants that perfectly defined every curve of her bubbly ass. The school dress code frowned on Natalie's choice of clothing, but security and teachers usually kept their mouths shut. Most of the security guards and teachers at Pleasant Point were male.

Instead of leaving the bathroom, Natalie stuck around, hoping Mr. Randle would arrive a few minutes late. She paced the bathroom while observing herself in the mirror every once in a while. As shallow as it sounded, Natalie thought she looked gorgeous, almost as pretty as any model, singer or actress she had ever seen on TV or in a magazine. But unlike most celebrities, her breasts were 100% real, and she didn't need make-up specialists or computers to enhance her beauty; Natalie was all natural.

A few minutes ticked away. The anticipation was killing her. Where the hell was Mr. Randle? Who was keeping him from her? What if he didn't show up at all? Impossible. She needed him in away that was becoming scary. Every minute without him was torture. She didn't love him, but she lusted for him the way a fat man lusted for a donut. Natalie wanted a mouthful of Mr. Randle, and she wanted it bad.

8:15 AM.

I can't stand it, she screamed inside her head. What the hell was he doing? He knew damn well that she was in the bathroom waiting. He was talking to a security guard about sports or some Goddamn irrelevant topic while Natalie stirred in her juices.

8:17 AM.

There was a sound outside the bathroom door. A soft tapping, then a louder noise: knocking. The bathroom door swung open. Having almost completely given up on their romantic rendezvous, Natalie expected the worse. Standing in the doorway with a wicked grin on his dark, handsome face was Mr. Randle.


"I was getting ready to leave," Natalie said. "What took you so long?"

"I was resigning. I'm leaving Pleasant Point, and moving back to Minneapolis."

Natalie was a little hurt by the news, but her face remained emotionless. If this was her last encounter with Mr. Randle, she would take the necessary steps toward making it special.

"Are you leaving because of me?" Natalie asked.

"No. I mean when your mother walked in, I thought my job was history. I lived in fear for the next couple weeks, wondering when I was going to get the axe. But the axe never dropped. Why?"

"My mother and father have their own secrets. Secrets they'd rather keep from other people. Secrets they'd rather keep from each other as a matter of fact."

Mr. Randle nodded.

"Why are you leaving, then?"

"In Minneapolis, I'll have my own class. I won't have to waste my career as a substitute."

Natalie sensed that the small talk was coming near its conclusion. He was nervous, talking while observing, considering his next step. She wasn't the brightest girl in the world, but she'd always been able to read men. The look in his eyes was deceiving. She had seen that same intense gaze in her own bedroom a few weeks ago.

"Why'd you want to meet me here?"

"Going away present."

Natalie smirked. "Is it in your pants?"

"As a matter of fact, it is."

She wanted Mr. Randle just as badly as he wanted her, but Natalie needed to be patient. It had been pure torment waiting for him, and returning the favor would be sweet revenge.

"Are you sure it's safe?"

He advanced toward her, checking out her tits. Natalie watched in fascination as his cock erected before her eyes.

"I took care of it."

"What if somebody walks in?" she asked. "Hundreds of boys use this bathroom every day."

"Not this early in the morning."

Mr. Randle pulled her tight against his broad chest, filling her mouth with his tongue. The kiss was more passionate than it had been the first time. Natalie had yearned for those lips, for that tongue. Her body was ablaze with passion as Mr. Randle roamed her chest with his strong, confident hands.

Breaking this kiss was hardest thing she ever did.

"What makes you so confident nobody will come in?"

"First off, no PE classes are scheduled for first period. There are twelve coaches, all with access to their own private washrooms, and none of them wander around the halls. We have this place all to ourselves."

"It sounds very romantic. But-"

"Second," he silenced Natalie with a finger. "I left a note on the door, urging students not use this bathroom."

Mr. Randle pulled Natalie's tank top over head. Her breasts fell to his open hands. He squeezed and rubbed soothingly while running his tongue over her nipples. Immediately, Mr. Randle's sensual touch caused Natalie's delicate body to tremble.

"What did you write on the note?"

Mr. Randle frowned. "I told them the toilet seats are infested with pubic lice."

Natalie couldn't stop herself from laughing. "Seriously?"

Grinning, Mr. Randle confirmed.

Mr. Randle buried his face in her breasts, working his tongue frantically while also biting, sucking and pinching her nipples. Dark red and fully erect, her nipples were extremely sensitive.

From the corner of her eye, she saw an image of them in the mirror. Mr. Randle was about 6'1", with a muscular physique, shaved head, brown eyes, dark brown skin, and juicy lips. His goatee was perfectly groomed. Everything about him was ideal.

She, on the other hand, appeared beautiful draped over his body. She was only 5'5", and despite giant breasts, God had given her a petite body, with many small, adorable features. She had recently dyed her hair platinum blond. She put her hair in pig tails.

