tagIncest/TabooNaughty Mummy Ch. 06

Naughty Mummy Ch. 06

bymummys dirty angel©

Anna stood in the doorway, her hand still on her pussy. She glared at her mother in a mesmerised state then slowly turned to walk away. Elsa tried to balance herself. “Wait baby… I … “ She stumbled and nearly fell off the bed. “Get these fucking cuffs off me now you little bitch!” She kicked off her skirt as Carla fumbled with the cuffs. “Anna, please…” Elsa pleaded with her daughter to come back to the bedroom.

“I am not talking to you when you look like Ronald Mcdonald mum!” Anna shouted then slammed her bedroom door.

Carla and Mary laughed aloud at Anna’s comment as Elsa ran to the bathroom to wash her stained face. Minutes later Elsa appeared at the doorway to her bedroom and looked at Carla and Mary. “Don’t fucking say a word, you started all this you dirty bitch,” pointing at Carla.

Carla then seated herself next to Mary on the bed. Carla glanced at Mary and started to giggle. “I think we can lose the tampon now, don’t you?” Mary spat it out and it landed with a thud on the duvet.

Elsa walked towards Anna’s door and quietly knocked. The door opened slightly and Elsa crept in. When Carla heard the bedroom door close she pulled Mary up by her bound wrists. “Quick, in here…” They both entered the small box room and Carla flicked on the rest of the screens. She then removed the stocking from around Mary’s wrists. “Sit…” Carla ordered and pointed to the chair. Mary sat down and Carla sat on her lap. They both sat in silence looking at mother and daughter on the bed.


Elsa reached up to brush her daughters hair from her forehead. “I’m sorry Anna, I don’t quite know what happened!” Elsa saw her daughter grimace as she fidgeted on the bed, “are you ok… let me take a look at your bottom!” Anna turned around and even Elsa was surprised to see how much she had taken from Mary. “Ohh my darling, you need something on that… let me get some lotion.” Elsa turned to the bedside cabinet and found some lotion in amongst hair products and creams. “Get on the bed, all fours…” Anna whimpered as she slowly got on top of the bed. Elsa shuffled back and was now placed between her daughters feet and staring at her striped bum. She rubbed the lotion into her hands, “this may sting at first…”

“Ok…” Anna muttered. As she felt her mums hands caressing her bottom, she sobbed. “It… stings… mum!”

“It will pass in a minute and you will feel much better baby!” Elsa reassured her daughter as she smoothed the lotion over her firm bottom. It was clear that the stinging began to reduce as Anna’s sobs were now gone. Her buttocks were no longer on fire as her mother continued to slowly caress her. “You feeling better darling?” Anna nodded and moved herself more into her mother’s hands. Elsa moved her fingers a little lower, caressing the top of her daughter’s thighs.

“Ohh mum, that feels good, please don’t stop…not yet!”

Elsa stopped her actions, “what are you saying Anna?”

“Touch me mum, you know… down there!”

Elsa swallowed hard and licked her lips at the thought of what her daughter was requesting. She then slid her fingers between her daughter’s thighs. “Shit Anna, you’re soaked!” Elsa left her fingers there, slowly and lightly stroking her daughter’s pussy. “Tell me darling, why are you so wet?” The young pussy in her hand now twitched with each caress. Anna’s striped arse gently rocked to and fro.

“Oh Mum, I was standing in the doorway for ages watching you, Carla and Mary. I got so turned on seeing Carla make you do those things and…” Anna hesitated not wanting to say what she really wanted to say.

Elsa grinned, the devious smile apparent on her face. “Come on Anna, tell mummy everything!”

“Well… well, all the time I was… watching you. Your face buried in Mary’s pussy made me so horny! I was watching you all the time, and god… this is so embarrassing…”

“Baby, you can tell mummy anything… especially now with my fingers on your pussy!”

“I… I wanted to come up behind you and touch and feel you… mum this is so wrong!” Anna pulled away from her mother’s caresses. Elsa gripped her daughter’s hips and held her there, stopping her escape!

