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"I woke up a little late."

"You woke up at eleven thirty."

"Am I telling the story or are you?"

"Candice, let's give Paul a chance to tell his side of the story. " Patricia offered.

"Fine. But, waking up at eleven thirty on our first weekend in the new house is a little ridiculous. "

Patricia couldn't help but to silently agree with Candice.

Paul went on despite being obviously outnumbered by the female contingent. "Anyway, I barely made it to the shower before she starts barking all these orders for unpacking. I thought that's what we hired the movers for. "

"Movers don't unpack they just "move", hence the name "movers." Candice said.

Paul looked amused, despite his agitation. Candice had a way of beguiling you even at her most annoying. Freshly turned thirty with big blue eyes and shoulder length thick brown hair; athletic and slender, yet voluptuous with a pair of knockout tits even Patricia noticed bursting out of her tight pink top.

Paul started,"...Anyway, she goes on for twenty minutes about how we pay the movers to move, not unpack. I hit the shower and she's all over me again. "

"I peeked my head in and Paul is jacking off."

"I wasn't jacking off; I was flirting with the idea. You know what I mean, Patricia?

Before Patricia could stop herself she nodded in agreement. She had to admit it, the idea of Paul in the shower with a semi wasn't the worst image in the world.

Candice interjected, "It was moving day, there's no time for jacking off. Besides, if he woke up early I probably would have at least blown him."

" Anyway, speaking of blowjobs...." Paul smiled an evil little smirk.

"Careful", Candice warned.

Patricia wasn't sure what to make of this exchange.

"Ok, we decided to tell you something, but you have to promise not to judge us. "

"Especially me." Candice chimed.

"Of course not." Patricia insisted.

"Alright, I get out of the shower and the movers are already there. Two big dudes, one is kida' fat and one is a total jock. " Said Paul.

Candice interrupted quickly. "Not fat, husky. Like a big Italian guy from the Bronx or something. Tony is half owner of this moving company. The other guy Kel, he's black , great voice. He sings on Wednesday's at Barry's on Fifth."

In her head, Patricia figures that Candice probably spent a little too much time flirting with one of them. She makes a little bet with herself that it's Tony. Something in the way she defended Paul's description of him.

"Anyway, we work on the house for like three hours and the guys and Candice talk for like two and a half of them. "

" They were funny."

"Funny. They were flirting." Paul insisted.

Patricia makes a mental note; Candice was flirting with both men. Not sure what that means, is Paul just becoming a jealous husband or is Candice becoming a bored housewife?

"Lunch rolls around and we're all sitting on the back porch. I made the boys some sandwiches. " Candice says.

"Yeah you did." Chuckles Paul

They both laugh. Patricia is stunned. Are they kidding? Of course they are.

"Anyway, Candice starts asking them if they're dating and stuff. You can tell Kel is a player. "

Candice takes over. "He's right. Kel is gorgeous plus, he moves furniture on the weekends, so you know he's built. "

Patrica can hardly wait, "And Tony?"

Paul responds, "Tony's got a different game, the sad-sack, he's like "You know Mrs. M., ever since I got the business – I've been too busy for a nice girl – like you." See how he slipped in "nice girl like you?" Then he's like, "And, I gained a bunch of weight lately because of the stress of running my business."

Paul continues. "And Candice is all like "I know it must be hard." And, "...You're just stocky, I think you look good. A girl likes a big bear, makes her feel safe."

"And how does this make you feel, Paul?" Asks Patricia.

"Well, I'm kinda' pissed that these guys are totally BS'ing my wife and she's falling for these remedial pickup lines you'd hear at any bar. But..."

"But, what Paul?" Patricia leans in for the answer.

"But, it kinda' turns me on."

"I knew it!" Candice interjects. "You love the idea that these two guys are undressing me in their heads. Makes you feel like big cock in the henhouse."

"I think that's over-simplifying it. But sure, I'll give you that. It's a real turn on to see my wife making these two big, working-class guys totally check her out."

"Not at first." Candice tries to convince herself.

"Maybe not until you took off the flannel shirt. She's wearing a tight little shirt under and her tits are just jiggling every time she bends over to pick up a box. And, she's wearing these little shorts."

"Did anything inappropriate happen?" Patrica asks.

"No. Candice interjects. There was underlying, stuff. Moving, stress. A new phase in our life. We just both wanted to prove to the world we hadn't grown up and become too boring."

Patricia is fairly impressed with the dime store analysis. "I agree."

"I don't think you'll agree with what happened next. Paul quips. I run out for some more moving supplies and when I come back the three of them are in the spare bedroom. She's showing them her ass."

"From my shorts. It was a silly conversation about cellulite. "

"And of course these two meatheads are like "No, Mrs. M, you look perfect."

"I just stand there until they notice me. Tony starts to say something. I'm like, "Honey, why don't you show them your tits, too."

"And I get really mad at him. But, Paul's like, "No, I mean I think you have a great ass, but obviously you needed a second and third opinion. And your tits are so huge, don't you want to make sure they're not sagging." Candice is on a roll now, "And then I'm like, "you dick." But, in a kidding way. At this point I'm pretty sure he's just fucking around with all of us. I grab the bottom of my shirt and fake like I flash them. But, guess what Paul does next? "

Paul says, "And I'm like, no, like this." And I pull up her shirt. "

"Can you believe it?! " Interjects Candice.

By the look on her face, Patricia clearly can not.

"I didn't know you were braless. " Says Paul

"I go to pull down my shirt, but something in my brain stops me and I just leave my tits hanging out there for the boys to get a good long look. "

"And? " Asks Patricia.

"And they totally start complimenting her. