tagIncest/TabooNaughty Spot Ch. 04

Naughty Spot Ch. 04


You will enjoy this series more if you read the first three instalments. The characters are all over 18 and there is some activity involving bodily functions. If that bothers you, read no further.


Susan's life was definitely on the uptick. She was in love with Brad, whose self-confidence combined with the interest he obviously shared with her in including some dominance and submission in their private time pushed her attraction to him over the top. Her mother had reformed, so to speak, in that she no longer made Susan's life miserable by scolding her about everything and then spanking her.

After the sessions with Susan's aunt and cousin, which her mother had initiated, Susan had a very different feeling about her. Mary was in her late 40s but retained the figure and mien of a younger woman. She did not have to work so she did do volunteer service and in fact, managed one organization, a responsibility that occupied a great deal of her time.

Susan thought that the pressures her mother experienced just from this volunteer work may have caused Mary to let up on bothering Susan about everything: whether her room was clean or her clothes were put away, or...and now Susan began to wonder about what had happened, because she realized that her mother no longer insisted on inspecting Susan's panties to see if she had stained them.

Susan had regarded this practice as by far the most humiliating aspect of her home life with her mother. Here she was home from college with a good job and she had to stop everything and lift her skirt and pull down her panties for her mother to check whether there were pee or poo or period stains in the crotch.

One evening after the two had enjoyed a pleasant dinner at home, Susan decided to open the subject, not that she was looking to change what had become a very improved situation but merely to satisfy her curiosity.

"Mom," she said very matter-of-factly, "I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated everything you did to rectify that awful situation with Aunt Charlotte and Pamela. It meant a great deal to me. In fact, I think it has made my whole outlook so much more positive and that is reflected in my work."

She smiled as she told her mother than she was being considered for a major promotion at work and would definitely receive a large salary boost and a bonus to boot.

"That's wonderful, Susan," her mother replied, "and you have my congratulations, unless you feel they are arriving prematurely?"

"Not at all," Susan answered with confidence. "I may not get this particular job, but I'm in line for something better and it won't take long, of that I'm quite certain."

"Well, that's all to the good," her mother said. "I am also happy that those get-togethers with Charlotte and Pamela turned out so well. I see that Pamela has been quite solicitous of your opinion as she pursues her own career."

"Yes, mother," Susan said, "she has called and come by for lunch. I confess that she seems an entirely different person. Instead of wondering too much, I've decided to accept her for what she is, or has become."

"A wise course, my dear," Mary responded with approval. "I should say, by the way, that I do owe you some recompense myself for how I treated you when you first came home. I really don't know what came over me that brought out that rather bitchy side of my character when it came to dealing with you, but it was not right and I'm very very sorry, Susan."

Susan was only slightly taken aback by how her normally quite assertive mother had gone so far as to confess that she had been at fault in how she had treated her daughter.

"I'm happy to accept that apology, Mother," she answered coolly, "and I hope that our present situation continues to be as nice as it has become. I should tell you that my relationship with Brad is progressing very well and I won't be surprised if it develops into something more ensuring quite soon."

"Susan," her mother interjected. "This all sounds wonderful but you would tell me if you were pregnant, I hope?"

Susan's face blanched and she looked at her mother with a feeling of sadness more than annoyance.

"Mom, I'm a big girl now and you needn't fret about that," she said with a bit of an edge in her voice.

"I'm sorry, Susan," her mother answered, anxious to cool the fire she had inflamed, "I shouldn't have said that. Maybe it's the lack of regular male company that I'm missing these days."

"Do you think that that was what caused you to behave so awfully to me over the months after I came home from university?" Susan asked. "I chalked it up to your still seeing me as a teenager and that you would treat me as one, but perhaps this was what was bothering you?"

"I guess so," her mother said in response, showing an uncertainty that Susan found quite uncharacteristic of her normally assertive and quite sure-of-herself parent.

"I think you need to start dating again," Susan suggested. "I'm sure there are some men you like with whom you come into contact at your organization."

"There are," Mary said haltingly.

Susan acted on her intuition. "Mom," she said, "I think something happened to you. Did you have a bad experience recently?"

