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Author's Note: As with many of my short stories, I had a bit of a time deciding what category to place it in. I ended up deciding that that location setting of the North Pole and the two main characters being a Christmas Elf and a Reindeer shifter meant it was a Paranormal Fantasty story, but it is also an insta-love romance with a HEA. There is also anal play, toys, a bossy alpha male, and a light erotic spanking (oh, and a little bit of cheesiness to amuse myself). This is an MF story. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays!


Clementine Goldensleigh, Christmas Elf, formerly in the Young Boys' Toy Department, had been transferred to the Naughty Adult Toys Department three and a half weeks ago and she was having a seriously problem.

It had all started when her good friend, Flurry Silverstocking, had come to Clementine for help. She was overworked and exhausted, because more naughty toys were being made than ever before! Clementine, being a good friend, had immediately offered to help her out and the two of them had come up with a gorgeous wooden paddle for spanking naughty (or fun naughty) bottoms. The paddle they created had holes all throughout its structure, but instead of the normal round holes, they were shaped like hearts, hollies, or even Christmas trees.

Apparently Santa had loved them and, as soon as he found who Flurry's helper was, had immediately ordered Clementine's transfer. The naughty toy department was in need of an awful lot of help. Which was great! Clementine had a very naughty mind and was having a lot more fun than she had in the Young Boys' Toy Department. While she'd had fun there, naughty toys suited her perfectly.

At least, it had at first, but now the more she worked there, the more her imagination went wild, and the hornier she felt. The upside was that her sexual frustration led to all sorts of fun and fantastical Christmas themed creations - jingle bell weights for nipple clamps, a candy cane striped edible dildo, a reindeer riding crop (complete with a leather flap cut in the shape of reindeer horns) - but the downside was that she was so horny it was becoming more and more of an effort not to just make off with all the toys to use on herself.

The head of the department didn't help either.

Fleet Winterdeer wasn't one of Santa's top reindeer, but he did fill in for his cousin Dasher whenever the other shifter wasn't able to perform at his peak levels. All of the reindeer shifters had fill ins for the same reason, but Clementine had never been as attracted to any of the others she'd met as she was to Fleet.

In his reindeer form he was made of muscle, with gorgeously arrayed antlers, and a sleek coat of brown fur. In human form, he was still all muscle but his hair was shaggy and he had constant scruff decorating his jawline that she wanted to run her hand across, and he dressed in tightly fitted jeans and t-shirts showing off his incredible body. He was also always a gentleman in his own gruff way, taking care of everyone in his department, always understanding of any problems anyone was having, always there to lend a hand when it was needed. All of the female elves in the department lusted after him, but he'd never shown any interest in any of them. Clementine had even heard one or two of the scorned elves saying he must not like females, because they couldn't fathom him not being interested in them for any other reason.

She didn't know the truth; all she knew was that being around him on a daily basis wasn't helping her current situation. But she also did her best work when he was there, her imagination running rampant with all the naughty things she'd like to do with him.


"You realize, if she's offended or feels pressured because you're her supervisor, she could end up requesting to be transferred?" Santa asked, peering sternly at Fleet over his half-moon glasses. People always remembered the jolliness and good cheer and forgot that he also tracked miscreants and misbehavior. Not that Fleet was trying to misbehave, exactly, although he wouldn't mind being very naughty with a certain elf... which was how he'd ended up sitting across from Santa's desk.

"I understand, Sir," he said. "But I'm pretty sure she's my mate and my reindeer is becoming more and more frantic. If I don't at least try, I may be the one needing a transfer soon."

Santa sighed heavily, but there was a small smile on his lips. He had a reputation for being a bit of a romantic.

"Very well," said Santa. "If she really is your mate, she's going to be feeling a pull too. And as much as I'd hate to lose her brilliant imagination in the department, I'm not sure it's the best fit for her. She seems agitated lately. So if she tells you to bugger off and decides to switch departments, it won't be a total loss."

