tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaughty in the Nightclub Ch. 01

Naughty in the Nightclub Ch. 01


We're getting ready to go out for the night, as you had said you wanted to take me dancing. I was so excited all day, waiting for the evening to shine upon us that I had taken my time having a shower. I washed my long blonde hair, making sure to condition it thoroughly, and even shaved my pussy, my legs, and under my arms. I wanted to be silky smooth for the night ahead, knowing fully well that you'd have something up your sleeve. I was anxious to go out on the town with you, as it had been a while since we could find the time to do something together.

As I stood in the shower, after rinsing off my hair from the lather of conditioner that coated it, I couldn't help but touch myself a little. Thinking of what lay ahead for us, my thoughts drifted towards a hot night of passionate love making and plenty of orgasms, for me at least. I drew my fingers over the softness of my skin, circling each nipple as they began to stiffen at the thought of having your luscious lips devouring them. I could feel my cunt pulsing and lubricating as I touched myself this way, wanting your hands on me. Just the idea of your mouth, your cock, and your hands spreading across my body made me moan deep in my throat. I just wanted you then and there. But I held off and rinsed the soap from my body before getting out of the shower and drying off my hair. There would be plenty of time later for that.

You hadn't arrived home yet, and I knew you would need to shower first, so I stayed in my bath towel, not wanting you to see me dressed until moments before walking out of the front door. Shortly after I had begun to dry my hair with the fluffy towel, I heard the key enter the lock and peeked around the corner of the bathroom to see you walk inside the front door. It only took me a second or two to drop the towel at my feet and rush off towards you, running through the hallway with my breasts bouncing in front of me before I jumped into your open arms. I flashed you that beautiful smile that you adore so much, as my eyes were filled with a soft, warm hue. I felt your arms wrap tightly around me as you held me up, feeling my legs curl around your waist as you snuggled me close against your chest.

"Damn baby, you're all hot and naked," you smiled at me as you spoke softly. Then I heard the faint sound of your nose sniffing the air before you chuckled deeply and said, "and I guess you just got out of the shower cuz you smell so damn good. Mmmmm mmm!" You grinned into my eyes as you carried me back to the bathroom, setting me down so my feet planted onto the floor. I looked up at you with a pout upon my lips, saddened that you would let me go so quickly. Then your hand moved up to caress the side of my cheek and you smiled at me lovingly. "Baby, I have to start getting ready if we're going to make a night of this, otherwise I'll be too tired to go out."

I nodded at you in understanding, and moved out of the way so you could prepare yourself for a shower. But just as I turned around to walk out of the room, you grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into you, pressing my back to your chest as your mouth nuzzled into my neck, kissing me lightly. I giggled like a school girl at the warmth of your lips and the tickle of your unshaven face. Then with a final kiss, you growled at me and pushed me away from you gently, smacking the cheek of my arse before I winked at you and stepped out of the room.

I made my way into the bedroom as exhilaration started shooting through my veins and as heard the water spraying from the shower, I headed into the wardrobe and shuffled through the rack of clothes that hung neatly inside. I knew what I would wear that night, and had hung them in a particular spot to make it easier for me to take them out when the time came. And as my right hand reached up to take the hanging items and place them on the bed, I stopped for a moment to close my eyes and smile. I smiled at the thought of you and me, the thought of us spending time together, dancing, laughing, drinking, and enjoying the night. I took another pause to sigh softly in pleasure before moving over towards the chest of drawers and pulling out a pair of black lace panties and matching lace bra.

I had gone out earlier that day, specifically to purchase some sexy lingerie for that night, knowing it would be special and also wanting to surprise you. Then as I made my way back over to the bed, I realised you wouldn't take too long in the shower, so I hurriedly took the panties into my hands and raised my right leg up to slide my foot through one of the openings. As my left leg was pushed through the other opening, I slid the panties up over my slender thighs and snapped the waistband around my hips. Grabbing at the bra and hooking the thin straps over my shoulders before clipping it together, I was thinking about what you would have prepared for us tonight. I wondered where we were going as you'd been so secretive all week about it.

