tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNeighborhood Star, Encore!

Neighborhood Star, Encore!


It seems like all I've had on my mind lately is Robbie, Billy and Tommy.

Ever since Robbie told me him and the other two boys saw be naked at a neighborhood pool party several years ago, I've had this underlying tingle and at the same time a certain about of dread caused by their request for me to get naked for them again!

The tingle caused by the fact that I get excited knowing they saw me nude. The dread is caused me knowing it would be wrong to do, but the tingle is winning!

I've fantasized about them seeing me when I've masturbated and even while having sex with my husband. All this over three 18 year old boys!

I guess deep down I knew I was hooked on the idea and would do it, but how?

Just asking them over and pulling my clothing off, don't think so.

I'm not sure exactly why I hadn't told my best friend Tracy about my dilemma right from the start, so I asked her over for lunch to tell her my tale.

"Gloria, that's so funny," Tracy said," how come I wasn't at that party? I go to all the neighborhood party's. I remember you telling me about everyone stripping."

"Remember, you guys went to the shore with the kids," I reminded her.

"Oh that's right; I remember I told you that while you were dancing around naked I was with a sunburned husband."

Tracy added " Gloria I know you well enough to know that you want to do it and I also know you feel guilty about wanting to."

"Jesus, Tracy you know me too well," I said laughing.

"So when and how are you going to pull this off," she asked.

"That's the problem, I don't want to have them here, what if my son or daughter comes home early!" "Plus what would I do, just get naked and let them stare, I don't want to have sex with them; I just want to let them look. Three young guys might get too pushy if we were alone," I said.

We stopped talking and were both thinking about a plan.

Tracy said" Those boys are cute aren't they."

"Yes, Billy is kind of nerdy, but yes they're cute," I answered.

"Can I be part of this?" she asked.

"I was hoping you would want to," I said with a grin.

"Good that makes the planning more fun," she said smiling.

"Is anyone going to be at your lake house Sunday?" I asked

"No my kids won't be and my husband is playing golf with your husband as a matter of fact, so it could be all ours."

Tracy has a summer home along a fairly secluded section of a lake not far from where we live. The house has a rear deck looking out over the lake, but it's in a cove so not many boats pass by close enough to make you feel like you're on display.

"That's where we'll go then," said Tracy," We can cook on the grill and use the boat if we want. No one will even see us cougars with our boy toys" she said laughing.

"I'll call Robbie and set it up," I said.

Later that afternoon I picked up the phone to call Robbie, but I was afraid his Mom would answer, she's a friend of mine and I didn't want to fake a conversation, so I didn't call.

I got in my car and drove to where Robbie works and I got lucky because Robbie was just getting into his car when I pulled up.

"Hi Robbie," I yelled from my car window and signaled him to come over to my car.

"Hi Mrs.G what brings you by?" He said while leaning in the passenger side window.

"Remember what you asked me to do for you and the other boy's?" I said.

He smiled and said "So when do we to do this?"

"This Sunday is the only time I can do it, will that be okay?" I asked.

"Sounds good to me, I'll tell Tommy and Billy," he said

"I wrote down directions to Mrs.'s B's lake house," I said.

"Does Mrs.B know we'll be using her house?" Robbie asked.

"This will be an extra treat for you boy's, she's going to be there."

"Wow, wait until I tell the guy's, she's as hot as you are." he said.

"Be there at 11AM, we'll have a cookout and maybe going swimming, see ya," I said while pulling away.

Tracy and I arrived around 10AM and open the house up, put the food we brought in the refrigerator, opened the windows to let the warm summer breeze blow into the house.

Right on time the boys pulled into the driveway in Robbie's car.

I met them at the front door, each boy said hello Mrs.G as I guided them to the rear deck.

Tracy was waiting for us and I started to make introductions which was silly, because the boy's knew her just as well as they knew me, except for seeing me nude part. They all said hello Mrs. B.

"Boys for the rest of the day please call me Gloria and Mrs.B Tracy okay?"

"Sure no problem Mrs.G," Tommy answered. This may take a while I thought.

We were having some awkward small talk when I stood up and pulled my tank top over my head.

My nipples were already hard just from the anticipation of baring them. The boy's didn't say a word until Robbie said "Gloria you look so hot." Then the other two chimed in with compliments. I loved seeing their young faces looking at me.

Tracy stood up next to me and started to unbutton her blouse. I could the boy's eyes going back and forth from me to her. Tracy removed her blouse and unhooked her bra and exposed her tits to the boys.

"We're just going stay topless, okay boys?" I asked with a smile.

Robbie and Tommy answered and Billy just shook his head.

"You can stay completely naked if you like," said Tommy and the others agreed.

Tracy and I moved to the center of the deck and wiggled out of our shorts. I was wearing a thong and Tracy wasn't wearing any panties so all eyes went right to her.

