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Bump. Bump. Bump.

Another corner, another chance to bump against the walls of the van. I couldn't prepare for it, having a bag on your head makes it hard to tell when to brace yourself, and the handcuffs weren't helping either. This wasn't your average road trip game of "Corners" with your siblings in the back seat.

A little while ago I was walking down along 5th Avenue, ready to begin another day of protecting women from their husbands. And their new wives. No matter who came in, C.E.Os, politicians, even fellow lawyers, they always seemed to be infatuated by a dainty blonde with more tits than brains. The strangest thing was, their wives were strong, successful and often quite attractive. I don't think I will ever understand men and what it's like to let your hormones dictate your future.

The van pulled up to a stop, gravel crunching underneath the tires as I rolled towards the front seat. This was far from my first rodeo, so I knew to keep my ears open and my body compliant. The sliding door was pulled open and in moments hands hoisted me from the floor of the van and to my feet. My sensible flats allowed me to keep pace with my assailants as they pulled me ever forward. After my first kidnapping, I learnt to sacrifice fashion for shoes that I could actually run in, and I took that to heart. I didn't dress "pretty", I dressed ready for anything. The ground shifted from gravel to a smooth surface and the morning breeze died away as we entered what I could only assume was a warehouse. So cliche. The hands holding me upright suddenly disappeared, catching me off guard and sending my body stumbling forward.

"Don't move." A modulated voice crackled from behind me. There went any hope of identifying those who did the snatching. "Stay here and the Doctor will see you in a minute."

Doctor? Why on Earth would kidnappers need me to see a doctor? This was getting stranger and stranger by the minute, and my every instinct was slowly turning to panic. Fortunately I didn't get a chance to start screaming, as the bag was swiftly taken off my head. The bright lights of the room and the clean white walls didn't help my attempts at orientation, but I guessed that was the point. My shoulder length brown hair tumbled from the bag, around my eyes, providing some respite.

"Please, sit." The man, whom I assumed to be the doctor, moved a chair behind me. I was quick to sit down, not wanting to push my luck. My eyes began to focus, and I was able to get my first clear look at the first face I had seen since my ordeal started. He was surprisingly young, I doubted he was anywhere north of mid thirties. He was remarkably handsome, with shoulder length brown hair and light blue eyes, pools of colour one could easily fall into if they weren't careful. They regarded me closely as my own eyes looked back at them, almost as if he was sizing me up for something...

"Hayley Richards, thirty years of age, profession... divorce lawyer, oooh..." The doctor had pulled out a tablet computer and had begun to read the file... my file... aloud. "That answers a lot. Well, Miss Richards, you have been selected."

I scoffed loudly. "Selected? Selected for what, being witness to a group of people committing numerous felonies, including assault and kidnapping?" I spoke the last words with all the force I could muster as a lawyer, but all my captor could do was chuckle.

"Oh no, Miss Richards. You have been selected to be a part of an amazing scientific study, unlike anything the world has ever seen... Have you heard of neuroplasticity?"

I blinked several times. "No, I haven't."

"Neuroplasticity is a term referring to what the brain does when it encounters... life. Synapses flash, neural pathways are built and crumble back to nothingness... The brain is forever changing, in ways we haven't been able to track. Well, hopefully, until now."

"What does this have to do with me?" I looked to the doctor with a fearful expression slowly emerging.

"You are my test subject. Not the first, as you may have seen come through your office lately." He clapped his hands together and pulled a medical trolley to his side. Sitting upon it was a weird piece of jewellery, akin to a tiara that you would see in old fairy tales. He took the tiara and placed it on my head, despite my attempts at squirming away or knocking it to the floor. The metal was cold against my head, but I didn't... feel... any different. Not yet, at least.

His fingers danced against the tablet, as sharp points slipped from around the tiara against my flesh. It only hurt for a moment before the intense pain was replaced with cool numbness, the whirring and buzzing in my skull the only way I could tell the thing was still attacking me. My eyes were riveted to the man as he continued to tap away. I was going to escape this. I was going to remember his face. He was going to go to prison for a very-


The electricity coursed through my grey matter without me feeling a thing. My thoughts were jumbled for a moment before things started returning, but the more I thought, the more I realised there were large gaps in my brain... I couldn't remember the name of my first law partner, or the name of the person I lost my virginity to...

"Hayley?" The doctor spoke softly, examining me with those beautiful eyes...

"Um... What happened?"

"Increased pupil dilation, memory loss, pacification and voice alteration..." He jotted down notes on the tablet... Come to think of it, my voice did sound different... Was it higher? "I'm going to adjust a few variables and try again, okay?"

"Sure, I guess?" I had no idea what the man was talking about, but he was in a lab coat, so he must be doing the right thing.


The electricity hit my brain again, jumbling my thoughts more. Things were becoming really hard to remember now... I couldn't even remember where I went to school, or where I lived! I was starting to freak out a little bit, but the nice man looked me over. His smile made me feel better, he had a really nice smile...


"Um... yeah?" I tilted my head to the side, long strands of blonde hair drifting over my face.

"Fascinating... Hair pigment has changed over the course of a few moments to blonde, and has started to grow at an accelerated rate..." What was he talking about? My hair has always been blonde. Blondes have more fun, that's what I said to all my friends! At least, before they tried talking me out of going to the bathroom with some cute boy...

Cute boy? What was I talking about? This was all wrong, I wasn't some airhead... I had to escape... I had to...


The third zap scrambled what was left of my brain. Everything that made me me fell into a pink whirlpool and was sucked into blackness. I was gone.

And then, I wasn't.

My eyes fluttered open, finding a yummy looking guy standing over me. He was typing into some computer thingy while staring at me. I mean, he SHOULD be staring. I'm hot.


"Um...Like, who's that?" I tilted my head. Was he talking to me?

"Nobody, sweetheart. Thought you looked like a lawyer I know."

I giggled and batted my eyelashes at him. "Lawyer? No, silly! I'm, like, the best sexcretary to lawyers an' stuff though!"

"That you are." He tapped his computer thingy a couple times. "Report, mental integrity has been eroded and subject has taken to new personality well. Subject will be moved to Physical Alterations for further bimboification."

"Bimbo-aahficayshin? Ooooh, am I getting bigger boobies?" I grinned to the man, clutching at my chest. They were nice, but if they were bigger I could put a dick between them!

"Yes, you are. But before that, you need a name. Do you remember yours?"

"Um..." I blinked a few times, but nothing came through all the pink in my head.

"That's okay, sweetheart. Your name is Haiilee."

"Yeah... Yeah, that's like totally my name! I'm so silly, I forgot my own name!" I giggled and stood up to give him a big ol' hug! "Doc, you're, like, the bestest! How can I repay you?"

The doc smirked and wrapped his fingers around his waist, pulling down his pants and showing me his big, tasty cock! "I can think of a few ways..."

I smiled. I always smiled before I wrapped my lips around a tasty cock.

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