tagGroup SexNathan Stokes, Pornstar Ch. 03

Nathan Stokes, Pornstar Ch. 03



Five inches.

"Oooooh GOD NATHAN!"

Six inches.

"It's not going to fit!"

Seven inches.


The ingress was unrelenting, as Nathan calmly leaned into the penetration, more and more of his giant, world famous cock was sliding deeper into the tight young virginal cheerleader.

Catherine and Samara watched on, their gaze never leaving the television set as they excitedly savored the latest video from their favorite pornstar. The BluRay box lay open on the floor of their bedroom, strewn haphazardly as the lesbian couple had hurriedly stuffed the disk into the player. It was the latest "Bisexual Cheerleaders" movie from the only male pornstar to arouse them. They were lesbians... but with one exception...

"FUUUCK! It's never going to fit," the buxom little blonde on TV screamed out, just in time for her cries to be muffled by a passionate kiss.

Nathan was nudging her neck gently, moving her head just enough to the side to allow another, brunette female dressed in a flashy cheerleaders outfit to continue her deep French kiss. The brunettes tiny, frilly dress was hiked up around her waist, while an equally brunette, equally tanned thoroughbred had her tongue firmly latched onto her clit.

Eight inches.

Catherine flashed Samara a sly grin, before reaching for the Nathan Stokes model dildo her wife had brought along for their special night.

"Do you think he'll make it fit?" Catherine smiled, placing the enormous, plastic, head of the identical copy of Nathans cock at the entrance to her pussy.

"Doesn't it always?" Samara replied in her sultry British accent, before placing her soft hand gently under her wife's chin, bringing her in for a passionate kiss.

"I love having you back home, baby," Catherine moaned between kisses.

In the years they had been together, Samara had become increasingly busy, with her business running a tighter and tighter schedule. Being in charge of one of the biggest porn companies in the world was no walk in the park. After being apart for over a month, Samara had finally found the time to return for a week long holiday at their Bahaman paradise home on the island of St Barts. It was just enough time to get reacquainted with her beloved, sex-bomb wife and a brief, personal visit from none other than Mr BigCock himself, Nathan Stokes.

"Fuck I can't wait until he gets here," Samara leaned in, taking in one of Catherines fresh nipples into her mouth.

"We'll just have to make do for now," Catherine replied, before laying back on the bed and slowly sliding the enormous rubbed cock inside of her.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" she screamed simultaneously with the blonde cheerleader on the TV screen.

Catherine had some catching up to do, and with Samaras help, managed to make up the ground before...

Nine inches.

"I can feel it pressing into my cervix," she whispered, parting her bright blonde hair to the side and staring lovingly into Samara's deep, brown cow eyes. As the dildo so expertly caressed her various G-Spots, she took the time to take in the awe-inspiring view of her female lover.

Samara stood before her, and carefully slipped out of her Victorias Secret lingerie she had purchased for the special occasion. Despite being almost thirty, her Paleo diet and extreme exercise routine meant her shape remained as firm and perky as an eighteen year old. Her glistening, aqualine back was curved at just the right angle to fully accentuate her hips and ass, while her buoyant breasts tugged scandalously at the sheer fabric of the lace bra.

Catherines mouth began to water as she locked her eyes on Samaras recently shaved, tight pussy.

Not only did Samara have the body of an eighteen year old, but she had the tightness as well. Unlike Catherine, Samara was a "Gold-Star" lesbian. Despite being with more women than she could count, Samara had never been with a male.

And with the exception of countless female tongues, and Nathans special rubber cock, she had yet to be penetrated by a real man's cock. But that was all about to change...

Ten inches.

Catherine clutched the base of the dildo, pressing in an upwards motion and screwing it slowly to make up the extra room. On the TV screen, the blonde cheerleader had her legs on Nathans shoulders, clutching desperately at his huge biceps as he leaned his enormous frame into her. The camera zoomed closely into the penetration, as Nathans cock made up the final inch before his balls rested comfortably against her bright pink pussy.

"AAAAHHHHH! Fuck me coach!" she screamed, before Nathan gave her ear a playful nibble.

"Good girl, Jenny," he whispered, the sound barely audible over the noise of the other cheerleaders lesbian sixty nine on the bench next to them in the locker room.

The camera panned around the room to reveal a mountain of discarded clothes, pom-poms and astroglide as Nathan slowly started pumping in and out of the cheerleader, removing what was left of her uniform.