"I want to suck your cock, Mr. Randle," Natalie demanded.

He wasn't surprised by the outburst, and he was smart enough not to question her sudden change of demeanor. The time for games had finished. Mr. Randle was leaving Pleasant Point, he was leaving his home in Scarlet Haven, Illinois, and he wouldn't be coming for anymore visits to her bedroom in Babylon Heights.

Leering into his eyes, Natalie got onto her knees. With his assistance, she managed to unbuckle the belt. She pulled his pants down to his feet, and massaged his cock through the boxer shorts. Her hand barely fit around the girth of the cock. Unable to keep her lust at bay, she tugged down his boxers, and took the thick head of the eight inch monster inside her mouth. Eagerly, she slithered her tongue in a circular motion, moving the tip back and forth between his urethra as though she wore eating a vagina. Natalie savored the flavor of his pre-cum and for the first time didn't wince at the taste. She licked the V-shaped ridge under his shaft, then lightly bit the head.

Natalie pulled his cock from her mouth with both hands. From head to base, she teased him with her slippery tongue, then sucked on his balls; another thing Natalie wasn't fond of doing. She moved her tongue back up the shaft, manipulating it with her hand. All at once, she took four inches of his cock in her mouth, gagging softly in her throat when it pushed against her tonsils.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Mr. Randle moaned. "Suck that fuckin cock you, damn dirty whore."

She loved the way Mr. Randle's conversation became so filthy when overcome by lust.

"Come on, white girl. Suck that cock."

Natalie rewarded him, moving her mouth harder and quicker. He grabbed her by the back of the head, and pounded her mouth with his cock. She let her throat muscles relax as Mr. Randle fucked her mouth. She matched his frantic rhythm with her own pace. Her cheeks were stuffed with cock, and her chin was being assaulted by heavy black balls. Saliva oozed over her breasts.

Natalie's mouth was crammed with six inches of thick, black cock. Her full, pink lips were wrapped tightly around the monster. He held his cock in her mouth for over ten seconds, then pulled out.

Natalie struggled for breath.

"You nasty whore."

"Fuck my mouth, Mr. Randle. I love your big black cock."

He rubbed his cock against her breasts for a moment, then slammed it back insider her mouth. Holding her by the pig tails, he brutally assaulted her mouth. Cramming her throat, making her cough and gag. His knees pushed against her breasts as he offered more and more of his cock to her mouth and throat.

"You like this, don't you. You're a nasty slut, and I'm really going to miss your mouth."

Mr. Randle pulled out of her mouth.

"Keep your mouth open. I have something I want you too taste."

Natalie did as she was told, but got panicky. Never, never, had she even considered letting someone cum in her mouth. She could barely tolerate the taste of pre-cum. Guys usually came on her tits, and called it a night. Before she could protest, Mr. Randle was lunging at her, pressing the massive cock head on her tongue.

With a muffled groan, he shot a thick jet of semen across her tongue. The bitter, buttery taste assaulted her taste buds and attacked her nostrils immediately. A second and third jet shot into her throat. Natalie swallowed all three jets at once and nearly gagged. His cock was like a hose, pumping more and more semen into her open mouth. Her pink tongue turned white.

"OH FUCK! Swallow my fuckin cum, Natalie. Swallow every drop like a good girl. Do you like my cum?"

Natalie offered him a bewildered look. She remembered an episode a long time ago when her father had made her eat broccoli. This situation was oddly similar.

Mr. Randle spoke while getting dressed.

"I'm leaving tomorrow morning, Natalie. But I want to see you one more time before I leave. Do you want to see me?"

"Yes," she said.

"Good. Let's meet at the Scarlet Inn at around six. I want to have some fun before I leave."

"What kind of fun?"

"Something different. Something you probably thought you'd never do."

Natalie had already done something she thought she'd never do. The taste lingered in her mouth.

He retrieved the tank top, and helped Natalie to her feet. He kissed her gently, caressing her breasts one last time before he left.

She stared at the door for almost a minute before leaving the washroom

What the hell did Mr. Randle have in mind? What were they going to do at the Scarlet Inn?

The dirty images flashing in her mind made her horny all over again.


As soon as she finished dressing, Natalie went to the front door, and was just in time to see Tonya Winston's depilated beige station wagon pull to the curb in front of the house. Natalie stepped outside, slamming the door shut behind, and headed toward the wagon.

Natalie joined Tonya in the station wagon. The front passenger side seat wobbled, and the seat belt had been torn off before Tonya purchased the vehicle. The car smelled of McDonald's cheeseburgers and cheap perfume.

"Tell me again where I'm going," Tonya said.

"The Scarlet Inn."


"I'm meeting Mr. Randle there."

Tonya wore glasses and dieted too often. She's about 5'10" with sandy blond hair, and a lot of freckles. Tonya didn't know she possessed a beauty equal to the beauty Natalie offered, but Natalie always noticed. Tonya didn't have the breasts, or the ass, but she had the legs, and the face that most people associated with beautiful.

