tagGay MaleNeighbor's Hot Tub Ch. 02

Neighbor's Hot Tub Ch. 02


"There, that was lovely," Marty whispered as he came up for air after swallowing my jizzm. I just lay there in Seth's grasp, panting from my first male cocksucking. "You have one of the nicest packages I've ever had," he went on to say.

I thought that Seth would let me go then, but he didn't. What he did do was drag me farther out of the hot tub, so that my butt was on the rim. I could barely reach the seat with my feet.

Marty rose up on his knees and said, "What I can't understand is your fear for your ass. All I want to do is what a doctor can do. Didn't you know the prostate was the men's G-spot? All you heteros don't know the pleasure you are missing. It's just a little ways in; I just want to show you what a pleasure a prostrate massage can be."

"I . . . I don't know," I answered uncertainly.

"You came for adventure, didn't you?" Marty asked. "Why leave without knowing just how much pleasure you even could be getting with your wife. She could be doing this just as easily as I can. But obviously she hasn't been. You've been missing out. I'll bet you make sure you service her G-spot."

Again, "I just don't know."

"Well, let me start and you can always let me know when to stop. I've done that before, haven't I?"

"Well, I suppose." I couldn't think of a better answer. And without waiting for a further answer, Marty pushed my legs apart and was lightly kissing my asshole. It did feel pleasurable. Seth lowered my arms again and again wrapped his hands around my chest and played in my chest hair and with my nipples. I turned my head and we kissed. His lips were bigger than Marty's had been, and his kiss was more bruising and insistent, but the taste was just as sweet. I could feel his hot sausage-like prick on my back, and I snaked my hands behind me in search of it. Seth lowered his shoulders to take the weight off mine and pushed my torso up so that I could reach his rod with both of my hands. I wrapped my hands around it covered from top to bottom without the hands overlapping.

"Raise your legs when I push them up," Marty commanded in a husky voice. I did so, and he got his hands where my thighs met my buttocks and pushed my legs apart. He had his fingers dug into my butt cheeks and he used them to pull them apart to give maximum access to my asshole. He kissed my puckering hole again and rimmed me with his wet tongue. It felt strange but tingly. I felt his tongue enter my channel and I gave a little gasp.

"Okay, so far?" he asked. I broke away from the kiss with Seth to give a hesitant affirmative response.

"This will feel cold, but it will make it more comfortable for my finger to reach the proper position," he said reassuringly. With that, he draped my left leg over his shoulder and came up with another large dab of ointment. This time I felt the cool moisture pushed farther into my asshole than he had done earlier. Marty spent some time working this in, and I could feel my asshole loosen up and expand.

"My, my, my," I heard him cluck.

"What?" I asked.

"Oh, just my, my, my. This is going to be better than I hoped." Not bothering to pursue that point farther, I relaxed a bit under his ministrations to the point that I no more than flinched when I felt a finger at the rim and tentatively push up to the first knuckle into the hole.

"There, does that hurt?" Marty asked.

"N-o-o," I said with an edge of doubt in my voice. "Huh," I said with a gulp, as I felt the finger push further in. I felt my sphincter muscle catch it and draw it even further in. And then I felt the pad of the finger on my prostate. Marty could feel he'd found the spot to, even though I gave him notice by flinching and giving a little gasp. Marty applied gentle pressure and began to rub.

"Here, this will take a few minutes," Marty said. Seth pushed the full length of his torso into me again, trapped my hands between him and me and slid his right hand down to my cock again. As Marty rubbed, I felt almost as if I had to piss, and I could feel a few dabs of cum involuntarily dribble up and out of my cock, but, oh what a sensual and relaxing feeling it was. I almost thought I'd begin to purr. I'm glad I found out about this. Seth rubbed the precum around my cock with his finger. He had propped me up so I could look down the whole length of my body and see him playing with my cock and Marty there between my legs. The pleasure from watching what was going on and the pressure on my prostate began to grow, and along with it my cock began to engorge again.

And then Marty's finger was out of my hole and he standing on the floor of the hot tub. I could see his erect phallus, and it was leaning its way in, toward my butt.

My intense pleasure flipped to fear, "No! I half yelled. No, I don't want . . ." My voice was muffled by Seth's big mitt coming up and covering my mouth.

"Hey, you came to find out what this is all about. This is part of what this is all about," Marty said with a husky voice. "You came here. Who are you going to complain to? Who in the neighborhood wants to know what you are a part of now? Your wife maybe? Don't worry; I'll make it a good experience. No, I'll make it a great experience; I can tell from your reaction that it's already gone beyond a good experience. And your hole has opened up incredibly. I've never seen this happen the first time. I bet you could take me and Seth both." I moaned and writhed at the thought. I didn't want to admit that I'd played dildo games with my women partners for years.

He still had my left leg over his shoulder, so he lathered up his dick with ointment and positioned its head up against my asshole with his right hand and pushed in just enough to get the helmet in and to have purchased. Then he grabbed both of my legs at the ankles and split me up and out like a wishbone. I saw him slowly entering me and I began to buck my pelvis, which only increased the pain, so I stopped. What I didn't want to admit, even to myself, was that this felt a whole lot better than the dildos I'd taken up there. Marty held still, while Seth reached over and turned up the music and did a quick turnaround on me. He had my hands by the wrists and was kneeling with my chest between his knees.

"You can scream if you want," he told me. "But I'm going to get rough if you do. And I'm going to get rough if you don't pay some attention to me now." There was little doubt what attention Seth had in mind. From where he was positioned, the moist head of his long dong was touching my cheek.

