tagBDSMNazi's Bitch

Nazi's Bitch


Gestapo Headquarters Paris
Department A2
Friday October 10 1940 9:00am

I woke up abruptly, aching all over. My neck muscles were killing me and I was feeling dizzy. The morning light, which was coming through the window, was illuminating my desk and face. I closed my eyes and rubbed them hard. I must have fallen asleep during the night while going through a pile of reports which had arrived the day before.

A look at the mirror revealed the tired face of a cute 19 years old girl with dark brown eyes and hair who looked as if she hadn't had enough sleep for days. Unfortunately the mirror never lies. I had been working for 15 hours each day during the last 3 weeks due to the fact that a large network of spies had been exposed.

My father stood very high in the hierarchy of the Nazi party in Berlin and as a result I had been appointed chief of staff of Gestapo's A2 department in Paris. Our department consisted of females only and was responsible for interrogating female captives. My rank was of a lieutenant's and under my direct orders were two sergeants by the names of Debbie and Kim, both at the age of 26.

Debbie was French with long dark hair and beautiful piercing eyes. Her cup size was 34 C-same as Kim's-and she was slim and athletic. On the other hand Kim was Dutch with long blonde hair, green blue eyes and perfect calves. She was 3 inches taller than Debbie and weighed 10 pounds more. Both had great tight asses and the longest legs in Paris as far as I knew. I was one inch taller than Kim-5'9"-and my cup size was 36 B.

A glance at my desktop revealed the presence of a new document. Someone must have brought it during my sleep and left it there. The document concerned the transfer of a female captive who had been caught during a Gestapo raid into a Parisian café. The subject in question appeared to be a 25 years old American citizen, resident of St. Louis, and she was...black? I immediately frowned and thought that was getting very interesting.

The attachment on the document stated that I was to interrogate the subject and extract any valuable information by any means available. I picked up the phone and ordered Kim and Debbie to change clothes and meet me at the basement.

I quickly changed too and descended the stairs leading to the basement. Debbie and Kim were already there, dressed in their "interrogating" outfits.

Each one wore a black leather mask with openings for the eyes, nose and mouth. Their hairs were caught in a ponytail behind their heads. Black leather corsets were tightened around their slim bodies, making their naked breasts popping out like twin fleshy mountain-peaks. They had black leather elbow-gloves on and around their right arms there was a red-white elastic band with a black swastika in the middle. Tiny, almost non-existent, black leather g-strings covered their crotches which left their asses totally exposed. Both wore nylon black thigh-stockings and Wehrmacht boots.

"Bring the prisoner in and tie her hands up in those hanging chains" I ordered them.

"Jawol mein Kommandant" both exclaimed.

They brought her in and secured her raised hands in the hanging chains. I took my time and inspected her from top to bottom thoroughly. She looked no more than 5'4'' tall and 110 pounds. Her almond-shaped black eyes were reflecting the artificial light of the basement like magic mirrors and her nose was a typical Afro-American one. A rather big mouth with fleshy succulent wet lips betrayed her unbridled lust for oral pleasure. Her ebony shoulder-length hair was long and straight with long curls at the end. She wore a tight long yellow floral dress which highlighted the perfect dimensions (34 B-30-32) of her body. All in all, she was a petite chocolate cutie and I was sure that my girls would enjoy this exotic dish to theirs heart's content as they had never had the opportunity to meet colored people before.

"I would like to be informed the reason of my arrest. I am an American citizen and you have no right to keep me here. The conditions of my detention are absolute outrageous. I haven't slept, eaten and drunk for so many hours. You should have informed the American embassy for my capture and I demand..." she tried to protest.

"You demand? YOU DEMAND??? You are not in position to demand anything. Do you realize what your situation is? You are accused of being a spy and this alone brings on the death sentence. So you'd better start talking, for I don't have much time at my disposal" I shouted at her.