Once I had secured my small, pert breasts inside the cups of my lacy bra, I took a look at myself in admiration as I stepped toward the full length mirror placed at one corner of the room. Smiling in satisfaction, I then made my way back over to the bed where my clothes lay. I reached out to take the pair of black, sheer, thigh-high stocking I had bought earlier that day too, and sat on the edge of the bed as my nimble fingers pulled them slowly over the length of each leg. The sheer material of each stocking clung to the shape of my calves and thighs perfectly.

As I carefully slid each stocking up the length of each limb, clasping them in place with the garter belts, I stood from the bed and spread my palms down my thighs. I could feel the smoothness of the stockings as they covered me like a glove, I felt so sexy. I glanced over at the clock sitting on our bedside table and noticed that I was moving a little too slowly, so I quickly took hold of the crimson skirt that lay upon the bed and stepped into it. Pulling it up over my thighs until it fit snugly over my hips and I fastened the zipper. I needed to know how long you would be so I called out from the bedroom, hoping you would hear me above the spray of the water. "Honey, are you going to shave?"

I heard you laugh at me before you spoke, "Yeah baby, I am."

Breathing a sigh of relief and I knew that would give me a further 5 minutes or so, I hurriedly grabbed at the silky strapless blouse still slung over the hanger across my bed and pulled it over my head. Smoothing it down with the palms of my hands until it sat neatly across my chest and belly, I reached out to take the crimson jacket, a perfect match to the skirt, and pushed my arms through it, tugging it over my shoulders and buttoning it up across my breasts.

It was at that moment that I heard the water turn off in the shower. I walked back to the closet and pulled out the pair of black stilettos that I had polished earlier that afternoon and left to dry. Taking the left shoe and gently pushing my foot into it, I gently tapped my foot on the floor as my heel slid down into the sole, before leaning down to pick up the right shoe and settling my other foot into it snugly. All that was left was for me to apply my makeup and fix my hair, which wouldn't take longer than 15 minutes. I walked out of the bedroom and stood at the doorway of the bathroom, waiting for you to rush out of the door. It didn't take long for you to shuffle your fingers across the doorknob before I saw the expression on your face as you looked me over.

"Oh baby, my God, you look fucking gorgeous!" I heard you say through one of those incredibly sexy smiles of yours. I blushed slightly at your reaction before thanking you, and leaned forward to kiss your soft lips.

"Thank you my darling, now get out of the way, I need to make myself look pretty," I said to you with gleaming eyes.

You stood there staring at me, dumbfounded. "God Bel, you don't need makeup to do that, babygirl. You're pretty already, more than pretty. You're stunning my love. Absolutely stunning."

I saw the affection on your face, I heard it in your voice as you spoke to me and I gently caressed your cheek with my fingertips. I loved the way you so easily give me compliments. But not wanting to waste anymore time, I nudged past you as you in turn stepped outside the bathroom to make your way to the bedroom. I heard you murmur something under your breath, but I didn't catch what you said so I just smiled. I could listen to you talk all day and night, but now was not the time for it. I was busting to get our arses out of the house and go dancing!

I opened the mirrored cabinet to remove my makeup case and set about painting my face, wanting it to match the look I was going for; classy, provocative, and sexy. The slutty look wasn't really my thing. After smearing a general amount of moisturizer over my face, I reached inside my makeup bag and pulled out a pink case, filled with an array of different shades and blends. My pupils fixated in strength as I applied a mixture of grey and black powder across my eyelids, darkening them as I scaled the brush underneath my eyes as well. I knew you loved the 'dark eye' look, it was sexy and mysterious and highly provocative. Then, I took the eyebrow pencil and drew over my brows with the blonde stick, enhancing them, before dusting my cheeks with rouge. I could see my face taking shape, how my ocean blue eyes had become more of a deeper blue then before. I look back inside the bag to pull out a tube of lipstick, crimson was the colour and it was perfect for my outfit. Pursing my lips outward as I ran the lipstick over each lip, making sure to cover the entire volume of my full, luscious mouth, I then pressed my lips over a tissue to pat them dry.

With my makeup complete, I went about fixing my hair and pulled out the hair dryer. I flicked my head downwards so it aimed at the floor as I shot the dryer at the back of my head and shook my fingers through my long locks. I was lucky enough not to have to use any hair products in my hair, nor did I care for them. So after drying my blonde tresses until I was satisfied, I flicked my head back up and faced the mirror. Leaning in for a closer look, I reached down with my right hand to grab at my butterfly clip and placed it between my teeth. My fingers lifted up the fullness of my hair and twisted it around two times, and then with an even portion of each half, I separated my hair in two and slid the clip securely underneath the top half, allowing it to fall over the bottom half of my ponytail. It was a quick fix and it looked quite sexy. It has that "oh, I just woke up and put my hair up" look about it. I knew you loved it.

When I had finished in the bathroom, I made my way into the bedroom in a steady pace, but stopped dead in my tracks as I looked at you. Your blue jeans were freshly pressed, obviously something you had done the day before, and your shirt was crisp and white. The clothes fit you so perfectly, framing your body to emphasis your physique. Your face was beaming as your eyes looked over me once again, our smiles matching one another's as I walked closer to kiss you softly. I murmured against your lips before I felt you pull back and stare at me. A look of wonder forming upon your handsome features as you asked me, "What was that babygirl?"

I looked up into your eyes and smiled again before responding. "I said.... You are like a dream and you look good enough to eat. You also smell good enough to eat." Grinning wickedly, I stepped back and turned to grab my bag, walking out of the room towards the front door as I waited for you to meet me there. You didn't take more than 20 seconds to rush down the hallway, press yourself up against me and kiss my cheek, softly nuzzling the side of my exposed neck before telling me once again how gorgeous I looked.

I giggled shyly against you as the door opened and I stepped out into the crisp night. Feeling the cool breeze brush against my body as my nipples instinctively hardened against the material of my bra. We made our way over to the car and settled into it. I sat in the passenger seat as you closed the driver's side door and started the engine. Looking over at each other and smiling, I spoke the words with love and affection. "I love you, Brad. I love that you're taking me out tonight. I can't wait to dance with you, my love."

Throwing me that magical smile that you know makes my heart skip a beat; you shifted the gears into reverse and pulled out of the driveway. Not a minute after we had left our house, you felt my hand come to rest upon your thigh. Slightly startled, you looked over at me for a second and I winked at you. You knew already I was about to tease you, that I couldn't wait. You know all too well that when I'm around you, I want you. I want to touch you, I want to look at you, I want to make you feel alive and loved and admired and adored. So I let my fingers trace across the material of your jeans before I curled them downwards and squeezed the flesh of your thigh, rubbing my palm upwards towards your crotch, but stopping short of your cock.

Shockingly, your hand came to mine to move it away and I gasped ever so softly at you. "I'm not going to do anything, baby. I just want my hand to rest on you." I said cheekily, but you knew me much better than that. You eased my hand down into my lap as you watched the road. I grinned at you, staring at the side of your face, admiring your handsome features as you sensed I was staring at you.

"No, you want to tease me like you always do. I know you too well, babydoll." I heard you whisper to me.

I simply shrugged at your comment as my hand moved back to your thigh, resting over the top of it as you continued to drive the further 15 minutes towards the club. "Baby...." I whispered softly to you, "I love you." I let my hand cover your crotch and rub against your cock through your jeans, teasingly. You turned to stare at me, shaking your head with a grin.

"Not going to tease me huh?" You cackled.

I just smiled again and made slow, deliberate movements with my hand as it rubbed against the growing bludge in your jeans. It never takes that much to get you aroused and I know how much you love to feel my hands on you, touching you, caressing you, teasing you, and playing with you.

And then before I knew it, we had arrived. I could feel your hardened cock under my palm as it continued working you over, knowing my pussy was beginning to flow with a steady river of juices as you pulled into a parking bay. Hearing the motor switch off brought me back to reality as I took one last squeeze of your manhood and then removed my hand from you.

"You cheeky lil minx," you said to me before I winked at you and opened the car door, stepping out into the cool air. You followed suit a couple of minutes later, knowing your hard on had to subside before you walked across a crowded street. As you walked around the car and reached out to take my hand, we began to across the street to the entrance of the club. Peering eyes were on us, I could sense people looking at us as we walked inside through the crowded foyer. You squeezed my hand in yours and turned your head towards me, leaning down to whisper in my ear. "Baby, all these men are looking at you. I told you you're gorgeous."

I met your lips for a kiss and moaned softly. "I don't care Brad, I want you... Just you, sweetheart." I said with conviction in my tone.

We found a small table near the dance floor of the club and sat down to look about. After about 10 minutes of small talk and giggles, you asked me what I wanted to drink and moved over to the bar to order them for us. As you returned to our table and sat back down, placing the glasses over the drink coasters, I mentioned to you that I was eager to get on the dance floor. I tapped your thigh as I leaned in close to you and whispered, "Baby, I wanna dance."

You smiled at me, taking a minute to respond. I wondered why you hesitated before I saw a sparkle in your eyes and you said to me, "Then go dance. I want to watch you Bel. Dance for me baby." I was surprised at your request, then adrenaline started flowing through my veins and I raised myself off the stool to walk out onto the dance floor, alone.

The thought of dancing for you, in a crowded place, where I could sway my hips around as my hands smoothed over my slender form only heightened my arousal. I was aching to please you, and knowing how much you'd love to watch me; I found a spot in the club and turned around to face you. Slowly I swayed my hips as I moved to the beat of the music, knowing you were watching me closely. I saw a couple ahead of me dancing together, and thought it was safer being near them then being alone and vulnerable, so I stepped closer to the couple and continued my dancing, still allowing you a full view of my body as my feet dragged across the floor. I could faintly hear the click of my heels with each step, feeling the heat of the fog machines and bright lights bearing down on me, but it only fuelled me on.

I never took my eyes off of you as I continued to roll my hips in a seductive manner, waving my hands in the air above my head as you watched my every move. I saw the glimmer in your eyes as my body became one with the music, swaying and moving to the beat. Intermittently, I'd swing myself around, turning a full 360 degrees before facing you once again. But then I felt something behind me, perhaps I sensed it, I wasn't really sure, until his hand brushed across the flare of my right hip. I noticed the look in your eyes just as I felt his hand slide around my waist and his crotch dig into my butt. I turned around quickly to see who was so close to my back as I looked up into the eyes of a tall stranger. The smug look on his face changed my demeanour immediately and I grunted low as I slapped his hand away from me. Unfortunately, he didn't give in that easily and I felt his other hand snake around my left hip to grab me tightly. I stared him straight into the eyes as I spoke clearly and precisely.

"I'd advise you to remove your hands from me right now, unless you'd prefer a good jab of my knee in your crotch." He looked at me and shrugged his large shoulders, somewhat unperturbed by my words.

"It's your loss, honey." He said to me smugly, and then walked off.

I had, by this time, turned back around to face you and noticed you were now standing in front of the table, looking as though you were about to make your way over to me. I held out my hand towards you in an effort to calm you down. I saw the look upon your face, a look of fear and anger, and I realised that perhaps the tall stranger had moved away so easily because of the filthy stare you gave him, and not by my words alone.

As you settled back down into your chair, I took another step closer to you and turned my back toward you this time. My hands came around to cup the soft, round cheeks of my arse as I swayed to a different song, wanting to take your mind off what just occurred. I had built up a steady rhythm with my hips swaying to the beat before my head turned to look at you over my shoulder and I grinned at you. Seductively, I lowered my gaze towards your crotch as I rubbed my right hand down over the back of my thigh. I love that look on your face. That sexy grin you show me when you love what you're looking at. Mmmmmmmmmm it drives me wild seeing that lusty look in your eyes.

But just as quickly as I saw your face melt into a wicked smirk, I saw it disappear and change back to what it was before. I knew there was another man behind me, or at least close enough to me to cause you to stare over at me that way. I turned on my heels and looked into the eyes of a tallish blonde man; a man who was gazing at me as if he would throw me down onto the floor and take me there and now. I felt your presence in a matter of moments as you took hold of me, wrapping your arms about my waist and pulling me into your body as you spoke to him.

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