tagGay MaleNeighbor's Hot Tub Ch. 01

Neighbor's Hot Tub Ch. 01


My wife was off to see her mother, and for the first time since he'd gotten it, my neighbor, Marty, had invited me for an evening in the hot tub he had put in. His house backed onto my side yard, and he'd done a whole lot of nice renovation on his property since he had moved in. Marty was divorced and probably was in his early fifties, judging from his graying hair, but he had kept himself quite fit. He was a businessman, and I could tell he was doing well at that because of all of the money he must be spending on fixing his house up. His fitness probably was a result of the many hours he spent at the gym. He had a good gym in his basement, but he still frequently went to a big fitness center in town. Marty said he went there for the people he met; he had already had a string of subtenants pass through in the two years he'd been here who he said he'd met at the gym. He said he could use the company and that it was always good to have someone at home to take care of his dog when he traveled.

I had deduced for myself, of course, what the real reason for the string of young, buffed male tenants was. For this reason, I had contemplated and planned what I was going to say if he ever asked me to visit his hot tub. I had noticed him eyeing me when I was doing yard work with my shirt stripped off. And when he did ask me over, I was prepared, although I wondered if the minimalist Speedo I had bought and not yet worn would give too obvious of a signal to him. I had always been curious about that lifestyle.

It was dusk when I walked around my fence and into his yard, with both a T and some shorts on over my Speedo, so as not to arouse the other neighbors, and a big towel draped over my shoulder. My wife had gone the day before, and I had called her shortly before making the trip next door to assure myself she had arrived at a destination a good five-hour drive away.

Marty was already in the tub, and his CD player was set on some music that had a real good steady beat to it and at a volume that would not impede discussion in the tub but would keep it to the near vicinity of the tub. The tub itself was quite large, more than eight feet in diameter—and a good thing too, because Marty wasn't the only one in the tub. Across from him was his most recent tenant, Seth, I think his name was, a big, black handsome dude, with Mulatto features, a massive chest that I could see above the water line, and a blue, intricate tattoo following the curve of his left chest muscle and wrapping up around his left biceps and down his arm to just above his elbow. I must admit that his presence was a little intimidating, but I'd waited for several months in anticipation of a new experience, so I gave him a friendly wave back in answer to the welcoming gestures from both of them.

"Come on in, neighbor," Marty invited. "The water's great and is bubbling up just fine. You've met Seth, haven't you?"

"Hi, Seth," I said. "We haven't actually met yet," I said, but I've seen you around."

"And I've seen you gardening too," Seth said with a big, friendly grin. "Strip down and come on in."

I pulled my T over my head, glad just now that I'd put so much work into my own physique, pulled my shorts down, taking my loafers with them, and stepped down into the tub. The water was warm and swirled around my legs with a pretty forceful pressure.

"Here, over by me," Marty said. "Here's a beer."

I pushed my way over near Marty and took the beer gratefully. I downed a swig to calm myself, hoping that neither Marty nor Seth could see my hand shaking, and settled down on the bench ringing the inside of the tub.

Marty spread his arms around the rim of the tub, and his left arm was draped loosely behind me. We chit chatted for a short while before I took the initiative that I had planned to take. We were talking about the placement of Marty's hot tub, and I said, "You know, Marty, that I can see your whole tub from my study window. I don't think it can be seen from anywhere else, but I can see it."

"Yes, I know," Marty said. "I've sensed that you were up there looking down here on occasion." There was a short silence, and Marty added, "And I'll bet you know I don't bring young men home from the gym because I need the rent money, don't you?"

"Yes," I said quietly and took another long swig of beer. "I figured that out some time ago."

"And that doesn't bother you, as a neighbor?" Marty asked.

I turned and looked into his baby blue eyes and said, "No, not particularly. Live and let live, I say."

"So, and still you accepted my invitation to try out my hot tub while your wife was away? Why, might I ask?"

A long swig at the beer. "Curious, I guess," I answered, "just curious."

"Have you ever been . . . curious . . . before?"

"No, not actually. No, no . . . never before." Another nervous swig at the beer. It was beginning to give me a buzz.

"But you're . . . curious . . . now?"

"Yes, I guess so."

"Just how curious?"

"Very curious, I guess. I've had a long time to think about it."

With that, Marty moved in until we were touching sides, and the arm he had extended around me wrapped more snuggly and he draped his left hand over my shoulder. His fingers touch my chest lightly, but to me they felt heavy and to be marking a point of no return.

"Curious enough to try a kiss?" Marty asked.

"Yes, I guess so. But I won't be good at it. As I've said, I've never done this before."

His left hand lifted to the side of my head and he turned my face to his. He brought his lips to mine. First a light kiss on the lips, but the one that followed was more firm and he opened my lips with his. He tasted sweet and I hoped I did as well. His right hand went to my lower belly, and I gave a nervous twitch. But he held me there and I settled back down. He pulled his lips away and, in a low voice, said, "I thought that was nice. Are you OK?"

