tagIncest/TabooThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 03

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 03


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 3

Natalya's Tales -- Part 1

For one of the few Saturday nights that Natalya could remember, she sat home alone. The big house her husband had long ago purchased was quiet. Nicolas was out with friends attending a showing of some new block-buster movie or other. It had been a long week, and even though she had tried to relax during her Saturday off, Natalya still ended up staying busy. Although her husband provided for a housekeeper, Natalya insisted the young woman take her weekends off. Natalya didn't mind doing a little work around her big house on the weekends, after all. She had been raised to do her fair share, and she insisted that even at 51, and married to one very influential property baron with more than enough money to pay to have just about anything taken care of for her, Natalya enjoyed getting her hands dirty. As it was, she spent several hours dusting around the inside, and then tending to the several flower beds outside.

Maybe she had just been putting off some of the work she had brought home with her. Although she had no intention of procrastinating, Natalya found that she hadn't even begun to think about the itinerary that sat unfinished on her home-office desk. After partaking of a salmon pasta dinner alone, and over a glass of white California wine, Natalya finally settled in to work on the thirty-page itinerary. Although it wasn't due until Gloria returned to the office on Tuesday, Natalya wanted it ready and sitting in her in-box Monday. It was a demonstration to her boss and good friend that her work ethic hadn't even begun to waver, even as she opened her sexual lifestyle up more with each passing month since unofficially joining the semi-secretive Regal Bay Matrons Club.

Natalya had retired to her bedroom to continue her work as the midnight hour approached. A refilled glass of wine sat on the nightstand to her right as she got comfortable, sitting cross-legged on the pillows at the headboard end. She spread the individual pages of the itinerary, typed sheets with dozens of penned-in notations, lined out sections, and various other scribbles, across the large, king-sized bed in front of her. She was comfortably dressed in an over-sized t-shirt and exercise shorts, clothing she would wear to bed, once she had completed her work.

It was nearing one in the morning when Natalya heard the return of her son. He wasn't all that quiet, and she assumed he was even a little drunk, or high. Nico was a good young man, but he did enjoy himself. Usually, Nico lived in an off-campus apartment with a friend, but when his father wasn't home, which was becoming more often than not, Nico had taken to staying in his old bedroom. Natalya didn't mind. Unfortunately, her son had become a distraction over the past few months. A welcome, wonderful, and sinful distraction for her, but a distraction none the less.

Nico found his mother in her room and bounded onto the bed to lie beside her. "Hey, Mom! What're you doing still up this late?"

"Nico! You're messing things," she barked at him. "I've got entirely too much going on here. Please, be careful, will you?"

Nico had propped himself up in his arm, looking up at his mother even as she scolded him. Now he rolled onto his back. "I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't realize you were so busy." He sat up, rolled from the bed, and headed back out through the door.

"Nico, I'm sorry to have barked at you," she apologized, but he was already headed out and down the hall. She knew her son had only been trying to get her attention. She'd been so busy over the last few days and nights that she'd seen little of him. They had grown close over the last few years, too close by some standards, and at times she had to remind herself to treat him not as a growing son, but as a growing lover. Still, she told herself, I have entirely too much to finish to run off and play, however much he or I might need to. He'll just have to learn that lesson as well.

Natalya returned her attention to her work, finally completing what she had needed to get done well after two. Sunday would be a relaxing day she vowed, and with this itinerary ready for its final draft once she got to work on Monday, she would have only tweaking at the edges to do. She climbed from her bed and stretched. Her back ached from the awkward way she had been sitting for over two hours. Her wine glass had long been empty, and she retrieved it before heading out of her room and down the hall.

Natalya padded her way barefoot to the kitchen and poured herself a final glass of wine, in a quiet, personal celebration. She took a couple of sips before heading back to her room, glass in hand. At the top of the staircase she paused. Instead of turning for her own bedroom suite, she headed for the other end of the hallway, where the two guest bedrooms, and Nico's room, were. She passed the bathroom before stopping outside the next door. It was closed. It was decorated with a draped red Soviet Union flag, a memento his father had brought to home after the fall of that failed state. Natalya hated that emblem, especially as she was Ukrainian, and this flag represented oppression to her. Still, Nico didn't see it as anything but a symbol of his heritage, however off it might be.