"There must be a mistake in your reports. I am sure that you have taken me for someone else. It's my maiden trip in Europe and I visited Paris for its night-attractions. I got stuck here when the war broke out and couldn't find a way to return home. Your police arrested me while I was talking to a man who would arrange my return trip. I know of nothing else."

"What is your name?" I asked her.

"My name is Faith, Lieutenant" she said.

"From now on you shall address me as Mistress Christy. Is that understood?" I said and at the same time I slapped her hard.


"Listen up you degraded bitch. You are going to tell me everything in detail. I don't want to waste my valuable time on you. Give me names, locations, codes and everything else required. I promise not to harm you and let you go when we finish or else you will find out how cruel I can be." I told her while I was pulling her hair.

"Aaaahhh...I swear God...I know...nothing...Please..."

"You want to play it rough? We shall see about that. KIM AND DEBBIE TEAR HER CLOTHES APART. DENUDE HER COMPLETELY!" I barked my orders.

Kim and Debbie with savagely sparkled eyes dashed on their helpless victim and started tearing her dress to shreds. Faith was wriggling her body desperately while versatile fingers were ripping off her dress, bra, thong, garter belt and nylon stockings mercilessly. She ended up wearing a pair of white high-heels only and nothing else.

It seemed that the little display of my authority over Faith had left no one unaffected. Kim's engorged pale-pink nipples were competing with Debbie's swollen brown ones in terms of beauty, size and hardness. Debbie's eyes were fixed on Faith's glistening hairy slit and her tongue was wetting her fleshy lips whereas Kim was fondling Debbie's magnificent bubble asscheeks with her right hand whilst the left was buried between her milky thighs.

"Do you like what you see Debbie?" I asked.

"Yes Mistress, she is so beautiful and helpless" said Debbie.

"Are you getting aroused by a filthy black cunt???" I shouted.

"Yes Mistress...Umm...NOoooo...I'm not..." Debbie tried to apologize.

"HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT YOU BELONG TO THE ARYAN RACE? We are destined to rule the world. It is in our genes to impose our supremacy and rules to others. We are to enslave the whole world and bring the dawn of a new era. The era of the NEW ORDER! There will be no other masters than us. Blacks, yellows, reds are all bound to serve and work for the glory of the third Reich.

Look at yourself and tell me what common there is between you and that black bitch. You and Kim belong to the finest examples our race has to show. Kim is tall, white, and intelligent; she looks like a northern Valkyrie, full of power and glory, ready to slay her enemies-and she is!

You bear resemblance of your great Gaelic ancestors who never ceased fighting bravely against all their numerous enemies-against all odds. Those great men and women have left their indelible mark on you. Can't you see it? Can't you feel it? Haven't you read the way they were fighting, defending their culture, families and country?

Are you sure you want to compare yourself with these monkeys? Black humanoids who spend all their time running naked around and mating by rolling their selves in the mud? What do they know about culture and civilization? Absolutely nothing. Even my Doberman outsmarts all of them with extreme ease.

Your nation has raised so many great men and women who contributed so much to the world that it would be pointless to refer to their achievements. You are disgracing your legacy. You are disgusting me!!!"

"I'm so sorry Mistress Christy I didn't mean what I said before. I humbly ask you to forgive me. Please Mistress I beg of you. Do not send me to the firing squad. I...I'll do anything to please you as I always do...Please..." Debbie begged.

"You are very lucky Debbie because I have in my heart so much love for you. I won't report you to my superiors but I shall grant you the wish you were looking for. I give you the opportunity to serve that wretched multi-used asshole and cunt. ON YOUR KNEES AND LICK HER ASSHOLE, BITCH!!!" I howled at her and I unbuttoned my officer's knee-long black leather jacket.

Debbie got on her knees and crawled her way to Faith's back. I got rid of my jacket and stood there with my legs straddled and hands on my waist. I was wearing a breast-less black leather corset with shoulder straps and a matching pair of elbow gloves. Four rows of metallic chains-with their edges attached on either strap-were covering my naked breasts and a crotch-less leather thong was embracing my firm hips. I also had on thigh-high leather boots with stiletto heels.