Tonya pulled from the curb.

"I thought Mr. Randle was avoiding you."

"He came out of hiding this morning."

"This morning?"

"Yeah. We had an encounter in the boy's bathroom."

Tonya's chin nearly smacked into her throat. She took her eyes from the road for a second.

"At school. You had sex with Mr. Randle at school."

"Nothing that great. I sucked his cock."

Tonya grimaced. She wasn't comfortable with dirty words, especially if the dirty words described sexual encounters. She also didn't care much for Natalie's sex life. Natalie enjoyed talking about such things, and loved providing details. It was one of the many conflicts that made their relationship special.

"And now you're going to the hotel for what, seconds?"

"Mr. Randle is leaving in two days. He quit his job. Says he moving to Minneapolis. I guess he wants to say good-bye in his special way."

Natalie gave Tonya some time to digest the words.

"You think he's leaving because of what happened in your room?" she asked.

Tonya made a right turn, and drove passed Pleasant Point High School. The Scarlet Inn was about five minutes away.

"It's possible. He might think his career is at risk, but there's nothing for him to worry about. I took care of everything."

"How did you keep your parents from squealing?"

"Everybody has secrets. Maybe a certain Mother is giving more than massages to her many clients. Maybe Father's income doesn't just come from being lawyer."

Silence proceeded.

Natalie had never revealed secrets about her family. There were many more secrets that she kept bottled up, but Natalie didn't feel comfortable admitting certain things. Some secrets are best left in the family, and held in the mind until the heart exploded.

"How do you know?"

"I'm their daughter. Nothing gets passed me."


"Maybe some other time. I just want to see Mr. Randle. Give him some memories before he leaves for Minneapolis. I don't want to burden myself with painful family secrets."

At 5:55 PM, Tonya dropped Natalie off at the front entrance of the Scarlet Inn.

Heart pounding, body shivering, Natalie approached the chubby woman behind the desk. She asked for Benjamin Randle's room. The woman told Natalie that he was expecting her, and his room number was 13-A.

Natalie knocked. Mr. Randle invited her inside. She turned the cold, silver door knob, and entered the room, closing the door behind her.


"Try to ignore the guy with the camera."

Naked, sitting at the corner of the king-size bed, Mr. Randle was stroking his massive erection. Intense brown eyes examined her body from head to toe.

Natalie's eyes roamed from Mr. Randle to the camera man. The camera man was standing by the television set, the digital camcorder aimed in her direction. He was an older white gentleman with receding salt and pepper hair, a thick black goatee, and thrift store-quality clothing. He slightly resembled a middle-aged Matthew Perry.

"This is Roger Wright. Don't worry, Nat, he's a professional." Mr. Randle continued to stroke his cock, working his wrist slowly while holding with a firm grip.

"What is he doing here?" she asked.

"I wanted a little souvenir before I left. I memento to remember our love. So I hired Roger to capture our last night together."

Natalie was perplexed. She didn't quite know how to handle this situation. She was caught between a powerful need to have Mr. Randle one last time before he left to Minneapolis, and desire to get rid of the camera man-Roger. At the same time, she didn't want to deprive Mr. Randle of anything he wanted, even if that meant having sex while the stranger watched from behind the lens of a digital camcorder.

Natalie never dated a guy she couldn't manipulate. The men she choose to associate herself with did as they were told, and were promptly dumped once they seized being useful. But with Mr. Randle, she had rarely been in control, and often found herself doing things she had never done before. And while directing her attention from the camera man back to the teacher, she realized that once again she would be sacrificing her dignity to give a man what he wanted.

"Just as long as keeps his hands on the camera," Natalie said.

"Don't worry," Mr. Randle said. "The only guy touching you, is me." He turned to Roger. "Okay, let's get this little party started."

"Okay," Roger said. His voice was high pitched, and whiny. "If we're going to do this, we're going to do it right." He advanced toward Natalie, still aiming the camera at her. "Bennie has already given me my instructions, and I'm a busy man, so let's jump right into the fun." They were separated by about five feet. Roger blocked her view of Mr. Randle's impressive black cock.

What instructions had Mr. Randle given Roger the camera man?

This situation was going to get out of hand in a major way. Natalie could feel it in her bones as the apprehension overwhelmed her frayed mind. Despite everything, Natalie continued to become aroused. The feeling this encounter was inspired left her weak in the knees and very wet between the legs.

"Take off your shirt, Natalie," Roger said.

Natalie waited a few seconds, looking at her own feet. She loved the thrill of exhibitionism, but she'd never faced the criticizing lens of a digital camcorder in her life, and Roger wasn't worthy of seeing her naked breasts. Nevertheless, Natalie took a deep breath, and pulled the tight latex tank top over her head.

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