tagMatureNaughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 04

Naughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 04


Please read my "Naughty High Class Mom" pt.1 & pt.2 and "Hot Girl Leaves The Trailer Park" series.

My fiancés grandfather began kissing his way up each of my thigh high stockings, over the elastic tops to the sides of my long distended fuck lips. He continued teasing me with his mouth and tongue for over an hour as he remarked about my sexy long thin legs and freckled body with my tiny tits and flat chest and braces drove him wild. Eventually he began kissing my pussy telling me how much he's wanted to eat me. His kissing and talking to me were driving me insane. My fiancés grandfather then started using his tongue all around the sides of my long pussy lips until he teased his way to my rock hard clit. He began licking my clit while he reached up and worked my tiny little nipples.

I was moaning, "Oh baby I can't believe how much your turning me on. No one has ever gotten me this fucking hot!"

He would put his fingers in my mouth and I would eagerly lick and suck them as he continued flicking his skilled tongue over my clit and fuck lips. He finally sent me into orbit when he took my little bud-like clit into his mouth and began sucking on it while his fingers worked my tiny non-existent tits and another finger worked my asshole. I reached that point of no return and exploded causing my body to convulse repeatedly. My fiancés grandfathers' mouth was like a vacuum as he continued sucking my clit until I exploded in an earth shattering orgasm.

This was only the beginning. It was clear that we were just getting started. We were two very turned on people with a craving to tease and turn each other on. Although there was an almost 60 year age difference between us we were like two lust crazed people with an insatiable desire to fuck and please each other all night. In fact that is exactly what we did. After an hour of his amazing tongue fucking and having gotten off over ten times already, my fiancés grandfather grabbed his massive hard on and brought it to the opening of my tight young wet pussy. As I looked back I gazed at his enormous cock for a second. My fiancés grandfather had a look of depraved lust on his face. His eyes were rolled back and he had a crazy, twisted look on his face and was groaning like mad.

When I gazed at his cock I nearly died when I saw how angry and frighteningly huge it looked. It was as if I was seeing it for the first time as it stuck way out from his body like an angry flagpole jutting way out and hanging down and curving menacingly to the left! I looked at the demanding expression on my fiancés grandfathers face then glanced down and saw the thick veins that threateningly ran along the sides of that huge cock and a sudden bit of terror overcame me. I suddenly became fearful that that monster cock was going to fuck me even if I my turned on pussy was reluctant to take it. It was the same spiteful look I saw on his face earlier that day during the corporate takeover when he ruthlessly fired every employee from the company they had worked their entire lives for. It was all about what he needed or in this case what that monster cock needed. A sudden terror and apprehension came over me about fucking something so frighteningly huge and angry, but the other depraved side of me was so turned on about the idea of fucking and pleasing such an enormous cock; the 13 inch cock that belonged to my fiancés powerful grandfather!

He sipped his Champaign while looking at me lustfully as that monster cock twitched anxiously waiting to fuck. We opened our mouths and kissed heatedly for a few minutes to signal that he was ready to fuck. He then spun me around so that I was facing the railing once again. After he spun me around forcefully I was so hot and moaned,

"Ohhh yes baby...I'm sooo fucking horny for that great big cock of yours baby...Oh yes baby take my pussy with that great big horny cock and fuck it all night."

His moans of hunger for me were turning me on like crazy. As he grabbed his giant cock in his hand it looked staggering as it shot out over a foot from where he was holding it at the base. I swear my fiancés grandfathers cock looked so staggering that it seemed to take up more then half of his taught sexy body! It was already pulsing wildly and pre cum was steadily flowing from his huge cock head.

As my fiancés grandfather lined up his massive cock to the entrance of my smoking pussy I covered my mouth to muffle my cries. Ignoring my cries he mercilessly brought that freakish cock past the entrance of my sex starved pussy and I gasped,

"Ohh fuck! ...its sooo fucking huge... I'm cumming already just looking at that great big cock of yours baby...Ohhh fuck!"

Without any concern for me my fiancés grandfather began feeding that turned on monster into my sizzling hot pussy. He was going wild as each throbbing inch penetrated my overstuffed pussy. As he continued to feed that freakish monster into my smoldering pussy I looked back and cried out in terror as I saw that only an inch or two had actually penetrated my tight opening. I felt like I was being split in two from this giant fuck pole and only a few inches were inside of me!