Mary, again very uncharacteristically, looked to her daughter as though she might start to cry.

"Susan, I just told you how I missed regular male company," she began. "Let me be direct with you because I know I can trust you and because I know you share some similar interests with me. More about that later."

"I had something of an ongoing relationship with a lovely man before you came back from university," she related. "It was so good that I should have started asking myself how it could be that good."

"Susan, I'm going to get a bit graphic and I hope that's all right with you," her mother said somewhat shyly, especially for her.

"Mom, I think we can cut through some of that by now, can't we?" Susan said brightly and firmly. "So you were getting fucked early and often and you enjoyed it, correct?"

"Yes, Susan," her mother sighed. "I'm glad we've reached the point where we can speak so directly even if I'm not used to it."

"So what happened?" Susan went on.

"He had been very honest with me in one respect," her mother replied. "He had told me that his wife was away and from the way he spoke, she was away indefinitely. She was being treated for something serious, and while I really kept myself from thinking the worst for her, I couldn't help wondering how things might be if she were—out of the picture for good."

"So what happened?" Susan repeated her question.

"She's back home," her mother said in a dead voice. "She recovered, but only partially. He has to take care of her. But it looks like she will improve, and in the meantime, he's lost to me."

"You ran with the married men," Susan commented, "and even though he had a good story, it may turn out that he was honest and didn't know what would happen, so he played the odds and...you lost. So you found one man, you can go back and look some more or see who your contacts set you up with."

"This all made me start to feel like I had taken this out on you when you came home," her mother said. "I'm not looking for sympathy but that seems to me what happened and why I was so terrible to you."

"It does make it more understandable," Susan said, "if not justifiable."

"Are you still angry with me?" Mary looked directly into her daughter's eyes as she asked the question.

Susan was not going to back off having come this far.

"Yes, Mother, I am," she said bluntly. "You did set it up so I punished Charlotte and Pam, but I have not settled this score with you yet. Understand that I'm not being some vengeful type but I really did take an awful lot of nasty shit from you."

"What do you want?" Mary asked, still retaining some dignity.

"I want to discipline you like the others," Susan declared, just as plainly.

"You mean give me a spanking?" Mary asked incredulously.

"Yes, that would be part of it," Susan answered, maintaining her edge with a dollop of softness thrown in. "I would like to show you what it's like to be embarrassed, and perhaps, even humiliated. By the way, does this woman who recovered know about you?"

"She apparently, according to him, behaved quite nicely," her mother said calmly. "She told him she understood that he had had needs and that he acted to satisfy them, but she would accept that he never had given up on her so she assumed if he agreed with that, that he was hers now and hers alone till death do us part."

"Wow," Susan exclaimed, "that was taking him for the full deal, wasn't it? She's today's version of Olivia de Havilland, Melanie in Gone With the Wind".

"I think he really loved her and I think he had given up on her chances," Mary answered.

"I can see what he was thinking," Susan said thoughtfully, "but I'd really like to tan his hide for what he ended up doing to you."

"Susan, I actually have come to feel that I took a fair chance here and I threw snake eyes," her mother said with a rueful smile.

"That's probably a good way to go, Mom," Susan replied with a sincere smile. "I admire your strength."

"Do you want to spank me now?" Mary said, not so far out of the blue as it first seemed when Susan heard that amazing request.

Susan pretended to ponder the question and then coolly answered, "Yes, I do."

She allowed the pause to go on for a few more moments.

"Mother, I want you to do exactly what I say now," Susan said in a very commanding tone. "You will not enjoy this except to the extent that we do share what you called these interests. But it's happening."

"Stand up, Mary," she said, allowing the imperiousness to convey her feelings of assertiveness in using her mother's given name.

Her mother stood, still proud if bowed.

"I want you to unzip your skirt and take it off," Susan said in her direct manner. "You will also remove your blouse and if you have a slip on, that comes off, too. Right now."

"May I first go freshen up?" her mother asked, still using the classic euphemism for a toilet visit.

"You may not," Susan said firmly, making certain that her mother understood that this was not a game or a gesture.

