tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNatalie's Piss Punishment

Natalie's Piss Punishment


"Come on, I need the bathroom!" Tom announced as he grabbed Natalie's wrist and almost dragged her from her seat.

The other couple at their table, James and Kimberley shared a smile as the elfen brunette struggled to get up without knocking anything off the table and follow her man.

The rest of the bar didn't really pay them much attention, well certainly not Tom, most of the guys took the opportunity to leer at Natalie once more as she moved through them. And why not, she was a beautiful young woman dressed in the sluttish fashion imaginable. They certainly weren't her choice of clothing, she was happier in trousers and distinctly unrevealing clothes -- not this!

This was a tiny, tight black skirt that barely covered her lacy red panties, a bright red, tight mesh top that her red bra could be clearly seen through, a thin leather collar and a pair of high heeled "fuck-me" boots. It was all so unsubtle, especially when you considered how naturally beautiful the 23 year old actually was. Slim, sexy, pert breasts with short dark hair and the most alluring set of bright, blue eyes you could ever imagine. Her face so fragile and angelic. It was difficult to see what this smart (she was degree educated) , sexy woman was doing with a Neanderthal, misogynist like Tom. They really were from two opposite ends of the evolutionary scale. The look on her face certainly suggested she didn't want to be here doing this.

Tom barged his way through the bar, still dragging Natalie behind him and without pausing shoved the door to the gents open and marched in, his girl following him in. To Natalie's obvious relief the toilets were deserted but she knew that couldn't last for long. Tom finally released his grip on her and strode over to stand in front of and above a urinal. He looked sternly at Natalie and she rushed to his side. With shaking fingers she undid his zipper and pulled out his dick. While she was doing that he searching in his jacket pocket and produced an empty glass. He passed it to her and gave his instructions.

"Make sure it's nice and full and then finish it off in the pisser. And remember any you spill you will end up licking up off the floor."

Natalie said nothing but with one hand held the glass directly under his cock and with the other guided his cock as it started to strain into action. Tom has been drinking beer all night and this was his first 'visit'. The pungent, thick yellow flow filled the glass in seconds and she had to be quick to remove it while directing his piss into the urinal. But she didn't spill, not a drop.

Natalie set the full glass on top of the urinal as she held on and guided the last of Tom's load into the ceramic. The smell in there was awful and Natalie wrinkled her nose at it. She held onto Tom as he continued his seemingly never ending stream but was shocked out of her senses when the door to the gents burst open and in stumbled a drunk young man.

Tom ignored his entrance, Natalie couldn't keep the look of panic and concern off her pretty face. The bum didn't look at them for a few seconds, didn't realise anyone else was in there as he supported him against the sinks on the opposite wall. When he did turn around he nearly fell over at the sight of a beautiful ,though sluttily dressed, young woman holding an older mans cock as he took a piss. Finally Tom's stream dried up to a few random drips and he looked at Natalie and nodded.

"Finish the job, then we can get out of here."

His words carried authority and Natalie knew what was expected of her but blushed bright red that someone else was seeing her do this. She lowered herself to her knees, took his flaccid penis between her lips and sucked her man dry before popping his cock back in his trousers and zipping him up. The drunk just watched incredulously as she stood back up again, Tom lifted the piss filled glass and they both brushed past him out into the crowded bar again. Tom led her back to the table, in their absence James had bought a round of drinks. Well not quite a round, he and Tom had beers and Kimberley had a gin and tonic but the space in front of Natalie was glaringly empty. But not for long as Tom placed the full glass of his piss there and without comment resumed his seat. Natalie did likewise, her eyes seemingly hypnotised by the glass before her.

James and Kimberley shared a glance then smirked. They both knew what Natalie would have had to do in the rest room and exactly what her drink was. They were just eager to move things on a bit, get to the point in the evening where they could have their fun too. Still the look on the doe eyed beauty's face as she considered her drink was enjoyment enough for her three drinking partners, especially Kimberley who did not care for the brunette at all.