The idea of her switching departments had his reindeer's hooves violently clattering inside his head, like it was banging on the inside of Fleet's skull, trying to get out. Normally his other side was pretty docile, uninterested in Fleet's occasional girlfriends, and just happy to get out and play in the snow. That had all changed the day Clementine Goldensleigh had stepped into his department; the second his deer had gotten a whiff of her delicious cinnamon scent, it had turned into a demanding nag driven by sexual frustration.

On top of smelling like cinnamon, she was also incredibly beautiful, with a very nice set of curves (which Christmas elves were known for - it was all the cookies and peppermints) and white curls surrounding a heart-shaped face. She was also as kind, giving, and sweet as she was beautiful. With a wicked imagination. Even if his reindeer hadn't gone berserk inside his head, he wasn't sure he would have stood a chance.

That they also spent all their time together surrounded by naughty toys and clothing didn't help the situation at all. He couldn't look at a single thing within his department without wanting to see it or use it on Clementine.

His reindeer wanted to infused her natural cinnamon smell with his own, to ensure everyone knew exactly who she belonged to. That there were more elves than shifters around didn't matter to the animal. Fleet winced, remembering how he'd been unable to keep his other half from marking a border around her house the last time he'd shifted. In urine.

The other reindeer thought it was hilarious. Fortunately, none of them teased him about any of it - they were all a lot more careful about teasing and bullying after the whole thing with Rudolph.

"Thank you, Sir," Fleet managed to say, very carefully NOT thinking about the possibility of Clementine leaving the department.


It was late enough that everyone else had gone home. Clementine was still there though, pretending to examine a leather paddle with snowflakes imprinted on its surface. Because it was leather, it would take quite a swing to leave a trail of snowflakes behind on someone's skin...

She almost whimpered, her thighs clenching as her pussy spasmed at the thought.

Sighing, she looked up at the clock. Maybe Fleet wasn't coming back tonight. She'd been trying to tell herself she wasn't just hanging around to see him, but it was time to admit the truth. She definitely had been hoping he'd come back after his meeting with Santa and she'd catch a glimpse of him, and now it was time to give up.

What she wouldn't give to have him come back, find her here working late, and spank her with the leather paddle she was holding for working herself too hard. Her nipples tingled, turning into hard little points as her pussy clenched emptily again. As she started to put the paddle down... she hesitated.

No one else was here right?

And Fleet wouldn't be coming back...

Would it really be so wrong to test out the paddle on herself? Just to see what it felt like? Just to add a little extra oomph to her fantasies so that when she went back to her room and pulled out her trusty vibrator there would be a little something extra in sensation?

Looking around, a small thrill curled in her stomach.

Empty. The whole department was empty, no one else was in the warehouse...

Still, she scurried over to one of the corners, which was mostly hidden by large piles of wrapped gifts. Just in case someone walked in. Although, the possibility of being caught also added a little fillip to the scenario. A little dash of extra excitement.

Bending forward, she leaned one elbow on the table, twisting her body slightly so she could hold the paddle and swing at her own bottom.


It was awkward and only stung a little, but she still liked it. Definitely enough to do it again.


She closed her eyes, spreading her legs a little to get a more balanced stance so she could swing a little harder.


Gasping, she swung the paddle again, lifting her bottom up to meet it. In her mind's eye, she was bent over in front of Fleet, who was sternly unamused at her late hours, admonishing her for not taking better care of herself.


Her pussy pulsed as the sting sank a little deeper, a little better.

"Oh Fleet..."

She didn't even realize she'd whispered his name until a deep voice responded.

"Yes, sweetheart?"

Shrieking, Clementine jumped about a foot in the air, both sets of her cheeks now burning.


It had probably been rude to watch Clementine with the leather paddle, but Fleet really hadn't meant to. He'd gotten back to the department, expecting to find it empty, so he could plan how he was going to approach Clementine tomorrow, and instead he'd smelled her scent so strongly he'd known she was still there. Then his ears had picked up some very strange noises coming from the far corner... when he'd seen her bent over, using the paddle on her own sweet ass, he'd literally frozen until she'd said his name.

Then his heart had done about thirty flips inside his chest in the space of three seconds and he'd answered her before he could really think about it.

