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Naughy Stephanie


"Oops!" said Stephanie to herself as she drove through the red light, looking furtively into her rear view mirror, hoping not to see a police car turning on its lights.

Stephanie was in trouble and she knew it. She was supposed to meet her lover 45 minutes ago, but got hung up at work when her boss asked her a question just as she was about to leave, and again when an accident backed up the traffic. And her lover didn't like to be kept waiting.

She pulled up in front of their love nest and there he was leaning against the door, looking at his watch. Quickly looking into the vanity mirror to check her hair, Stephanie gulped and then got out of the car.

"Hi, Joe," she said, putting on her cheeriest face as she walked toward him.

"Where have you been?" he frowned. "You know I have to work tonight!"

Trying to get back on his good side, Stephanie gave Joe a peck on the cheek, opened the door, and pulled him inside.

"Oh, no you don't! You're not getting off that easily!" he said with a stern look on his face. "Stephanie, you've been a very naughty girl, haven't you?"

"Yes, Joe, I've been naughty," she said, a little flushed, and knowing that it would be useless to try to explain, she simply left it at that.

Joe moved over to the couch and sat down. "And what happens to naughty girls?" he asked, still frowning.

A little flustered, Stephanie hesitated before saying, "Uh, um, they get ..... punished?"

"Yes," came the reply and Joe motioned Stephanie over to him and indicated that he wanted her to lay across his lap. "Time for a spanking, Stephanie!"

A hot flash shot through Stephanie at the word 'spanking'. "Joe knows just what to say to get my attention" she thought as she went to him and lay across his lap, trying not to act too excited.

The first smack to her butt was through her skirt but still sent shivers thourgh her body. The smack culminated with his hand squeezing her butt cheeks, his way of 'rubbing it in'.

"No, no, this will never do!" Joe said.

Stephanie's breathing became faster as she felt Joe's hands at the hem of her skirt, and she gasped when she felt him pull the skirt quickly up and flipping it to her waist, exposing her silken panties.

A series of sharp slaps quickly ensued, each ending in a slight squeeze, and each making Stephanie cry out, more from pleasure than from pain.

"Oh, I think you like that, don't you, Stephanie? It doesn't hurt, does it?" Joe said, chuckling as he did so. "Well, we'll see about that!"

As Joe ran his hand from the back of her knees, up along the inside of her thighs, Stephanie nearly melted. Joe's touch could be so gentle, so arousing, just as the sting of his hand could be so erotic. Feeling his hand move up over her ass, she savored it as it lingered there, pushing the material of her panties into the crack of her ass, and then squeezing her cheeks gently.

When she felt his fingers move to the elastic of her panties, Stephanie let out a gasp, and her heart began racing. She could feel his fingers curl under the elastic and then felt the cool air of the room as he pulled the panties down, exposing her naked butt.

Stephanie was in ecstacy. She loved the feel of Joe's hand caressing her naked skin in that way. She could feel the warmth growing inside her, germinating from her pussy and radiating through out her body.


Flinching at the sting of the slap, Stephanie moaned.


Another stinging slap, this one followed by "rubbing it in".

Then another. SMACK! And another. SMACK!

"Mmmmm, you're getting so rosy, Stephanie", commented Joe, just before he kissed her reddened ass on the spot he had been striking.

Stephanie loved the warm "buzz" she felt. She loved the warmth spreading through her. She loved Joe's caresses and his kisses as well as his stinging smacks.

As Joe moved his hands down between her legs, Stephanie couldn't help but spread her thighs a little and when she felt a finger probing her pussy she went over the edge, cumming in a great torrent, moaning and squirming on his lap. Inserting 2 fingers inside her soaking pussy, he pushed them in and out. "You little vixen! You're so wet!" he said, just before slapping her ass with his free hand. Her first orgasm hadn't even subsided when another overtook her. The excitement of her lover's fingers inside her and his hand spanking her at the same time was too great. The only thing her body could do was find release, and a series of orgasms pounded their way through her body as his onslaught continued.

When at last Joe stopped, Stephanie lay there on his lap, feeling the "buzz" on her butt and the oozing of her juices down the inside of her thighs. She was in heaven as Joe's lips kissed her rosy butt.

"I think you were late on purpose," he said. "I think you wanted me to punish you."

Smiling to herself, Stephanie knew that he was right.

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