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Naughty Pictures


Kelly kept glancing at the bulletin board while the photographer tried to take her and her husband's Christmas card picture. This years picture would not be the best. Her husband, James, had a perpetual scowl on his face ever since the young female photographer had mistakenly called him, Kelly's father. This wasn't that unusual since James was twenty-eight years older then his thirty year old wife.

The message on the bulletin board read, "Naughty Pictures: $69.99 The perfect present for anniversaries, birthdays, or just to say I love you." Kelly was desperate to put a spark back into her marriage. Their tenth anniversary was next month and she thought that some sexy pictures might be just the thing to do the trick.

James had pursued Kelly the moment he saw her at her debutante ball in Boston. He was an unattractive, slightly pudgy man, but he was extremely wealthy and she had agreed to date him. They had married less then a year later and James had taken her virginity on their wedding night. Sex had been uninspiring at first and had gone down hill ever since. Still, she had her needs and found her sex drive was actually growing as she aged, where James could barely manage one erection a month. James' nice five inch penis just flopped limply in her hand almost every time she tried to make him hard. Naughty pictures just might put a little steel into his penis once again.

The problem was that Kelly was embarrassed by her body. She didn't like wearing even a modest one piece bathing suit or skirts shorter then knee length. Boys didn't even notice her until she wore her debutante gown. Then, all their attention made her so nervous she had never worn anything that daring again. She didn't think she could wear anything "naughty" in front of her husband let alone a strange photographer.

They finished up their session and the photographer showed them the pictures on the computer screen. Her husband selected the one that flattered him the best and they left. He was still scowling as they walked out into the downtown Miami mall.

They didn't like going places where commoners hung out and her husband led her straight towards the exit and his waiting mercedes.

They were almost to the exit when Kelly realized she had forgotten her purse. Kelly told her husband she would be right back and she hurried back to the photography studio to retrieve her purse. She grabbed her purse (it was from Saks and she was relieved it was still there) and thanked the photographer. Kelly turned back to the exit and her eyes paused on the bulletin board again. Before she knew it she had walked back over to the photographer. "Excuse me," Kelly said. "I'm curious about the pictures."

"They'll be ready in plenty of time for Christmas," replied the photographer.

"Not them," Kelly said lowering her voice, "the $69.99 special."

"Oh the naughty pictures," said the photographer a little too loudly. "Well for the $69.99 I will go to your home and take sexy pictures of you in various poses and outfits."

"I'm not sure I would be comfortable wearing anything too revealing."

"That's no problem," said the photographer smiling. "We can find something conservative and take it from there. Many wives even like wearing their wedding gowns."

Kelly still wasn't sure she wanted to do this, but James was waiting and she made an appointment anyway. She gave the photographer a day in mid January that she knew James would be away. Kelly could always cancel the appointment later. The photographer wrote the date down on a wall calendar and Kelly left. She was vaguely aware of a young black man holding the door for her and was careful not to look him in the eyes or say anything to him as she hurried back to her impatient husband.

Christmas and New Years came and went. James actually managed to get an erection once in the last month and they made love. Four minutes later, he was fast asleep and Kelly was resisting the urge to touch herself in a sinful way. She didn't sleep at all that night and her frustration finally made up her mind about the naughty pictures. The following night, she dreamed that the pictures had turned James on so much, they made love every night for a week.


On the day the photographer was supposed to show up, Kelly got out of bed and took a shower. Her husband had left on business the night before and she was alone in their big house. She got out of the shower and toweled herself dry. Still nude Kelly walked over to the mirror and looked at herself. Even alone she felt exposed and had a desire to cover herself up. She knew she had a figure most women would kill for. She had large breasts with dark nipples that stood out against her pale white skin. Her aureola were small, but her nipples were long and fat. They hardened easily and despite her bulky clothes, men often stared at them. Her waist was narrow, tapering down until her hips flared out again. Her stomach was nice and flat all the way down to her light brown pubic hairs. Her hair was also light brown and reached down to the tops of her breasts.

Kelly smiled at her reflection and checked the corners of her eyes. Still no crow's feet. She still looked exactly like the eighteen year old debutante, James had married. The only weight she had gained was in her breasts.

