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Never Again!


This is a contest entry for the Nude Day Story Contest. Feel free to give me lots of 5s!

This isn't a cuck or a BTB story.


"I cheated on Jim."

"What?" That was Margo, my next-door neighbor. It was Tuesday morning, and our husbands were both gone, off to work. We were sitting outside, on my backyard deck, having morning coffee, as we were wont to do on the days I didn't have to be at work first thing; Margo was a stay-at-home mom, and her kids were old enough that she could go next door without having to bring them along. Being summer break from school, her slugabeds were probably still in bed.

"Jean, what happened? Why? And, oh my God, does Jim know?" I suppose that there was no way I could have told her that I'd cheated without her demanding more information.

"No, Jim doesn't know." I took another sip of coffee, trying to steel myself for telling her the rest of the story, but I had started this conversation precisely because I couldn't keep it bottled up anymore. "It was last week, when I was at that producers' conference in New York. I told Jim that I was staying over one extra day, because the weather was so nice, and I've never, ever been to the beach before."

That part was true: here in landlocked Missouri, the ocean was a thousand miles away, and the furthest away I'd even been from home was Louisville, when I got to go to the Kentucky Derby several years ago. Oh, we weren't poor, not at all, but Jim was a definite homebody, and was just plain uncomfortable anyplace he hadn't been before.

I hesitated, so Margo kept pushing.

"Anyway, it was Friday, when the seminars ended, and I was down in the hotel lobby, looking on the internet at beaches I could get to from Manhattan. This guy from the conference, his name was Jason, and he was from a station in New Jersey, saw what I was checking out, and he just said to me, 'If you're looking to hit the beach tomorrow, I'd love to take you.' How he knew that's what I wanted to do, I had no idea.

"And, holy crap, he was good looking! Not like the plastic anchormen that are always around, and pretentious as Hell, but different, with black bedhead looking hair, and a two-day beard, and these blue eyes that just make women melt."

"So, you melted?" Margo was grinning at that.

"Yeah, I melted. We got to talking, and then he invited me out to dinner. I saw him glance at my wedding ring, but it didn't deter him for a second. I guess that he knew I was from the same meeting, and that my husband wasn't there.

"Anyway, like I said, he was from Jersey, but apparently knew his way around Manhattan pretty well. I should have been smart enough to say 'no' to the invitation, but I didn't. I figured we'd just eat at the hotel restaurant, but he said no, he was going to take me to one of the best places in the city, even though it looked like a kind of hole-in-the-wall place.

"Why not, I thought, and we walked outside. The hotel was on 45th Street, Times Square area, and we walked down 7th Avenue a ways. There was this red painted restaurant, with seating both inside and out on the sidewalk, a Thai place. Anyway, Jason asked me if I liked Thai food, and I admitted that I've never had it before. He asked if I was game to try, warning me that some of the dishes could be kind of spicy. Well, I've had plenty of spicy Mexican food, so I knew I could handle that part, and I was willing to try it."

I was just talking and talking and talking now, and Margo was staring at me, with rapt attention. "So, we ducked in, and Jason got us a table out on the sidewalk. The menu, wow, it was kind of complicated, written in Thai or whatever their language is called, but it had the meals described in English as well. Jason ordered us a bottle of Riesling, since I guess there aren't a lot of Thai wines, and that started going to my head kind of fast. I ordered something called duck laap, and it was really good, and really spicy, and that might have made me drink more wine than I should have, but I was drinking it before the food arrived.

"I could tell that Jason was trying to seduce me. We had to sit at the corner of the little table, due to the sidewalk noise -- New York is like a constant din -- and Jason took my hand while we were seated. I should have pulled back, but I didn't, and heck, it was my left and, and he was not only caressing my hand, he played with my wedding ring as well."

"Well, wow, just wow! He played with your wedding set? Girl, he was giving you every chance you needed to back out!"