Natalya paused outside her son's room and listened. She heard music playing, but softly. She tried the knob, and finding it unlocked she nudged the door halfway open. A dim light cast shadows across her son's room, but she could make out her son's form lying in his bed. He was asleep. Natalya took a moment and leaned against the doorjamb, sipping at her wine, while looking upon the innocent form of her son. She saw him as both her little boy as well as a 22 year-old man. She saw him as both her son, and her lover. Siberia, their grey and white pet Husky, had been asleep on the floor at the foot of Nico's bed. She now raised her head and looked at her master. Natalya whispered, "Outside." Obediently, Siberia got up, stretched a little, and then padded her way past out of the room and towards the kitchen. Once Siberia had gone, Natalya then stepped into Nico's room and gently closed the door behind her.

As she approached her sleeping son, Natalya lifted her t-shirt up and let it fall to the floor. Her flesh was tanned and contrasted sharply with the white of her underwear, even in the dim light filtering into her son's room. She stepped up next to her son's bed, looking down upon him as she did. She paused only a moment before pulling her bra strap from her right shoulder and lifting her large breast free of the cup. It weighed heavily in her hands and the nipple was dark and prickled with goose bumps. She leaned over her son's pillow and gently lowered her breast to her son's sleeping face.

Natalya stroked her nipple lightly across Nico's cheek and onto his lips. She held it there as she pushed his sheet down. His upper torso appeared, naked to the waist. Her hand caressed her son's belly and back up to his chest. She flicked his left nipple with her finger nail, and Nico stirred.

"Mom?" he muttered. As his mouth opened, it was filled with Natalya's nipple. His lips wrapped around it and began to suck, even before he was fully awake. After only a few moments, Natalya leaned down and began to kiss her son's warm flesh, starting at his own tiny nipples.

She pushed the sheet lower and discovered to her delight that he had indeed gone to bed fully naked, as was his custom of late. His cock lay flaccid across his lower belly. She reached for it and took it in hand. It began to stiffen and lengthen, now wrapped by her fingers, as her mouth began to work lower across his belly.

"Oh, Mom," Nico moaned as his mother's mouth drew close to his cock, but instead of capturing it with her lips, she began to drag her tongue back up his body.

"I'm sorry for waking you," she whispered as she met his eyes with hers. She saw a welcome hunger in his gray eyes, which were mirrors of her own. "I'll let you sleep, if you want." Even as she said this last, she was stroking his cock to full hardness. She reached up with her free hand and dropped her left bra strap to release both of her heavy, full breasts. As a reply, Nico reached up and cupped both of his mother's huge breasts. He teased both nipples with his thumbs before pulling her left nipple to his lips. He began sucking deeply at his mother's tit-flesh, drawing the hardening nipple far into his mouth.

With Nico sucking hard upon her nipple, Natalya eased herself onto his bed, and settled straddling his hips. She held herself above her son so that he could work each of her nipples in turn. His hands squeezed and rolled the free breast while sucking upon the other. Natalya fed her son until he was fully awake, and his cock was poking at her panty-covered crotch eagerly.

Natalya lifted her big tits from her son's face and, placing her hands against the wall above his head, she stood up. Still straddling him, and with his eyes looking up at her, she began pushing her panties down and stepped out of them. A wide grin began spreading out across his face as she presented her naked crotch to her son.

"Are you hungry, Nico?" she asked him. "Would you like a late night snack?"

Nico nodded and said, "Yes, I'd really like that, Mom. I'm definitely hungry, hungry for your tasty pussy!" Nico said this last even as Natalya stepped forward to straddle her son's upper chest. She braced herself against the wall above his head and slowly lowered herself to her knees. Now straddling his head, she planted her pussy upon her son's eager mouth. Nico's tongue immediately went to work as his hands took hold of her wide, plump ass.

"Oh, that's my Nico," Natalya moaned as her son began to lap noisily at her labia. Her juices were quickly flowing and his tongue lapped them up. His oral digit flicked and swirled within her folds. He licked her crotch from asshole to clit and back. All the while, Natalya was quickly building up to a much-needed orgasm. It never took long for Nico to get his mother off, not with his tongue. He was such a wonderful and talented cunt-lapper. He never failed to draw an orgasm from her, or any of the other women she knew he enjoyed as well. Her son Nico was one of the favored young studs shared by several of the Regal Bay Matrons, and Natalya was proud of that fact.