I was so tense from the thought of passing out that I instinctively lifted the backs of my high heel pumps to give him more access to my burning pussy. I began to become fearful of what that monster was going to do to me. My opening never had more than six inches inside it and there was a good 12 more inches that were waiting to split my pussy open and the most frightening part was the huge 8 inch hook that was waiting to tunnel its way into places that no guy has ever been before!

As he ran his hands up and down my stockings and reached for my tiny tits to play with his giant cock continued its merciless assault on my pussy, tunneling its way into my hot opening ever so slowly. My high heels began clicking on the deck and I actually shuddered and came all over his huge cock as cries of lust shot through every inch of my turned on body. At that point it was just too much cock for me to take. I began to plead,

"Oh baby your cock is too fucking big. Let's take a little break. I promise you'll own it in a few minutes baby, I just need a little rest from cumming so fucking hard."

After my pleading he pulled it out which caused a loud popping noise to sound. I was shocked to look back and see this huge opening at the entrance of my pussy! We took a break to kiss heatedly and sip some Champaign. As we kissed my hands kept pumping his giant and now irritated cock before he spun me around and resumed his attack on my tiny 18 year old pussy.

He began running his hands up and down my sexy white thigh high stockings and began fucking me harder and harder. As his huge cock filled every inch of my flaming pussy I began using my turned on ass to meet each one of his long deep angry thrust. I crossed one of my white high heel pumps over the other which caused my sexy ass to stick out more.

My fiancés grandfather enjoyed the new angle and moaned,

"Oh yes baby, that's very nice...That ass looks so fucking sexy as your taking my big cock deep in that 18 year old pussy of yours."

He kept complimenting me on my sexy ass as it stuck out perfectly from crossing my stocking covered legs while I stood in my high heels. I couldn't stop cumming from this wild position as I finally took every delicious inch of his giant pussy. Every time he drilled back down and bottomed out, I came so fucking hard that tears were coming out of my eyes. My fiancés grandfather continued to thrust that monster cock way up into me, causing his huge hanging balls to slap the bottom of exposed clit. This feeling caused a new set of eruptions to explode inside of my sex starved teenage pussy.

Although I was shrieking and cumming with every penetrating thrust, what I was really loving was that I knew I was driving my fiancés grandfathers huge cock insane, and that he loved the way my sexy ass looked while his oversized monster cock disappeared all the way up into my red-hot pussy.

He then began pinching on my tiny nipples while he pounded that big angry cock into me. He was making me moan as he rolled, twisted and angrily pulled on my little eraser-like nipples through his fingers. As he fucked and played with my turned on nipples he moaned in a low dark voice and told me how sexy they were and how much he loved playing with my little girlish nipples and that I had the sexiest pair he's ever seen.

He then thrilled me by saying he has fucked over two hundred different pussies and none were as sexy, and felt as hot wrapped around his big cock then mine did. The feeling of his huge cock stuffing every inch of my tight 18 year old pussy while he played with my turned on little nipples while telling me that I had the sexiest pussy he'd ever fucked caused me to cum real hard all over his giant shaft.

As I came I began grinding my turned on ass onto his giant sexy cock, going crazy as I felt it way up inside me.

He was groaning wildly and began saying,

"Oh fuck that's good baby...Oh yes, fuck onto my big cock Allison...Use that wild ass to jack my big horny cock baby."

At one point he said with a sly laugh,

"So baby did you get this kind of fuck from my grandson? ...does he stretch your sexy young pussy apart the way this 13 inch cock is doing right now baby?"

That's when I lost it and turned around and snarled,

"Oh fuck, you know your cock is ten times bigger than his or any other guy I've ever had. I've never fucked such a big sexy cock before baby. I love it the way its making me cum baby. It's driving me crazy baby."

With that my fiancés grandfather said conceitedly which caused me moan excitedly,

"Don't you think that I don't fucking know that baby. That's why I'm going to keep you close by, because your sexy skinny body with those wonderful freckles and tiny tits are driving me insane."