"I know he was, and I knew it then, and I knew that I should, but he was just so nice! He had these blue eyes you could just drown in . . . . "

"You told me about his eyes."

"Yeah, well anyway, I wanted to stop, I really did, but we'd already ordered dinner, and not only didn't I stop him, I didn't stop him from playing with my hand."

"I suppose that this Jason was a player?"

"Maybe, I guess, oh, I don't know, but he sure played me. Still, I guess that I always thought I could stop this short of cheating, and I told myself I would.

"Anyway, the food was great, and after we left, Jason took me walking some more -- thank God I was wearing flats! -- and we went through the theater district, down to Flatiron and even into Soho. He was telling me about different things in New York, and he spent a lot of time holding my hand.

"Then he told me about the beach he was going to take me to -- not that I'd ever said yes to that! -- and he said it was a nude beach!"

"You're kidding!"

"That's what I said. 'Jason, I've never been to a nude beach, and I'm 44 years old! I can't go walking around the beach naked, not with a bunch of teeny boppers and twenty-something hotties.'

"Well, he just said that there were going to be plenty of women my age there, and that he knew I'd look fabulous anyway, and that he wasn't taking 'no' for an answer."

"Did you try to say 'no'?"

"Well, I tried to put him off with a 'maybe,' but I knew that he saw right through that. I told him that my flight left LaGuardia at 6:22, and he just laughed it off, saying he'd have me there in plenty of time.

"Anyway, that subject got dropped, and finally we started walking back to the hotel. It was already after dark, and I asked him what room he was staying in, and he just said, 'Yours.'"

"Oh, my God, Jean! And you let him?"

"I knew that I shouldn't, damn it, I knew it. He wasn't staying at the hotel, but had his car in long-term parking at the Bus Terminal; I guess that he drove back and forth to the seminar every day, since he wasn't that far away. But when I opened the door to my room, he just followed me in, and shut the door behind himself.

"I kind of resisted, I knew that this was it, the threshold of whether or not I was going to cheat, but when he put his arms around me and kissed me, I was just seeing stars. I don't think I ever felt that way before, not with Jim, not with anybody.

"I mean, Jim's not a spectacular lover or anything, and Hell, I've never had a Fifty Shades spectacular lover. Jim's . . . adequate, you know. He always makes sure I've gotten off, because he eats pussy really well, . . . ."

"So you've told me." Margo smirked at that one.

"But anyway, actual sex, well, it's kind of, well, kind of not great. I mean, it's OK, but that's when Jim gets off, and I never do, never did with anybody."

"Yeah, you've told me that before, too."

"You've said that Greg isn't any better."

"Well, he's not. Pretty much the same as you, if it weren't for him eating me, I'd never get off during sex. But was this Jason better?"

"Yeah, he was." I couldn't help myself, I was smiling and laughing when I told Margo this. "He just knew that I wasn't going to say 'no,' and he never asked permission or anything, but was just holding me and kissing me. I guess that the moment of truth came when he put his hands on the hem of my shirt, and I just raised my arms over my head so that he could pull it off of me. I didn't say 'no,' I didn't try to stop him, Hell, I don't think I even hesitated, I just let him undress me.

"Anyway, once he pulled my shirt off of me, and I was just standing there, in my slacks and my bra, I just knew that it was my turn, and I started unbuttoning his shirt." Margo was paying rapt attention again! "I had been wearing ballet flats for shoes, and I stepped out of those myself.

"I mean, it was wonderful! With Jim, I'd have known exactly what he was going to do, exactly when he was going to do it. With Jason, I wondered, was he going to take off my bra first, or undo my pants, did he want me to take off his pants? Jim and I never undress each other anymore."

"Well what did he do then?" Margo was hanging on every word!

"Well, I was wearing a front-close bra, and he opened that, unfastened it like he'd had way too much practice doing that already, then he pushed the straps off of my shoulders, and I just let it drop to the floor. I was a bit worried then, 'cause I was afraid that he'd be disappointed that my boobs sagged, and he's younger than me."