"Oh, Nico! Nico! Aaaahhh!" Natalya moaned as her body began to tremble and her vagina spasmed around his probing tongue. She creamed his face then, feeding her nectar to her loving son. She looked down past her heavy, sagging breasts and rounded belly. Nico's eyes were closed as he lapped away at her pussy. Her pubic bush, in need of a trim she thought, covered his nose. His head rolled on the pillow as he moved his mouth around her vagina. His tongue touched every sensitive fold and bump. Her clit was pressed hard into his nose and she shivered as he rubbed her and licked her, all at once.

Her climax began to ebb and Natalya leaned back to press her hands into the bed to either side of Nico's hips. His mouth continued to work her over and she knew that he would feast upon her for as long as she remained in position. There had been times when Nico had eaten her out for over an hour at a time, pausing only for a breath or pop a crick in his neck. He never begged off of licking his mother's pussy so dutifully. It had been the first act of sin between them, and would always remain their most intimate.

However, Natalya wasn't there just to give Nico a mouth full of mother's cream. She was there to get a big hard cock stuffed up inside her hot cunt. Although she would love to spend the rest of the night fucking Nico, she knew that both of them had work in the morning and it was getting late. She would love to give her son a long, lingering sixty-nine, as they so often enjoyed. Instead, she eased her crotch from her son's face and told him, "I need your cock, Nico."

Nico grinned with wet lips and told her, "Well, you know where it is."

Natalya gave her son a playful slap as she moved her hips down his body. Nico had his cock in hand and guided his spongy knob into contact with her wet, saliva-dripping slit. Her vagina opened and engulfed his manhood.

"Oooohhh," Natalya moaned as she rolled her hips and settled astride her son's hips, his cock snaking up into her until it was fully embedded within. "So good," she added. Natalya rolled her hips in a circular motion to stir his cock inside her, touching her all around. His cock seemed to push another full inch up inside.

Nico's hands were on his mother's wide hips and he dug his fingers into her warm flesh. "That feels good, Mom," he told her as her hips continued to roll around. "I can feel everything on my head. I can feel your cervix kissing it."

Natalya leaned down and kissed Nico on the lips, and then said, "How's that for a kiss." She then planted her mouth fully to his and as her tongue thrust between his lips, she began to ride up and down his strong cock. Natalya enjoyed taking control of the sex when it was just them, and she planted her feet into the mattress to either side of Nico's hips. This gave her total control of riding him and she lifted her hips until only half of him remained inside her grip. She then began to bounce along these two or three inches with steady, quick strokes that served to give his cock feel of being jacked off. Nico always loved it when she did this, and he was moaning into her mouth immediately.

"Oh, fuck, Mom, that feels so good," he managed to say.

"Feels good for me, too," she replied. After every few strokes she would drop herself fully onto his lap, taking his entire length into her belly before again moving only along the upper inches. Her pussy juices leaked heavily and coated his balls as she fucked her son.

Natalya settled back upon Nico's lap after a few more minutes and began to bounce fully on his manhood. Nico's hands went to her heavy tits and began to roughly squeeze and roll them. Her nipples were hard and he pulled and pinched them as her hips bounced loudly upon his naked flesh. Both were moaning and grunting as their love-making efforts continued to ramp up.

"Oh, Nico. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me," Natalya moaned.

"Oh, Mom, ride my dick. Ride my dick, Mom," Nico returned. "Your pussy feels so fucking fantastic!"

"You cock is so beautiful, it fills me so perfectly," she replied. "God, how I love fucking you, my own son!" she cried out, just as her orgasm began to erupt. "Ooohh, Nico! Nico! Fuck me!"

Natalya began to slam her hips down into her son's lap, driving his cock up hard and high into her, pounding her cervix painfully. Her vaginal muscles spasmed and rippled along his cock, and she held him tight inside her as her climax peaked.

Nico rubbed his mother's thick thighs as he watched her experience her orgasm. Her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth hung open slightly. She was panting and moaning softly as her climax washed through her. He pushed his hips upward and felt his cock press hard into his mother's cervix. Her eyes flickered open and she looked down into his.

"Fuck me, baby," she moaned. "I want you to fuck me hard." Natalya slipped off of her son's cock-post and pushed his gently to the side. "From behind, Nico. Fuck your momma from behind."

