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My name is Pam. Frankly I like Pipper. It sounds more upbeat and it has two syllables. Pam sounds like someone hitting dirt with a hammer. My dad's name is Stuart but everybody calls him Stu. Dad's a widower. I don't know if they have a name for me without a mom. Maybe momower. Maybe not.

Our next door neighbor's name is Foster. He's a widower too. He and dad are great friends. They go fishing sometimes so early most people are still asleep. Foster loves fish and has it to eat as a staple all the time. He buys them fresh or frozen at the fish market and filets them himself. I never smell fish on Foster. Probably because he showers a lot. Foster is my go to guy after dad. He knows stuff like dad does. We're great friends too.

I'm 19 years old. Almost 20. Dad is 42 and foster is 38. Foster gave me my first glass of wine, the day I turned 18. I was never really interested in wine before. I was in the backyard and he brought two glasses over. Not a lot, just enough to feel it. We sat and talked and sipped. I really liked that wine. I asked him what kind it was and he said, 'Grape wine'. We both laughed crazy at that and I almost spilled mine. You had to be there. He does that to me sometimes. Makes me think.

We live on the outside of a good sized city, not gigantic. It only takes about 15 or 20 minutes to get to great shopping and entertainment. I'm an anthropologist. Actually I will be shortly, about a year or so. I work at the museum on dead people. Really old dead people, some thousands and thousands of years old. The work is engrossing to the extreme. It has a lot of 'wow' factors. Sometimes I work in this big glass enclosure where visitors can walk around on the outside watching us.

I've been horny of late. I think it started with me working on the skeletons. A big man stretched out in the nude right beside me. Well, if it's a skeleton it's nude. I could visualize him in all his glory with his rippling muscles and sinister eyes and big dong-a-long sticking up between his powerful thighs. I would sit there in my shorts brushing dirt and dust away squeezing my buns and working my hips, masking everything in my movements. You haven't lived until you've felt around in a guy's crotch knowing what was there and nobody knowing what you're doing.

I did catch the eye of a really nice looking guy watching me once and almost peed in my pants. I was just building up a nice concentrated squeeze in my crotch and he eyed me right at the pinnacle. It made me think more about all the sex I was missing. I'm not interested in getting into heavy dating and I don't want a serious relationship leading to marriage yet. I started thinking about Foster. I'm more something or other around older men. I seem to relax more and they seem to be more attentive. I understand the attraction both ways and that was great with me. Worked.

The museum built a model of one of the skeletons I worked on with outside flesh and hair and all that stuff. His dong-a-long isn't long enough. I think they figured it was shorter to reduce the chance an animal could bite it off or a female's cervix wasn't that far in in that era. Maybe it was just shorter when down and very long when up. I'll have to stroll by and tickle him and see what happens. A girl can dream.

I think I'm entering a long stretch of horny hormones. Dad doesn't have many women friends and Foster doesn't either. For people pleasure I mean. There's a solution here if I can get it going. I, of course, am smarter than all the men in the city combined so I decided to see if I could kick up a little interest between us. Since I live in the same house as dad it gives me a big advantage with dad and Foster isn't related so that's an advantage with Foster.

Foster's house isn't immediately next door, about a full house and a half away. Just enough that he's private and so are we. There's a few small evergreens between us with all the lower branches cut off so it's easy to walk under them, a soft bed of needles from years past on the ground, some ferns. There isn't many so it's quite open. Sometimes I can see deer eating the green stuff. There's a small worn path between our houses.

Dad's a professor at a local college. He teaches Construction Trades. Academically we talk at cross purposes so we don't usually get into discussions in each other's profession. He does bring work home but tries not to. Same with me. It gives us more free time. We were at the farmer's market having lunch. The array of foods they have there is amazing. You can graze for hours if you have enough room to put it. First thing was to get dad comfortable with me playing around with Foster.

I said, "Dad, have you noticed Foster's kind of more private lately, quieter?"

"Now that you mention it," he said, "he might have slacked off a little. I left a message on his answering machine and he hasn't called back yet."

