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Naughty Showoffs


"Kate, can I ask you a big favour?"

It was Friday, they were sitting in Lexie's kitchen after doing the morning chores and Kate had already noticed her friend's quiet mood. Maybe her request would explain why. "Yes, of course."

"It's a bit personal, so if you want to say no, I'll understand." Lexie paused. "But if you do say no, will you promise me that you'll never tell anybody what I asked?"

"Of course."

"In fact, please don't tell anyone anyway."

"Okay, I promise." Kate was getting more than a little intrigued.

"Will you take some photographs for me, of me and Chris making love?"

The shock on must have shown on Kate's face, because Lexie had to suppress a giggle before she continued and tried to explain.

"We've taken photos of each other before and we've tried to take some of ourselves together, but it just doesn't work. It needs someone else to do it, to get the right angle and so on."

"You mean nude photos, showing everything?" Kate looked how she felt, totally amazed that her long time friend could do such a thing.

Lexie stifled another giggle. "Yes everything, you know, legs wide open, that sort of thing."

"So we're talking porn here, are we?"

"Yes, I suppose we are." Lexie nodded her agreement. "But we find it a turn on, so what does it matter?"

"Well, it doesn't, I suppose. But doesn't it worry you that someone else might get to see them?"

"No." Lexie smiled. "That doesn't worry us at all."

Kate looked at her curiously and she went on hurriedly.

"Who is going to see them that we don't actually show them to?"

"Hmm, ok, but I'd still be worried myself." Kate wondered why Lexie might want to show them to anybody at all, but she didn't comment.

"We're careful." Lexie assured her. "Now, going back to what I asked. Will you do it for us? There's only you that we'd trust."

Kate nodded, agreeing a little reluctantly, still feeling wrong about intruding into her friend's private life even by invitation. But Lexie was a good friend and she didn't want to let her down, even about something as bizarre as this.

In a way she envied Lexie her exciting sex life, even if it was a little out of the ordinary. Kate hadn't had any kind of sex life since her former partner, Carl, had walked out on her some two years before. She was, he told her in angry spite, too ugly to fancy. Even though she suspected they were said to cover his own shortcomings, because of those hurtful words she had never had the courage to start again with someone else, and she missed it badly.

She put on a pseudo-professional attitude to cover her awkwardness.

"Okay, so where and when would you prefer?"

"How about tomorrow evening?" Lexie giggled suddenly. "I was going to say 'if you've got nothing on', but that's going to be us, isn't it?"

"Mind you." She went on after a thoughtful pause. "It would probably be less awkward all round if you undressed as well?"

It was a question posed as a statement, and one that Kate was not expecting at all. Things seemed to be getting a little out of hand here.

"If I do this, I'm only going to be taking pictures you know, not taking part. So why would I need to strip off?"

"I don't know, I wasn't thinking of you joining in. I just thought we'd all feel more comfortable with each other if we all stripped."

"Yes, ok." Kate said slowly, hearing the indignant note in Lexie's answer. "You're probably right. Okay, but if you don't mind I'd prefer to keep my panties on."

"That's no problem. I can understand how you'd feel." Lexie smiled, a quick, tiny, almost embarrassed smile. "It would set the boundaries in any case, and that's probably for the best. Chris fancies you like mad, you know."

Kate had to stifle a surprised gasp at Lexie's remark, because something she'd never told her was that she had secretly hankered after Chris for a long time. Not that she would ever do anything about it with a friend's husband, but it was nice to know her interest was reciprocated regardless of what Carl had said.

No sooner had Lexie gone than Kate began to worry about what she'd agreed to do. Not from the photography angle because she enjoyed taking pictures anyway, and although she'd never taken that kind she was sure she could cope. She was more worried about getting turned on, although, she had to admit, it would be nice to see Chris's cock, before she forgot what one looked like. Perhaps she could persuade Lexie to let her have a copy of a picture that showed it in all its unbridled glory.

She shook her head. This was no way to be thinking about a best friend's husband. She'd been without for too long, she told herself, that was the trouble. That night she knew her rampant rabbit would work overtime.

