Neuro Submission Transmitter


"Oh fuck! Thank you! That was great!" She says enthusiastically, kissing me. "Did you enjoy your first black fuck, baby?" She's rocking her hips a little, my cock still buried deep inside her pussy. "I know I enjoyed my first white one. Want to do it again tomorrow?" She asks, hopefully. "I'll be here at the same time, okay?" Hearing her voice, without the monotone, trancelike intonations is a real turn on. I wish I had done the whole encounter as a post transmission suggestion. I think her story would have been more erotic with her enthusiasm intact. She sits up and I can't resist taking her hard nipples in my mouth again and sucking on them.

"Oh yeah, baby. God, I've never done anything like this before. It was so impulsive, but so good!" She's rocking back and forth again, I can't believe it but my cock is recovering inside her fiery pussy. "I don't even know your name." She says as she rocks faster, leaning down so I can continue to suck and bite her nipples.

"Oh yeah! Let's do it again!" She's riding my fully recovered cock, bouncing up and down. I let go of her nipples and lean back, thrusting my ass off the seat to match her rhythm. Her hands grab at her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples as she bucks wildly on my hard cock. She's like a woman out of control. Undoubtedly the risk of fucking a perfect stranger in the mall parking lot, coupled with the fact that she's already cum real hard, is driving her passion.

The car is rocking with our frantic coupling. My cock is so fucking hard, working toward my third orgasm in less than an hour. Her drenched pussy feels as if it's inflamed, as she tightens it around my cock, let's out a scream and jerks her body up and down in the throes of ecstasy. That sets me off and I erupt deep inside of her, my shoulders coming up off the seat back, as I spasm from the intensity of my release.

"Oh my God!" She says, leaning her head against my shoulder, gulping air into her lungs. Her hard nipples are pushing into my chest as her large tits swell with each gasp of breath. "I've never experienced anything like that!" She breathes. I realize she's had a real orgasm without any prompting from the transmitter and it left her breathless. This was amazingly better than the first fuck. I'm going to have to work on the post transmission suggestion part of this whole experience.

Suddenly, she looks at her watch and says, "Oh shit! I'm late for work!" She kisses me hard. "But you were worth it, baby." She disengages herself from my cock and looks around for her clothes. I watch her as she scrambles around getting dressed and it's my first real look at her pussy. Her velvety bush is trimmed into a neat triangle pointing down toward her dripping pussy lips. I hand her some Kleenex from a box in the backseat and she smiles as she wipes the juices from between her legs.

"Next time I want to eat your pussy." I tell her.

"Mmmm. That sounds wonderful!" She says, leaning down to kiss me again, her tits pushed against my chest one last time before she refastens her bra and buttons her blouse.

"Where do you work?" I ask her putting my jockey shorts back on and pulling on my jeans.

"Right there." She points to the department store entrance to the mall. "At the jewelry counter." She kisses me again. "Come in and see me anytime." She opens the door, steps out and makes final adjustments to her clothing. "Same time tomorrow, right?" She asks.

"Absolutely! I hope you don't get into trouble for being late." I tell her.

"I won't." She says confidently. "I'm the manager." She laughs and runs off toward the store.

Wow! This thing is going to do so much for my sex life. I'm imagining a hundred different uses, as I drive back to Uncle Harry's house.

When I get there mom is still working at uncle Harry's desk, clearly frustrated.

"Hi mom." I say as I enter the basement. "Still not going so well, huh?"

"Hi Nick." She looks up. "No, I'm getting it sorted out, but it's just taking so long and sitting here hour after hour not moving, I'm just getting so frustrated and tense." She rolls her shoulders.

"Here, mom" I say, moving behind her and rubbing her shoulders. "Let me help relieve some of the tension." As I massage her shoulders, I feel how tense her muscles are especially under her shoulder blades.

"Mmm. That feels good, thanks." Mom says, putting down her papers and leaning back in her chair. Then it hits me, I can just zap her with the transmitter and tell her to relax. I keep one hand on her shoulder, as I dig the ear buds out of my pocket and put them on. I dial the thumb wheel and find her frequency then hit the button.

"Mom, I want you to relax all the muscles in your body." As soon as I say it she slumps in the chair and I feel the tension go out of her back muscles. This is amazing! It is good for something besides getting me laid. I'm going to try a post transmission suggestion.

