tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNatalie's Tale Ch. 04

Natalie's Tale Ch. 04


Natalie opened her eyes. Pink evening sunlight was filling her bedroom with a warm glow. She stretched, shaking the last vestiges of sleep from her head. She heard the steady rhythm of Yvette’s breathing. Her friend was still asleep beside her and as she looked at her, suddenly the memories of their ordeal the previous night came flooding back.

She remembered how the man who had orchestrated their humiliation and abuse had dumped them naked on the pavement outside the apartment. Without a word they had hurried through the mercifully empty building to Natalie’s apartment. Wrapping herself in a thick towelling robe Natalie had run a bath with plenty of oil and foaming bubble bath. Meanwhile, Yvette showered scrubbing herself under scalding water. Yvette slipped into the bath while Natalie took her turn in the shower, before she joined her friend in the tub. They said nothing to each other. Occasionally their eyes met and one or other was on the verge of trying to put into words the confusion and shame and disgust they both felt about what had happened.

Natalie pulled on an old t-shirt and then dug out another for Yvette. They drank hot chocolate curled up next to each other on the sofa. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world for them to go to Natalie’s big bed together. Yvette began to sob softly when they were both under the duvet, and Natalie took her in her arms, kissing the tears away and hugging her fiercely, even though she felt like breaking down herself. Eventually sleep overtook them both.

Natalie showered again, and dressed in an old pair of jeans and a shirt. She went to the kitchen and was making supper when Yvette padded softly into the room.

“Hi, baby. How are you feeling?” Natalie asked.

“Um, well, OK. Good I suppose all things considered,” Yvette replied with a brave smile. “What about you? Are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine,” Natalie said, looking into her friend’s eyes.

They hugged again, long and hard.

“Can I stay for a few days?” Yvette said eventually.

“I was hoping you would…I don’t think I want to be alone this week.”

“What are we going to do…you know…about next time?” Yvette said, her arms still wrapped around Natalie’s neck.

“What can we do? I can’t go to the police can I?”

“We could go away- get on a plane. Maybe in a few weeks they’ll have forgotten about us. Maybe they were just trying to scare us when they said they would come here.”

“Well, it worked. I am scared. And I can’t run away- he knows who my parents are…he has those photos.”

“There must be someone we can go to. Its blackmail.”

“Listen, Yvette, I got us into that mess last night. Its all my fault. You can run away- and I think you should. Go to the Cap, or anywhere for that matter. Just stay with me a few days, first.”

“I can’t leave you to face this alone Nat. But I don’t think we should just let them…well…let them do those things again.”

Natalie turned away from her friend, tears running down her cheeks.

“I don’t have a choice.”

They ate supper in front of the television and then returned to the big bed. It was Yvette’s turn to comfort Natalie now. She pulled her close, aware of the firm swell of her friend’s breasts against her own, the smooth skin of her thighs as their legs entwined. She lifted Natalie’s tear stained face and kissed her gently on the mouth.

“Yvette…” Natalie murmured.

“Shhh, just relax. I am going to think of something. In the meantime we must rest.”

Natalie felt Yvette’s hands rubbing her shoulders and was aware of how tense she was.

“Would you give me a back rub?” she asked shyly.

She pulled off her short and rolled over to lie face down on the bed. Yvette straddled her naked friend, and began to work on her shoulders and back.

“Oh, god, thank you baby. I need that so badly. I promise I’ll do the same for you.”

Yvette took her time and worked steadily down Natalie’s back. She was a skilful masseuse having once done a course covering a variety of techniques. Natalie was in heaven, while Yvette herself was finding herself increasingly aroused by the sensation of Natalie’s skin against her bare thighs. She leant forward and very gently kissed the nape of Natalie’s neck. They had shared so much humiliation and pain and indignity in the last twenty -four hours, but Yvette had also discovered, incredibly, through that nightmare experience, that she desired her best friend very strongly indeed. She had had other experiences with women, and had been regularly seeing a well-heeled middle-aged couple, enjoying submitting to the attentions of an older woman. But she had never thought she could find her contemporaries physically attractive. Their ordeal the previous night had changed that.

She slid down Natalie’s body, placing soft kisses along her back until she was nuzzling at the base of her spine. She thought at any moment Natalie would freak out.


“Relax,” she answered, and seizing the moment, continued her progress, running her lips over the perfectly smooth skin of Natalie’s buttocks, while she ran the tips of her fingers up the insides of her thighs.