For most of Saturday Kate kept herself to herself, feeling embarrassed and ashamed because of the images that had flooded her mind's eye as she had rammed her vibrator into her own pussy before finally curling over for sleep. All day she managed to avoid seeing her neighbours, sure that they would have heard her cry out his name in orgasm and convinced that in any case they would cut her dead when she knocked on their door that evening. For a while she persuaded herself that she could stay away and then tell them later that she had changed her mind, but she knew that wouldn't do, and -- a little later than planned -- she knocked nervously on their door.

Lexie answered the door wearing her usual sloppy jogging suit instead of the tarty outfit that Kate had somehow been expecting and asked her in just as she would have at any other time. The only differences were that, instead of the usual coffee, she was offered a glass of white wine, and instead of plonking themselves down in the kitchen, Lexie ushered her through to the lounge.

"Are you still all right about tonight?" Lexie asked her as they walked through.

"Yes, no worries." Kate lied. "I'm looking forward to it."

"Good." Lexie told her as she opened the door into the lounge. "We are grateful, and the last thing we want to do is make you feel uncomfortable, do we Chris?"

She raised her voice at the end, the last words aimed at her husband who lounged comfortably on the sofa. Kate thought, not for the first time, how alike the couple were. Both of them at the back end of their twenties, four or five years older than Kate, and both fair-haired and blue eyed, and very, very attractive with figures that film stars would have envied. At least, she thought, it wouldn't be difficult to make these two look good, whatever they got up to.

"No, no way. And thanks for helping us out." Chris climbed to his feet and came forward to meet her, pecking good-naturedly at each cheek.

For a little while they made stilted conversation as they sipped at their wine, all of them unsure how to bring up 'the' subject, until finally Lexie could wait no longer.

"Look, I know we all feel a bit self-conscious, but to put it bluntly I feel as hot as hell, and I want to get things going."

"Whenever your ready, sweetheart." Chris glanced meaningfully at an obvious bulge in his trousers. "How do you want to start?"

"What if you and I go upstairs undress, and then Kate gets ready down here and follows in about five minutes? That way we won't feel so self-conscious getting undressed in front of each other."

"Sounds good to me. Is that okay with you Kate?" Chris stood up without waiting for an answer, taking a compact digital camera from a drawer and passing it to Kate. "You know how to use it don't you? It's charged up and there's new memory card in, so take as many shots as you like."

"Yes, just photograph anything and everything, there are no limits." Lexie told her. "One thing I would say, though. Please don't ask us to pose or anything, just take what you see and let us get on with things. And the ruder and more depraved the better."

"I think she means the more explicit the better." Chris chuckled at his wife's choice of words. "Anything you like, just take the pictures."

Kate smiled and nodded. "I understand, shut up and shoot, yes?"

"Exactly." Lexie beamed, leading Chris towards the stairs. "It's the first door on the right at the top."

Kate sat waiting after Lexie and Chris had disappeared, thinking about what she was about to see, and wondering about the effect it might have on her. She just hoped that, if -- or was it when - she did get aroused, it wouldn't show enough for them to notice. But then, she thought, if she got really turned on, it won't matter anyway.

She glanced at the clock. Her five minutes had raced away, and she jumped up, quickly stripped down to the flimsy little briefs that she had deliberately selected as being sexy without revealing anything important. She made her way as quietly as possible up the stairs, looking the controls of the camera over as she went and shivering slightly from anticipation as well as the feel of cool air on her breasts.

The door immediately to the right at the top of the stairs stood just slightly ajar. She pushed at it gently, letting it swing slowly open until she could see into the room, and then walking softly in to find herself at the foot of the double bed looking at her friends lying naked and in each others arms.

Lexie turned her head slightly towards her, smiled and winked, and then went back to kissing Chris. It was to be their only acknowledgment of her presence until they had finished.

For a few moments Kate just stood and stared, trying to come to terms with what she was witnessing. Lexie had one leg thrown over Chris's, his hand stroking her thigh, with both her arms round him and holding him close. They were kissing passionately with their eyes closed and their mouths open, apparently oblivious to everything around them. She'd known what to expect, of course, but the reality of seeing the two people she knew so well lying together in bed threw her for a little while, and she had to collect her thoughts before she could accept it and set about doing the job she was there for.