Nico quickly went to his knees behind his mother's ass and crawled up between her ankles. His cock wagged like a tail as he aligned with her dripping slit. He took hold and leaned into his mother. Her folds opened as she moaned.

"Ooohhhh, Nico," Natalya gasped as her son slammed his full length into her still-quivering hole and began to pound her with long, deep strokes quickly. His fingers dug into her hips, holding her tight as he fucked her. His thighs, now sweaty, slapped against hers and echoed in the small bedroom.

"Ooohh, yeah, yeah!" Nico grunted as he drilled his willing mother once again. He never tired of fucking his hot mom, even as she grew older. They'd been at it for nearly ten years now, and as far as he was concerned they weren't going to stop any time soon. Even if he got married, he'd still come home on occasion to give his mother a right good rodgering!

"Oh, oh, Nico, oh," Natalya panted as her son fucked her hard. She always loved turning control over to him, and he never failed to pound her hard and fast, just as she always loved a good hard cock. The bed rocked beneath them from his strength of thrusts. Her pussy sloshed and slurped around his pistoning cock. Her body trembled, driven once again to the peak of an orgasm.

"Ooohhhh, ooohhhh, ooohhhh," she panted as her body climaxed. Inside her, Nico's cock began to pulse wildly as his own orgasm began to erupt.

"Unnggghh!" he grunted as his cock spit its thick semen into his mother's belly. Nico never tired of cumming within his mother's warm pussy, and his cock twitched and pumped three full pulses into her. He was amazed that he'd never gotten his mother pregnant, with all of the seed he'd planted within her over the years.

Nico's cock withered quickly and he slipped from his mother's vaginal grip as she rolled onto her side. "That was wonderful," she purred as he settled beside her. She stroked his bare chest, feeling the slickness of his sweat on his flesh. His heart still beat rapidly in his chest from his efforts.

Nico pulled her mouth to his and kissed her warmly. "Thanks for the midnight snack, Mom."

"Thank you, Nico," she returned. She curled into her son's shoulder and soon both mother and son were sound asleep.

The next morning, Nico was up early. Each Sunday morning, as long as the weather cooperated, he would head out to the club and get in a round of golf with friends. It was just after nine when he rolled out of bed, and fifteen minutes later, after a hot shower, he was seated at the kitchen bar drinking hot coffee and munching on a cream cheese slathered bagel. At some point during the night, his mother had left his bed to return to her own. Unless he joined her in her big bed, they rarely spent the entire night together.

Nico's cell phone rang and he answered. "Good morning!" he chimed.

"Someone sounds in a good mood," Miguel Dominguez replied. Miguel was one of the three Nico usually golfed with, when they went out as a foursome.

"I'm usually in a good mood the morning after getting laid, aren't I?" Nico declared.

"Evidently you got lucky after leaving the club," Miguel implied. "Anyone I might know, or want?"

"Yes, and possibly," Nico replied with a grin. He was well aware of the fact that Miguel, and several of his friends, wouldn't mind a go at his mother. They often commented on how hot she looked, especially when they see her in more casual attire, down at the beach, on just hanging out around the house. Nico's mother was a much desired "MILF" around Regal Bay. Nico knew quite well that she had a couple of young lovers, other than himself, in her "little black book", though as far as he knew, none were friends of his. Maybe it was time he changed that, he mused to himself.

"It looks like it's going to rain soon," Miguel announced then, even as a soft roll of thunder echoed down the mountain ridgeline. It was hard to tell if it was North of Regal Bay or South. North would bring the rains; South would not.

Nico turned to look out across the wide backyard of his parent's palatial home towards the North. He saw an older couple walking along the fairway in their proper attire. Mr. and Mrs. Grimstead, no doubt, Nico thought. Always the first to tee off on Sunday morning.

"Do you think we can get nine in?" Nico asked.

"The TV says it headed our way. Probably hit around ten. And it doesn't look to let up until late afternoon, according to Gayle Briscoe, Channel Five Weather." Miguel said this last in a feminine accent, trying to imitate their local weather girl. He thought of himself as something of a comedian at times, even though he usually was the only one laughing. Still, Nico liked him. They had grown up together in Regal Bay, sons of rather wealthy parents, and even though they were both attending college, neither was doing it full time.

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