Natalie moaned softly.

With gentle pressure Yvette parted Natalie’s legs. She was afforded a view of Natalie’s delicate labia, and the tight puckered crease of her anus. She reached out with the tip of her tongue and caressed her friend’s perineum, then licked her pussy lips. She moved her hands to Natalie’s hips and raised her pelvis to allow her better access to her pussy.

“Yvette, I’m not sure…I…oh, god…baby…um…”

Yvette ignored her and noted that her shy friend did not pull away as she began to devote attention to her clitoris. In fact her pussy became wetter, the labia slightly swollen and darker. She lapped a little more purposefully at her friend’s pussy and was caught by surprise when almost immediately Natalie came with a sudden cry. Yvette rode it, keeping a grip of her hips and maintaining the oral attention to her clit. Natalie spread her legs wider and let out a long low moan of unadulterated pleasure.

“Don’t…no…god, I’m not a lesbian, Yvette,” she managed to whisper before another orgasm racked her body.

“I never said you were,” Yvette said giggling when Natalie had subsided to lie flat on the bed.

Yvette parted her buttocks and once again viewed her friend’s anus. She gently licked it, swirling her tongue around and across the creased skin.

She lifted her head.

“For someone who got fucked in the ass last night you’ve got an amazing asshole,” she said.

“Yvette!” Natalie wriggled and blushed furiously. Yvette let her go.

“I can’t believe you said- or did that…I mean…” Natalie said with a nervous smile.

They lay side by side in bed chatting for a while. Yvette confessed the change in her feelings and told Natalie about her experiences with the married couple. Natalie was fascinated and aroused by the stories.

“ I know…I never thought I could allow such things. The thing is Nat, some of what happened last night…well, some of it was amazing. It was horrible, and degrading but that was part of what made some of it incredibly…um…exciting.”

Natalie was silent. Yvette wondered if she had gone too far.

“Me too.,” Natalie finally said in a tiny voice. “I enjoyed some of it too. And I hate myself for it but part of me gets aroused when I think of it.”

They hugged with mutual relief.

“That doesn’t mean I want it to happen again,” Natalie said her face pressed against Yvette’s breasts.

“I know, me neither. And I am going to come up with a way to get out of this.”

The week passed all too quickly. Natalie and Yvette explored each other’s fantasies, and with each day Natalie surprised herself with what she enjoyed and what she allowed Yvette to do. They went shopping together, buying lingerie on Natalie’s credit card before ending up in a sex shop. Yvette bought some DVD’s- lesbian porno films. She asked the assistant, a dykey shaven headed woman for advice on good ones.

“How could you? I nearly died of embarrassment,” Natalie said crossly.

“Listen you’ll be grateful tonight when we watch these,” Yvette answered with a smile.

They also bought a digital video camera, which seemed to give Yvette an idea. She sent Natalie back to the apartment while she continued shopping.

“I think I’ve got a way out of this fix, but I’m going to need some more things.”

Later that afternoon Yvette returned to the apartment with a plump, balding man in tow. Both he and Yvette were laden with boxes and bags. Natalie, who had just got out of the shower, shot her friend a quizzical look when they came through the front door.

“This is Monsieur Lagisquet; he is going to install our camera system,” Yvette said.

“I see. Thanks for telling me that. By the way: what exactly are you talking about?”

“Don’t panic sweetheart,” Yvette said and gave her a kiss on the lips. Lagisquet’s eyes nearly popped out of his head at this.

Under Yvette’s instruction he went to work. The new video camera was set up in the bookshelves in Natalie’s bedroom. The electrician drilled holes and ran wires to a recorder placed in the back of the walk-in wardrobe. Yvette took the paper fly cover to a hard-back book and made a small hole in the spine of it, then positioned it to conceal the camera. She had Lagisquet make sure that the camera covered the whole bed. A second concealed camera was set up in the sitting room. Wireless microphones were fitted in every room all transmitting to a receiver again hidden in the walk in wardrobe. Lagisquet was sweating by this time and Natalie thought he was going to keel over when Yvette sweetly told him she wanted the third and final camera installed in the bathroom.

“Make sure it covers the toilet, bidet and bath tub,” she said brightly.

“Yes, madamemoiselle,” he said with an embarrassed glance in the direction of Natalie.