Still nude, she walked back to the bedroom and rummaged around in the back of her large walk-in closet. She pulled her wedding dress out and looked at it for the first time in ten years. It was a beautiful lacy white dress that left her arms bare and was actually quite daring for her. All her guests had gasped when she had first appeared at her wedding and none of the men had taken their eyes off her all night.

She slipped the dress on over her head, proud that it was still a perfect fit. Her breasts were a little snug though. They looked huge pushed up against the dress's fabric.

Kelly took the dress off and draped it over the chair by her bed. She put on her modest one piece bathing suit and pulled on a sweat shirt and pants over it. She felt exposed until the sweats covered her body. She had a funny feeling in her stomach at the thought of posing for the photographer and she was surprised to realize that half was nervousness, but the other half was excitement.

Kelly checked the time. She still had an hour until the photographer was due to arrive. She went downstairs, knowing it was a little early to start drinking, but she needed something to boost her courage and settle her stomach. She fixed a margarita and then another. She was finishing her second one when the doorbell rang.

Kelly swallowed down the rest of her drink and hurried to the door. She gulped, then pulled the door open. She was surprised to see a young black man standing at her door and even more surprised to see a camera tripod hanging over his shoulder.

"Hello Mrs Johnson," said the black man, "I'm Ike. I'm hear to take your pictures."

Kelly stood there for a second with her mouth open in shock. The young black man didn't look older then eighteen and he was huge. When she had opened the door, she had found herself staring at his chest. "There must be some mistake," Kelly said. "I wasn't expecting you." She vaguely remembered a black man at the photography studio opening the door for her.

"Sue's son took ill and she asked me to fill in for her. Trust me, I'm a great photographer. You'll love the pictures."

"I don't think this would be appropriate."

"You have a problem that I'm black?" he asked.

"No, not that at all," she lied. Already she had said more words to this young man then she had to all the black people she had ever met. "I was expecting a women photographer. I mean, I'm married."

"I understand," he said. "If you want we can cancel, but Sue won't be available for another couple weeks."

This ruined everything, thought Kelly. She needed these pictures by next week. "Alright come on in then," she said opening the door wide. She still didn't know if she could go through with this, but she did know one thing, she'd need another margarita before she'd try.

Kelly gave the photographer a tour of her house and explained that she was looking for some bathing suit shots and then some pictures of her in her wedding dress. The black man said he'd need thirty minutes to set up and she immediately returned to the bar and fixed another margarita and then another. Soon a warm glow was spreading throughout her stomach from the alcohol and she was feeling a little heady.

"Alright Mrs Johnson, all ready to go," the photographer called from the pool.

Kelly finished her drink and stood up. She walked out to pool and saw that he had set up three camera's pointed at the steps leading down into the pool.

"Ok ma'am," he said. "Strip down to your suit and go over to the steps." Ike frowned when she walked over to the small enclosed shower to change. He frowned again when she came out with a towel wrapped around her. "Ready when you are," he said and she dropped the towel. He couldn't believe the lame one-piece suit she was wearing. He had been expecting a bikini, but this thing looked like something women wore in the 1920's. Still, it couldn't hide what had to be the sexiest body he had ever seen on a woman. What looked like huge nipples were poking out the material of her top and her breasts were mouth-watering. "Now slowly walk into the water," he said.

This was the hardest thing she had ever done and she shivered as she slowly walked down the steps of the pool. The black man stayed huddled behind the tripod snapping pictures as she slowly emerged herself up to her thighs.

"Now swim over to me," he said following her progress across the pool with his camera. "Perfect. You look beautiful. Now haul yourself out and sit on the edge of the pool with your feet dangling in the water."

She did as he said and the black man bent down and put his hands on her shoulders adjusting them to his liking, then he threw her hair around one shoulder. It was the first time any man other then James had touched her. She found she didn't really mind. It wasn't like this young black man was a peer of hers or anything and the pose would make a nice picture.

"Nice," he said snapping a few shots. "Now come on out and lay on your side on this cot."