The hot blush on her cheeks as she stared at him in dismay, arousal, and a tiny bit of hope was the cutest thing he'd ever seen. He was torn between wanting to tear off her clothes and ravage her or just take her in his arms and cuddle her.

"I... I.... I...." She seemed incapable of speech and when she licked her lower lip, obviously trying to think, Fleet's cock finally won his inner battle.

"You know, Clementine, if you wanted to test some of the toys, all you had to do was ask," he said, giving her his most wicked grin as he walked towards her. "I'm more thank happy to use any of them with you."

He wasn't feeling quite as confident as he was acting, but having heard his name on her lips while she literally spanked himself had made him feel like his chances were pretty good right now. As long as she wasn't so embarrassed she ran. She seemed frozen to the spot though, head tipping back so she could keep looking him in the eyes as he approached, her blush getting brighter and brighter.

"I..." she whispered.

Reaching out and taking her by the hips, Fleet pulled her firmly against him, and she let out a soft moan as she felt his rock hard cock digging into her belly.

"Last chance to run, sweetheart," he murmured, very slowly lowering his lips to hers. This wasn't how he'd planned to tell her he liked her... but hey, improv wasn't necessarily a bad thing. And he was giving her plenty of time to run if she didn't want him.

But before his lips even made it to hers, her eyelashes fluttered shut and she was lifting her mouth up to meet his.

Letting his control slip away with a groan, Fleet claimed her lips in a bruising kiss, his tongue sliding into mouth as his hands slid around to her back, holding her tightly against him. Inside his head, his reindeer was snorting and bucking with approval and excitement. The scent of cinnamon filled his nose as she moaned and squirmed against him, the paddle clattering to the floor as her hands came up to slide into his hair and Fleet practically went weak-kneed as she got a good grip on the silky strands and kissed him back for all she was worth.

The kiss went on and on, until Fleet had to pull away because he was about three seconds from actually ripping off all her clothes and mating her right then and there.

Breathing hard, they both stared at each other. She looked a little worried.

"Sweetheart, if you don't want to come home with me right now, this is the time to say so."

Her eyes lit up. "I want to."

Every part of Fleet cheered, especially his reindeer. He didn't think he could be any happier, until her next words -

"Can we bring the paddle?"


Despite discreetly pinching herself multiple times with increasing roughness, Clementine still didn't wake up, which meant she really wasn't dreaming. Which meant she was actually walking, hand in hand, with Fleet Winterdeer, who had caught her paddling herself, kissed the ever-loving-stuffing out of her, and then told her he wanted to take her home.

Maybe she'd somehow snorted some really high-grade magical drugs accidentally while she was in the warehouse?

If so, she didn't ever want to wake up from this hallucination.

They'd been walking so fast they hadn't really been able to talk - even if Clementine had been able to overcome her suddenly shy tongue-tiedness. She hadn't had a lot of time to come up with something to say either; Fleet's little house was really close to the department!

When he pulled her inside, his hazel eyes were practically glowing gold with excitement and arousal. He had one hand firmly holding hers, while the other carried a small sack filled with all the naughty toys a girl could wish for. Well, maybe not ALL, but a really darned good selection. Using everything the warehouse had to offer would take way too long.

"What's that expression for?" he asked, dropping the sack and her hand so he could help her take her coat off. Unlike the shifters, who ran hot, Elves still needed a little bit of extra clothes to deal with the harsh North Pole weather. Not like humans, but Clementine always had a jacket on hand to walk to and from work; although she hadn't really needed it for this short trip.

"I'm having trouble believing this is happening," she confessed, blurting out the truth because it still seemed way too surreal. "I didn't even think you'd really noticed me. I mean, I know you knew who I was, because you know who everyone in the department is, but I never would have thought you'd give me a second glance, it's not like -"

He cut off her rambling with another kiss, moving into her quickly that she squeaked against his lips in surprise, and felt the deep rumble of his chuckle through his broad chest where her hands were pressed against it.

