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Nature's Calling


Here my submission to the Earth day 2009 contest. Hope you like it, feedback would be nice good and bad I like them both. Many thanks to ill_eat_wince for editing this.


"Francesca what are you doing?" Lucian said to Francesca, who was on a tree branch several feet's from him. The small black haired woman looked down towards the man at the ground. From that height the tall man look so small. She took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh scent of rain that was lingering in the air. She loved how it smelled pure, fresh, and simply just wonderful. A mischievous smile flew across Francesca's face.

Lucian watched in horror as his wife fell from the tree branch she was sitting on. "Francesca!" Lucian shouted as he raced to catch the falling woman. His heart was racing so fast and hard, adrenaline started to rush through his blood, the world seem to slow down.

Just a few feet from certain death she grabbed a small but sturdy branch. Her open glove prevented her hand from getting injured while also adding grip to her hold. She made certain that the ground was ok to land on, then let go of the branch and landed squarely on the ground. Francesca glanced over to where Lucian was standing but quickly her vision was blocked by Lucian's strong chest.

Lucian held Francesca for a long time, calming himself down, riding himself of all the horrible scenarios that were playing in his head. Then he felt Francesca's small arms wrap around his waist. He backed up a little but not relinquishing hold of her. "I'm sorry Lucian, did I scared you?" the small petite girl looked at him with sorry eyes. He let out a long sigh of relief. Resting his forehead against hers, he looked right into her dark brown eyes. His shoulder length brown hair fell like a veil giving them a small scene of privacy.

"You scared the shit out of me Cesca. What the hell were you thinking?" He tightened his grip on her bringing their bodies closer.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you like that, forgive me Lucian" she apologized lightly kissing his lips. Lucian responded by kissing her more deeply. His tongue licked Francesca's lips seeking entrance to her warm moist mouth. Needing it, Francesca allowed him entrance. Their tongues danced and fought for dominance, their hands caressing each other's backs and necks.

"Francesca..." he whispered her name.

"I'm sorry" she apologized again.

Reluctantly Lucian let go of her advising that they should head back to cabin. The walk back was a long and silent one, Lucian was clearly mad at Francesca for pulling that stunt. Francesca cursed her own stupidity. This was supposed to be a fun weekend; Francesca had gotten a cabin from a friend of hers up in a secluded mountain. She loved nature and all it's wander, she even fought to save the park near their home that was about to be turned into a parking lot for the nearby mall.

Lucian loved Francesca very much but he always hated all the crazy stunts she pulled. He glanced back at her. She was walking behind him silently, not making any form of sound. She reminded him of a stealthy tigress. How she did that it was a mystery to him.

Once they got to the cabin Lucian headed straight to the kitchen. He was a chef so naturally the job of cooking dinner fell on him. Francesca was a freelance graphic designer. They had met each other while Lucian was looking for someone who could design their menu in the restaurant where he worked. Francesca had answered to the ad and did a superb job at it. Eventually their relationship grew from there and they were married.

Lucian was chopping some carrots when he heard Francesca call to him. He stopped and looked across to the dining table. "Yes?" he asked her putting the carrots into the pot of boiling water.

"I said I was sorry, I know I shouldn't have done that but I'm quite capable of knowing what I can and can't do" she explained walking inside the kitchen resting her hip on the counter.

"True, but it's not funny when you see your wife falling off a tree that is four stories high. Don't ever do that again" he put the knife down and looked at her. In his eyes she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He couldn't bear the fact of losing her.

He reached towards her wrapping his arm around her slender waist. With his free hand he reached for her chin and gently pulled it up so their eyes could meet. "I mean it baby. A word of warning would be nice before you decide to do something dangerous."

Francesca let out a small sigh, "Fine I will warn you if I decide to do something dangerous." the word dangerous coming sarcastically out of her beautiful lips. She balanced on the balls of her feet and gave him a playful kiss. A smile made its way on Lucian face. Then Francesca burst out laughing.

"What?" he asked completely oblivious to the things that were happening.

"Well this..." she said as she placed her hand over the bulge in his pants rubbing it. He groaned in response "And the water in the pot is overflowing "

Lucian looked back towards the pot indeed it was overflowing. He cursed to himself. He got distracted trying to lecture Francesca. Quickly he turned off the heat and glared at his wife. She simply grin at him and headed to the dining table.

Later that evening, Francesca decided they were going to go for a night-time walk "Wow! This amazing, is it not Lucian? Look at all the stars in the sky!" She seemed like a little child experiencing something new. She skipped around the clearing. Suddenly stopping, she turned to where Lucian was standing and sent him a warm smile.

He felt the jolt of excitement course trough his body and straight to his cock. She looked like a forest nymph enjoying what nature so beautifully crafted. "Francesca" her name came out rough and husky. He extended his hand towards her. She shyly pressed her knuckles to her mouth. She always loved that low sexy voice of his whenever he was aroused. Slowly she walked towards him, with a slow sexy stride. "You are so beautiful" he whispered in her ear holding her tightly to his body.