"Mom, I want you to stay relaxed even when you are working at the desk." I'm not sure that's specific enough. Maybe I need to give her something specific to do. "What do you usually do to relax, mom?"

"I masturbate." She says in the now familiar monotone. Holy shit! That certainly wasn't what I was expecting.

"You masturbate to relax?" I ask to make sure I understand.

"Yes, ever since your dad left with that bimbo with the fake tits, that's been my only option." This is a lot more information than I need. Dad left us five years ago. He still provides financial support but hasn't attempted to contact Susan or I since he left.

"Mom, do you need to masturbate now, to relieve the built up tension?" I ask, not sure what I'll do with the answer.

"Yes, that would help a lot." She says. Wait, she doesn't have to masturbate at all. It's the orgasm that relaxes her and I already know that can be triggered.

"Mom, you are now going to have an orgasm as powerful as any you've had while masturbating." As soon as I say it, she tenses up, squeezes her knees together, starts squirming around on the chair, her hands fly up to her tits, mauling them as she throws her head back, moaning.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Fuck! Oh my god! Ohhhh!" Mom's doubled over, rocking in the chair, moaning and rubbing her knees together. Suddenly, her whole body convulses, she slumps in the chair with her legs wide apart, her arms hanging to her sides and her chest heaving, as she catches her breath.

"Mom, you won't remember this orgasm." But I will. Damn! I can't believe I just watched my own mother have an intense orgasm. "You will just feel very relaxed from me rubbing your shoulders. You will go upstairs and take a nap for the rest of the afternoon, awakening for dinner, refreshed and relaxed." I push the button to stop the transmitter.

"Wow! You really know your back rubs, mister." Mom says sitting up, yawning. "I'm going to leave this for a while and take a nap. As she gets up, her legs are wobbly. "That's odd." She says, struggling to stay standing. As soon as she takes a step, she looks down at her shorts. There is a wet circle in the crotch of her white shorts. Shit! How stupid of me. Next time I'll just give her a post transmission suggestion to go upstairs and masturbate to a powerful climax. Mom looks at me and hurries out of the basement.

I figure there has got to be more information about this device in uncle Harry's computer and I spend the afternoon searching through files and documents without finding it. At four o'clock the doorbell rings. When I answer it, I'm facing a very attractive girl about my age. She's wearing sweat pants that hang so low on her hips that she's almost showing pubic hair and a cropped top that hangs just below her pert little tits. She has short brown hair that hangs over her forehead and she's very fidgety.

"Is Harry here? Of course, he's not here. I know he can't be here because he died. But I still can't help coming over here every afternoon at four o'clock to see Harry. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! What is wrong with me?" The whole time she's talking, she's bouncing around on the balls of her feet, slapping her legs with her fists and turning her head from side to side. I think I know what's going on and I invite her in to find out. She comes in and goes directly to Harry's library. As I follow her I can't help but notice what a great ass she has. The sweat pants are pulled tight and have ridden up in the crack of her ass, outlining her perfectly round cheeks that kind of ripple against each other as she walks.

"I'm Nick." I tell her. "Harry was my uncle." She's standing in the middle of the library, still fidgeting.

"Oh." She says. "I'm sorry for your loss. I'm Nicole. I live two doors down. I wonder what I'm doing here." She's staring at me.

I put in my ear buds. "Just a minute and I might be able to help you." I say spinning the thumb wheel. There she is.

"Sit down, Nicole." I say and she immediately sits on the couch. "Relax and tell me everything that you and uncle Harry did, even the stuff that he told you not to remember." With this last command I'm taking a shot in the dark, but it's worth a try. "And Nicole, just tell me in your regular voice with all the intonation, not in a monotone."

"I started coming over here to do my homework after school because no one was home at my house and Harry has every book I'd ever need. He's also really smart and can help with any homework I have. One day he puts those ear things in just like you did and starts asking me all sorts of questions. I'm trying to remember what we did, but he told me not to remember." She's clearly trying, but it's not coming.

"Just relax Nicole and let it come. Don't try too hard to remember." I'm about to prompt her, but I'd rather she remember on her own.

"He took pictures of me. I remember that!" She sounds pleased with herself.

"What kind of pictures? How were you dressed?" I ask. I'm getting a different picture of uncle Harry than the mild mannered eccentric I thought he was.