At that point I thought I was going to pass out from how hard my fiancés grandfather was fucking into me. I looked back and saw this glazed look in his eyes and I knew that he was just getting started. For the next two hours he fucked crazily, as his skilled hands ran up and down my sheer thigh high stockings then up to my flat chest and over my tiny swollen nipples. His unrelenting cock fucking into me as he pinched and pulled on my eraser-like nipples caused me to cum again and again.

My fiancés grandfather was fucking me crazily as I heard him utter to himself like a man possessed,

"So fucking sexy...Skinny freckled body...that flat boyish chest and those little nipples...Tiny fucking nipples...A gorgeous ass...Stockings and high heels, driving me fucking wild...A pussy so tight and deep that it can handle and take every inch of my great big cock...Fuck you are driving this big swollen cock crazy baby."

This thought seemed to make him angrier and fuck into me even harder! I cannot begin to explain how sexy it felt to know that I could turn on such a huge cock. My fiancés grandfather could have any girl he wanted if fact has had hundreds, not only because of his wealth and power but because of his legendary size he can get any girl he wants anytime all on his terms and here he was going crazy for me. I felt so powerful knowing that his huge cock couldn't get enough of me and that I was the best fuck he'd ever had. As I kept cumming all over his enormous cock, it felt so sexy to be driving him and that monster cock crazy for me.

Suddenly my fiancés grandfather pulled me away from the railing and grabbed my thin thighs and lifted me off the ground effortlessly as he continued hammering that giant cock into my clinging pussy as he held me suspended with my back to his. I could not believe the wild spasms that were shooting through my over stuffed pussy as he held me suspended in air while that giant cock bore a new passage into me!

It was as if I was hanging from that monster cock while we fucked. In this position I was useless and my fiancés grandfather was in total control of the fuck. Actually it was his massive angry 13 inch cock that controlled all the action. As my fiancés grandfather continued to pummel me with one long brutal stroke after another, I turned my head to the side and our tongues flew out of our mouths to meet each others for a few minutes of twisted kissing. We were sharing a wicked kiss that was long overdue. This was an immoral kiss between a proper18 year old Sunday school teacher and a powerful 76 year old man who was in amazing physical shape who had a giant cock. As we kissed my pussy was exploding from each powerful thrust of his huge cock as it bottomed out inside me again and again.

After an amazing 30 minutes of non stop fucking he put me down which caused my knees to almost buckle from the weightless fucking I was just receiving. After we sipped some Champaign he turned me around to face the railing again and fisted his enormous shaft and lined it up with my scorching teenage fuck hole again. He then put his foot up on the railing and angled that huge cock inside me. Before he put it back into my burning pussy I looked back and gasped at seeing the long angry hooked cook as it dripped my fuck juices,

"OHHHHH FUCK," I cried out loudly!

With his foot up on the railing I looked back at the frightening sight of his huge cock that jutted out from his tight body and waved from side to side arrogantly. I noticed his huge piss slit was opening and closing with a clear fluid running out of in a steady stream.

He then took that angry cock in his fist and brought it to my quivering pussy and began inching it back into me. I began to shudder and said apprehensively,

"Ohhhhhh fuck...Your sexy cock is soooo fucking big...soooo fucking bigggg."

I nearly passed out and came even harder from this new sensitive fuck position. My fiancés grandfather found every horny hot spot in my young teenage pussy and made it cum.

We continued this twisted and depraved non stop fucking for two hours straight. I must have cum fifty times from the sheer pleasure of my fiancés grandfathers huge enraged tireless cock. At different points I would pull his massive cock out of my sex starved pussy and go down and squat on my high heel pumps and lick all over his giant shaft, tasting my sexy pussy that coated his great big cock. I used this time to recover and keep him turned on at the same time.

I would use the tip of my tongue and run it up one side of his massive moaning and mumbling,

"Ummmmmmmmm...soooooo big...sooooo fucking big," all the way to his great big cock head.