"I think he's kind of lonely," I said. "Nobody to talk to. I've been trying to give him a little more company. I could get more personal, kind of, you know, pull him out, see what he says." I realized what I said and bristled but dad didn't react.

"I've thought he needs that for some time," he said, "but use a bigger towel."

"Ok," I said. "I'll see if he's going to be home tonight. Maybe he could use some girl company. He doesn't have any that I know about. A girl can always give a guy some company without giving him some company. It's a gift we have. I do it to you all the time and I'll bet you can't think of a single one. Other than when you did catch me in the hall with that small towel on."

"That wasn't my fault," he said. "I saw a girl looked just like you on the runway at Atlantic City once, even smaller towel. You could have another profession there."

"Maybe that's what Foster needs," I said. "Don't you tell him I said that. I don't want to be beholding. Besides, I'm saving all my towel displays for you. You're entitled." Dad had a really nice smile and took another bite of his sandwich. I took a bite of mine and smiled back. I really enjoy dad and I teasing each other.


I called Foster to see if he was busy and could I come over later, about 8. He said sure and see you then. Foster is about 5ft9 and has a skater's body. Thinner waist from swiveling back and forth and stronger legs and thighs. Nice shoulders and nice hair, not long, and no beard or mustache. He dresses a little youngish since he skates. Thin loose shorts for movement. He skates around his pool for practice. It's designed for that. I'm almost 5ft8 and normal build, shoulder length hair.

I put on a black knit bra, front hook, open wider and lower for gowns, very light weight, and a pair of loose shorts. Legs just above mid-thigh but they pull up sitting down, a pair of light panties. Not tight in the legs or waist. I had on a light weight, button down the front, blouse. Breath mints and a very faint hint of something girly for his nose. I undid some of the top buttons on my top on the way over.

Foster was watching the baseball game when I got there. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and we caught up quickly and sat down. He had sodas ready. Habit of ours. We talked about the game and his garden. He runs an agricultural center for the county which he absolutely loves to do.

He usually sits on the sofa on the right hand side. His side table and lamp is perfectly set up with lots of storage space and little shelves on the bottom. It's on wheels so he can push it out to get to the shelves. I always sit next to him. About a year ago I asked dad if it would bother him if I spent more time with Foster. He said Foster might like the company and he thought it was a great idea. Since then I've popped in and out a lot.

I've been girl playing with him off and on. A couple of times he's responded, putting an arm around my shoulder. Maybe a little close to the edge of my breast. Once I held his hand with mine and the weight pulled him down into my breast more. He caught his breath so I know he liked it. Maybe he was shocked I did that. I kept his hand messing with my breasts and nipple for almost an hour.

We got settled watching the game and I noticed him looking between my breasts where the buttons were undone. I slouched down a little with my legs on the ottoman so he had a better downward look. I said, "Would you mind if I played with your thighs. I've never played with a man's thighs. I was going to ask dad but he might gross out. I play with mine sometimes and it really is a turn-on.

Foster's skate shorts were settled down over his dong-a-long. It came over on his thigh on my side, not that far from the bottom edge of his shorts. If he rose to the occasion he might come out and find my fingers. It moved a little while I was looking at it. Slouched down a little he couldn't see where my eyes were looking. He paused a little and said, "Works for me. Thighs are always a great place to wind up your motor."

I smiled at him and stuck my tongue out but just the tip. At the same time I put my fingers on top of his thigh and slowly lowered my whole hand down. He was hairy and warm. My fingers were draped over on the inside. I squeezed him but mostly left my hand right there. After a couple of minutes he reached over for something on his table and at the same time moved his right leg out a little.

I said, "Let me know if I don't do something you like while I'm doing something I like."

"You're already doing something I like," he said. He put his arm over my shoulder like before. His hand hanging down just on the inside of my arm. With me slouched down, even a little, he had a nice reach. I let my fingers explore his thigh more, bumping up against the bottom of his shorts. I also got my fingers way over and down in between his thighs, bumping into his balls, but lightly. After about 10 minutes I reached up and got his hand and let the weight pull him more into my breasts.

