Nella's Story


Nella stared at her reflection as she rinsed and spit in the sink. She checked herself over one more time, admiring her long, smooth legs, curvy bust, round hips, the sexy nightgown she wore to surprise her girlfriend Shanna, her silky, waist-length red hair, a scattering of freckles on her face, and her most striking feature, her different colored eyes; One blue, one green.

She walked slowly to their bedroom, savoring how sexy she felt in the nighty and thinking of the fun they'll have tonight. Reaching the door, she leaned against the frame letting her figure become silhouetted by the hall light. She gazed into the room expecting to see Shanna on the bed, waiting for her. Instead she saw two figures clad head to toe in what looked like combat gear of some kind as they were holding Shanna to the ground while binding and gagging her. The two women locked eyes and Nella could practically hear Shanna thinking "RUN!"

That was the last thing Nella saw before someone from behind shoved a chloroform soaked cloth in her face.

She woke up with a pounding in her head, which thankfully subsided after a few minutes. Feeling cold, she reached for a blanket, or for Shanna, but found neither.

"Why's the bed so hard?" she thought. "How're we supposed to fuck on this?"

Then, remembering what happened, her eyes shot open as she sat up. Once she saw her surroundings, dread fell upon her like a blanket made of exercise weights. "Oh shit." She whispered, hugging herself and shivering, trying to keep herself calm and failing when she noticed she was naked. "Oh shit oh shit oh shit." She whimpered, covering her mouth to muffle her sobs.

"Shanna, can you hear me?" she called.

"Is anyone here?"

No answer.

Taking stock of her surroundings, she saw it was some kind of cell, about as big as her walk-in closet, surrounded by white-washed brick walls on 3 sides and a chain-linked gate on the 4th. It really looked more like a dog kennel than a jail, not that a jail would have been better of course. She grabbed the gate and shook it, hoping the lock was old and easily broken. But it didn't give an inch. Looking around she found a tray with food and water by the gate and a bucket in one of the rear corners. Beyond the gate was a plain, sterile-looking hallway that she assumed led to more cells, pressing her face to the wire, she tried (in vain) to see down either direction.

No luck.

The wall extended a good 2-3 inches past the gate, hiding what was down the hall. Frustrated, she examined the food; cereal, an apple and a bottle of water. Taking a few careful nibbles of the apple, she tried to figure out a plan of action. "Ok, Shanna and I have been kidnapped and separated, I need to bust out and get help somehow. If this is just some run down dog kennel it should be doable. There were 3 guys who grabbed us, if I could wait for one to open the gate, I could overpower him, grab a gun or whatever he's carrying, find Shanna and run like hell."

After taking bigger and bigger bites, she finished the apple and moved to the cereal and water. Ten minutes later she was full and still brewing a plan. Leaning against the wall, hugging her knees, she made a mental list of people who could report them missing. Her parents were at the top, they were set to visit them in three days. Then there were Shanna's neighbors who would pop over occasionally. Third was someone from Shanna's office, but Shanna was scheduled to be on vacation for another week.

After an hour Nella was suffering more from boredom rather than fear, and it seemed to be getting colder. She started to worry that her captors had gone off to catch another victim but were in a car wreck or if they were working for someone else, had been killed to keep quiet.

She was brought back to reality by the sound of a door opening, then footsteps coming down the hall. Someone was coming but she wasn't sure to be scared or relieved. Surprisingly, the footsteps belonged to a pair of women, both dressed in dark blue uniforms complete with matching hats and polished black boots, their hair tied back in buns, and most distressing, their belts seemed to carry various cuffs, straps, and apparently a whip. The one on the left pulled something from her belt and spun them around her finger, clearly the keys.

"Mornin' sunshine" said the guard, smiling slightly.

"Umm...hi." replied Nella.

The second guard gave a small sneer, sending a chill down Nella's spine though she didn't show it.

"Easy Maria" said key lady. "She doesn't know the protocol here yet, give her some time."

"Protocol? What protocol? Aren't you here to save us?" asked Nella.

"Save you?" asked key lady. "What do we look like, cops?"


"Fair point, but who's "us"? You're the only one here?"

"My girlfriend was captured too. Please, you have to find her, she has to be-"

A loud clatter came from the gate as Maria struck it.

"We give the orders here, not you." She said flatly with some bitterness.

Nella was so stunned, she couldn't speak, but the key lady knew what to say.

"Listen kid, this is the situation. You and your girlfriend have been selected for the underground slave trade. We don't know where your friend is because we just train slaves, not capture them. By now she's probably in a different country for all we know. So I wouldn't get my hopes up about seeing her again if I were you. Maria and I will be your trainers, once you pass training you'll be sold at auction and be at the mercy of your owner until you are either sold or dead. First order of business is...hey are you listening?"

Nella couldn't wrap her head around what she was saying, she and Shanna were going to be sold as slaves and never see each other? It was crazy.

"You can't be serious." She said.

"I'm afraid we can." said Maria, cold as ice.

"Anyway" said the key lady "we'd better get a move on, so here's an overview of the rules:

  1. Don't try to escape; this is a high security facility. You can't walk 10 feet in any direction without us knowing.

  2. Disobedience is not tolerated; you will accept all orders from superiors without complaint or be punished.

  3. Forget who you were; the old you was as good as dead the instant you were captured.

Now, once I unlock your cell door, its bye bye Ms. Nice guard. I expect you to obey our orders, got it?"

"Yo..You're fucking crazy!" blurted Nella.

"Wrong Answer." said the guard and she unlocked the door.

As the guards moved in Nella stumbled back trying to cover herself.

"No, stay back!" her back was against the wall.

They grabbed Nella's wrists and spun her around, pinning her to the wall. "Do not cover yourself!" said Maria.

Nella felt them lock leather cuffs around her wrists then chain them to some kind belt which they wrapped around her waist. She tried to kick out but one of them grabbed her ankle and slapped a cuff on that too. Soon her feet were chained to each other and she realized she was at their mercy. She quietly sobbed as Marie attached a second pair of chains to her waist and feet while key lady snapped a large posture collar to her neck. Lastly, they stuffed a leather gag in her mouth, secured it behind her head and attached a leash to her collar. With key lady leading the way, she walked into her new life.

To be continued.

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