Net Love


This so called new media the Internet has promoted a lot of new relationships that without it would never have happen. This I have to say is another story about just that. I have been playing on the Internet now for about a year. I do what most men do roam the chat rooms and do my best to have sexy conversations with willing women. Most of these don't go any farther than the tube. But once in a while you meet someone that strikes a nerve and you develop a cyber relationship with her. This is one of those relationships.

I met Lynda in a chat room where we got very familiar with each other. At first we just played games with each other while in the chat room. Trading fantasies and making love cyber style. Doing the things that you do when you know it can never become a reality. But we started to become more at ease with each other and actually traded email addresses. Of course we used a generic email site. But it was one where we could say things to each other that we didn't want other people to see. We became more than just cyber friends, she was the woman that I wanted and think I needed. When we exchanged our pictures we both were afraid that the other would not like what they saw. The reason was we both were large people.

On the net you can be any type of person you want. I could be six foot 190 lbs. And very good looking. She could be slender with a knock out figure, blond flowing hair with a set of tits to die for. When you trade pictures it all becomes real. My picture showed an older fat guy with graying hair and a big belly. Her picture showed a large woman with glasses and what some would not a very pretty face. But you know I liked what I saw in her picture and she like what she saw in my picture. We became very close friends. We would talk for hours on the net back and forth. One day we agreed to meet. For both of us this was something we had never done.

I flew into the airport close to where Lynda lived but it was still a good hour and a half ride to get to her hometown. I would be there just for the weekend but I was hoping it would be long enough. As I enter the lounge area I started to get real nervous and shaky. I thought to myself what if she wasn't there, what if she wouldn't like me. I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head. When I came down the unloading ramp I saw her for the first time, I stopped in my tracks she was as lovely as I had hoped! She stood in front of me, and then we both hugged and kissed each other. I didn't want to let her go! As I held her I could feel a deep stirring inside of me, something I hadn't felt in a long time. We paid no attention to the people around us as we kissed. Her tongue entered my mouth and got to know mine. I pulled her even more tightly against my body. When we finally broke apart we walked hand in hand to where she had parked her car.

When I sat down in the passenger's side I knew we never make it to her hometown. We only drove for a few minutes before I begged her to stop. We found a nice motel where I got a room for the both of us. As we entered the room I turned to close the door when I turned back around she flew into my arms. We both kissed each other deeply, I kissed her neck, and she kissed mine. My hands wandered down to feel her ample hips. Her hands were on my back roaming up and down. She tasted very sweet like strawberry candy.

Slowly my hands moved to the front of her blouse, I started to unbutton it, her hands pulled at my shirt. I bent my head and she lifted it up over my head. I quickly went back to her blouse. The buttons were giving me a pain. I said hell with it and just ripped it away from her body! There she was expose to my view. Lynda had the largest breasts I've seen in a long time. Her bra held them up in what to me looked unnatural position. I reached around her and found the clasp that held it together. When I pulled it off over shoulders her breasts spilled out into my waiting hands.

She was large and lovely, small nipples at this moment but I knew they would get bigger as I went to work on them. I wanted to go slow but the touch of her made me do things with a sense of urgency. I wanted her right now! I forced my self to slow down. I had a few days and didn't want to use up all my emotions up on the first day. Lynda must have felt the same way because she pushed me away and started to remove the rest of my clothes. Her hands went to my belt and undid it first. She unbuckled my pants next and slowly pulled them down. I was really shaking now. I could feel my member pushing against my boxers; the point of my dick pushing it's way through the slit in them. Her thumbs reached under the elastic and with a fast move they were at my feet.

Lynda then went to her knees and was face to face with my cock. At first she just looked at it. Then I could feel her hand grip my cock. The other hand cupped my balls. I could feel Lynda blowing on my cock, it felt like she was blowing on the very tip of it. This was unusual, but gave me a strange sensual feeling. In a minute I could feel her mouth on my cock slowly sucking it in, her tongue was pushing into the pee slit. Gawd, she sure knew how to get a guy going! Her hand was stroking me as she sucked my cock. One hand moving up and down, the other fondling my balls with her fingers. Her mouth and hands were making a quivering bowl of jelly out of me. I felt a strong orgasm coming on. A few more strokes and I shot a terrific load into her Lynda's sucking mouth. She didn't bat an eye, just sucked my juices down! I could hear a soft giggle come from her. She knew what she was doing.

It was my turn; I pushed Lynda on her back on the bed. She laid there her breasts on either side of her chest, her stomach heaving up and down. The thing I look for most was how her legs were. They were spread open and waiting for some to go down and taste her. I first bent down and kissed her. My tongue entered her mouth and made circles around her tongue tasting my own cum. My cum was not bitter but had a slight salty taste. My kisses surprised her. But I wouldn't ask her to do anything that I wouldn't do. I made my way down and took some time at her breasts. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and could feel it start to harden.

Both hands were around them moving and pinching. They were big but firm. I pushed them together so my mouth did not have to go very far to suck on her nipples. I moved from one to the other feeling them get hard as I sucked them in. I moved down to her belly button, sticking my tongue into it, hands still on her breasts. Kissing that big stomach as it went up and down.

I let her breasts go and slid down to see her wet pink pussy, there were juices all around it glistening in the light. With my hands on her hips I started to kiss her thighs first. First one then the other not quite kissing her quim but coming as close as you can get. I wanted her to anticipate my mouth and where it would go next. I finally kissed her pussy, slowly pushing my tongue inside of her. She tasted as sweet as she looked! I licked and pushed my tongue in as far as I could. It was like a small dick going in and out. I moved up and took her clit in my mouth. Now this clit was sticking out like it was a small dick itself! I drew it into my mouth and could feel her jump. The way Lynda moved I knew she was on the verge of an orgasm. Her hands were holding my head; a moaning sound was coming from her clenched lips. Her hips pushed up and she let out a loud moan, her legs wrapped around my head holding it tightly as she had a came in one great convulsion.

Lynda bucked for a few seconds then calmed down. When she did I moved back up to kiss her on the lips. With my dick nice and hard I was ready to enter her. Her legs spread out even more in anticipation of my cock. My hand held my cock and moved it up and down her wet bush. Not going in but playing at her opening. Pushing her pussy lips apart and teasing it a little. With my other hand I found her love tunnel and prepared to enter. With a quick move I plunged my cock as far into it as I could. The first move was fast and I went all the way to her bush. My pubic hair blended in with hers. When I got there I could feel her pussy contract and hold my cock in. Her pussy was sucking my cock in and not letting go.

I never felt women do this and it made me want Lynda even more. I slowly pulled out and could feel her legs on my back. I pushed back in slower this time. Her pussy still sucking on my cock. In I went only to pull out once again. With her pussy gripping my cock and her pussy as tight as it was. It gave me a great pleasure to make love to her. In and out, we kept this up for what seem like hours. Every time I pulled out she would suck me back in, we got into a rhythm and both were in bliss.

My hands on the bed at her side, her hands holding my head it was only a matter of time before the both of us would come to a great orgasm. She started moaning "oh go, oh god", me groaning and making faces. We both climax at the same time I let out a hot explosion of cum and she let out a spew of cum as well. Again I have never seen a woman do this. Our juices mixed and spread out on the bed making one giant wet spot! I tumble to her side and she rolled over on me to get away from the wet spot. With her on top of me we kissed, a deep and long kiss.

This was going to be one long and tiring weekend, one I've looked forward to for a long time.

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