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Neighbours: Elly & Karl


Ramsey Street: Behind Closed Doors.
The Doctor Will See You Now Miss Conway.

Although Elly walked around Ramsey Street like she owned the place, there were some things she felt less than confident about.

It was now she found herself in one of those situations. She had been working hard on trying to get Tad interested in her, and despite Tad's initial reluctance due to the age gap and what people might think, she had used her confidence and feminine charms to bring him round, and slipping her tongue down his throat hadn't harmed either!

After kissing Tad that very first time, she had encouraged him to take things further and was even more frustrated at the slow pace he seemed to have taken it, despite an almost open invitation from her to do anything he liked.

She had virtually had to put his hand on her breast to get him more physical and she noticed how uneasy he was when she had put his hand on his lap in the taxi on the way back to his house and stroked his cock through his jeans.

But now the boot was on the other foot, as she found herself in her own bedroom lying naked in his bed, clutching the bedclothes firmly in her hands, her knuckles white with intrepidation, awaiting Tad's imminent return fro the bathroom where he said he was going to prepare, insisting she should get herself undressed and slip into bed.

And there she lay, maybe she could get dressed quickly and run home, he wouldn't mind….probably.

As doubts entered her mind though, her decision was made for her, as the door handle turned and Tad walked in. He smiled as he slipped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. Then Elly interrupted as she watched him unfasten his pants and let them slip to the floor. "We erm, don't have to do this if you don't want to Tad," she offered nervously, taking him aback somewhat as it was the first time she had ever let her brash front down in his company.

"No," he replied "I want to, really…why, don't you?"

"Of course I do," she replied, "I've wanted to for ages, it's just that I've never actually…." At this point Tad interrupted her mid-sentence, anticipating the conclusion.

"But you said…." It was her turn to interrupt him as he pressed her on the matter.

"I know," she replied, "But I lied, I walk round I've done it all before but I'm actually feeling pretty scared right now."

"Have you done anything?" Tad asked, shocked at her admission.

"Sure," she replied, "I've been with boys before, and I've even sucked a couple of dicks, but I've never actually gone all the way." "Then when I met you, I knew you would be the one I would finally do it with for the first time."

Tad smiled and slipped down his boxer shorts, before grabbing hold of his soft cock and gently stroking it, making it grow as it filled with blood in readiness of the action which was to follow.

"Why don't you help m along here," said Tad, as he continued to massage his cock, which was steadily growing harder, "Let me look at you."

Elly nervously lowered the bed sheet slowly, revealing the smooth pale skin of her bare shoulders. Tad smiled encouragingly as he gestured with his head to her to lower the bedclothes further. She followed his instruction and slowly pulled the duvet down further, until her top half was totally exposed, making her feel cold and vulnerable.

Tad had briefly glanced at her chest, before grabbing a small packet from the drawers and tearing it open, pulling out it's rubber contents and tossing the ripped wrapper onto the carpet.

Barely giving her a second glance, her put the opening of the ring and rolled the sheath along the 7 inches of hard cock which now jutted out proudly at his groin, until his penis were totally encased in the pale pink condom skin.

Then, now fully protected he strolled over to the bed his stiff genitals swaying ominously before Elly's flushed face. As he reached his mate in bed, he grabbed hold of the duvet and ripped it away from the bed, sending it flying across the room. Then as he clambered onto the bed he looked at her body, focusing his attention with a leer at her breasts. "Shit Elly," he uttered, "You've got fucking amazing tits, I can't wait to shag you!"

Then before she could respond, Tad was climbing on top of her, his heavy body pinning her to the bed, preventing her from moving even if she had wanted to. Then she felt him prodding his penis against her slit. Then he leaned over and put his face just inches from hers, his hot breath beating against her pretty features. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle with you," he laughed, as he thrust his hips forward, shoving the entire length of his cock straight up inside her. It was an experience she found more than a little uncomfortable but she was prevented from voicing her concerns by Tad slipping his tongue deep into her mouth, until she was almost forced into accepting his kiss, returning it as best she could under the circumstances.