Once I reached the top of his pulsing crown I lovingly licked off the clear pre-cum, and then flicked his huge crown with the tip of my tongue. While I looked up at him with a sly school girl smile on my face showing him my naughty braces I teasingly kissed his huge cock head which made a sexy popping sound. I then went to the other side of his giant shaft running my hot tongue over the almost grotesque maze of veins and repeated this naughty act. I did this over and over as my fiancés grandfathers eyes were riveted to me. I loved the sexy eye contact we had had each time I kissed his cock head then flicked my burning tongue wildly at his huge tip while I sinfully smiled at him letting him see my braces and the naughty little girl I really was.

This was my way of silently letting him know how much I worshiped his huge cock and loved pleasing and turning it on. After a half hour of running my hot tongue all over his huge shaft, I lifted the giant cock against his tight chest and began sucking on his huge hanging cum filled balls. His balls were huge and loaded with cum and I meticulously licked and kissed them with my mouth as I moaned in ecstasy.

As I took each of his massive hanging balls into my mouth my fiancés grandfather was looking down at me taking in the hot sight. The sight of me squatting in my naughty garter belt and white thigh high stockings and white open toed high heel pumps with my ultra flat chest and tiny nipples with freckles all over my body and being only 18 year was turning him on like crazy, and I loved it. As I lovingly blew every inch of my fiancés grandfathers giant cock I began to think about how amazing it was that he could still have such a huge hard on again after all of the fucking we have been doing and that he had already cum three times from me blowing and pumping him. It was just like the big titted girl in the boutique who was trying to fuck him for months said about him having a cock so huge and so tireless to fuck. My fiancés 76 year old grandfather was an amazing physical specimen!

I was delirious licking his huge cock and those big swollen hanging balls as my long fingers expanded around his massive shaft to hold it still. My long fingers only wrapped around half of his huge shaft as I licked away at it, savoring my hot fuck juices from my own pussy.

As I worshiped his huge cock looked up showing my freckled face and my naughty braces and I teased,

"So baby, am I giving you the kind of head you like?"

My fiancés grandfather was moaning crazily saying,

"Oh Allison for such a young girl you're so naughty...so sexy and so naughty baby."

I then stood and leaned over and kissed him madly as I pumped his huge cock saying,

"Oh baby I need more of that big cock fucking...Lets get back to fucking baby. My pussy misses your great big fat- hooked cock lover...lets fuck!"

I then kissed the head of his saliva coated cock and said sexily,

"Let's fuck baby,"

I then stood and leaned forward over the back of the chaise lounge chair and reached back and took his giant shaft in my hand and guided it back inside my flaming pussy. After twenty minutes of gasping and holding my breath while my pussy desperately tried adjusting to his freakish cock, he finally bottomed out.

This was when we really began getting into our wild fuck again. After the stars I was seeing went by we got into our incredible fuck rhythm, as my wet overstuffed pussy slid up and down his torturous huge shaft. I gasped aging and again saying,

"Ohhhh Fucccccck," each time that giant hook in his cock twisted its way into places in my pussy that I never knew existed. As my teenage pussy lips desperately clung to his huge shaft, sucking on every delicious inch, my fiancés grandfathers' hands ran up and down my stockings teasingly then held onto my hips.

As his hands teased up and down my sheer nylons then over the edge of the lacy tops I moaned,

"Ohhhhhh yesss that feels so sexy baby...Your hands feel soooo good baby...You're hands are driving me crazy baby."

My fiancés grandfather was moaning too, and said enthusiastically,

"Oh fuck baby, I love the way you look dressed so sexy in those hot stockings and high heels. Such a naughty little girl. A naughty 18 year old school girl who loves fucking her devoted fiancés grandfathers huge cock."

With that I turned my head and laughed slyly as we met in a naughty slow tongue flicking kiss, which confirmed to him that he was so right about me being obsessed with his great big cock.

After an hour of this wild, depraved fuck he began to tense up and groaned in a dark almost sinister voice,

"Oh yes baby, I've got to fuck this sexy pussy that's driving my big cock crazy."

I looked back and with a crazed lust on my face I snarled,

"Fill it baby...Fill it with your big hot load...Cum in it baby...Ohhh yesss baby, fill it up with one of your great big pussy filling loads lover."

Suddenly I shuddered and came as I felt burst after burst of the hottest cum explode inside my starved 18 year old pussy. As his giant cock filled every inch of me I began using my ass to fuck harder onto his huge exploding shaft.

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