"These girls are good," Samara grinned, watching the action on TV while gently moving the plastic dildo in and out of Catherine in time with Nathans thrusts.

"That's Jenny Clyde, she's a newby. Used to be an airhostess or something. Nathan discovered her... ooohhh right there," she cried, as the head of the cock pushed deep into her G-spot at the back of her pussy.

"She's amazing. She works really well with Trish and Viv."

Catherine gritted her teeth, her blonde hair beginning to stick to her smooth skin as her body began glistening with sweat. "Maybe you should sign her to your agency."

Samara watched as Nathan smothered his tight young lover with his mouth, driving his tongue and cock as deep as he could into her willing body.

"She's good," Samara replied, "but she's Trish and Viv's girl. And they don't like to share..."

She parted Catherines legs beneath her, coming down to lie tit to tit. Her pelvis pushed down into Catherine, her pussy forcing the rubbed cock deep inside her lover.

"Oh right there," Catherine sighed submissively, her body accepting the warmth and softness of another woman. Samara's tongue carefully circled her diamond hard nipples, thrusting ever so gently against the giant dildo penetrating her wife.

"Yes..." Catherine sighed submissively, as Samaras tongue roamed up her body, finally latching onto her mouth in a searing lesbian kiss.

"I wish I had a cock this big," Samara giggled, looking down at the dildo. The base sat perfectly against her pussy, giving the appearance of her possessing a Nathan Stokes sized cock of her own.

"I would fuck you forever. We would never leave this bedroom."

"Oh God that's hot," Catherine moaned, watching the dildo sliding deeper before the plastic balls rested gently against her ass.

"Look up at me," Samara insisted. Catherine's face was awash with pleasure, her blonde hair sticking to her forehead and blue eyes glazed over from the hormones and adrenaline rushing through her veins. They locked eyes. Catherine held her gaze as the dildo brushed against her cervix, its ribs and veins pleasuring her vaginal canal. All the while, the cries of extacy continued to emanate from the TV as Nathan powered each of the three bisexual bombshells through orgasm after orgasm.

"You're so beautiful baby," Samara smiled warmly, the way a mother smiles at her daughter.

"I want you," Catherine breathed between kisses, "I wish you had a cock so you could fuck me... impregnate me..."

Samara took Catherine's hands into hers, grasping them behind her head and pushing her full weight down on her lover.

"Would you like that?" she smiled, tracing her eyes up and down Catherines face, soaking in every detail of the woman she loved more than anyone in the world. "You'd like to have my baby?"

"Yes," she peered up through obedient eyes, gauging the lust in her partners gaze.

Samara grinned, gently kissing her forehead. The idea of having a mans cock, and fucking her wife into pregnancy was certainly something that intrigued her. She was naturally dominant, a showcase of opposites. The killer looks that made men weak at the knees, coupled with a fiery confidence and dominance that made her the perfect businesswoman, and the perfect lesbian. With one exception, of course.

Fucking Nathan was going to be a difficult reality for her to face. She had never let another person take charge, take control of her. She was always in control. But now, she was going to let a man fuck her. Let a man take charge. And let a man impregnate her wife.

"I love you Cath," she cooed, "and you will have a baby. A handsome, strong baby. And I'll be here for you through it all."

Their tongues entwined just in time as Trish, Viv and Jenny came together for a threeway kiss on the screen, Nathans enormous load of cum dripping down their bodies as they struggled to suck and lick it all up.

"See that?" Samara smiled, gesturing to the TV screen at the foot of the bed. "See all that cum? Nathan is going to fire that deep inside you. And I'm going to be here, all the time, kissing and making love to you as he does it."

"Yessss," Catherine let out excitedly.

"He's going to make you his bitch, cum inside you and knock you up."

"Oh MY GOD!" she yelled out, as the dildo pressed against three of her G-Spots at the same time. "You're gonna make me cum!"

"He's going to pass his alpha genes onto our offspring," Samara mused, kissing her way slowly back down Catherines firm body and resting her mouth against her clit.

"Stop teasing me, baby" she moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head in pleasure. "I want to save up all the sexual energy for our special night."

Samara gently kissed her way back up her wife's body, before resting her head against her elbow on the bed. "You mean when we both fuck Nathan together, on this bed?"

Catherine slowly began to extract the dildo. "I want it to be special. I want it to be the greatest night of our lives. I want to cum so hard I'm guaranteed to get pregnant."