Then just as she felt more comfortable with the feeling of having a penis inside her for the first time, Tad was grunting like a wild animal as he wriggled about on top of her. After what must have been no more than a dozen thrusts in total, Tad broke his lips from hers and panted "Oh god, I'm gonna cum!"

Tad barely had time to finish his warning sentence, before his dick was spasming inside Elly's pussy and he juddered as he began cumming, filling the end of the condom with his spunk. After he had finished cumming, Tad slipped out of Elly and rolled off her, catching his breath before standing up and slipping his cock out of the freshly filled condom. Without a second glance at Elly, Tad tossed the condom in the waste paper bin and pulled on his shirt and pants and sat down on the bed to put his shoes on. After he finished tying his laces, Tad got up and headed for the door, briefly pausing as he opened it and saying "Cheers babe, that was great, but I gotta go….Harold will be worrying about me, you know what he's like." "See you later, yeah?"

Elly just had time to nod before watching Tad disappear through the door. She waited until she heard the front door shut before grabbing her robe and wrapping her shivering body in it before heading into the lounge and flopping down onto the sofa. She buried her face in her hands and the tears began to pour from her eyes, and there she sat gently sobbing in the darkness.

She was left there for around 5 minutes before she heard movement coming from the hall. Without time to respond, the light was flicked on and in walked Karl, dressed in his blue paisley pyjamas, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

Elly desperately tried to fight back the tears, not wanting to show Karl she was upset. "What are you doing up?" she muttered as she wiped the tears from her reddening eyes.

"I can't sleep, Susan's away all weekend on a field trip with the school and the bed feels empty without her."

It was as he looked over at Elly to reply that he noticed she was somewhat distressed. "Are you OK Elly?" he asked as he moved over in her direction.

"Mmmmmmm" was her muted reply, but she was unable to fight the tears any longer and she began sobbing again as Karl stood beside the couch.

"What's up?" he asked, feeling uneasy at being there alone with her.

"I think I've just done something very stupid." She sniffled, as Karl sat next to her on the sofa and out his arm around her.

"Go on" replied Karl reassuringly, It's OK you can tell me."

"Well I've been seeing Tad for a while now, and I really like him….or so I thought…..and so I let him, well you know, but I had never before and……"

Despite the fragmented nature of her reply, Karl knew exactly what she was talking about, and his expression became one of parental concern to one much more grave. "For Christ sake Elly, you didn't do…..I mean, you did use protection didn't you."

"Oh god yes…..I'm not stupid!" she snapped.

"So what's the problem then," he asked, as far as he was concerned what other problem could there be. Then another much more serious problem entered his head and his face went ashen white.

"He didn't……force you did he?" he asked sternly, dreading a reply in the affirmative. Elly's reply made the colour run back into his face as he breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"No," she replied "It's just I've been waiting for so long to do it and it just seemed so pointless. I never want to bother ever again.

Karl laughed, he found her answer somewhat trivial, forgetting what girls were like at that age. "Is that all," he smiled "It's natural for a first time to be somewhat disappointing, its never what you expect."

"Really," she replied, now managing to stop crying altogether "Do you remember you're first time?"

Karl flinched, although he felt really awkward having that conversation with the young woman, he felt he ought to try and make her feel better about herself, as she was really at a low ebb.

"Yes" he answered, "It was terrible, all over in seconds as I recall!"

Elly smiled as she watched Karl's face cringe with embarrassment at his recollection. "But you get better, after all….." he continued, "….If I'd never done it again I wouldn't have married Susan or had any of my wonderful children.

"I suppose not," she smiled back at him, "But is it always so painful?"

Karl's brow furrowed, although as a doctor, he knew some women did feel discomfort during sex, it very rarely caused extreme pain and he expressed concern at her curious reply.

"Did it hurt a lot," he asked, responding with a more Doctorly tone in his voice.

"Yes, quite a lot, why is that bad" she answered, the air of concern in his voice causing some anxiety in her own mind.

"Mmmmmm I can't say off hand." " I suggest you make an appointment to see the nurse on Monday morning, just to be on the safe side."

The mention of that made Elly really worried and she found herself asking a peculiar favour of Karl.

"Couldn't you have a look?" she asked, now more concerned than anything.