Kelly got out of the pool and almost stumbled as the heat of the day caused all the alcohol to rush to her head. She was grateful to sit back down on her deck cot. She moved the back down so it was flat and she laid down. The photographer kneeled and snapped a few shots then he sighed loudly.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Well, I don't want to sound to forward, but that bathing suit looks like something my grandmother would wear. I know these pictures are for your anniversary and if your looking to really excite your husband, you need to wear something a little sexier."

Kelly sighed. The black man was right. She had worn this bathing suit around her husband before and he hadn't paid any attention to her then so why should he now? "Ummm,"

"Ike," he said.

"Yes Ike," she repeated his name. "Your right, but I don't own anything else."

"Your in luck," he replied. "We supply a selection of outfits at no additional cost. Let me go get them."

Kelly watched him run out of the house to his car. She hadn't expected this. She needed more confidence, so she went into the house to make another drink. It was hot, so Kelly thought it would be nice to make whats-his-name a drink too. He came back carrying a couple boxes when she was hall-way through her margarita. She handed him his drink.

"No thanks, I'm underage," he said.

No problem, thought Kelly, I'll drink it.

Go put this on," he said handing her a box.

She peeked inside. The box contained one of the smallest bikini's she had ever seen. "I can't wear this," she said looking at the eye-patched sized cups, "I mean, I can't wear something someone else has worn."

"I can assure you that all our clothes are brand new and have never been worn. They have even been washed several time," lied Ike. He had bought everything yesterday at the Salvation Army for $5. "At least go try it on." Ike saw she was still hesitating and added, "Trust me Mr Johnson. I know my stuff. My pictures have probably saved more marriages then a marriage councilor."

"There's nothing wrong with my marriage," said Kelly as she tucked the box with the bikini under her arm and marched off to the shower to change. The damn black man knew just the right thing to say.

Kelly entered the shower and closed the door. She slid her one-piece off and laid it over the rim of the shower enclosure. She picked up the bikini top and examined it closely. She could barely figure out how to put it on. Finally she figured it out and her shaky fingers managed to tie the sides. The top was about one size too small and it only covered about one third of her breasts. Her damn nipples were rock hard too and they stretched the material out even further. The panties were even more confusing. It was all strings except for one narrow piece of fabric. She decide the fabric was supposed to cover her pubic hair and she stepped into it, tying the sides. Kelly looked down at her body. She couldn't get a good view in the narrow enclosure, but she knew the bikini was way too revealing and she couldn't where it out to the pool. She reached up to grab her one-piece. IT WAS GONE! Kelly frowned and assumed it had fallen over the wall. She stooped and looked under the enclosure, but it was nowhere to be seen. She decided it was a sign that she should go through with this and marshaling her courage she stepped outside the shower.

Kelly immediately noticed her suit lying over the back of a chair drying in the sun. The black man was fiddling with his camera. She assumed her suit had blown down and the photographer had thrown it over the chair to dry. She wasn't surprised to see that he had taken his shirt off since it was an extremely hot day, but she was surprised to see he had the most muscular chest she had ever seen. Kelly hadn't seen so many muscles in one place before and found herself wishing her husband had a quarter of the black man's muscles. She forced her eyes off his chest and up to his face. He was handsome in a brutish way. He had a shaved head, flat nose, and big lips. He was also one of the darkest black men she had ever seen. "What's next?" she asked.

Ike had forced himself not to react when he saw the beautiful women in the bikini walk out of the shower. He felt his big cock stiffen up when he saw her bare ass and her breasts jiggiling in the little g-string. "Well now that your properly attired, I think we should re-do the other poses," he said. "Lets try walking down the steps again.

Kelly felt a cool breeze on her rear and looking back she realized her posterior was bared to the world. One of the strings on the bikini bottoms was sliding up between her cheeks. She was a little surprised to find that the bikini was actually quite comfortable. She found wearing it to be... liberating.

Kelly ran through the same poses she had in the last shoot. The one exception being that the photographer had her duck under the water and took some shots of her bursting out of the pool. She found she enjoyed following his orders He had just finished taking pictures of her lying on her side on the cot, when she heard him yell, "Damn."

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"My shirt just blew in the water. Please keep an eye on me while I fish it out. I can't swim."