Debbie started to fondle and caress Faith's perfect black ass impatiently. Her hands were parting wide and closing her asscheeks with unquenched lust. She was kneading, massaging, kissing and licking those black orbs-in that order-without paying attention to anything else. Her tongue was running amok on Faith's ass crack, teasing the black hole with the tip of it relentlessly. She even dipped her nose inside and inhaled the musky aroma of her anus.

"Kim, I want you to whip Debbie's ass without remorse. Teach her a lesson. Discipline her the way I would" I said in total disgust.

"Mmmmm...I certainly will Mistress...It is my pleasure" Kim answered joyfully.

"Make that butt red! Punish and plow her audacious ass with the instrument of destruction! I want to see her velvet white skin shedding tears of blood!" I prompted her.

"Jawol Mistress"

Obediently Debbie raised her butt up and waited for the inevitable, although she kept shoving her agile little red tongue inside Faith's anal canal. She must have been doing a great job because Faith was panting and rocking her pelvis uncontrollably.

Kim positioned herself behind Debbie and inflicted the first strike on Debbie's voluptuous bum. Her loins squirmed and she let out a little moaning inside Faith's asshole. Kim hit again and Debbie bit Faith's ass-flesh hard, who in turn moaned and arched her back.

I got close to Faith and started to roll her swollen brown nipples between my index and thumb fingers. She screamed in agony and I slapped her hard many times. Then I cupped her breasts and kneaded them hard. I took some time abusing her tits while I was looking into her eyes. Meanwhile Kim was flogging Debbie's ass with great expertise and many red welts had made their appearance on her abused skin. Debbie never quit tongue-fucking Faith's puckered asshole even though her ass was suffering badly from Kim's rain of hits.

"Have you got anything to tell me?" I asked Faith ironically.

"Mmmmmm...Aouch!...Oohhh...I...told you...I know nothing...Please..." she moaned.

"So, you are insisting on your story. Very well I shall go on then."

"Kim! Stop rubbing your pussy and focus on your duty. Strap on that Indian phallus and fuck Debbie's ass. NOW!"

While Kim was strapping the Indian phallus-7 inches long and 2 inches wide-on, I grabbed a 5-tail leather whip from the nearby table. I then started whipping Faith's small tits, making sure to hit her hard nipples with each stroke as well. I was also calling her names like cheap slut, used cunt, nigger, filthy bitch, dirty asshole and others.

Kim positioned herself behind Debbie and straddled her ass. She bent her knees, put aside Debbie's leather string and guided the head of the phallus in the entrance of her asshole. By that time Debbie was on her elbows and knees and was kissing and licking Faith's ankles. Kim pushed hard and planted her "girly-dick" inside Debbie's receptive tight anal opening.

Debbie jerked her head, throwing her hair to the air, and groaned in pain while Kim grabbed her loins with her hands, using them as anchors in order to stabilize herself. Kim then proceeded to ass-fuck Debbie violently by picking up a fast and steady pace.

As I was flogging Faith's perky tits I noticed that her hairy mound and slit were soaking wet. Her red clit protruded from its black hood, stimulated too much from the ongoing action. The raunchy whore must have been enjoying what was going on.

I immediately turned my attention to it and started whipping her tummy and thighs. The leather straps of my whip were savagely embracing every curve of her body like snakes' tongues, leaving their undeniable marks all over. Even her engorged clit wanted to take its share of passion as it was extending itself in a laborious effort to receive the punishment that so desperately needed. A few well-aimed hits on her sensitive button fully satisfied that pervert quest for relief, even though unbearable pain was the price she had to pay.

"Water...Please...give me some water...I'm so thirsty...Mistress" Faith pleaded.

"Only if you give me what I'm asking for, will I fulfill your requests. Are you ready to talk?" I said.