Karl took his arm from around her and stood up from the couch. "Er, I don't think that's a very good idea Elly." Elly was insistent, "Please Karl, I don't want something to have happened."

Karl held firm in his refusal a second time. "It's just not appropriate Elly" he answered again, "Not only am I not your GP or a proper gynaecologist , but I'm your responsible legal guardian."

Elly was not going to let the matter rest, her concern was 100% focused on her well-being, not some legal mumbo-jumbo or family trivialities.

"But couldn't you just look?" she almost demanded this time "You could just see if I need to see the nurse couldn't you."

It was indeed true. Although not qualified in specialist Urology, he was more than capable of giving her a concise medical examination to ascertain whether there was the need for further investigation, but that was secondary to a primary reason for his reluctance to examine her, although he was keeping that reason firmly to himself.

Although he wanted desperately to refuse her request once more, he noticed she was different from her usual self, she seemed scared, and Karl's sense of professionalism overtook any personal reasons he had.

"Very well" he said sternly, adding, "But this stays strictly between you and me, understand?"

Elly nodded, delighted that her fears were going to be dealt with, she hoped. She smiled at Karl and thanked him.

"Go into my bedroom and lie on the bed," he sighed, not at all happy with his predicament, "I'll be in in a minute, I've got to wash my hands and get my bag."

Elly did as she was told and went into Karl and Susan's bedroom.

When Karl entered, still dressed in his pyjamas clutching his black leather medical case, he found Elly lying on the bed, still with her dressing gown wrapped firmly around her otherwise naked young body. Karl walked over and knelt on the floor in front of her, opening his bag and taking out a penlight torch.

"OK," he said "Undo your robe please Elly."

As Elly put her hands on the pink towelling belt, she was stopped in her action for a final time by Karl, who spoke once again, pursuing his discomfort with what he was about to do.

"Are you sure you want me to do this Elly?," he asked for a final time, but as she replied positively, he felt obliged to reinforce the seriousness of what he was about to do. He looked up at Elly, and then down to where her legs dangled from the bottom of the long robe before adding "You must tell no one about this, not even Susan, if the medical council were to hear about this I could be struck off."

Elly felt a reply was unnecessary; hell who was she going to tell? Instead, she undid the knot of her belt and opened the bottom of her robe.

Karl looked up and saw her long slim thighs, he moved close to the bed and placed one trembling hand on her left knee. "Open your legs for me please Elly," he asked, gently assisting her in the action by pushing her left leg aside.

Karl looked down at the carpet briefly and held his breath, as his heart pounded rapidly in his chest. He closed his eyes and forcefully exhaled, before raising his head to her groin.

He traced the inside of her shapely left thigh with his hand, his heart pounding harder and faster as it moved slowly towards its destination. Then his eyes fell upon the object of scrutiny. Karl's eyes widened as he gazed upon the sweet folds of Elly's pink pussy, the lips of it flanked by a thin strip of dark fluffy hair, which also crowned it at the base of her abdomen.

Karl froze for a moment, transfixed with the heavenly sight he was presented with.

Elly was eager to find out if she had been damaged, and was quick to ask to find out.

Her question made Karl realise he had actually forgotten his reason for them both being there, happy to just stare at her perfect little cunt. Then it all came back to him, and he clicked the torch on with his right hand thumb and, with an unprofessional sense of excitement moved his left hand up towards her vagina.

Karl felt the tips of his fingers brush lightly against her soft pubic hair, before they rested lightly on the entrance to her pussy.

It was just as well that her ears were so far away from her crotch as she would have heard Karl's panting breath for sure. The truth was he was enjoying the experience far more than was healthy. He moved the torch in close and trying to control his breath as best he could said "I'm going to have to look inside you now Miss Conway, tell me if it hurts anywhere OK."

Elly noticed he had called her Miss Conway instead of Elly, which she thought was very strange, but thinking it was just to make her feel more comfortable, went along with it and said "OK Dr. Kennedy."

Karl had called her Miss Conway very deliberately, not to make her more comfortable though, it was solely an attempt to convince both of them that he was going to probe her purely out of medical concern and he was not going to obtain anything from it at all.

A fact that couldn't have been further from the truth.