Ike walked behind the cot, so that Kelly was facing away from him and he grabbed the pool net off the wall. Now or never, he thought reaching into his shorts pocket for the camera remote. He concealed the remote in his hand and through the net over his shoulder. He hit the remote and snapped some pictures of him walking behind Mrs Johnson.

The black guy walked past her and he began trying to net his shirt from the pool. Kelly kept an eye on him to make sure he didn't fall in. Her eyes kept wandering down his chest and she forced them back up to his face. Staring at the chest of an eighteen year old black man wasn't proper for a thirty year old, white married woman.

Ike took more pictures with the remote as he tried to net his shirt. Hopefully, she was staring at him as he snapped the shots. If he had set up the cameras right, it would look like he was the pool boy and she was the mistress of the house planning on seducing him.

Ike retrieved his shirt and draped it next to her one piece suit. He said, "Ok just a few more and we'll move inside. Do you have any lotion by the way? Your starting to burn."

"You're right," she said. "I'd better go get some. I'm not used to exposing this much skin."

Kelly ran into the house and upstairs. She grabbed her lotion of the bureau in the bedroom and paused when she passed the full length mirror. She looked at herself in shock. The bikini was completely see-thru when wet! She could see her big dark nipples straining against the thin fabric of the top and she could see her pubic hair underneath the thin material of the bikini bottoms. She spun around looking at the nude, white moon of her posterior. She was showing off more of her body in this bikini then even her husband had ever seen. James had never seen her nude in a well-it room. If she had known how revealing this bikini was, she never would have worn it. Oh well, she shrugged, too late now and I do look great, she thought, giggiling. She smiled at her reflection and returned downstairs. Maybe she'd even keep the bikini and wear it around the pool when no one else was home.

Kelly sat down in the cot and laid back as she began rubbing lotion into her arms and legs. The black man kneeled before her with a camera in his hand and started snapping some shots when her hands moved to her chest. "Ummm"

"Ike," he said. This white bitch couldn't even be bothered to remember his name.

"Ike, what are you doing?"

"These will make for some sexy shots. Now rub lotion around the tops of those big breasts."

She didn't like him commenting on her breasts, but her hands moved to obey him. He then had her rub lotion all over her belly as he snapped some more shots. She turned over to do her back.

Here let me help you," said Ike grabbing the bottle of lotion from her hand. He pulled out the remote with one hand as he rubbed lotion onto her back with the other hand he began to take pictures. It would look like the white wife had asked the pool boy to rub lotion on her back. People paid good money to look at this stuff on the internet.

She tensed up when Ike first touched her, but his big black hand felt good on her back and she relaxed a little as he moved down. She jumped again when his hand ran over her left butt cheek and she was about to protest, but by then he was rubbing oil onto her right cheek. His hand moved down to her thigh and it took all her will power not to spread her legs open. The area between her legs felt moist. The alcohol and exposing herself was turning her on and she was disgusted with herself. It was all James' fault though for not taking care of her. He'd better be able to get it up on their anniversary. She wasn't even sure that she could wait a week. "That should be enough," she told Ike. He immediately stopped and walked around before her face.

"Why don't you get on all fours," he said. Ike took some pictures and added, "Now squeeze those big boobs between your arms. Your husband's gonna like this pose." Her breasts looked tremendous hanging down like this and it strained the material of her top so much, it almost looked like she was topless.

"Damn," he said. "Hold the pose. The sun's glaring off your sexy round ass." He grabbed the towel and walked behind her.

Ike stood behind her and pulled his shorts down under his balls, releasing his giant cock. "Hold the pose he said wiping the towel across her ass. He dropped the towel and held his twelve inch cock just over her ass cheeks and took a picture. He quickly pushed his cock down so that it looked like he was getting ready to penetrate her and took a few more. He could always airbrush out the bikini strings. "Wait it's still glaring," he said picking the towel back up and wiping her ass. "Hold the pose." He grabbed the base of his big cock and squeezed. Ike bent over and stuck his tongue just above her cheeks so that it looked like he was getting ready to tongue her ass-hole and took some more pictures. He then stood back up straight. He was still squeezing his cock and it had swollen even bigger from the blood filling it. He held his cock above her ass and posed so that it looked like he was about to cum.

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