"I understand," her mother answered and removed her skirt, blouse, and slip. Now she stood before her well-attired daughter in her large lacy off-white bra and some surprisingly youthful patterned panties that were cut quite high on her legs. She still had her thigh-hi hose on and some low heels.

Susan sat herself on a strong chair in the living room and beckoned her mother to come with her and stand directly facing her in front of her.

Very ceremoniously, Susan placed her thumbs in the waistband of the little panties Mary had on and slipped them down her thighs and below her knees.

Her mother was tall, almost 5-8, so Susan was facing not only her tits, still enclosed in her bra, but Mary's prominent dark-haired bush.

Susan decided that she need not hold back and that the punishment would start on the embarrassment front first.

"Mary," she said, "reach down and hold your labia apart so I see your cunt under that hair."

Her mother was surprised by the humiliating order but she was, if not in a trance, quite disposed to do what she was told. This was definitely a change for her.

Susan stared at her mother's now-open quim. It was darker complexioned than her own, as befitted a lady of more than 20 years her senior. She did not stop to think much about that, much less about the amazing fact that she was staring, possibly for the first time, at the exact place where she had come into the world.

"So," Susan said, as she pointed to Mary's open labia and inserted her finger just a bit inside her vagina to see if her mother was at all wet, "this is where all that nice fucking took place."

"Yes, dear," her mother managed to answer in an effort to retain some presence, "that's where it usually occurs, sweetie."

"You're not going to use that tone with me again, are you?" Susan snapped, and she gave her mother a hard slap that hit her right across her labia and managed to graze the tip of her mother's clit.

Mary winced at the blow, more from surprise that Susan had dared to punish her by striking her in such a spot than in hurt.

"No," Mary answered, "I'll be a good girl for you."

"Yes, you will," Susan re-stated. "You seem a little wet but not a lot. Do you have problems with that?"

This was definitely something Mary was self-conscious about. She had taken pains to make sure she had been well lubricated when her lover was going to have sex with her.

"Not a problem, because our fucking was wonderful," Mary declared. "But my period isn't as heavy as it used to be and I do need to prepare for sex more than I may have ...when I was younger."

"When do you expect your period?" Susan asked her, rather bluntly.

"In a few days, maybe a week," her mother responded blankly. Then, sensing that she was feeling much more pressure and knew that her control was not what it was, she asked her daughter to indulge her, "Susan, I now really need to use the toilet. I don't want to have an accident."

Susan could see that her imperious mother was now in danger of losing it, and also of peeing her panties. But she decided to humble her a bit.

She reached for a bowl on the sideboard behind where she sat and handed it to Mary.

"Your panties are down," she said. "Squat over the bowl and pee into the bowl."

Mary was surprised by Susan's easy assumption of this kind of intrusive dominance. No one had ever exercised this kind of control over her personal habits.

She did what she was told and Susan was charmed to see a strong golden stream shoot out of Mary's peehole and hit the bottom of the bowl with a loud ping. Fortunately, the bowl was large but Mary peed for quite a long time. This surprised Susan, who now knew that her mother likely had a larger bladder capacity than she did.

"You see, I really did have a lot to pee," Mary said with an uncharacteristic giggle. "And another thing about nearing 50 is that I know I can't retain it as well as I used to. Susan, I do find I sometimes have to put a pad in my panties."

"TMI, grandma. Just go ahead and wipe yourself," Susan instructed her mother. "Then get over here across my lap."

Mary ran the tissue through her legs and tossed the paper into a basket. She placed the bowl with her pee on a side table. Then she stood and bent across her daughter's skirted lap.

Susan looked at her mother's bottom cheeks and liked what she saw. I hope I look as good when I'm her age, she thought. Mary's buttocks were firm and her skin was unmottled. Her ass looked a bit dark in the crack but Susan now could understand how Mary's lover must have been attracted to her.

Susan now began to spank her mother's bottom, alternating cheeks with each spank and gradually making the spanks harder and more frequent. Mary began to moan, then whimper, then get close to actually crying.

Finally, Susan decided that she had given her mother a long enough hiding and stopped spanking.

"I think we will finish this off with a touch of your thin cane, Mom," she announced and Mary could not stifle a groan but said nothing.