Had he been thinking as a professional, he would have worn rubber gloves, and applied some lubricant to his fingers, but such was the situation, that he was just so eager to probe her tight little pussy that all formalities were discarded. After all, she knew little about proper procedure and would be none the wiser anyway.

Elly winced as she felt a couple of fingers against the side of her pussy, and as the lips were teased apart slightly, she gasped in slight discomfort. Karl ignored her reaction, he wouldn't have stopped had she screamed out loudly, and slid in half of his index finger. He probed it around, and lit the area with his torch.

Although he wanted desperately to insert the whole of his finger, and maybe even a second, he reluctantly removed his finger and clicked off his torch.

Composing himself as he replaced the torch, and removed a tube from the bag he delivered his verdict.

"Well," he said "No damage done, it's just a bit red that's all."

Re-covering her self with her robe, Elly breathed a huge sigh of relief at Karl's reassuring response. "Thank God!" she laughed as she felt a huge weight lift off her shoulders.

"But next time I think you should be more careful."

"You have got a bit of a rash though, maybe a reaction to the lubricant you were using."

"The what?" replied Elly.

"What you used to prepare your vagina before penetration," continued Karl.

"But we never used anything, I didn't know you had to."

Karl shook his head at her naivety. "No wonder you found it painful Elly, you weren't ready."

Elly felt her pussy starting to become irritable, the combination of the examination and the initial intrusion were starting to sting slightly and she responded by informing Karl of the fact.

Karl responded by telling her he had some cream to sooth the rash and getting up from the floor, he sat on the bed next to her and went to give her the tube he had removed from the bag earlier.

Elly declined to take the tube from Karl and flicked open the bottom of her robe a second time, exposing her cunt to the air once again. "Could you do it for me please Karl?" she innocently asked noticing a product of his prior enjoyment as he got up off the floor.

Karl would have given anything to perform the service for her, and when she asked he was delighted, although he thought it best to try and conceal the fact, with a stern "Yes."

Karl took the tube and shifted along the bed to her legs. Then he unscrewed the top off the tube and squeezed some of the white cream onto his fingers. He gently placed his fingers on the inflamed area of her vagina and slowly massaged it into her skin, using slow deliberate circles with his hand.

As he rubbed the ointment into her tender flesh his cock stirred in his pyjamas and as he continued to rub it grew bigger and bigger in his lap.

Unbeknown to him, Elly was enjoying the cool soothing feeling of the cream being gently rubbed into her pussy and she began gently purring.

Karl took her noises as a sense of relief rather than sexual excitement, and became solely focused on what to do about the large bulge, which was now evident in his trousers. He decided the best course of action was to continue with his medical lecture, hoping that if he ceased rubbing her cunt the hardon would go down on it's own.

Elly sat up as she felt Karl's hand being removed from her pussy, and she put one arm around Karl and leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek, glancing her eyes down into his lap to find his cloth covered penis had become aroused from touching her.

Karl felt a shiver run down his spine as he felt her soft lips pressing against the stubble on his face, and his already fully hard dick jerked as it filled with another rush of blood.

As Elly lay back down on the bed, Karl began with his plan to continue his instruction.

"As I was saying…" he began, "The reason you found it so painful was that you're vagina wasn't ready to accept an erect penis, especially as it was you're first time."

Elly quickly realised what Karl was trying to do, but there was no way she was going to let it happen.

"I guess Tad was just too keen to shove his big hard cock in my tight little virgin cunt wasn't he?" she replied with a wanton tone in her voice.

Karl was amazed at hearing her use such frank language and replied more subduedly "Well, quite." Although her dirty talk had the opposite effect to the one he was hoping for, he was eager to pursue the conversation, purely out of medical curiosity of course(!)

"So…" he continued, faking a purely innocent tone as best he could, "……has he got a particularly big penis then?"

Elly shrugged her shoulders "Dunno," she answered, "I ain't seen that many."

Karl's cock was throbbing now and he noticed that Elly's chest was heaving below her dressing gown, and he ventured a glance down to her crotch, which was still exposed to him between the flaps of her robe. He noticed that it was glistening, not from the cream though. He saw her labia had darkened and swollen-a sure sign of arousal and he decided to try his luck.

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