Francesca could feel his hard desire for her, her body, in return responded to the sensation. Her breasts felt heavy and needing and so did her pussy. "You are beautiful, you can't see it but in the moon light your skin glows silver. I just want to lick you all over." she planted little kisses on the nape of his neck with her tongue she made small little flicks at his pulse.

Instantly Lucian's muscles tighten in response. His hand went under her blouse exploring the softness of her flesh while the other held a firm hold on her. His hand made its way to her right breast cupping it in his large hand. She moaned softly arching her back towards him. "Lucian I want you to fuck me right here, right now" she said her voice low and raw with need, her eyes clouded in a haze of desire. Francesca took the bottom of his shirt and pealed it off from his torso. Her hands spread across his chest feeling the hardness of his muscles. He was built lean and slick, broad shoulders and a flat belly. Lucian took possession of her soft mouth, exploring the richness of her mouth with his tongue.

Soon her top came off exposing her breasts to the soothing spring breeze. Her brown nipples were already hardened beckoning for Lucian's hot mouth. Slowly he bent his head, and then he blew on her hardened peek causing her to shiver with delight. "You love it when I do this, don't you Cesca?" gently he took one of her nipples in his slick mouth, he flicked it once, twice, and then he glanced at Francesca. Her head was tilted back looking straight at the sky above, lips partially apart. "Oh, yes I love it" she said in satisfaction holding his head close to her. He continued to give pleasure to her breasts; he noticed that her legs were struggling to stay upright. He took her into his arms and softly he pressed her against the cool grass below.

He got down on his knees between her spread legs. She looked at him with sparkles in her eyes. A smile tugged Lucian handsome face. Francesca stretched her hands towards him, and invitation of a seductress. Gently he pressed a kiss on the corner of her lips. His hands, a tantalizing caress trailing ever so slowly from the side of her waist to her hips. While he traveled lower form her neck to the valley of her breasts his hands unfasten the bottom of her shorts. He played with her belly bottom and in one swift movement he took her shorts off. The smell of her sex aroused him even more. He could feel his member hard wanting to be freed from the confinements of his jeans.

She was wet with anticipation for him; her juices soaked the insides of her thighs. Restlessly she moved her pussy closer to Lucian's mouth. His eyes were absorbing the beauty of her simmering black curls caused by the combination of light of the moon and her wetness. Tenderly he laps his tongue over her entrance lightly touching her clit. She whimpered in pleasure. Her hands were searching for Lucian's head so she could hold him close to her pulsating pussy.

He took her clit in his mouth, gave it a little flick of his tongue while he gently inserted one finger into hot and tight count. He then began to thrust his finger into her while he sucked and flicked her clit in his mouth. Restlessly Francesca started to move her hips; her breathing came in short gasps. Lucian knew by the clinching of her virginal muscles and her moans that her orgasm was coming. Now with two fingers inside of her he started to pump faster into her. She arched her back and screamed as her orgasm came in a rush of hot liquid. Lucian took the sweet salty taste of her into his mouth drinking from her like delicious nectar.

She laid there in the cool grass catching her breath. She was caught off guard when she felt Lucian thick cock entered her. She grinned at him "Come on wild man, fuck me!" He pulled out slowly and with a swift thrust he was inside her again, he continued to thrust into her increasing the speed each time. Whenever he pulled out she griped his shaft tightly not wanting him to let him go.

Still with their bodies connected Lucian took Francesca to his chest slowly holding her upright he rolled himself to the cool grass. He took in the view as she sat above him, the starry sky making a beautiful background for her. Francesca began to thrust herself onto Lucian's hard cock inside her. Her breasts bounced with the movement of each thrust making it a more arousing to Lucian. She quicken the pace then she let her head fall back looking at the stars above, that combine with the pleasure of their love making was beautiful. Deep inside her she could feel her second orgasm coming, she was gripping Lucian's cock so tight the seer friction was driving him mad with pleasure. He started to groan, a sure sign that he was about to come. "Together honey, lets come together, I want your hot cum to fill me up and combine with mine" She moaned softly her hands on his chest teasing his nipples. He gripped her hips and he started to bury deeper into Francesca tight pussy. She started to scream out of the sheer pleasure her husband cock brought her. With a groan and a deep thrust Lucian exploded inside Francesca filling her with his hot sperm, triggering her own orgasm. Her body jerked as the wave of pleasure rushed through her.

They laid there in the cool grass with their bodies intertwined. "Oh god that was amazing" Francesca panted out.

"Yes it was, the best. I love you Francesca" he said taking deep breaths, he kissed her forehead. A gust of chilling spring wind washed over their naked bodies, they shivered from the cold. "I think is time to head inside now Cesca" Lucian said sitting down holding her close to him.


