tagInterracial LoveNavy Wives-Corina

Navy Wives-Corina


Corina was sitting on her lawn chair on her covered front porch. It was mid-afternoon, on a hot late summer day. Not much going on in this quiet tree lined street of row houses in Groton. Occasionally, a sea breeze would shake the leaves on the trees.

Corina was dozing off here and there in the shade of her porch. This had so far been one of the hotter summers in Groton in recent memory. In the afternoons, when Corina's daughter was at school, there wasn't much else to do. Her husband has been gone for almost two months now, and she didn't have many friends here.

Corina and her husband had moved to Groton earlier in the year with her 8 year old daughter, Sonya. She and William were originally from Louisiana and had known each other in high school. Just after graduation, Corina had gotten pregnant by her boyfriend at the time. As her pregnancy had progressed, so too did the distance her boyfriend maintained from her. She ended up giving birth and raising her daughter as a single mom. It hadn't been easy, but Corina did a good job with what she had.

Then four years later, she ran into William. He had joined the Navy out of high school, and to Corina, who had never paid him much mind while in high school, he seemed charming and sweet. A year later they married, and she moved with him when he got assigned to a base near Savannah, Georgia.

Now she was in Connecticut, alone. He had left out to sea on a submarine for an 8 month tour, the longest they had ever been apart from each other.

Corina was your typical housewife and young mother who lived next door, attractive, but unassuming. She was 26 years old, light brown hair, blue eyes. Short, at 5'4", with a body that had curves in all the right places, although she thought she was fat, as many women do. She always took care of how she looked. She spent many nights primping and making herself up, although she never really had an occasion to. She tried to go jogging at least once a week, but lately it has been too hot for that.

The heat has been so unbearable the past couple of weeks that the only thing that Corina had been able to do in comfort is to put her hair up in a ponytail, put on her shades, and lounge in her lawn chair, wearing only a bikini top, short blue jean shorts, and her sandals, which is how she was right now.

She sighed. She heard squealing children, and turned to look down the street to see some kids splashing through a yard sprinkler. She glanced at her watch. The school bus will be dropping her daughter off in a half hour.

A car pulled up the street and parked on the side of the street in front of her. She watched as a middle-aged black couple got out of the car.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Robertson," she waved.

They greeted her back. The Robertson's were her neighbors, and really the only people she talked to. They were a nice couple who sat on their porch in the evenings, where they would converse with her quite often. It was at times humorous to observe them. They made fun of each other during the course of casual conversations as only a long married couple are comfortable enough doing. They also had a young daughter, around 14 or 15 years old.

She picked up a magazine and flipped indifferently through the pages. After a while she got up, walked down her steps and down the sidewalk to the corner. Although she would normally have a shirt on, she just felt more comfortable with just having the bikini top on. She wouldn't have minded going completely topless, if only it were socially acceptable.

Soon enough, the school bus pulled up and Sonya hopped out. Corina waved to the driver, and her and Sonya walked back up the street and into their house.

Such was the life for this bored and lonely Navy wife. Her husband's income was such that they made a decent enough living without her working, but, oh, how she did wish she had a job, if only so she could socialize more. She thought to herself that this was looking to be a long and boring remainder of the year with her husband being gone.

Unbeknownst to her, this last half of the year would be anything but long and boring, and would in fact turn out to be a defining time for her and her marriage.

It was the last week of August, one day around mid-morning. Corina had sent her daughter off to school and then had sat down to write a letter to her husband. Afterwards, she did some laundry and other odd and end house chores. She was clad in her usual summer attire; bikini top and shorts.

Finishing her house chores, she went out to relax on her front porch. She hadn't been out for long when an SUV parked in front of her house. A young black man got out, casually dressed. Corina took notice of him because she had never seen the SUV or the young man in the neighborhood before.

At first he didn't notice Corina sitting there. As he walked past he did a cursory glance towards her, and then did a sudden double take as he spotted her in the shadow of her porch, lying on her lawn chair. With her dark shades on, it wouldn't have been apparent that she was looking back at him.