Yvette teased him gently as he explained how to operate all the equipment, making suggestive comments about wanting to capture everything she and her girlfriend did.

“I don’t think it will work,” Natalie said.

“Listen, they’re policemen- they can hardly afford to have videos of the sort of filth they’re into circulating Paris, can they?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the drugs thing on me, and the photos.”

“They’ll still have it but the cost of using it will be too high.”

“So you’re suggesting we simply do what they say and then once they’ve gone we get in touch telling them we have a tape?”

“I think an email would be best- we can attach a sample so they know we’re serious.”

“I don’t know, Yvette. Its dangerous. They might come back here and tear the place apart. Then we’re worse off…”

“That’s why we’ll send copies to some safe places- email them. That’s why I got digital cameras. Any way…have you any better ideas?”

“Right now I’m wondering if your original suggestion of running away wasn’t so bad? And just hope that the shock of those photos kills both my parents before they change their will!”

But Natalie knew Yvette was right. They had no better plan. Yvette wanted to go to bed and experiment with the new cameras and the sex toys but Natalie was too nervous now. The week was almost up and she knew that their tormentor, Gaston, could call at any time.

Sure enough that night the telephone rang.

“Natalie. You know who this is. Prepare yourself and make sure your whore friend is there too. Lingerie only and heels, for both of you. Look like the sluts you are. The Sergeant and I will be visiting you at ten tonight, and we will have some important guests to introduce to you. I hope you have not been stupid enough to forget what is at stake for you?”

Natalie mumbled a reply, the sound of his voice reducing her to the trembling submissive state she had been in a week before.

Yvette knew who had called just from Natalie’s expression.

“Ten tonight,” she said.

Yvette gave her a reassuring hug.

“Be strong. Keep thinking that we’re buying our freedom. We’ll be fine.”

At ten when the doorbell rang the girls had been ready for half an hour already. Yvette turned on all three cameras and activated the audio recording devices. She gave a final hug to Natalie and then they both went to the door.

Seeing the tall Arab driver again was a shock for them both. But he was alone.

“Sergeant Dupris will be here with the others shortly,” Gaston explained.

He walked around the apartment with the two blondes following him. He whistled through his teeth at the marble bathroom, the custom designed kitchen, the huge plasma screen television and other trappings of wealth.

Both girls were terrified when he looked into the walk-in wardrobe.

“Just making sure you haven’t been stupid enough to invite someone else,” he said, returning to the sitting room.

“Now let me have a look at you.”

Yvette was wearing a tight white pair of La Perla shorts, which were cut so short they covered less than two thirds of each buttock. She had a matching half -cup bra. Natalie stood beside her, dressed in cream silk bikini briefs and a plain cream silk and lace bra. They both wore heels. Gaston moved around them looking them over. Both looked fabulous, with their blonde hair tied up, lithe limbs and tanned skin.

“Not bad,” he said to Yvette. “You look like a hooker. Whereas you look like frumpy housewife,” he spanked Natalie’s buttocks to emphasise his point. “Strip, now.”

Natalie obeyed sullenly. She dropped the bra on the floor and then began stepping out of the panties.

The driver led her naked to her bedroom and began searching through her lingerie.

“This will do…and this,” he said pulling out a tiny black g-string and a semi transparent black bra. “But before you put them on I am going to have to punish you for not preparing properly.”

He grabbed her by the hair and with the new underwear in his hand dragged her roughly to the bathroom.

“Yvette…in here, now. You should see this: this is what happens when little whores disobey me.”

He pushed Natalie’s face down into the toilet bowl and pulled out his semi-erect cock. It was, if anything, bigger than either girl remembered.

“Keep your head in the toilet where it belongs,” he said, letting a stream of piss onto the side of her face. His fingers were on her naked bottom, locating her anus and roughly penetrating her with his index finger. She gasped with shock and pain. When he had finished peeing her hair was soaked. Keeping his finger deep in her ass he pulled her upright by her hair.

“Suck my cock you filthy toilet slut,” he hissed into her face before pushing her down to his crotch.

Natalie knelt and took the vast penis into her mouth. She retched as he held her by the hair and forced the length of it down her throat, and then began fucking her face.

“Don’t just stand there,” he said to Yvette. “Lick my ass.”

“No,” she said. “I can’t…”

“Do what your told, slut, or Sergeant Dupris is going to end tonight by taking you to the cells and having you fucked senseless by some disease ridden old dykes- and that will be after he’s finished with you. So don’t get any ideas and do what you’re told -now.”

