tagErotic HorrorNerfheti’s Brew

Nerfheti’s Brew


The full moon's light reflected on the river's surface just as it had since time immemorial. Suddenly, close to the water's edge, there came first a ripple, followed by another, and soon, from the centre of the expanding ripple came a swirl of smoke which in turn began to release sudden bursts of popping bubbles, as if the Devil himself had unleashed the fires of hell upon this serene piece of water.

The bubbles of popping water then came to a stop as a shape slowly began to rise from within the water's depths. The shape rose straight out of the water like something on an elevator lift, finally becoming that of a young woman. The young woman – a nubile-looking creature with an admirable slender frame, shoulder-length black hair and unadulterated facial beauty – stood naked upon the water's surface, surveying the darkness that was the riverbank, wanting to make sure there wasn't any sign of human eyes watching her. Feeling satisfied that she was alone, except for the thousands of croaking frogs and hovering mosquitoes, she then strolled over the water, her feet leaving rippled footprints on its surface, till she came and touched earth.

She turned and stared at the spot on the water from whence she had appeared from, a demur look on her face. Her name was Princess Nerfheti, and she was a water goddess. She had promised her mother, the great Water Queen – her mother, her desire to save their kingdom by succeeding to get herself impregnated by a human species. And not just any mere human being, but one with a desirable, clean heart. She had between now and the following morning to accomplish this; if she isn't back by then, she would remain here in this world lost forever, and the world she has always known under the water would then cease to exist. Their sun would shrivel up and all matter of life – her friends, her parents, and virtually every other creature would instantly stop breathing. She wasn't going to let that happen, not if she did what really needs to be done.

She opened her left palm. At first there was nothing there, but a moment later a furry brown substance in the shape of a ball began to take shape till it became physical. Ak-sera, she thought to herself, tonight you and I will accomplish what needs to be done. She closed her palm and opened it again, and this time the brown substance was no longer there. She would summon it next time when she felt ready to use its portion.

Making her way towards land, she pushed tree branches and leaves of tall grasses from her sight as she made her way up the soggy earth. Hordes of mosquitoes and dragonflies seemed to avoid her, as if they already felt an essence of who and what she was and knew quite well that if any one of them even ventured to touch on her skin, it would instantly turn to a spark of dust and become nothing.

It didn't take long before she pushed past the last hovering branches and came upon a lonely stretch of road. Nerfheti stood there for a moment, turning her head first to the left and then the right, wanting to know in which direction she ought to be heading to. It didn't take long – she decided on the right, and started walking.

As she walked, a transformation began to take shape around her. One minute she was as naked as a newborn child with her voluptuous breasts jutting erect in front of her, the next minute, a shimmering brilliance of colourful energy danced and swirled around her body from the crown of her head down to her feet, covering her for a brief moment of a transparent gossamer cocoon. The energy wave didn't last more than a few seconds before it evaporated into the air just as it had appeared, this time leaving her fully clothed, wearing a pair of jeans shorts and a tank shirt covering her upper body with the words TEDDY BEAR emblazoned over her chest, and a pair of high-heeled sandals on her feet.

She must have walked for about ten minutes or thereabouts before there came a circle of headlights and the sound of a vehicle from behind her. She stopped and waited, sticking her right thumb out as the car approached where she was. It came to a slow halt a foot from where she stood. She didn't need to say much before the driver invited her to get in and then the car resumed its journey. The owner of the vehicle, a bulbous and untidy-looking man in his fifties, did try to make an attempt on her, but she easily smacked his hand off her lap, giving him the excuse that she wasn't 'safe'. It was more than enough to take the fun out of his face and for him to keep his hands to the steering wheel.

Less than two miles later, they passed a large signboard that announced: Cape City Ahead – Next Exit.


The vehicle owner dropped her in the middle of De-Rocha Square. She got off, thanked him for the lift, and went in search of a lone taxi. Already she had a map of the city's layout in her head, so she knew where she had to go. The Moonlight Club was what she told the taxi driver when she eventually found one. He noted the clock on his dashboard announced the time as 9:34 P.M. With any luck, she would come across a desirable mate by the next hour; she most certainly was dressed to impress.

The city's traffic is mild usually during this time of the day, on account that most people were already in their homes by now or had arrived at whichever impeding destination they were heading to, thus less than ten minutes later, her taxi had arrived at the gates of the Moonlight Club. There were a cluster of street girls hanging around the parking lot, sporting their wears to the incoming clientèle, or whoever would be willing to have them for the night. Most of them didn't have enough money to pay the club's gate fee entrance, thus they'd begun their hustling bid in earnest, hopping to snag any man around who would invite them inside for even a drink. Nerfheti didn't have such misfortune as she took out a wad of notes from her pocket and slipped them into the gate man's awaiting hand while he then made way for her to pass through.

The club was in full swing: there was a live band on the stage, playing local Fuji music, while all around the tables were virtually all occupied by the clientele for the night. Nerfheti stood by a corner and scanned the numerous male faces, trying to decipher which one she felt was edible for her choice. Already she could pick out several, but it was unfortunate that they all seemed to be occupied with their ladies sitting beside them. The last thing she wanted to do was leave here in a scene.

She approached the bar section, deciding best to wait till her man – whoever he was – came around. Her only fear was that he wouldn't take too long to show, or else she'd have no other choice but to resort to more desperate measures. She got a few stares and lingering glances as she placed her rump on one of the barstool. She fished out a pack of Menthol from her jeans pocket (like the money before, it hadn't been there until she dipped her hand into her pocket, summoning in her mind the image of what she wanted to bring out), and took out a cigarette from it. Inserting it between her lips, she was about requesting a lighter from the bartender when from her right came a sudden flare of a matches as a hand drew it towards the tip of her cigarette. She paused for a moment to look at the smiling features of the man who had just lit the match before inching her cigarette to it's burning flame. An instant was all it took for her to obtain the required insight she needed concerning her stranger, and it brought a ready smile to her face. Here was the man whom she had been expecting to find.

He appeared to be in his early thirties, wearing a jacket with a loose shirt inside – like someone who'd just stepped out of the office for a breathe of fresh air – tall and broad shouldered, a handsome face carrying what could only be a two-day stubble of beard around his chin. But what really captured Nerfheti's attention was the fact that he bore no signs of a wedding ring on his finger, nor was there any hovering female beside him. He was here alone, just like she was.

"Thank you," she said to him, after taking a drag on her cigarette while the man blew out the flame from the match.

"My pleasure. I am Daniel, by the way," he extended his hand and shook hers. Nerfheti introduced herself to him as well.

"Nerfheti, you say," Daniel remarked as he sat himself on a stool beside her. "Doesn't sound like a name that belongs to these parts. Are you from around here?"

Nerfheti shook her head. "I arrived less than a hour ago."

"I see," Daniel nodded his head in understanding. "Well, Nerfheti, would you mind if I buy you a drink."

She very much did.

They got themselves a free table after a couple had vacated it and sat down to listen to the band switch their style and rhythm of music from Fuji to a classic High-life number while they settled down to know each other more. Daniel worked as an associate executive in a third-generation bank, while Nerfheti only recently entered the country, having been away from quite some time, wanting to enrol into the state university. Did she reside with her parents? Yes she did, but at the moment she was putting up with an old lady friend of hers. Daniel took all this with gentle stride, nodding his head to her tale; Nerfheti could out rightly guess that it was something he had been used to hearing much of his time and really wasn't paying much serious attention to her words. But that was all right – she actually didn't expect him to.

He ordered for a fresh round of drinks. She slipped her hand over his, tickling his skin with her nails while staring into his eyes.

"So, Daniel," she made herself to sound coquettish. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Daniel faltered a little. "You're been a little straight-forward, aren't you. I always thought that most girls aren't like that – that they always prefer the guy asking that sort of question."

"Maybe that's true. But I'm not any ordinary girl." She couldn't have been quite far from the truth.

"I can see that for myself that you aren't. But what makes you think that I'm not even married?"

She indicated at his left hand. "I don't see any wedding ring on you."

"Well, maybe it took it off before I stopped by here. My wife could right now be at home expecting me. Ever thought of that?"

"If that's the case," she slowly redrew her hand off his, feigning sadness. "We wouldn't want to disappoint her, would we? It just wouldn't be fair to the poor woman that I stole you from her."

"No, it wouldn't be fair," Daniel muttered, then came forward and held her hand in his. "But as you said, it's a good thing that I'm not married, and that I don't have any girl in my life – yet."

Their eyes remained glued to each other for a while. It didn't take long before their drinks soon arrived and they hurriedly drained it before getting up to leave the club.


It was nearly 11:17 P.M. when they drove in Daniel's E-class to his place. He lived in an apartment complex situated in the near heart of the city's down town section. He parked in the building's underground lot, and together the rode the elevator all the way to the fifteenth floor, where his apartment was situated.

His apartment was posh and extravagant, and comprised of just about everything that could keep a man satisfied with his societal output. Nerfheti started attacking him from the moment the door slammed behind them, locking his mouth to hers in a firm kiss while he let his apartment's keys slip from his hand to the floor and grabbed a handful of her bottom from behind. Already she could feel his erection screaming out from behind his trousers – that was good. Very good, indeed.

They made their way towards the bedroom, their hands undoing their clothes from their body as they held unto each other with wanton seriousness, as if not daring to let the other get away from their grasp. Nerfheti made him to sit on the bed, and then enquired where the bathroom was, saying that she needed to have a shower first. Daniel pointed the door to her and went about taking off the remainder of his clothes while she stripped herself naked and went into the bathroom.

While she scrubbed her body with soap under the falling water from the shower, she opened her left hand again and made the Ak-sera to reappear in her palm. She squeezed and grounded the brown substance into a pulp, after which she then rubbed it around the surface of her virgina. She soon finished with her bath, dried herself with a towel on the wall, and then returned to the room where her chosen lover awaited her presence.

Daniel's anticipation was nearly bursting from its seams when she came towards him on the bed and he half got up when she pushed him back to lie down. He too was naked just as she was. His hand was busy stroking his member when she came and took over from him, stroking it lovingly at first, and inserted it into her mouth. Daniel stroked her bobbing head, his senses completely enraptured by her work. After a while, not wanting to be outdone, he laid her on the bed and returned the favour to her by going down between her legs. Nerfheti moaned aloud her pleasure, opening her legs wide enough for him to continue – it was all she had expected him to do. Her legs bucked and her body began a trembling roar as his tongue-perusing brought her to climax. Finally, she pushed him over on his back and came and sat astride his hips, and inserted his member into her. She leaned forward, offering her breasts to him, and together they rode each other into frenzy. For Nerfheti, the obvious was more the case. Already she could feel the surge of warmth and pleasure starting to building all around her. She could sense the Ak-sera doing its work. They made love further into the night, both of them struggling to get as much satisfaction from the other as they could possibly have till finally, she felt Daniel's seed explode and swirl inside her. She felt her body become taut as she then gave a shriek of ecstasy. They both collapsed on each other, their bodies drenched in sweat, gasping with excitement. She laid her head on Daniel's chest, smiling to herself, feeling the seed inside her become one with the Ak-sera.


An hour later, Daniel's eyes blinkered open as he noticed Nerfheti standing beside the bed, putting her clothes back on. Daniel made an attempt to sit up, but he felt too weak and tired to do that. He had never felt so tired the way he did presently.

"Hey," he called to her with a voice that bellied his tiredness. "Where're you off to?"

"Home," Nerfheti said as she worn back her denim shorts. "I'm going home. I can't stay a moment longer."

"But it's late in the night. Stay, you can always leave in the morning."

She finished dressing up before turning to look down him. "I can't. If I stay to see the sun, I will die. You have given me all what I came here for, and I can't begin to thank you enough."

Daniel frowned sceptically at this. "What are you talking about me giving you what you came here for?"

Nerfheti smiled at him, knowing well enough that he wouldn't understand. She raised a hand to her abdomen and began rubbing it; Daniel's scepticism slowly gave way to realisation.

"I can feel it kicking already," she said, smiling with utter joy. "It's a he – I know it already. He's going to grow up and become a handsome Prince. Just like his father, though you won't be there to see it happen."

Daniel's realisation turned first to shock, then horror as it suddenly hit home about what had just happened and who she actually was – a water spirit! Here in the same room with him!!

He was still too weak to get up from the bed, but made an attempt, wanting to grab hold of her. Nerfheti's smile then turned into a cold stare. Her erstwhile polished nails instantly grew into claws as she came forward and drove them into the side of his neck. Daniel croaked in surprise from the contact and then fell back on the bed. Nerfheti stood over him and watched the life drain out of him – she hadn't intended to take his life, but now realised she didn't have a choice. She either did it, or risked being exposed.

She draped a blanket over his face before leaving the room.

On reaching the street, she boarded a taxi but told the driver to drop her at the city's outskirts. From there, she walked the entire length towards the site of the river from where she had appeared. On getting to the riverbank, she shed off her clothes, strolled into the coldness of the river and returned to her world, this time with a package growing inside her womb.

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