He walked up the steps to the Robertson's house and went inside without knocking.

Must be some relation to Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, Corina surmised.

Later in the afternoon, Corina was inside watching TV. She glanced at her watch and jumped up suddenly. Sonya's bus would be arriving any minute! She had completely lost track of time!

She quickly put on her sunglasses and sandals and bounded out the door and down the steps without another thought in mind. She went down the steps so fast that she almost ran right into the young man she had seen earlier. He was unloading the back of his vehicle and had several pieces of luggage on the sidewalk directly in Corina's path.

"Oh, pardon me!" Corina exclaimed, partly from surprise, partly from embarrassment.

"Here, let me get these out of your way." He bent down and moved his luggage aside.

"Thanks. Um, well gotta go," she smiled up at him, unsurely.

She trotted off down the street and got to the corner just as the school bus pulled up.

Corina and Sonya walked back up the street to their house. Corina saw the young man watching them as they approached while he continued unloading his vehicle.

I suppose I should be polite and introduce myself, Corina thought. Socially, Corina was shy and awkward when it came to meeting new people, and she disliked doing it, as she always felt like she made a fool of herself and made bad first impressions.

"Um, hi," Corina smiled bashfully as she walked up to the young man.

"Hello," he responded.

"Sorry about being in such a hurry a moment ago. It's just that I had to get my daughter, you know." Corina self-consciously caught herself over-gesticulating.

"Sure. It's all good, no worries," he smiled.

"My name is Corina by the way, and this is my daughter, Sonya."

"James Robertson. Very nice to meet you." He held out his hand and Corina shook it.

"So, you are related to the Robertson's?"

"They are my parents. I am returning from college, so I will be staying here for the summer until I resume my classes. You must have just moved here."

"Oh, yea. My husband and I moved in around beginning of March. He's in the Navy and we moved up from Georgia."

"Oh, I see. Well, I grew up and was raised in my parent's home, and forgive me for saying, but you are by far the best looking neighbor we've ever had in all those years."

Corina smiled and blushed.

"Well, it's nice to meet you. I guess we will see you around. Let's go inside sweetie." Sonya raced into the house while Corina slowly ascended the steps. James watched her as she went up.

"Hey, Corina?" he called out.

She turned around.

"Did I take your parking spot? I can move if you like.

"Oh no, that's ok. I park my car in the alley."

"Well, does your husband park here?"

"We only have just the one car. Besides, he is gone out to sea and won't be back for several months."

"Oh, ok. Well, then, have a good night."

"You too."

Corina turned around and rolled her eyes at herself. TMI, Corina, she thought to herself. Too much info!

Over the following week, Corina saw more and more of James, around, either doing something to his SUV, or shooting hoops in the alley behind the houses.

She tried maintaining her routine at first, but soon stopped walking or sitting around outside in her bikini top. She still wore the short shorts, but now she wore a T-shirt along with it.

She also tended to avoid going outside when she would see him out there, not because there was something wrong with him, it was just her shyness. On a few occasions, when she did see him outside, she would observe him through the window.

She hadn't talked much with him, just the usual greetings whenever she was outside and he happened to come around. One evening she had been sitting on her porch while Mr. and Mrs. Robertson were sitting on theirs. They chatted with each other and soon the subject of their son was brought up. Corina learned a little more about him and it was apparent that they were both proud of their son.

A few days later she looked out her front window and seen him doing his usual tinkering with his vehicle, washing his rims or something. She went into her kitchen and made herself a glass of tea, then made an extra one and went outside. She walked over to him.

"Hi, James."

"Oh, hey Corina," he said as he looked up.

"I saw you out here working and figured you might like some iced tea."

He smiled, wiped his hands on a towel, and stood up. Next to her, she realized he was quite tall. He was shirtless with only a pair of long shorts on. Corina looked briefly upon his smooth muscled chest. Quickly, she averted her eyes, hoping he didn't notice. She looked back up at him and gulped as he was still smiling down at her.

"Thank you very much, Corina."