This time I had him a little more over just below my nipple. Big difference. At the same time I curled my fingers up under his shorts under his bump. It was just above my fingertips. I could just feel his sack whispering on the back of my fingers. His bump starting to be a mole hill so I took my fingers out of his shorts and settled them right on top of his mole hill and squeezed and ran my fingers up and down.

I turned and tilted up and we kissed for the first time like that. It was full erotic right on. We both got back to watching the game. After a few minutes I let go of his hand and unbuttoned my blouse all the way down. It wasn't that far and not that many buttons. The gesture was obvious.

"Pam," he said. "Are you sure you want to go this route. I'm not trying to reject you. It's more the situation here. Do you think maybe..."

"Foster, I want to be messed with. Besides, they really need it. You let me play with your thigh. And stuff. You play with my nipples. It's an even swap."

It wasn't easy for Foster, me being the daughter of his next door neighbor, but his fingers slowly pulled my blouse over and his fingers dribbled along the top of my breasts. There was a lot of bare skin with this bra and it wasn't tight so he could easily get to my nipples. I got a better grasp on his dong-a-long. If it came up much more I would have to abandon the dong-a-long monocle and be more mainstream like cock or dick. I like both. Cock is more exciting. Maybe cock for dad and dick for Foster.

His fingers started edging inside my bra toward my nipple. I was waiting for that and slowly slid my hand up to the top of his shorts and dipped down in. The stretch top wasn't that hefty and there was lots of room. I ran right into the bottom of his shaft and fingered around and finally circled it about half way and slid my hand towards the top. It took a little time going slow.

He was about what I expected on the reconstructed man at the museum. Foster wasn't talking a whole lot and neither was I but we were making noises and some comments. Both of us were totally ignoring what we were doing like it was someone else. I made a comment about one of the ball players being well developed and always grabbing himself, probably for the girls watching. Shy smiles abound.

I finally got to the head and he was almost fully hard. There was pre-cum already and I spread it around and waited for more. He finally got to my nipple and then undid my bra and pulled that side over and his hand was warm and very thrilling and satisfying. There was a lot of room in his shorts but I still had to pull and push him this way and that way. He didn't have any underwear on but there was a small jock pouch built in. It was never designed to hold foster and he was well out of it.

It would be a long haul to get his and my clothes off this early in my quest but this was a good start and maybe a number of innings yet before we stopped. If I could get him in my pants then one night soon I might get him in the pool skinny dipping. That would do it. It may take a few more times. He wasn't going to break dad's friendship or unspoken confidence that easily. I needed to work on that with both of them.

I started undulating my hips a little so he noticed and opened my knees more. I got his head lubed with his pre-cum and was working it, albeit slowly. I reached up and got the hand on my nipple and lifted it over my head and down on my stomach and down in my shorts and panties and pushed it way on down and left it there. He knew where and what and all the moves and they all came back.

He was totally torn between fingering my vagina or my clit. It was back and forth spending a lot of time on each. Surprisingly, at the start he spend about an equal amount of time running his fingers through my pubic hair of which I had almost all. Through all that I finally came out of a little cloud and noticed I had him pulled up and he was thrusting while my hand was acting like a vagina. We both settled down to what we were doing and enjoying and letting each other have each other and just did it.

It was fantastic sex, right where we needed to be. It felt so good I could have fucked an elephant. One of us got his dick up out of the top of his pants. His balls were still in but it was his dick I wanted. I spread my fingers up and down the shaft and went up and down giving him the best I could, curling a little over the top as I went. I was moving a little faster, not much.

There was no way he wasn't going to have an orgasm. I'd hog tie him before I'd let him get away without one, it would be so cruel. I was making little noises and he was too and I went faster and he did too. He seated himself solidly on my clit right where I would have and did exactly what I would have. He was going to do me like I was going to do him. He ramped it up and I did too. I finally realized he was reading me and himself and working towards us both going at the same time.