"Yes," I whispered. "I thought that was nice too." All of my attention was on that hand on my belly, however. He had moved his index finger to my navel and had pushed it in ever so slightly. He brought his lips back to mine; again a light kiss and then a deeper one. This time he took my lower lip between his and ran his tongue over my lip. My right arm was pretty much pinned against his side, but I instinctively raised my left hand up to cup his head and to hold him to me. His upper lip pushed up, opening my mouth to his tongue. I returned the pressure of the kiss for the first time. I liked this. I had had no idea whether I would, but I did, and I'm afraid that my cock liked it as well. I could feel myself grow. Marty must have known that this should be happening about now, because the hand that was on my belly moved downward and explored the basket of my Speedo until he was able to outline the bulge down there. I first felt him get the measure of my cock, which I was pleased gave him a little shudder, and then he outlined where my balls were. But he returned to my cock and was gently rubbing it.

He broke away from the kiss. "Ah, I can see that you are curious," he said, "Very nice."

"Thank you, I guess," I answered, nervously.

"Yes, very nice, indeed," he said. While stroking and rubbing below with his right hand, he gently encased his left hand in the hair at the back of my head and pulled my head back. He then buried his lips in my neck, finding an artery pumping blood there. His lips on that artery caused my cock to lurch. He squeezed with his right hand and kept nibbling at my neck, and my cock swelled further.

"Yes, very, very nice indeed," he mewed. His kisses traveled around to the other side of my neck, and his right hand came back up onto my belly, but only long enough to push under the rim of my Speedo and to gently pull my cock free. I moaned and closed my eyes.

"Here's where you can feel me too, if you'd like," Marty instructed. I tentatively moved my free hand to his chest and ran it from nipple to nipple. He had a good chest. I then ran my hand down to his washboard stomach. Very nice shape for his age. Marty's lips ran through my chest hair and went to my right nipple, where he applied suction. His right hand went down to cup my balls, pulling the Speedo down farther.

"Am I moving too fast for you?" he asked. "Everything still all right?"

"Yes, thanks. That feels nice."

"Here, let's get these off," Marty said, and I raised my butt so that he could pushed the Speedo down and off my feet, and he then flipped it away from the tub. While he was doing this, I looked over at Seth. He had pulled himself up on the edge of the tub and had a beefy mitt wrapped around one of the fattest and blackest—far blacker than his own skin—pricks I'd ever seen. He had a look of languid pleasure in his eyes as he watched Marty perform at our side of the tub.

When Marty came back around, he twisted his torso so we were face to face, chest to chest, and gave me a deep kiss. My right arm went around his back, my hand at his waist, and my left hand slid back down his chest to his belly and then, tentatively on down. I gasped as I realized that he hadn't been wearing any trunks at all. His pubic hair was thick, but not anywhere near as thick and long as the dong my hand found. I gave out little gasps again, and Marty registered his pleasure with his mouth, as I encased the root lightly in my hand and then slowly explored every inch of his tool.

Marty leaned over, fiddled with something on the rim of the hot tub and came back with a big gob of goo in his hand.

"Lubricant, a special kind," he whispered in my ear, as his hand went under the water and he started lathering up my cock with it. "But we still have to be fairly quick," he whispered again, "or the hot water would eventually dry it out and wash it away." We kissed while he slowly hand pumped me up, the lubricant providing additional pleasurable friction. Within a few minutes I was pretty well pumped up. He swung up and around me, suspended over me with his knees on the bench facing me and me between his legs.

"Here, scoot out on the bench a bit," Marty directed. I did so, beginning to understand what he had in mind, and feeling a little thrill running through my body. This was what I had been most curious about. Marty's hand went to my cock, and I felt its head being positioned at his asshole.

"But, but, don't you need something, too?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm well oiled down there already," Marty said. "Seth and I got started before you arrived."

I could feel my cock go into his ass up to the rim of the helmet. Anxiously, I started pushing up.

"Easy, there, big fellow," Marty said. "And I do mean big fellow. Give us a minute."

But in far less than that, I felt I was beyond the first tight area, and his sphincter muscle pulled me on in. Marty did a few up and down pumps while he was skewering himself on me, but, in large, it was a quick slide down my pole. It felt tight and bumpy, not at all what I had expected. Marty winked at me and asked, "How do you like my new sleeve? The first half of the channel you just went up has a sleeve with silicon bumps in it, both inside and out, to give your cock and my hole a ride I bet you haven't gotten from your women. And with that he reached out and grabbed the rim of the hot tub with both hands and I grabbed his hips with both of my hands, and he began pumping up and down, short and long, slow and fast, until we were both panting and I felt like I was going to explode. He was right; I'd never gotten this kind of ride from a woman before, and I'll have to admit that I've been up a few women's asses. I was about to shoot, when Marty rose off me and plopped down beside me again. He took my cock in his hand and held it still. I tried to hand fuck him to completion, but he held me still until the urge subsided.