"Please...I'm not a spy...just...a tourist...I...need...water"

I turned pale and stood there motionless and speechless. I envisaged myself standing in front of the firing squad...then a loud bang...me embracing and biting the dark earth...my daddy giving me the coup de grace (finishing stroke) with his pistol...That worthless scum had proved herself a very tough nut to crack. My life wouldn't worth a penny if I failed in my duty.

I looked at the floor and saw Kim and Debbie making passionate love. Debbie was lying on the floor with her legs spread wide and Kim on top was ramming her boiling pussy like damned soul. They were pressing their aroused nipples on each other's and their red tongues were entangled in a frenzy waltz.

Kim and Debbie couldn't care less about my future. The blood inside my veins started to boil and my sight was getting darker and darker. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do first. Should I strangle Faith, with my bare hands, slowly to death? Or start kicking Kim and Debbie's butts to no end?

"Kim and Debbie stop what you are doing and come over here! NOW! Loosen Faith's chains and be prepared!" I ordered them.

They did as they were told and Faith dropped on her knees with her hands still raised.

"Debbie our prisoner is thirsty. Give her your nectar."

"Certainly Mistress."

Debbie brought her pelvis near Faith's mouth and tugged her leather underwear to the side. She parted her rose petals and let go her steamy salty piss.

Faith opened her big mouth and stuck out her tongue as Debbie was leading her stream of piss right inside her thirsty throat. She was gulping Debbie's yellow river eagerly while her tongue was catching on the air every drop which missed its target.

Kim got closer and started peeing on Faith too. She was showering with her golden fluids her nose, eyes, mouth and tits. Faith got crazy as she was trying to swallow Kim and Debbie's urine torrents simultaneously because she didn't want to miss a single drop.

After finishing peeing, Debbie stuck her wet pussy on Faith's lips. Immediately Faith started lapping and nibbling her velvet petals, sucking deeply and swallowing mixed love fluids and urine. I sent Debbie to strap on an 8 inches black dildo and Kim took her place on the spot.

Faith opened her mouth as much as she could in order to accommodate Kim's Indian phallus. Kim guided her "girly-cock" inside her throat and started moving her hips back and forth. Faith gagged a few times but she kept deep-throating it. She quickly got used to its amazing dimensions and in turn she started bobbing her head, meeting Kim's thrusts halfway.

I ordered Kim to lie on the floor and position her pelvis between Faith's thighs. She did and brought her "phallus" in a vertical position. Faith literally jumped on it and her neglected black pussy immediately engulfed it. She was rocking her body too fast on Kim's hard tool and her tits were swaying up and down following the rhythm of her movements.

Debbie grabbed Faith's hair and made her bend over. Faith lay completely on Kim and their breasts came into contact. Debbie knelt behind and parted wide open Faith's asscheeks. She enjoyed the view of Faith's gapping asshole for a moment and then she put there the head of her black dildo.

Debbie pushed hard and past the head through Faith's reluctant sphincter with difficulty. Faith in turn, screamed as she felt her rear end violently penetrated. It seemed that Faith's scream was the signal for Kim and Debbie to go wild. Debbie started humping Faith's stuffed asshole like a dog in frenzy and Kim was pushing up her pelvis drilling Faith's stretched pussy while her hands were pinching her nipples.

With two tools working her holes like well-lubricated pistons Faith didn't have any choice but to succumb.

"OOOhhhh...GOD!!! FUCK ME!!! BOTH OF YOU!!! Ahhhhh...Ouchh...you are ripping me apart...Aaaahhhh...but I like it! Oh GOD I LOVE IT! I'M A FUCKING SLUT!!PLEASE...FUCK ME... BOTH OF YOU!!! I WANT TO BE...A NAZI'S BITCH...I...WANT...I'LL TELL YOU EVERYTHING...JUST...KEEP FUCKING ME...PLEASE!!! IM...CUMMMMMMMMMMING!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I know you will" I said with a big smile on my face.


(The writer regards all people to be equal and brothers. It's just a work of fiction and hopes that no one will be offended.)

Written by Christy Mars Copyrights (c) 2006

Especially made for 25 years old Faye from USA.

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