"I don't think I was wearing anything. That's odd. Yes, I was definitely naked. Oh, and I was masturbating, that's it! He also took movies!" She's getting excited about remembering, but what she's saying isn't really registering.

"You said he asked you questions." I prompt her.

"Yeah, he asked me all about my boyfriends, what we did, if I was a virgin, that kind of thing. I told him everything." She answers matter-of-factly.

"How old are you Nicole?" I ask, worried about the answer.

"I'm eighteen, my birthday was last summer." Thank God!

"When did you start coming over to Uncle Harry's house to do homework?" I ask.

"Since right after school started in September." She was already eighteen, that's good! "And I remember he told me to come over here everyday after school. Everyday, Monday through Friday at four o'clock and not to wear anything under my sweats." "So you're not wearing anything under your sweats, now?" I ask, excitedly. I'm about to tell her to show me, when suddenly I flash on how fidgety Nicole was when she came to the door. That could be Carolyn, from the mall parking lot if I don't show up tomorrow. A sense of guilt is starting to creep into my fun.

"No. I'm not." She says. I don't ask her to show me. Not yet anyway.

"Did you and Harry do anything else or did he just take pictures, Nicole?" Those pictures have to be here somewhere and I know they're not on his computer. I need to find his camera and video equipment.

"I'm not sure. I mainly remember posing for pictures, especially masturbating. He had me use a vibrator I think. It was really exciting." She sounds like she's reciting something rather than showing genuine excitement.

She seems like a nice girl and I'm thinking she's been taken advantage of enough. I'm going to wait until I find uncle Harry's pictures to decide what to do about Nicole. For now I'm just going to reset her commands.

"Okay, Nicole. From now on you don't have to come over to Harry's anymore unless you want to, okay?"


"You will not remember what you told me. You will just know that you won't feel like you have to come here everyday after school and you'll thank me for my help." I decide to just leave it at that for now and turn off the transmitter.

"Hey! You fixed it, didn't you?" She's genuinely excited. "Thank you so, much Nick!" She stands up and gives me a big hug, pushing her firm, braless tits against my chest. My cock immediately responds and I shift my legs sideways to keep from poking her.

"Your welcome. My mom and I will be here all week, I hope you won't be a stranger, just because you're not compelled to come over."

"I won't. I'll come back and see you real soon. Thanks again." She says and she runs out the door. Damn! Uncle Harry, you sure picked a great looking girl to experiment on, now where are those pictures. I've pretty much exhausted the library while I was looking for the safe and mom has gone through the entire office, so I head for Harry's bedroom. I start searching the logical places, under the bed, between the mattresses, inside, under and behind dresser drawers and even behind paintings. I'm just about to give up when I find a CD holder on the shelf in the closet. It's got 4 CDs in it. No, wait. These aren't CDs they're DVD-ROMs. Bingo! I run back to the library to uncle Harry's computer.

The first one I insert in the DVD drive is labeled NST01. There is also an NST02, NST03 and NST04. The computer is in auto-play mode and it mounts the DVD. There is an MS-Word file, an mpeg video file and a folder full of jpeg files. I open the jpegs first because I want to see if they are pictures of Nicole. They aren't. They are pictures of an older woman about my mom's age. The pictures show her in various stages of undress, then various nude poses; bent over, legs spread, masturbating and some close ups of her erect nipples and wet pussy lips. She's a very attractive woman and my cock is responding, especially to the one with her legs spread and her fingers buried in her pussy. She's got big tits with large rose-colored areolas and thick nipples. She's sitting on the couch in Uncle Harry's library with her head back, eyes closed and her legs spread wide apart. The thick black hair that surrounds her puffy wet pussy lips appears to be completely natural and untrimmed.