"How about a toast? To Tom!" announced the dirty blonde and she raised her glass to centre of the table her eyes never leaving Natalie's face. Tom's glass joined her, then James', both men focussed on Natalie. Reluctantly, tentatively she wrapped her hand around the glass, as if it was filled with acid and shakily raised it to meet the others and joined in the toast. Kim smirked at her and took a deep draw of her drink, as did the two men. All eyes were on Natalie who looked like she was ready to burst into tears. But she forced the glass to her lips and ignored the strong, foul smell at her button nose and tilted the glass to send a mouthful of the yellow liquid into her mouth. She held Tom's gaze and forced herself to swallow. The taste was vile and she had to fight from gagging there at the table. The bar was alive with noise and bustle and nobody but the four of them around the table knew the sickening task that Natalie was undertaking right then. For the next ten minutes Tom, James and Kimberley chatted casually and sipped from their drinks. Natalie did not say a word, nor was asked a question and she slowly drank her way through the piss the taste no better when she emptied the glass to when she had started. Hers was the last glass empty.

"You folks ready to move on?" asked Tom.

"Sure" replied James.

"In a moment, I gotta visit the little girls room" announced Kimberley, "Can I take her?" she asked.

"Be my guest Kimmy. Natalie. You do what Kimmy says now, exactly as she tells you."

Kim was not a patch on Natalie. She was dirty blonde, her roots dark and blatant. She was older too, in her late thirties and with a face that showed she had lived a hard life. Her make up was overdone too but she was dressed more conservatively than Natalie (not hard admittedly, there were two dollar whores dressed more conservatively than her that night) in a knee length skirt and cream blouse. To an observer it was just another couple of women going to the toilet together, they all do it, nothing strange there, was there?

The Ladies too were empty when they got there and Kim wasted no time ushering Natalie over to the cubicle furthest from the door and pushing her inside before stepping in and bolting the door.

"On your knees slut! I never sit down before a public seat's been properly cleaned so tonight you can do it. What are you doing? You don't need paper! Use your tongue! Use your fucking slutty tongue!"

Natalie looked up at Kim with the widest, most innocent eyes imaginable but it made no difference to the blonde and she grabbed Natalie by the hair and pushed her face towards the dirty toilet seat. And it was pretty gross. Natalie supposed that it was better than a men's one would be, but still it was stained and wet and dirty.

"Come on! Hurry up! I'm bursting and if you don't have that seat licked clean I'll just have to go all over your face!"

That spurred the brunette on and she extended her cute little tongue and began the arduous task of licking the toilet seat in a busy bar's toilet. The taste was stale, the smell a foul mix of urine and ass and some of the stains really looked extremely suspect. But she did as she was told, she licked all the way around the rim of the seat as the blonde stood over her and once she was done she looked up expectantly, hoping her work there was done.

"Hmmm. I suppose that will have to do! Get out of the way!"

The blonde shoved Natalie aside and pulled her skirt up, her panties down and sat on the seat and started to piss. Natalie's head was against Kim's knees and the sound of piss on water was deafening. She just knelt there and waited as Kim finally finished peeing. Then she stood up from the seat and looked down at Natalie.

"No paper, what a surprise! Well bitch, your tongue will have to do!"

The blonde stood with her legs apart and motioned Natalie up, the brunette tentatively moving her head up until it was level with the hairy pussy before she began lapping at the piss drops that hung on her pubic hair and her pussy lips. Kim put her hands on Natalie's head and enjoyed the moment but knew she should not be in here too long, the men had plenty other things planned for the night.

"Right, that will do. Come on out to the sinks to freshen up."

The two women exited the cubicle, there were a couple of others in the toilets now but no one seemed to notice they had been in together. They walked over to the row of sinks and mirrors and Kim washed her hands then dried them before peering at her face in the mirror. Her looks really paled in comparison to the young woman stood beside her.

"You really could do with some make up Natalie. I think I'll help you out."