Samara maintained her loving gaze, "oh, you will." She leaned in for a peck, "if he doesn't make you cum, I will."

With that, she pulled the rest of the dildo slowly out of her wife's pussy. It hit the bed with a thud, and was covered in luscious pussy juices. Samara brought all 11 inches of the monster dildo up to her face before licking the entire length of the shaft, savouring the taste of her. "Mhhh, I can't wait to lick it all off the real thing..."

"Not if I don't get there first!" Catherine teased, jumping up and yanking the swaying phallus from her wife's grasp.

"You look so good doing that," Samara smiled, watching lustfully as her wife sucked delicately at the enormous cock dwarfing her face. "How on EARTH did you fit all that inside you? You're so tight!"

Catherine giggled. "You know, when you really like someone, like I do Nathan, then you'll do anything for them."

Samara leaned in for a kiss, "you're such a good, submissive little girl." She smiled, cradling her gently and brushing her hair away from her eyes.

The action on the screen had come to an end, with the three exhausted pornstars hugging Nathan close to show their appreciation. The camera zoomed in to show his flaccid cock and huge balls surrounded by three well used, soaking wet pussies. The taste of his sperm still fresh on their tongues, all three women had finally managed to swallow every drop of Nathans prized load, opening their mouths wide to prove it. Their bodies glistened with sweat and cum.

"That video was AMAZING," Catherine gasped.

Samara nodded, "he just keeps getting better and better."

"How much longer now until he arrives?"

Samara graciously glided out of the bed and strode slowly towards the window, looking out over the glacial blue tropical sea.

"Not long. I've sent a private jet to pick him up and bring him."

Catherine arose from the bed, her naked form stunning in the soft afternoon light streaming in from the parted shades. She wrapped her arms around the slightly taller, more tanned brunette. They were a match made in heaven. An English girl and an American, in the prime of their beauty and all alone in a tropical paradise. Catherine caught Samaras smouldering eyes staring back at her through the reflection in the window.

"So we're really going through with this?" Samara asked, her voice calm yet strong.

"It's time," Catherine reassured her, "you know I've always wanted it."

Samara turned around, her hands cupping the smooth flesh of her wifes stomach. "You're going to look even more beautiful with a baby in here..."

Catherine replied, "So you're OK with it?"

"As strange as it is, the thought, of allowing a man to enter our world, I want you to be happy more than anything in the world. And of course, I want to have a baby with you." She smiled, bringing her lips close for a kiss before whispering, "our baby."

"Oh I'm so happy!" Catherine replied, her voice breaking as she verged on tears.

"Besides," Samara grinned, "you know how much I love Nathan, how he's the only male in the world that turns me on. He arouses me in ways I can't even describe. Having that porno-stud fire his load inside you while we're making love will be one of the highlights of my life."

Samara ran her hands over Catherines breasts, gently squeezing them as she continued. "I can't wait for him to knock you up. I want to see these full of milk," her hands slid slowly down Catherines body, cupping her ass. "I want to see every part of you get bigger, more luscious as your body prepares to have Nathans baby."


Smoke bellowed from the landing gear of the Learjet as it touched down in St Barts. It had been a long flight, and Nathan emerged groggy and jetlagged from the stunning white aircraft. Yawning and stretching on the tarmac, he took in the view of the plane and the ground staff busily collecting his bags. Nathan had just spent 5 hours in the luxurious aircraft, enjoying the finest food and beverages that wealth had to offer, and was on his way to fuck two hot lesbians' brains out. He couldn't help but smile. Life was good.

"Ah, Mr Stokes..." came a familiar sounding Spanish accent, "I hope you enjoyed your flight."

Nathan squinted as his eyes adjusted to the harsh tropical sunlight. He could just barely make out the small silhouette of a well dressed gentleman standing next to a long black limousine on the tarmac.

"Franco!" he yelled, patting Catherine's short Spanish assistant on the back. "Long time no see."

Franco grinned, "I knew I'd see you again. Catherine and Samara just won't stop talking about you." He shuffled towards the vehicle and opened the rear door, "please..."

Nathan hopped in, his thighs sliding over the expensive leather seats as he scooted over, allowing Franco to load the rest of his luggage into the car. Finally having some time to breathe, he looked around the vehicle. The Maybach limousine was every bit as opulent as the learjet that had brought him to the island. And as Franco entered the drivers door and revved the engine, Nathan could barely hear a whisper.