Her first few shots were simply general photos of the two of them together, taken really more to ease Kate into her task and to make the lovers at ease with her presence than to be worthwhile erotic pictures. But then she settled to her task and began composing her shots properly.

Kate was a natural photographer and soon dropped into her role, finding, to her surprise, that she was enjoying framing her shots, avoiding perspective pitfalls with their attendant flipper feet, and taking advantage of the ambient light to create a romantic rather than pornographic mood.

Only once was she taken aback by what she saw, and that was early on in the session when she knelt to take a shot of Lexie's leg as it lay over Chris's, intending to include her bottom in the picture. This was the first shot that would include part of Lexie's pussy, and Kate was amazed to find that Lexie was shaved. They had lived next door to each other for nearly five years, and it was something that had never come up and which Kate had never even thought about. For some reason the sight sent a thrill of unexpected excitement through her, perhaps because it confirmed just how personal the photographs were.

She was happy with her work, getting a kick from those shots that she found most pleasing. Pictures that she was sure would be a turn on, such as the one in which Chris's slick and shining finger was playing in Lexie's pussy, or when she captured the sight of his balls tightening and his cock swelling as he flooded Lexie with his cum. But best of all she loved the picture that caught the far-away look in Lexie's eyes and the involuntary opening of her mouth as her orgasm swept through her. She tried, and hoped she succeeded, in capturing eroticism rather than lewdness, lovemaking instead of screwing, because these were, after all, two of her closest friends and she wanted to do her best for them.

So engrossed had Kate become with her photography that any effect it might be having on her went totally unnoticed until the end. But then, when the pair finally rolled apart, shiny and breathless, she realised that her nipples were standing out like little buttons and her pussy was feeling distinctly moist beneath her briefs. She gazed down at Lexie, seeing her shaven pussy leaking Chris's cum, and wished she could change places. For a moment the unspoken wish made her feel distinctly and embarrassingly out of place, and increasingly horny. She really would have to get back in the sexual saddle she told herself, if she could find anyone prepared to fuck her.

Lexie and Chris made a frozen and very sexy tableau on the bed as they struggled to regain their equilibrium, with only the sounds of their heavy breathing and the movement of their chests revealing their effort. But then Chris rolled off of the bed and climbed shakily to his feet.

"I'm going to get a quick shower. I need the loo in any case." He told Lexie, his words punctuated by the effort of breathing.

"That's too much information." Lexie told him. "We'll have a look at the pics while you're gone."

"Okay, you and Kate pick the ones you want."

"You and Kate pick the ones we want for what?" Kate asked Lexie as Chris headed through the door.

Lexie slipped neatly from the bed and opened a laptop, collecting the camera as the computer opened up. "We going to post the best half dozen or so online, didn't I say?" She knew full well that she hadn't, not sure that Kate would have agreed to take them if she had. "We always do that."

There was about a half a minute of shocked silence.

"What?" Kate gasped eventually, her eyes wide with surprise.

"We post some of them on an amateur porn site. We love the idea that anybody can drool over our pics, but not know who we are. It could even be people we know, but they wouldn't know it was us."

Lexie was talking as her fingers moved across the keyboard, acting as naturally as if everybody did the same thing, and that shocked Kate even more. But for all her genuine bewilderment, at the back of her mind was the stray thought that said 'I wish I had the nerve to do that'. She watched with a strange kind of envy as thumbnails of the downloading photographs began to fill the screen.

"You know?" Lexie turned to face her, completely unfazed by her own nudity. "You're one hell of a photographer. Come and have a look at what you did. They're bloody brilliant."

Kate moved her gaze from Lexie's breasts to the laptop screen.

"I mean, just look at this." Lexie opened a shot showing Chris's cock withdrawing from her pussy. "How did you manage to make his shaft glisten like that?"

"I don't know...."

"And this." Lexie opened another, this time one of her pussy gaping as Chris's fingers rubbed at her clit. "You can see right up inside me, all wide open and wet, and sexy."

Lexie expanded more thumbnails, extolling the virtues of each picture as she came to it, until finally Kate became embarrassed from the accolades.

"Okay, I'm glad your happy with them, what will Chris think?"