Natalie just stood there and allowed the older woman to take items from her handbag and go to work on that naturally beautiful face and complexion. In less than two minutes it was transformed into a garish mess, so much so that one of the other girls in the toilets actually stopped washing her hands to stare incredulously at what the older woman was doing. She applied a bright red lipstick to Natalie's lips, but her aim was not steady so it was smudged and uneven. Then she used a black eyeliner on Natalie's eyes and lashes before a blusher was overused. In the end Natalie was now dressed like a whore and made up like one too. It was exactly the effect Kim had been aiming for. But they weren't done yet.

"Take your panties off and give them to me" the older woman hissed under her breath.

Natalie looked at her bewildered for a moment. The toilets were filling up by now, seven others at the sinks and mirrors, others in the cubicles.

"Do it now! Or do I need to tell Tom you disobeyed me?"

That certainly hurried Natalie up and she balanced one hand on a sink and reached the other under her short skirt and pulled her lacy, black panties off her hips and down her legs. Some of the other patrons had noticed what she was doing and were glowering at her. Understandable really, this sexy little slut was hardly hiding the fact she had no knickers now, not in a tiny skirt like that. Satisfied Kim led her charge from the toilets and head back to their table.

With a theatrical flourish Kim swirled Natalie's knickers in the air and threw them onto the pub table, landing in the top of her man's empty beer bottle.

"A little present for you honey!"

James and Tom chuckled and decided that actually they'd have another drink. This seemed to distress Natalie somewhat and she tugged on Tom's sleeve and whispered into his ear. He listened then laughed.

"Seems that Natalie here is in dire need of the toilet herself, says she's bursting! Well James, seeing as its your round why don't you get the same again except this time I think my little Pissmop here can have a cold pint of water and ice. Should make things interesting, eh?"

They all chuckled except Natalie who was aghast at the news and as they waited for their drinks she gradually became more and more agitated. She was obviously uncomfortable in her need for a piss. And when they arrived she was faced with a stark choice. If she rushed the ice cold water down it would affect her worse, however, the longer she took the more her need increased and she daren't just go without Tom's explicit permission. She settled on a compromise and took several big gulps but tried to space them out, it was academic anyway because the other three delighted in drinking their drinks as slowly as possible and relishing Natalie's predicament.

Finally, nearly 35 minutes later Tom announced that they were done and headed for the exit with Natalie in tow. The chill air outside affected Natalie further and she was certain she could not hold it in any longer when he ushered her into a side alley just along from the pub. It was unevenly paved and he pointed to the ground just into the alley.

"You can do it there, squat and let it all out slut!"

Natalie's eyes were a vision of corrupted innocence, she knew she was going to have to do what he demanded but also knew how bad it was. She looked into each of their faces but just saw sneering, mocking looks in return and Tom dominantly pointing at a spot on the ground. Pouting prettily Natalie hooked up her tiny skirt to reveal her shaven pussy and awkwardly squatted down. She tried to block out her three grinning companions and the closeness to the noisy, night street at the end of the alley and closed her eyes and sighed at the sweet release of relief as she let out her piss.

As the stream hit the stone the noise seemed deafening to her, but once she was started there was little she could do. She had been fit to burst and the piss kept on coming like it was never going to stop. Her three companions watched her intently while she darted her eyes to the entrance of the alley lest anyone caught her in this humiliating position. As she squatted there she was able to watch the dark river flow down the stone below her and streak towards James's feet. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment and shame but she could not stop now even if she tried. The piss flowed heavily from her and was really starting to pool at the end of the shallow slope the alley was on. Finally she slowed to a dribble and she made to get up.

"No, no, no slut! You are going no where! James you want a shot at this bitch's cunt? Well here it is. Natalie, crawl over to that vile little puddle you've left and get licking at it, we can't let you off with fouling the highways like this. And James take her doggy style while she's doing it. She hates being taken from behind."

Natalie turned and looked at Tom with those wide yes and fluttering eye lids and for a moment it looked like she would refuse for the first time that night, that she had reached her limit of perversity. But his harsh glare easily broke her will and she lowered her eyes before obediently dropping forward onto her hands and knees and crawling across the alley to where the bulk of her freshly squeezed piss had gathered. She had one last forlorn look back at Tom but to no avail and quickly her view of him was blocked by James and he loomed behind her unbuttoning his zipper.