"Beautiful car isn't it?" Franco grinned over his shoulder.

"You're damn right it is," Nathan replied, reaching into the onboard fridge and cracking open a cold one. Like magic, his seat began to recline.

"Go ahead, get comfortable," Franco teased, his finger turning the knob. "Welcome to St Barts!"

Nathan leaned back, sinking into the glorious luxury of the Maybach. The plush seat felt just like a Lay-z-boy recliner. And with no noticeable wind noise or bumps, it took a brief glance out of the window before Nathan realized they had already hit the highway.

"That seat cosy enough for you?" Franco smirked, "after all, Catherine and Samara are going to want you to be well rested..."

Nathan flashed him a puzzled grin, "Franco, just how much do you know about our arrangement?"

Whipping on a pair of shades, Franco smiled mischievously as he increased the speed, the million dollar car remaining ghostly quiet.

"Oh Mr Stokes," Franco replied, "Of course I have been briefed. Catherine and her wife confide in me 100%, but rest assured, every secret remains safe with me..."

"Well, that's good."

Franco grinned, "Not that it matters. Two hot lesbians want to fuck you and have your kids. What guy would want to keep THAT a secret?"

Nathan blushed, confronted with Franco's forwardness. "So they've already told you everything?"

"Yes," he grinned, "at least, most of the things they have planned for you. It's going to be a busy few days for you, Mr Stokes..."


"What is it about Nathan Stokes that drives women crazy?" The TV in the main lounge of the St Barts mansion blared.

As usual, the Hustler channel was playing continuously, as Samara and Catherine reclined on the sofa, holding each other in a tight embrace. They kissed passionately, occasionally breaking to watch Nathan Stokes Special playing on the TV.

"I think it's his body," a timid younger girl spoke into the reporters microphone, before hiding her face behind her hand shyly.

"His cock, definitely his cock!" Loudly proclaimed one party girl.

The next scene showed perky pornstar Brandy Betts, as she blurted out with glee: "It's his attitude, his fucking style, the way he makes women cum. I just love him!"

Samara grinned up at the TV, slowly coming to the spine-tingling realization that the hottest porn stud in the world was on his way, and the lesbian couple were in a position that many millions of women worldwide would KILL to be in. Nathan was well known as one of the most desirable men on the planet, with millions of female fans desperate to be with him... and under him.

The hot blonde Hustler presenter turned to the camera, before continuing: "Nathan Stokes recently announced a brief hiatus from porn as he switches to a new agency..."

Samara broke away from the kiss, nudging her mouth into Catherines ear. "And I think I know what agency that is going to be..."

Catherine's heart jumped, and her eyes lit up like they were on fire. "God I hope he signs with you, Samara."

Samara laughed, "I don't think I could handle the stress of managing his career by myself though. Perhaps... Perhaps I could give YOU that honour, my special girl..."

"REALLY?!" Catherine gasped.

"Of course." Samara replied. "You're the one who's always complaining about having nothing to do, having this huge house to yourself while I'm away managing the business..."

"I know, but... he's the biggest pornstar on the planet, there's no way I could cope. Besides, I'm going to be pregnant with his baby, don't you think that's a bit of a conflict of interest?"

Samara ran her hands back up Cath's body, resting under her firm young breasts. "I know sweetie. There's no need to worry, I'll get one of my best agents from Steele Management on his case. An agent from Steele Management will make sure there won't be a single day that Nathan won't be balls deep in tight, wet pussy in front of a camera..."

Catherine smiled up at her lover, "I'm sure he won't protest to that idea..."

"Hmmm," Samara replied, "with my agency by his side, there won't be one hot pornstar in the business that hasn't had his legendary cock inside of her..."

Catherine's eyes sparkled with delight. She turned back to the TV before continuing.

"Speaking of business, do you know when you need to get back to London? I know how impatient you get when you're away from the office..."

Samara Steele rubbed her chin thoughtfully, "The agency can wait." She leaned in, sucking the love of her life's tongue into her mouth. "This is far more important."

And she meant it. This was important. But at the same time, the business she had grown from the ground up was constantly on her mind. Samara Steele was the proud owner and founder of Steele Inc, a porn agency and production company in London. In over ten years of producing the world's most exciting porn, she had won the distinct honour of running the most successful porn company in the world.

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