The man could kiss. And he tasted so good. Like clean fresh air and peppermint. She returned the kiss eagerly, relaxing against him as she could feel his massive bulge pressing eagerly against her. There was absolutely no question that the man wanted her and Clementine was just happy to be along for the ride right now. She was too horny not to be totally on board with whatever he wanted, and if there were consequences... well those were for future Clementine to deal with. Present Clementine considered this a present, one she wanted.

When he pulled away she was panting, all her lady parts felt swollen and aching, and she knew she couldn't be dreaming. If she'd been dreaming, her extreme arousal would have woken her up by now even if pinches hadn't.

"Trust me, sweetheart, this is definitely happening and I definitely noticed you," he said, his hands caressing up and down her back, distracting her as he spoke. "My reindeer has been lusting after you since I met you and it only took me about 5 seconds to follow in his good sense. I just didn't know what to do about it at first, especially since you're technically working under me, so I went to see the big guy about it first."

"The big guy?" she asked, feeling a little dazed as he suddenly tugged her shirt upwards, pulling it off impatiently and immediately running his warm hands down the smooth skin of her back. The sensation of his calloused palms and fingers on her soft skin made her moan.

"Santa," he said, lowering his head to kiss along the sides of her neck. She tilted her head, her eyes half lidded to give him better access. "I wanted to report to him in case there was a problem with fraternization. He gave me the go ahead."

"What?" she asked blinking, trying to make sense of what Fleet was saying. "When was this?"


The back of her bra was undone with one quick movement and then Fleet's hands were on her breasts as he moved his lips down her chest, drawing her bra off.

"Your meeting with Santa tonight was about me?" she asked, her voice squeaking again, completely awed.

"I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep my hands off you much longer," he said, his voice rough as he licked pathways over the tops of her breasts. Cupping the mounds, he kneaded them between his fingers, making her want to fall over from the pleasure he was sparking inside of her. She moaned, clutching at his hair again, which he seemed to really like, as he sucked one pink nipple into his mouth.

That seemed to set him off, and the next thing Clementine knew, she was backed up against the wall and Fleet was practically feasting on her breasts. She moaned, writhed, tugged at his hair which drove him wild as he began to frantically work on the front of her pants. As soon as he could, he was pushing them down her hips and legs, and Clementine was already near orgasm when he kissed his way up her inner thighs, his strong hands parting her legs and using the wall to carry her weight as he pressed his mouth against her pussy and licked.

His rough tongue felt like heaven, and she practically sobbed as he feasted on her, his mouth and tongue working overtime to lap at her cream. Her sensitive swollen flesh, unused to stimulation, was practically singing Gloria in response. Moaning, she arched against his lips, her shoulders pressing against the wall, as her pleasure surged.

When he sucked her clit into his mouth, pulling on the tiny, sensitive bud with hard, short sucks, she screamed as fireworks burst in front of her eyes, little explosions bursting from her core and spreading throughout her entire body. It was heavenly rapture, much needed pleasure, his mouth doing much more to satisfy the aching need she'd had building for the past few weeks than any of her personal stimulation had done.

Slowly she came down from her orgasmic high, as Fleet gave her sensitive folds long, slow licks that sent little, smaller tremors of pleasure through her.

With a long sigh, she felt her weight settle back onto her own feet and she gave him a dreamy smile as he stood back up, licking his lips. The expression in his eyes was almost desperate and Clementine knew exactly what she wanted to do next.

"My turn," she said, dropping to her knees.


Fleet nearly whimpered at the sight of his curly haired, naked, winter goddess kneeling before him, her hands already on the front of his pants, working to free his rampant cock. The sweet, cinnamon taste of her was embedded into his brain along with her scent; somehow he already knew he'd never be able to smell or taste it again without an instant hard-on. She was absolutely stunning, all soft curves and silky skin, with pretty pink nipples and pussy, and just the smallest bit of white curly fluff above her slit.

"Wait," he said, his voice hoarse as she got her slim fingers wrapped around his dick, pulling it free of his pants.

She looked up at him, a tiny furrow appearing on her brow, big blue eyes questioning. "What's wrong?"

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