With a great show of reluctance that reflected her horror at the thought of rimming a man, Yvette knelt behind him. Natalie was struggling to handle the relentless thrusts into her gullet, spluttering and retching, her eyes streaming as the driver gripped her firmly by her piss soaked hair.

Yvette parted the driver’s hairy buttocks and sought out his anus with the tip of her tongue, trying to keep her distance. A hand grabbed her roughly by the hair and forced her face deep into the cleft between his buttocks.

“Taste it you fucking bitch,” he said.

Yvette ran her tongue over his musky hairy asshole. She felt him twitch under the touch of her tongue. She had not thought their degradation would be so base and so extreme so quickly.

Gaston held the two women by their hair and let them pleasure him for a while longer. He cursed them both and told them this was the easiest part of their work and they had missed a chance to please him, which might, he suggested, have saved them some of the extreme torture Dupris and his guests would hand out later that night.

“Clean up you bitch,” he said to Natalie pushing her onto the floor. “Wash my piss out of your hair. And then put the underwear I chose on and join us in the sitting room.”

He pulled Yvette to her feet and dragged her away by her hair, leaving Natalie in tears on the bathroom floor.

In the sitting room Gaston pulled Yvette towards him and suddenly kissed her full on the mouth. His tongue forced her lips apart and still yanking on her hair he sucked on her tongue. It was even more degrading to Yvette than being forced to rim him. She felt a sudden wave of panic. She could not handle this, she should have left. This was Natalie’s problem. Even if their plan worked she would have to endure god only knew what horrors in the next few hours.

Her feelings were not helped as Gaston pulled out a set of handcuffs and fixed her hands together behind her back. He went and fetched Natalie and handcuffed her too, then ordered both girls to get on their knees in the middle of the room, their backs to the door. He pushed them forwards and unable to stop themselves they both toppled over , their faces ending up pressed against the carpet, their bottoms raised to welcome anyone coming into the flat. Gaston stood behind them, appraising the view. He made both girls part their legs slightly and then stood back to survey the effect.

“Yes, you’ll do for now.”

Natalie felt horribly exposed, the gusset of her g-string stretched tight over her pussy and ass. She met Yvette’s eyes and received a wink of encouragement, even though Yvette must have been just as afraid.

As if to confirm the awful reality of their plight the doorbell rang.

“Come on up,” Gaston said into the intercom and went to open the door.

“Sergeant, what a pleasure. Hello, sir, how are you? Excellent. Yes, hello. Right. They’re in here…” Both girls were trying to work out how many men had arrived with Sergeant Dupris.

“Very nice, indeed,” said a strange voice from behind them.

“Good work, Gaston,” said another.

“Wow- where did you find these little beauties,” said a third voice.

The sound of more footsteps on the wooden floor, and then the familiar gruff voice of Sergeant Dupris. A voice Yvette would never forget.

“Ah, how sweet. The little bitches await. What have you told them Gaston?”

“Nothing, I thought you would want to decide on their fate at the end of the night.”

“Indeed, that would be best. Now some introductions: Colonel, Your honours, Superintendent- this is Yvette,” he punctuated the statement with a hard smack on her bottom. “And this is Natalie.” Another loud smack. “ The daughter of the Comte de Nitres, no less,” he added.

A colonel? Two judges? And a Police Superintendent? Four ‘guests’, plus Dupris and the Arab. Yvette was almost relieved- she had feared there would be more. She was also glad that the chances of their blackmail tapes getting them off the hook would seem to be enhanced: these men had more to lose than a police Sergeant.

“And their discretion can be guaranteed?” asked one of the unfamiliar voices.

“Oh, yes, your honour. Absolutely guaranteed. Here I have some prints of the guarantees.”

There were various chuckles, intakes of breath and lewd comments.

Natalie realised with horror that the photos of their abuse in the Bois de Boulogne were being handed around.

“Excellent work, both of you. Now turn them around, lets have a look.”

Gaston grabbed a handful of both manes of blonde hair and hauled them up to their feet, and spun them round to face their audience.

Natalie and Yvette stood before Sergeant Dupris and his four guests. All were grey-haired and wore suits. Two were quite old- probably in their sixties. A third was instantly recognisable as being Superintendent Lafond, a high profile senior policeman. The fourth was a good-looking man with a tanned face and a muscular build.

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