Francesca awoke to the alluring scent of breakfast. Quickly she got off bed and readied herself for the day with a light colored t-shirt and baggy cargo pants. She greeted a good morning to Lucian giving him a kiss on the cheek while he worked on the scrambled eggs. She went to the refrigerator and took out the carton of orange juice and took a drink from it. She started to remember the event that happened last night, along with her dream. Instinctively she put her palm over her womb.

Lucian glanced at her wondering what she was doing so quietly. He saw that she was in deep though then he noticed her hand over her womb. "What's wrong honey?" he said. Francesca snapped out her thoughts and looked at Lucian. She opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it smiling at him. "It's nothing just thinking about my dream last night"

"What happen in that dream?" he asked curiously preparing the plates. She took a buttered toast taking a bite out of it. "Well...I was pregnant in the dream and it just got me thinking that's all"

"I see...hmm... a baby eh, it would be nice no?" He told her with a grin in his face. They have been married for four years now and the thought of expanding their family wasn't too far off. Her face went crimson and she quickly looked away from him with her hand covering her mouth. Lucian knew that she was blushing, he adored that about her. "...maybe..." she said looking at the floor.


"Hurry up you slow poke!" Francesca shouted form the top of the hill to Lucian who was slowly walking up clearly exhausted. He wiped off some sweat from his forehead and pressed on forward. When he finally reached Francesca who was waiting for him she had her arms across her chest and an annoyed look. "Could you be any slower" she told him both hands on her hips. "Easy for you to say I'm the one caring all the stuff" he accommodated the backpack that was caring all the food and water for their little picnic. Francesca wanted to have lunch at small clearing atop the small mountain. "Can't we slow down and enjoy the view Mother Nature has to offer? After all today is Earth Day"

"I guess I could slowdown for ya, but I want to get to the top, up there we can admire all of nature has to offer" she started to walk. Lucian well-liked the view he was seeing, the sawing of hips from side to side was mesmerizing, hot blood flowed through his blood stream straight to his groin. He wanted to make love to his beautiful woman out here in broad daylight. "Lucian!" Francesca shouted.

"Right right I'm going"

When they got there indeed it was beautiful, much like the small clearing in the back of the cabin this one was broader and open. Birds chirp making beautiful music for them to hear. While Francesca ran around mesmerizing each tree Lucian prepared the picnic area. Just as he was about to call her for lunch, he was assaulted from the back, Francesca's breasts pressed tightly against his back, arms tightly fasten to his neck. "Francesca would you at least act your age?" He asked her with no real reason.

"Ah no mentioning of my age now, you know I hate it" she said rubbing herself to him like a cat. His cock felt very uncomfortable in the tight quarters of his jeans. He inhaled deeply trying to calm the wild thoughts going through his head. "Come let's eat"

Francesca sat next to him her body layered with small dots of perspiration. She didn't know if it was the heat or the conversation about her dream that has gotten her all in heat. She took a water bottle and choked it down. Some of the water was dripping from the side of her mouth making its way to the valley of her breasts in her low cut t-shirt. Lucian watched with attentive eyes at the small stream of water. He could not help himself anymore; he lowered his head moving closer to the valley of her breasts and licked the small stream all the way to the corner of her lips. He looked at her eyes licking his upper lips slow and sexy. He pushed her to the ground, and hastily he removed her shirt revealing her luscious breasts her nipples were already hard beaconing to him.

"Lucian" she said with need in her voice. She wanted him really bad, she wrapped her legs around his waist she ached for him, and she wanted him deep inside her. He bent down fastening his mouth on to hers hot and possessive. He desperately needed to be inside; restlessly he pressed his hard on against her jeans in effort to release his desire. "Francesca I want you so much it hurts"

"Come on wild man" with that remark they shed the reaming clothes they had on. Lucian bent and took in one of her perky nipples in his mouth. In response she arched her back towards him. He sucked and teased her driving her to the brink of insanity. "Lu...I want you inside me now please" she begged him. She ached for him she desperately seeking relief, the only relief that Lucian could provide for her. He was riding a wave of high lust and passion. He pressed the tip of his cock to her moist entrance, in one sure hard thrust he was inside her; she gasped griping his shaft tightly.

He began to thrust in a fast rhythm, each driving them over the edge. Francesca met each thrust with him; she bit her lower lip as her orgasm was building rapidly. Lucian hands explored the soft curves of her velvety body; he secured his grip over her rolling over taking her atop him. She was surprised by the act, the corner of her lips curved into a suppressed smile. He held himself up right his arms giving his support.

Slowly she started to ride him; her hands spread wide open to his chest feeling his hot soft skin. Her body rippled with pleasure/pain as his cock drove her to the edge of never ending pleasure. He groaned as he released his seeds into her. She felt his hot cum flowed inside of her triggering her own orgasm. They felt like a shattered piece of glass free falling through time and space.

They lay down on the grass; bodies intertwined together hands slowly caressing each other bodies. "Hmm, out of all the wonders in this Earth I think the woman's body is the greatest of them all" Lucian said kissing the nape of her neck. She laughed at the comment making her aware of the delicious soreness all over her body.

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