I open the video file next and find a twenty-minute video of the same woman. The beginning of the video uncle Harry is interviewing her. She's completely naked and is answering his questions in a monotone, which means he probably has the transmitter on. After asking her about sex with her husband, which she admits isn't very good, uncle Harry zooms the camera in on her breasts, until the entire screen is filled with just her tits. He tells her to harden her nipples and without any stimulation, other than uncle Harry's command, I watch her nipples grow fully erect. The video jumps to a close up of her pussy. Her legs are spread wide apart and her pussy lips almost fill the screen. Harry tells her to lubricate her pussy without having an orgasm. Unbelievable! Her lips puff out, quiver slightly apart and the glistening moisture of pussy juice produces a visible coating over her puffy lips. They continue to open a little bit more and I watch her juice ooze out. The next command is for her to orgasm without pulling her legs together. I guess uncle Harry wants to make sure he gets the shot. This time I hear the woman moaning, her legs start to tremble, her pussy lips appear to flutter open of their own accord and her clit is visibly erect. Her pussy lips are twitching and her body is shaking when suddenly her pussy opens wide and juice gushes out in a steady flow, running down the crack of her ass. My cock is rock hard watching this sexy woman's body respond to uncle Harry's commands.

The rest of the video appears to have been shot on different days and uncle Harry has the woman masturbate with a variety of items including her fingers, a dildo and a vibrator. On some days he commands her to masturbate but not orgasm. On other days, he commands her to masturbate to orgasm. These appear to be almost clinical experiments. I fast forward through most of it because I want to see the one with Nicole. I close the mpeg file and open the word document. These are uncle Harry's notes about the various experiments he ran. It reads like a lab report. Subject was instructed to... and results are... etc. He never mentions the woman by name, simply refers to her as NST01, which means she was probably the first subject. He even cross-references the still pictures and video with the experiments in the document. I eject the disc and put in NST02.

This one is Nicole. I flip through the stills and my cock starts throbbing looking at the close up of her creamy white mounds with their puffy pink nipples. The close ups of her wet pussy are amazing and makes me wish I'd had her undress today when I had the chance. Her puffy lips, streaked with moisture, are encircled by fuzzy brown hair that opens into a full triangular bush over her pubic mound. I'm more interested in the video and this one I want to watch from start to finish. It starts with Nicole completely naked on uncle Harry's bed. She's leaning against the headboard with her legs spread apart and uncle Harry is interviewing her, but is not visible in the video.

"How old are you?" He asks.

"Eighteen, last month." She answers in that same monotone, I've gotten used to hearing.

"Are you a virgin?" He asks her next.


"Do you have a boyfriend?" Uncle Harry voice comes from behind the camera.


"What sexual experiences have you and your boyfriend had?" Uncle Harry seems to be having problems keeping a professional tone to his voice.

"He's sucked my nipples, put his fingers in me and we've had oral sex." Nicole answers matter-of-factly.

"Have you sucked his cock?" Uncle Harry asks.

"Yes, many times."

"Do you swallow his cum?" Uncle Harry's voice is sounding more breathless with each question.


"Do you like the taste of it?" I think the questions are beyond his experiments now, but I'm stroking my cock watching this sexy, naked girl talk about sucking cock.

"It's okay. I don't do it for the taste; I just really enjoy getting him off.

This is where the camera zooms in on her tits and I hear uncle Harry tell her to harden her nipples. Her puffy nipples on the tips of her firm, round tits pucker noticeably and the tips of her nipples protrude a little farther than they did. This is absolutely amazing and I'm really stroking my cock frantically while staring at Nicole's erect nipples. The switch to the close up of her pussy has me shooting my load into a napkin. Her teenage pussy lips are already a little puffy when uncle Harry tells her to lubricate them. At first nothing happens, then I see juice oozing out of her slit and her lips part slightly allowing more of her syrup to run out. When uncle Harry commands her to orgasm her puffy lips start to spasm and her legs shudder. Her lips are too puffy for me to see if her clit is erect, but a moment later juices start gushing out from between her lips and her whole body is quivering. God Damn, she's hot!

She also goes through the various masturbation experiments except there's a new one. This time uncle Harry has a vibrator inside her pussy, turned up to high, and commands her not to orgasm. My cock is stirring again as I watch her pussy shake and tremble and produce a steady flow of lubricating juices without any relief. There is over five minutes of this and instead of commanding her to finally orgasm, uncle Harry just shuts off the vibrator and removes it from her sopping wet pussy.

"How do you feel?" He asks her.

"Fine." Nicole answers in a steady monotone.

"Do you feel any urges to touch yourself or masturbate?"

"Not really." That is fucking amazing. She's sitting there dripping pussy juice and it doesn't even affect her. What he's doing is almost sadomasochistic, but I'm intrigued.

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