"Really? You never told me that part! How young was he?"

"I don't know, maybe around 35."

"Ooooh, you snagged a young one!"

"Well, for me being 44, yeah, I did!" I kind of giggled like a teenager over that one, and Margo was, too. "But anyway, he never seemed disappointed at my body at all, even though I'm every bit of a size 12. Really, he was kind of out of my league. But he never stopped, never hesitated, and by then, I was so into it that I wasn't going to stop, either.

"We finished undressing each other, and then he just took my hand and led me over to the bed. At this point, Jim would have laid me down, and then gone south, to eat me, to take care of me, but Jason, he simply got in bed with me, got on top, and slowly pushed himself inside me.

"Well, I was already dripping wet, and he slid in easily."

"How big was he?" Margo had to know.

"Average, really, maybe six or seven inches. Only thing I noticed that was different was that his cock stuck straight out when it was hard. Jim's gets hard enough, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't stick straight out like that.

"Anyway, I was so hot at this point, I just knew, he was going to get me off just with his cock, and I've never gotten off like that before. It didn't take him long, either, I was so turned on by this time, and I was looking up into those blue eyes of his when it hit me.

"I figured that he'd lose it then, too, but he didn't. He smiled at me as I was coming down from that, and then pulled out, turning me around on my hands and knees."

"Dog style?"

"Yup, dog style. Jim and I never do that, heck, I haven't been taken that way since college, but Jason did it, and it was amazing. I guess that I never expected a second orgasm, yet I knew I was going to have one, and I did. It took a while for it to build, but Jason kept going, and he held off until I was coming again.

"I just collapsed at that point. I really don't remember anything more, until I woke up next to Jason in the morning."

"Oh, wow! That sounds so awesome."

"Oh, crap, it was! He was still asleep, and I just laid there, watching his chest rise and fall. He wasn't any gym rat, or anything like that, but he still had some muscles, and just enough hair on his chest to make a girl happy.

"Anyway, when he finally woke up, well, he knew I was there. I kind of thought he was used to waking up with strange girls in his bed, and that worried me, 'cause we hadn't bothered with a rubber that night. I mean, I can't get pregnant, but who knows how many women he's screwed? But once he smiled at me, well, I stopped thinking about how many other women he might have had.

"That was when Jim called me! Jason was smart enough not to make any noises, and he crept to the bathroom to take care of business while I was talking to Jim. Holy crap, that made me nervous, but I managed to talk to Jim about absolutely nothing for a few minutes before he hung up. He was going golfing that morning anyway, so he didn't want to chat too long. When Jason heard me hang up, he told me that he wanted me to join him in the shower. I did, and Margo, he just bent me over and took me again, right there, in the shower. I was so turned on, I came four times!"

Margo was just enthralled by this story, and I know that I was getting kind of damp down south, just telling it.

"We got breakfast at the hotel, and checked out kind of early. Jason carried my big suitcase down to his car, which was like five blocks away at the Terminal, and then we headed for the beach. I mean, he'd invited me the day before, and I had never really said yes, but he just took charge and assumed I'd go.

"It was kind of a weird drive, having to take the ferry over to New Jersey, but he knew where he was going. I had my one-piece in my luggage, but Jason just said 'No,' I wasn't going to take it. At least he let me get out my sunscreen, because it was brilliantly sunny, and I sure didn't need to have a tan with no tan lines to bring back to Jim! It was kind of weird that I was even conscious of that, but I was.

"We had to walk a ways, to get from the parking lot to this beach, Gunnison or Sandy Hook, I think it's called, and it was just packed. There were a few people wearing suits, and a fair amount of women wearing their bottoms, mostly thongs, but I really didn't give it much thought, and once we found a spot, and, thank God, Jason had a decent beach umbrella in the trunk of his car, I just stripped bare ass naked.