"Seth's right," Marty said from below me. "I can either give this to you within your tolerances, or I can give it to you really hard. If you service Seth, I'll be as gentle as possible."

"Go to hell," I screamed. I had barely gotten this out, though, when Marty pushed a good five inches up my ass in one slide. I thought I was going to be ripped apart.

"What was that you said?" Marty asked.

I didn't answer, but I opened my mouth and turned it toward Seth's dick and took the bulbous head in. I licked and sucked, and Seth gave little whimpers of pleasure. "Get your tongue under it," he said, and I complied. He entered me about three inches and I thought I'd gag. "Don't think gag," he directed. "Lift your chin to give it a straight shot and push your tongue and under it as far as it can go. And open wide, very wide. Loosen your jawbone. You can do it." I did so, and he slid in a little farther. Then me began to slowly pump in and out, fucking my face but not trying to give me more than I could manage.

Meanwhile, down below, Marty had withdrawn his prick most of the way and was pushing back in. He reached my prostate again with his cock and he was rubbing up against that and giving me a not-unpleasurable sensation. Other than the one painful punishment thrust, he hadn't been doing more than slowly working his way in at this point, holding for me to stretch to be able to accommodate him. After he had gotten past the sphincter, I no longer felt great pain and the sensation of being stuffed beyond limits, and shortly I could feel I had loosened and relaxed and a felt the whole length of him glide on in. I could feel his pubic hair mashing down on mine.

"There," he grunted, "you did it. You did fine. You've got one sweet, big ass channel." He didn't do any pumping at that point, but he did move his pelvis around, rotating his cock inside me. My prostate liked that just fine, and it served to loosen and widen the canal some more. He came back up on the hot tub seat with his knees, so that now me was hunched over me. He pushed my legs down toward the deck at an almost impossible angle, so that now we was hovering over me, with his ramrod almost on the vertical.

It was then that Seth jerked out of my mouth with a grunt and spurted cum all over my chest, and as that happened, Marty began his pumping action in my ass. In and out, short strokes and then long strokes. Wiggling his pelvis and rotating his dick around, stretching and filling me. Seth changed positions again, without me being able to escape. He turned around on me, putting my head firmly between his knees and kneeling there. His hands went to my dick and my balls. He played with the balls for a while and then got hold of the cock and started stroking and pumping it. He and Marty did some kissing without letting it interfere with their other activities. And then I felt lips on the tip of my cock, and Seth took me on to the root in one slide, showing me that, indeed, it could be done. In turn, I showed him I wasn't taking any of this passively. I pulled his butt cheeks apart and started tonguing and rimming his asshole. I then fisted a hand and started pushing the knuckles at his hole, and, to my surprise, they started working their way in. Seth's only response was to wiggle his ass in pleasure, which I increased by taking his dick in my other hand and starting to milk him.

Marty, Seth, and I came at just about the same time, and, with a combined scream of release, followed by a sigh of relief we all were back in the hot tub, soaking away body fluids. I wasn't really in any condition to look where I was going, however, because when I went to sit down on the hot tub ledge, Seth was under me. I struggled and objected, but he had only of those beefy arms around me and the other was on his dong, which he guided to my newly plowed asshole as I came down. I managed to stop, at first, when helmet of his cock was just at my entrance. But Seth held me there steadfastly and slowly, ever so slowly, my leg muscles gave way and I descended down his gigantic tool, feeling every inch in both length and diameter as I was skewered until my butt was nestled up against his upper thighs. I panted and moaned, while Seth clucked sweet nothings in my ear and nibbled at my neck.

"Oh, Gawd, no, Seth. You're too big. Let me go," I whined.

"You've already taken me in, Glen. From here, just take it and enjoy it. You now know there isn't anyone you can't take. I'm ten inches long and mighty thick, Glen. There aren't many bigger than that. Just relax. That ointment we used is good stuff, and, as Marty said, you've got one incredible ass canal."

When I had stopped panting and groaning, Seth pulled my knees up and into my chest and began gently rocking from front to back. His rock-hard, yet flexible dong was rubbing my prostate and other nooks and crannies up my ass channel in a way that gave me a whole new sensation, and I found that I could accommodate him without pain now. I was lulled into a sense of relaxation, but the two weren't finished with me yet.

I had about dozed off in exhaustion, when I felt Seth standing up. He still had me folded into his chest by the knees, and he bore my weight as if I were a rag doll. He didn't go far, however, he just moved up to where he was perched on the rim of the hot tub. That's when Marty came back into view. Seth leaned back so that my butt was lifted in the air and there Marty was, with more ointment, and spreading it around my now-occupied asshole. I don't know how he was doing it, but he was managing to get a few fingers into the hole above Seth's buried dong.

"What are you doing?" I cried. "Oh, no, not that."

"Such a sweet hole and channel, Glen," Marty cooed. "And so flexible. It opened right up. More than I thought possible for a first time. Have you and your wife been playing rear-entry games? Don't do anything rash, Glen. Just hold very still there, for me . . . and for your sake."

And then he did it. I felt the head of his cock at my hole above Seth's rod and slowly, ever so slowly, he was entering me as well. He was half way in when he slowly pulled out again and then in, a little farther than the first time, and then slowly out and slowly back in. Seth was giving little yelps of pleasure at the friction Marty was bringing to bear on his buried cock between kisses he was enjoying with Marty. His cock began to do some involuntary pumping as well. I passed out before they were finished.

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