"Come on bitch, head down, in the piss like you were told and stick that lovely ass in the air for me."

Natalie dipped her mouth toward the shallow puddle of piss and extended her pretty little tongue into it and obediently began to lap as it as James whipped his hard cock out and began manoeuvring it past her ass cheeks and prodding at her moist, wet snatch. With a hard thrust he penetrated her vagina, a thrust that shunted Natalie's chin and nose into the piss with it's force and she coughed and spluttered as they emerged. She looked miserable as James began to fuck her from behind in earnest, her own piss dripping from her face. To the side Kim's hand groped at Tom's crotch and began to fondle his cock through the trousers as they watched the grotesque coupling before them.

It was never going to last long. James was too aroused. The situation was too extreme. He humped Natalie like a bitch, his balls smacking noisily against her sweet ass cheeks with every pump. He was soon in the final throes when Tom's harsh voice barked out another order.

"Don't cum inside her! The last thing the world needs is another useless cunt like that! Just cum in her piss, she can drink it up from there James!"

James grunted and thrust a couple more times before pulling out and firing streams of white cum from his dick into the puddle of piss that Natalie was lapping at. She lifted her face as the cum landed, distaste cast across her but she understood what was expected of her next. As the man behind her gave her bare ass a heavy slap she dipped her lips to the puddle of piss and noisily sucked the globs of cum from it much to the other three's amusement. How could she sink any lower than this? Drinking her own piss and another man's cum on her knees in a seedy, dirty back alley. This was surely the ultimate debasement.

They moved on soon after, leaving the suspicious smelling puddle in the alleyway. Natalie was, to be frank, a total fucking mess when she stood up. She pulled her skirt down to at least cover her pussy but her knees were stained her make up blurred and her hair was a state. She also permeated a stench of piss and as she stepped into her heels and followed the other three she was starting to resemble a desperate street walker tramp. Which was Tom's intention from the beginning.

The walked several blocks to their next destination and the streets were busy, it was just after ten on a Saturday night and they passed countless groups of men and women and almost without exception they all took time to gawp at the state Natalie was in. The other three ordered her to walk several paces behind them so there was no hiding the fact she looked like a whore and smelled like a vagrant. The guys made some pretty crude comments while the women hissed under their breathe, all in all it was a humiliating, tiring journey for the petite brunette and she knew her evening was a long way from over.

The bar they finally entered was considerably rougher than the one they had left. It was something of a biker's hangout and the men and women were bigger, hairier, swore more, stank more and were rougher and tougher. Natalie still got a lot of glance as she entered and Tom whispered his instructions to her as he handed her an empty pint glass.

"You have an hour bitch. An hour to fill that with bodily fluids from the patrons of this bar. It can be anything you like, piss, cum, spit, sick, whatever. But in an hour you will be back at this table with that glass full ready to drink it."

She stood there pretty much dumb struck. Of course, what she did not know was that her doing this was common knowledge to the patrons of the bar and had been advertised by Tom for the past fortnight. He grabbed her elbow and guided her through a crowd towards the rear of the bar.

"You might like to start in here."

His finger was pointing to the door to the gents and so began Natalie's next degrading little adventure. Nervously she entered the gents, all too aware that she was observed as she did so and slipped inside the run down toilets apprehensively holding on to her glass. There were three guys in already and two made sharp exits as she came in but one, a big hairy hulk smiled and approached her.

"You need to fill that glass I hear, I've been waiting all night for you."

He was a disgusting looking man and as he smiled at Natalie she could see he was missing half his teeth. He flicked his dick out of his jeans and pointed it into her glass and began to piss in it. It was thick and yellow and smelled bloody awful and Natalie's hand shook as the pint glass began to fill from the bottom with the warm liquid.

Natalie shook as she stood there, holding the glass and the pig pissed into it. He grunted when he was done, the glass half full of his vile smelling urine and smiled at her, knowing full well that the beauty would be drinking it before long.

"Enjoy babe" was his comment as he left.

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