It was damn close. I started going over the edge and was squeezing him harder and moving faster and he was thrusting faster and right in the middle of my second or third explosion I saw him shoot right up the front of his top. He growled several times and kept going. I held off when he paused and got going when he did. It seemed to work beautifully. We missed a whole inning of the ball game getting our senses back but nobody scored but us.

Foster gave me a great smiling hug and went off the bathroom or somewhere. He came back with a different top on. I went and came back. Our ice melted already so we refreshed our drinks.

We held each other and looked at each other and watched the game and didn't talk a lot. He turned and kissed me about every minute or two. Some very nice ones. I think he was embarrassed he let it get this far and didn't know what to do. I said, "I have been wanting to do that for a long time but didn't have enough gumption to try. That was probably the best sex I've ever had. Thank you very much. You did everything just right. It was so good."

"I don't know what to say," he said. "It's been a long time."

"Just so you know," I said. "I can't get pregnant. I'm a virgin but I'm doable. I wanted to do this. I'm so grateful. You and dad know a lot. I want to know a lot. As much as you two can share with me. Dad knows I was coming over to give you some company and be more personal. He didn't know how much but it's not something either of us have to worry about."

"Wow," he said. "I'm fine with it. You must know what's going through my mind, what I'm feeling." We talked and watched baseball and said goodnight.


It was a good start. I wanted to get Foster going and weaned off to other women and get dad started and weaned off to other women. I wanted to get dad and Foster comfortable with what we were all doing, fully knowledgeable. At the same time I would be getting a lot of sex and would probably continue getting it. It was also like walking on hot coals. It could burn me at any time.

I decided to give it a day or days, or even a week or weeks between things so it settled down. A couple of days later dad was finishing up watching one of his political shows. I sat down next to him. He liked a sofa too because of all the extra room for his reading stuff. I was quiet. He watched the news a little. I said, "Dad, are you sure you don't mind me giving Foster a bit of girl? I don't want to go where you're not comfortable."

"Pam, it's not for me to say," he said. He put his arm around my shoulder. Our habit too. He said, "Besides I don't want to pry. I can just ask Foster." He was funning me. I knew he wouldn't do that.

"I think he needs a woman," I said. "You do too but I know you don't want to talk about that so forget I mentioned it, for now. Back to Foster. What do you think of him playing with my titties? Would that be too much?"

"I haven't heard that word for ages," he said. "Sounds like cat stuff."

"Ok," I said. "How about nipples. What about him playing with my nipples?"

"All guys like to do that Pam," he said. "I suppose all girls like to do that too. Foster would probably be so thrilled he couldn't see straight."

"He did look kind of funny," I said.

Dad tilted his head over and smiled. Now he knew. I thought this was probably a pivot point in my plans. It was either go or no go. He said, "What about you. Could you see straight?"

"I couldn't breathe right," I said. "Both you and Foster have got to teach me some of what you know. I had my blouse unbuttoned so he could see down in. I was holding his hand that was over my shoulder and pressed it against my breast and he went to work, albeit slowly. I undid all my buttons and he undid my bra. It hooked in front. He touched my nipple and I couldn't keep my eyes open it was so good." I wanted dad to be able to visualize us. It seemed to be working.

"Well," he said, "if I'm reading you right, you lost your nipple virginity." Dad squeezed my shoulder and held it a few moments. "Look," he said. "We all supply ourselves with what we need in different ways. You're getting some of what you want from Foster and he's getting some girl. I don't think either of us are really concerned about any consequences and everybody is happy. Besides, no doubt you're a fun date."

"I am a fun date," I said. "How about if I put on one of those teddy doll sexy bed outfits I have then my silky pj top and bottoms, the short ones, then my thick winter heavy duty top and bottoms. The long ones. I would be totally unsexy. I could come over and climb in with you and get used to a man in bed. If you wrapped me up totally in your arms you wouldn't have anything you could use."

Dad must have laughed for two or three minutes. It was so funny I started laughing with him. He said, "If you want to, fine. Don't blame me if you die of heat exhaustion. We can leave the blanket off."

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