She handed it to him and then walked over to the porch. She brought her chair down the steps and into the sunlight. She sat down upon it, lifted her shirt up over her head, and grabbed the bottle of sunscreen lotion she had also brought out with her. She proceeded to rub the lotion into her arms and shoulders. James watched her all the while sipping on his tea.

She noticed him watching from the corner of her eyes. She flashed him a quick smile, pretending indifference, but inwardly glad that he was taking notice of her. She sat back and opened a magazine as she sipped on her tea. She crossed her legs at the ankles and casually began wagging a foot.

James, watching her, smiled knowingly. He set his glass of tea down on the grass, and then went back to his work. He finished after about half an hour. He walked over and sat on the grass next to Corina. He struck a conversation with her about trivial things. It gave James the opportunity to gaze upon her, her small feet, smooth legs, shapely thighs, flat stomach, full breasts, with milky soft cleavage in between. He took note of her upper chest and shoulders with an attractive scattering of light and pale brown freckles. He liked what he was looking at.

"Well, I guess I need to get inside and clean myself up." He finished the rest of his tea and set the glass down. "Thanks for the tea."


"Hey, would you like to come over for dinner tonight?"


"It would be a break for you, to have someone cook dinner for you and Sonya for a change."

"Ok, sure."

"Great! I'll tell my Ma. We usually eat around six, so come on over around, say, 5:30, does that sound good?"

"Yes, that will be fine."

"Ok, see ya then."

"Ok, bye"


She showed up at the Robertson's door at the agreed upon time with her daughter in tow. She had made herself up nicely in a casual yellow and white sundress that went down to her knees. She had curled the ends of her light brown hair into shiny, wavy locks.

James opened the door.

"Come on in. My, you look very lovely."

"Thanks," she smiled as her and Sonya stepped in.

They had a good dinner and great conversation. Joining them also was James's younger sister, Malia, and James and she never seemed to waste an opportunity to make fun of and embarrass each other. Mr. and Mrs. Robertson also had their funny quirks towards each other as only one would expect of a couple who have been married for as long as Corina has been alive. All in all Corina had fun watching this family interact with each other as they did in a homely, down to earth way, which Corina suspected was only heightened due to the presence of their company. After dinner, Malia invited Sonya to go see her bedroom, while she, James, and his parents continued in conversation.

Soon, it was late and Corina had to get Sonya off to bed since it was a school night. She called for Sonya, thanked them graciously for the dinner and company, and then bid them good night. James offered to walk her next door, which she accepted.

When they got to her door, Corina sent Sonya inside to get ready for bed. She then turned to James and thanked him.

"Corina, you know if you ever need help with anything I would be more than glad to help. I mean, since your husband is away and all, I know some things must be hard for you, so if there is anything I can help with."

"I appreciate that, James. That is very nice of you and I will keep it in mind."

They bid each other good night.

That night as Corina lay in bed, she thought of James. During dinner she had watched him from the corner of her eye. He had seemed so shy and reserved in her presence, but was very much a gentleman. To her it seemed so unlike the stereotypical behavior of a young black man, and she considered it an endearing and attractive quality. She then thought of his masculine build.

Her hand found its way between her legs. She felt her moistness. She had never considered black men as, well...men. She began wondering and imagining what James looked like naked. Her finger began slowly rubbing her clit in circular motions. It had been awhile since her husband left, and while she had relieved her sexual energies by masturbating on a few occasions, what she really needed was the feeling of a man.

She then began wondering and imagining what James would feel like. Her finger moved faster and pressed harder on her magic button. She let out a small pleasured moan.

Strange, she thought, that she had never really thought of a black man in this way before. The idea of it was becoming more interesting and the possibility was exciting her. She couldn't necessarily explain why.

She then thought back to her father and grandfather. They had instilled in her the pride of the story of her family's heritage. She was descended from French aristocratic colonial landowners when Louisiana was still a possession of France. Although she never took her family as being racist in any way, part of the pride the family had as part of its history was the fact that they had owned a plantation with a sizable labor force of slaves. Although there was no way for her to know, the Robertson's, and James, could quite possibly be descendents of the slaves her family had once owned.