"He'll think you're a wonder." Lexie changed the subject. "Now, I want you to pick out the half dozen that you think are the sexiest, and they're the ones I'm going to put on the internet."

Kate made her selection and Lexie copied them into a separate folder.

"Why do you want to put them where anybody can see them?" She didn't understand, even though she could feel the power of the attraction.

"Because it's a turn on, it's as simple as that." Lexie smiled. "In a way we're showing off, sort of saying to people that we're hotter than they are."

"How many have you posted?" Kate asked, her curiosity roused.

"Loads." Lexie answered. "Hang on, I'll show you them. But promise not to tell anyone, will you?"

"No, I won't say a word." Kate had to smile at someone who would happily let the world see her most intimate bits, but didn't want anyone to know they were hers.

Lexie typed her password in and there before them both were dozens of photo's of Lexie and Chris in very explicit but anonymous poses. She selected one at random, one that showed Lexie's pussy with a very large vibrator inserted as far as it would go. Under the picture was a score of 4.75, apparently out of five, and several comments posted by viewers, all of which were extremely graphic if vulgarly approving. One even suggesting that his even larger cock would be better than the vibe. Lexie pointed to a number above the top corner of the picture.

"That's how many people have looked at this picture."

"Seven thousand? Over seven thousand people have looked at a photo of you with a vibe stuck up you?" This time it was mixture of horror, amazement, and a big dose of jealousy.

"Some have had a lot more than that." Lexie opened another pic, this time a legs wide shot where she was holding her smoothly shaved labia apart with her fingers. "Look at this, nearly sixteen thousand views."

She was clearly proud of her popularity, and Kate was more than a little envious.

"Wait a minute, I'll just submit these new ones."

A few clicks later and Lexie relaxed back in her chair.

"There, now we just have to wait a couple of days to get them approved, and then they'll be up there too, and I bet they get a brilliant score." She giggled sexily. "It's good to know that people think your pussy's nice to look at, isn't it?"

"I don't know. I've never shown mine off." Kate replied, adding without thinking. "But I can see that it would be."

"Then post some of you. You can put them with mine."

Kate felt a thrill surge through her at the thought of it.

"I haven't got any to post."

"No problem, I'll take some of you, and then we'll put them up with mine."

Kate was tempted, so bloody tempted, and Lexie could see her wavering.

"Go on, slip your panties off. Chris won't be back for a while yet."

They could hear the shower still running, but still Kate hesitated, wanting to but worried about getting caught. But Lexie, it seemed, knew her better than she realised and she took the initiative, disconnecting the camera from the laptop and pointing meaningfully towards the bed. Kate was in a kind of daze as she took off her briefs and obeyed the instruction to lie on the bed with her legs apart.

The first click of the shutter sent a tingle all the way down Kate's body. She'd actually been photographed naked. Not only that, but when the pictures got posted online she had potentially, shown her private parts to the world. The shutter clicked again and she shuddered from the pure thrill of it.

"Spread a bit wider." Lexie's voice cut through the haze of her pleasure.

She looked at the camera and opened her legs as wide as she could, wanting the camera's unseeing eye to capture everything. She could feel that she was getting wetter by the second and her breathing was beginning to deepen from her arousal.

"It's getting to you isn't it." Lexie giggled as she spoke. "It does to me too."

"God, yes. Are you really going to post these?"

"Are you sure you want me to."

"Yes please."

"Then we will. Now pull your legs right back, let's make sure they can see everything you've got."

Kate knew that 'they' were the people online and she groaned with excitement at the thought that several thousand people would soon be able to look at both of her explicitly displayed holes. The camera kept clicking, the digital imitation of its film operated forerunner punctuating her ever growing arousal.

"Lovely. Now reach round the back of your legs and hold yourself open." Lexie instructed. "I want them to see right up your hole, just like you did with me."

Kate breathed in deeply, closing her eyes in pleasure as her mind took in Lexie's directions. She pulled her legs back and reached over her thighs, her fingertips eventually finding and spreading the lips of her pussy. She was showing herself to Lexie and her camera, but in her mind thousands of men gazed at her wide open vagina. It didn't matter how unattractive she was if her pussy was thought beautiful.

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