"Not yet, good neighbor," he whispered in my ear. "Too early for your first load."

After I had calmed down, Marty took another glob of ointment in his right hand and slid it down my belly and along my upper thigh to my crotch. He put the heel of his hand under my balls, made me spread my legs with the pressure from his fingers, and found my asshole with his index finger. He held the tip of the finger on the rim for a moment, but then pushed it and some of the ointment ever slightly into the hole. I flinched and tightened up.

"No? Not yet? Too fast?" he whispered, as he came out of the kiss.

"No." I said. "Yes, I mean too fast. In fact, I'm not sure . . ."

"Nothing you're not sure about," He whispered. "We won't do anything you're not sure about until you are sure. Don't worry." His hand came back up to my cock. He took the dick helmet in his fingers. I found I had been holding his the same way without quite knowing what else to do with it.

"Here, follow my lead," he said. He wrapped his hand around my cock and slid it down to the root. I did the same. Applying pressure, he gently, but steady pumped my cock for about a dozen beats. I did the same in rhythm, and both of our cocks grew. He then slid back up to the helmet, and so did I. Taking that in his fingers, he ran his fingers lightly around the rim of the helmet. I did so as well, and we both gave a low moan, although mine perhaps was deeper and more surprised than his. He put his thumb on the slit at the top of the helmet, and I returned the favor. He brought another finger up and squeezed so that that hole opened more. I began to squirm, but Marty remained rock solid—and I mean rock solid. All the time, he had my lips in his and was deep kissing me. I looked at Seth. He was stroking himself with one hand and pinching at the nipples on his gigantic chest with the other.

I pulled away from Marty's lips and said. "Umm, maybe we'd better cool it a minute again, Marty. This might be getting a little critical with me."

"Not to worry, neighbor," Marty answered with a little laugh. "I think you can cum now. You're a young, virile guy. I'm sure you have reloads if we need them. In fact, I think it's time for a little change." With that, he pulled away, knelt beside me on the hot tub seat, put his hands under my butt cheeks and raised me up. To my surprise and somewhat consternation, Seth was there behind me, kneeling with his knees behind my waist, my butt hanging just below the rim of the hot tub, and supporting my back along the incline of his torso. I could feel his huge dick running up my spine, which, I must admit, was not the least pleasurable feeling I've ever had. He wrapped his arms around me and placed his hands over my chest, where he did some subtle work on my nipples and chest muscles. From time to time, he buried his face in my neck and gave my arteries there a sensual sucking.

Marty, his knees in the hot tub and on the bench, facing me, was between my legs. His hands were encasing and squeezing my butt cheeks. "Gawd, what a nice butt you have," he said, with admiration. "And that prick. Get a load of that prick, Seth." Indeed, I must admit that my cock was very much on display, sticking straight up there in the air.

Marty brought his lips down to my navel, and he kissed and tongued me there, as I squirmed a little and did some sighing and moaning.

"This okay?" he asked.

"Yes, fine," I answered.

"This okay?" he asked, as he moved his lips farther down and kissed and tongued along my pubic hair line.

"Yes," I answered weakly. He ran his tongue down along my crotch and around my dick until he got to my balls. He tongued and kissed those. "And this, this OK?" he asked.

"Yes," I moaned. Then he popped one of my balls into his mouth and extended it out.

"No, no . . . yes," I volunteered. He took the other testicle in his mouth. He now had one in each cheek. Again he extended them out and down and applied a little sucking pressure.

I couldn't say anything at this point. I was holding as still as possible and was beginning to pant. Seth ran a hand down across my belly and encased my cock and squeezed.

"Oh, oh," I moaned. And then, "Yes, oh yes," as Marty popped my balls out of his mouth and was fed my cock by Seth, who was holding it upright. Marty treated it like a Popsicle briefly, running his tongue down to Seth's hand and then around to the other side and then up. He took just the helmet in his mouth and ran his tongue over it and around the rim and into the slit and then sucked it. What a sensation. I'd never felt this during sex before. Then he started deep-throating me, first soft and slow strokes and then faster and deeper, with the beat of the music of his CD.

I was writhing under Seth's bonds, moaning and whimpering, and murmuring that we needed to stop and cool down a bit. It was then that I noticed that Marty had worked his way along and inside my butt cheeks and now had two fingers, one from each hand on the rim of my asshole and slowly pulling the opening apart. I could feel more of the cool ointment.

"No, no, Marty," I said, as I tried to slap at him with my hands. "Get away from my ass."

Seth put me in a headlock that threw my arms over my head, but Marty did move his hands higher on my butt cheeks without losing a beat of his pumping action on my cock.

"Oh, oh, I'm going to cum, Marty. Pull off, I can't hold it much longer."

"No problem," Seth whispered in my ear." Marty can take it. He likes it." And take it he did, three jolts of wad, down his throat. Then he relaxed and looked up at me with a smile.

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