This thought, mixed with the thought of experiencing letting James take her and have his way with her, strangely served to arouse her extremely. She continued playing with herself with these thoughts in mind, until, with a low moan, her body shuddered in orgasm. Afterwards, she contently drifted off to sleep.


A couple of days later, Corina walked into her house after seeing Sonya off to school. She went into the kitchen and set about doing the dishes. She finished rinsing and loading them into the dishwasher. She unplugged the sink stopper and turned on the garbage disposal to help drain the water. To her dismay, the garbage disposal didn't turn on. It was making a buzzing sound. This had happened once before back when her husband was here. It was an easy fix for him and told her what to do should it happen again, but she couldn't now remember what he had told her to do.

"Dammit!" she said to herself.

Just then she heard noise in the back yard. She peered out the window and saw James playing basketball by himself. She remembered her thoughts from last night. She stood watching him for a moment as she felt and tingly sensation grow between her legs.

I've been meaning to give the car a good wash, she thought to herself. Today is as good a day as any, so I might as well get started on it. Perhaps I can also ask James if he can help me with this plumbing also.

She gathered together all the things she would need for washing the car, then went upstairs to change into something appropriate for washing a car. She chose her favorite two piece bikini, and after a little thought, opted to do without her shorts.

She went out back and began laying out everything for the wash. She waved cheerily over at James, then got down to work, first spraying the car down with the hose, then soaping it down with her sponge. She started on the side closest to James, with her backside to him. The frequency with which she heard him dribbling and shooting the basketball lessened noticeably. She smiled to herself as she imagined that the only reason why that could be was that he was busy watching her.

The sounds of his play ceased altogether when she stood up on her tippy toes and leaned forward to reach the middle of the front hood, with her legs slightly apart.

James's heart began beating slightly faster and he felt his blood rushing to his crotch. As he gazed upon the sight of her position he felt himself get hard. Her bikini bottoms only partially covered the fullness of her buttocks, and he could clearly see up between her legs at the outline of her just barely concealed sweet treasure.

He started to walk over to her and she sensed his approach and turned around to face him.

"Looks like you could use some help. Do you mind?"

"Be my guest, just as long as you won't mind getting a little wet," she smiled up at him a little mischievously.

He grinned. She bent down to grab an extra sponge and handed it to him.

"You can start on the back end while I finish up the front side here."

After she had finished soaping down the front end, she grabbed the hose to begin rinsing it off. She watched him as he was soaping down the back. She raised the hose up, letting the water fall down on him.

"Hey, I'm back here!" he called out in surprise.

She laughed and turned the full force of the hose on him. He got up and quickly came towards her, raising his arm to shield himself from the deluge he was receiving. She squealed and took off running as he grabbed the hose and chased after her with it. She ran to the opposite side of the car and he sprayed her over the roof.

She laughed and ran towards the back of the car, and he ran there as well, cornering her with her back against the car, drenching her.

"No! Ok, ok! Stop, you got me back!" she laughed. They both stood there facing each other, laughing and soaked.

"Oh, that was fun," she said as their laughing died down. She brushed a wet strand of hair out of her face, then reached out and let her hand rest lightly on his chest. He was really close to her. She looked up at him, smiling. She let her fingertips drift down over the contours of his muscles. They leaned in towards each other as their lips met.

James let the hose drop and put both of his hands tentatively on Corina's hips. Corina opened her mouth to admit James's probing tongue. While one hand was still lightly touching his stomach, she placed her other hand on his shoulder. Their tongues intertwined as they continued to slowly and deeply kiss.

To Corina, time seemed to slow down. She let her hand drop further to the waistband of his shorts. With her eyes closed, her fingertips tugged at his waistband, and her hand slowly disappeared down into his shorts. Her fingers made contact with the taut and warm flesh of his throbbing manhood, and then she glided them up and down his length. She then curled her fingers firmly around him. She unlocked her lips from his. She brought her other hand off from his shoulder and down to his waist band, tugging it further open. She curiously peeked down into his shorts to look upon the hardness that she held in her hand.

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