“I know you still want to do that and there is no reason why you can’t do it…” Elsa edged up the bed, her head resting on the mountain of pillows that adorned Anna’s bed. She spread her legs and ran her fingers over her stomach and then towards her inner thigh. “Come on baby, why don’t you touch mummy like this… I can see that you want to darling.” Elsa fingers crept over her mound and dipped in between her thighs. She moaned as her other hand pulled on her nipple. “Who’s gonna know Anna? Come on, touch me…”

Anna moved to the foot of the bed, her eyes fixed on her mothers fingers. Her gaze followed the two fingers as they lightly stroked her pussy. Anna could see how wet and inviting it was. She leant herself forward and with a velvety touch she glided her finger up her mums leg. Her finger rose higher until she reached her mum’s pussy. She wanted to touch it, but hesitated. Their eyes met and Elsa nodded; a silent gesture for Anna to carry on. Elsa withdrew her fingers from her pussy allowing her daughter to continue.

Anna’s finger lightly swirled patterns on her mother’s mound, moving lower with each movement. She then turned her hand so her palm was upward. She slowly slipped her finger between the pink, engorged lips and pressed softly into her as she edged her finger into her pussy. Elsa moaned as her daughter’s finger entered her. “Ohh baby, that’s it!” Anna moved her finger in and out slowly at first but when she heard her mother’s encouraging moans she began to finger her harder and harder. All of Anna’s resistance and hesitation had now vanished as she began to pound herself into her mother. “Yes my little bitch, fuck me… fuck me…”

Anna became hungrier for her mother’s moans and added another finger and continued to fuck her as hard as she could. “Fuck, you little bitch, make mummy cum…” As she said that she gripped onto Anna’s head and pushed her mouth onto her clit. “Make mummy cum… fucking eat me you slut…” Anna opened her mouth and massaged the swollen clit with her tongue, teeth and lips. She sucked it in her mouth as the hips beneath her jolted in succession. “I’m cumming baby… don’t stop…” Anna’s head was now bobbing up and down as she sucked and licked her mother’s quivering flesh. With one final tug on her clit, her mother screamed, “OHHH YES… YES… YEAHHH FUCKKK... OHHHHH GODDDD…” Anna kept her mouth on the throbbing clit then slowly withdrew her cum covered fingers. Strands of milky whiteness trailed from one finger to the other. In between her stuttering expletives Elsa managed to get a sentence out. “Let me lick those fingers baby.”

Anna moved up the bed and slowly inserted her fingers into her mother’s mouth and pulled them back and forth, encouraging her mother to suck them like a cock. When all the juices had gone, Elsa released her daughter’s fingers from her mouth. She ran her fingers through Anna’s hair and gently pulled Anna towards her. Their lips met and their tongues edged out and brushed against each other’s lips and teeth. Soft groans emanated throughout the room as the kisses became more passionate and desperate. Elsa pulled away and gazed into her daughter’s eyes.

“Mmm, Anna darling, stop a minute… there’s something I have to ask you.” Anna curiously looked up. “Have you enjoyed what’s been going on here, you know, you and Carla fucking on the chair and over the sofa and not forgetting the caning from Mary?” Anna’s face flushed and her eyes immediately lowered. “It’s ok to have enjoyed it darling, I just want to know… yes or no!” Anna looked up, her face red with embarrassment and she nodded.

“Yes mum, I… I enjoyed it all… but how do you know about me and Carla on the sofa and the chair, and speaking of them two where are they?”

Elsa chuckled, “I’m only doing this because you said you enjoyed it… if you’re lying to me then don’t blame me for what I’m about to do!” Elsa reached over her daughter and picked up the remote for the television. “All I need to do is put in the code.” Elsa tapped in her numbers, “there we go, now watch baby…”

“Ohhh my fucking god mum…what the fuck…” Anna squealed with delight at the screen in her bedroom. Mary and Carla were on top of Elsa’s desk in a 69 position. Carla’s head was rising and falling as she frantically licked at Mary’s pussy. Mary’s head was shaking from side to side as she urgently licked at Carla. “Mum, where’s the sound, we need sound…” Elsa laughed, and turned the volume up and they leant back in each other’s arms watching the porn show on the television screen.

“Mum, you really are a naughty mummy….”

“Mmm, yes I am a naughty mummy, but I think we owe the majority of it to Carla!” Anna glanced at her mother with a surprised look. Elsa then lifted an eyebrow and smiled deviously. “After all, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have found out that my darling daughter was really a submissive bitch now… would I?”


This is the final chapter in this series. Thank you for all the comments and feedback!

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