"It was really fun, and the water was warmer than I expected. I'm a pretty good swimmer, but the tide was coming in, I guess, and it was kind of rough. We played around for a while, and then Jason wanted to take me for a walk, south along the beach.


"Yup, naked! Anyway, we walked a ways down, past a kind of gay area, and past a sign that said it was the end of the guarded beach. I think Jason already had this planned out, because he walked me a long way down, and then we spotted this old downed tree trunk, with all of the bark worn off. It must've been there for years, but anyway, Jason turned, and walked us up to this old log, sat me down, and then bent down himself to eat me!"

"Really? Out in public? On the beach?"

"Oh, Lord, yes. I mean, there weren't very many people that far down, but a couple passed, down by the water's edge, and I know that they knew what we were doing, but this turned me on so freaking much that I just came and came and came!"

"How far away from the beach were you?"

"Oh, I guess thirty or forty yards. Anyway, get this now, I was just so hot that I pulled Jason down onto that log, and got on my knees, to suck his cock, right out there on the beach. It was wild, Margo, just so hot to do!"

"Did you swallow?" Margo teased me. She knew that I didn't like that, but only one of the local wives we knew ever claimed she enjoyed that.

"Couldn't. He'd already come once that morning, and I wasn't able to get him off with my mouth. But with him sitting there, on that log, his cock sticking straight out, I climbed up and just took him, sitting right down on top of him, fucking him on that log."

"OMG, Jean, you never use the 'f' word!"

I giggled. "Well, I did more than just use the 'f' word, I f'ed him right there, on that public beach, and I know we were seen. And it turned me on to the max, because I came a couple more times before Jason unloaded into me."

"Damn, Jean, you went wild!"

"I did, I really did. And you know what else was wild? After we were done, we walked back to the more populated area, and I could feel his cum seeping out of me. I was getting off on all of those people seeing me walking, naked, with Jason's cum visible as it oozed down my legs.

"Of course, we went back into the water, and I kind of pulled myself open, to douche myself out with ocean water, 'cause I sure didn't want Jim to find out he was getting sloppy seconds if he wanted to screw once I got home."

"Well, wasn't that clever of you?" Margo teased me.

"Hey, I had to start trying to think straight again. I knew I'd be seeing Jim that evening, even if it was kind of late."

"So, did you and Jim do it that night?"

"Yeah, we did, and I was the one who started it."

"Really? I thought you never started things?"

"Not never, but hardly ever. I did come a bit faster than normal from Jim eating me, partly 'cause I was fantasizing about Jason, but, other than that, things were pretty much same old, same old."

"You going to see Jason again?"

"Oh, no way. He's half way across the country, we didn't exchange phone numbers, and we'll almost surely never see each other again."

"You feeling guilty?"

"I don't know, I'm sure that I should, and every once in a while, I do, but not really. I did need to tell someone about it though, or I'd bust."

"That mean you're going to 'fess up to Jim?"

"Oh, not just no, but Hell no! What he doesn't know, won't hurt him. But I've promised myself, never, ever again! Once was a great time, but never again!

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I enjoyed the story and have ReedRichards as one of my favorites. He has an original style like the others in the list.

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@ luedon.

Wow! Terrific comments. Insightful and thoughful comments are like yours are a rose in a bush of thorns here.

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It was June last year, Anonymous and DanOctober

When this story was published and the first comments were made, and here we are still continuing the conversation. Well done Author RR.

Dan, you ask "Why don't couples communicate the dissatisfactionmore...

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words have meaning

I do not feel like walking twenty feet to dictionary. But the debate about who is and isn't a cuckold is easily ended with dictionary definition of word.
Thought to have originated because of cuckoo birdsmore...

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Story is ok.

Sort of sad. Why don't couples communicate the dissatisfaction with their need for sexual gratification with spouse before they do something that could permanently damage their lives with a fling?

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