Susan then told her to stand and bend over the end of the couch. She retrieved the long thin whippy cane from where Mary kept it in the closet and brandished it now.

Mary could not see her daughter's practicing her cane swings but then Susan stood behind her and lay the cane across Mary's crimson cheeks. Susan drew it back and gave it just a nice strong flick with her wrist and the cane snapped on Mary's bottom, Mary muffled a scream, and after a short time, a characteristic tram line appeared in red.

The windows were closed so Susan did not fear that anyone would hear her mother's screaming from the caning.

Susan wanted to make sure this punishment was not soon forgotten so she gave Mary five more salutary strokes. Then she decided that her mother had really behaved quite bravely in that it was unlikely she had been disciplined in this manner for decades.

Susan told her mother to stand and she felt her mother's quim once more and now it was quite wet.

"You can get dressed now if you want, Mom," she informed Mary, but her mother said she would now want to spend some time in the bathtub.

"I want to thank you for being so cooperative with me," Susan said mildly. "I never thought this would happen, but I hope we can get along the way we always should have, Mom. You're not like Aunt Charlotte. I really feel bad that you have her as a sister."

"Oh, Susan," her mother answered with a sigh. "Charlotte is what she is for many reasons. I was pleased that you punished her and humiliated her, because she had allowed herself to enjoy putting you down. But you have seen how her daughter has come round, and remember, Charlotte's husband, your Uncle Henry, hasn't exactly been the best husband, either."

"I suppose you're right," Susan said slowly, amazed that her seemingly harsh mother was more tolerant of her sister, whom Susan now saw as a total nasty.

"Susan," her mother said in a warm way that surprised Susan because she was still not accustomed to sensing warmth emerging from her mother, "I'd like to hug you and tell you how proud of you I am. You seem to be doing so well at work in your career, and you also are having a good love life, plus I admired how you disciplined Charlotte, Pamela, and yes, me."

Susan opened her arms and swept her naked mother into her deep embrace. They kissed on the lips for a long time.

"Excuse me if this might offend you, darling," Mary said. "I want to enjoy feeling my daughter for the first time." And then she ran her hands softly down Susan's clothed frame, over her bra-covered breasts and over her back right down to Susan's rear end.

Susan enjoyed this show of affection from her normally undemonstrative mother and she unzipped her skirt and let it drop. She was wearing plain yellow panties, a fuller brief than usual and she slipped those down her thighs and then let them drop to the floor. Finally, she unbuttoned her fancy blouse, took it off and unhooked her stylish bra and put that on the couch. She slipped off her shoes and still had her thigh-his on.

Mary took Susan by the hand and walked slowly to her nearby bedroom. The two lay down facing each other and Mary took her daughter in her arms. Now it was Mary who was the active partner. She rubbed her daughter's firm tits until Susan's nipples seemed to rise from the dark pink-beige areolas.

Then Mary let her fingers run through Susan's fine pubic hair and start to diddle her daughter's sleek labia before letting those fingers slide into Susan's sopping sex. Susan found it incredibly exciting to be stimulated in this intimate way by her own mother. She had not ever been interested in doing this kind of thing with other girls but allowed herself to resist the mental strictures that so many women find prevent them from enjoying the idea much less the actuality of being made love to by another woman.

Mary of course was far from a stranger or refugee from sex. Her years of engagement, mostly with men, had taught her how to be the moving party. She softly pried open Susan's inner lips and then petted them, let her fingers go inside, and use the wetness to lave the tip of Susan's quite prominent clit.

She did not bother to tell her daughter that this was not something new for her, except that she admired the youthful tone of Susan's body and the way her vagina was already so wet and ready to be fucked. Mary was a woman who was intensely erotic in her nature but never stopped wanting a pleasantly-sized male member to fill her inner channel and make its presence known as it moved in and out of her quim.

Nor did she relate to her daughter that Mary's younger sister Charlotte had been in this bed with her often over the years, allowing Mary to calm her as Charlotte confessed to her how she was adrift and apart from both her husband and daughter. Charlotte seemed to respect Mary, if only because after Mary's husband had departed more than 15 years earlier, Mary went on with her life as if nothing had changed.

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