"Do you like seeing my cunt?" asked Tracy.

"It's beautiful," one of the boys said

I moved closer to the boys and pulled my thong so they could see my pussy. This was so sexy!

Parading around taking our clothes off isn't something we did often; most of our flashing was the "accidental" flashes were the target didn't know we were doing it on purpose. However, we've been to enough wild party's, like the one that started this adventure, to know how to show off our stuff and give the boys an eyeful they would never forget.

We had to push Robbie down in his chair a few times to keep him from grabbing us.

I was so wet it was starting to leak out of me. Tracy had that come fuck me look she gets when ready to go for it.

Tracy knew we had to slow down the pace here or we would loose control of what was going on.

She asked "Boys are you getting hard?"

They all answered almost in unison "Yes."

I said "Okay, Tracy and I are going to sit down now and you boys are going to show us."

"I can't dance," said Billy

"You don't have to dance honey just undress,"I said and winked at him.

Naturally they all pulled off their tee-shirts first. I was amazed at what great body's they had, muscular, but not the weight lifter kind, more lean than bulk. They were all well tanned and it looked good on them. I looked over at Tracy while the guys were taking their shirts off and our eyes met and we were both thinking how sexy they look.

The three of them were wearing shorts, but no one was making a move to pull them down.

I sat back in my chair, spread my legs to give them a better view of my wet pussy and said "Tommy you first."

He stepped forward and pulled his shorts and underwear down in one pull. Tracy and my eyes went right to his hard cock, God it looked so good and we told him so.

Tracy was giving her pussy a gentle rub now, a move not missed by the boys.

"Robbie show us what you got." I said with a wicked grin.

He pulled his shorts down like Tommy did, shorts and underwear together.

His cocked looked so thick and hard, boy is his girlfriend lucky.

Tommy and Robbie were giving their cocks an occasional stroke while standing there. I was thinking I would love to give them a hand. I didn't even have to look at Tracy to know she was thinking the same thing.

Billy the one as I described as" nerdy" is a nice looking boy, but it's his shyness that gives you the nerdy impression.

"Billy, honey it's your turn," I said

He stepped forward and undid his belt, then unbuttoned the one button and slowly pulled down his zipper. He then pulled his sorts down, but turned his back on us before he did that. While standing with his back to us he removed his underpants showing us a beautiful behind and as white as the day he was born, showing dark tan lines. At first I thought he was being shy when he was going so slowly, but damn if this kid wasn't showing us a hot striptease.

When he turned around I was astounded by how big his cock was, it wasn't like porno guy size, but it was a good 9", bigger than the other two guys and my husband for that matter.

"Billy, you are so sexy," I said and he gave me a big smile.

I was so hot and Tracy was too, we pretty much did what we wanted to do this afternoon, but we just couldn't stop now. We have three teenagers standing in front of us naked with hard cocks. I wasn't sure what to do next; I think Tracy would have fucked all three.

Robbie said "masturbate for us."

At this point why not.

Tracy said" Okay, but not here on my deck let's go inside."

She got up and walked indoors and I followed. I didn't even get a vote on the masturbation comment, but it was a fantasy I always had so why stop now.

The boys followed Tracy and me to the den where Tracy and I sat side by side on her sofa.

Robbie and Billy sat in chairs opposite us and Tommy stood next to them.

While I'm looking at the young hard cocks I slide my right hand down between my legs and slowly rubbed myself. My left hand was pinching my nipples. I'm not sure exactly what Tracy was doing since my eyes were on the boys. I can see their eyes going back and forth between us and they're holding their cocks and stroking them as they look at my open wet pussy. This is every bit as exciting as I fantasized it would be.

Tommy, who was standing, moved closer to Tracy and shot a load of cum across her tummy. The other boys now stood up and moved right in front of me. I was using two hands between my legs Rubbing my clit with one and inserting three fingers with my other.

The boys weren't standing in front of me for more than 30 seconds when Robbie's cum landed on my hands and pussy. As soon as he steps back Billy stood between my legs and exploded a stream of cum that shot up my chest and onto my face. Tracy started to shutter with her organism and I did the same thing moments later, but with a loud moan.

We all just sat there for a few minutes gathering our thoughts on what just happened.

"Boy's there are towels in that closet over there, could you get me and Gloria each one," Tracy said.

Since things happened so fast we never ate, so we all worked together to fire up the grill and have our cookout.

We all stayed nude for the remainder of the day. I was still loving being nude for the boys and I could tell they liked it too, because they had erections most of the day.

We ate, swam and just relaxed; it was a very sexy day for all of us.

When think about that day I still can't believe the neighborhood boys jerked off on me.

When I do think about it, my hand usually slips down to my pussy.

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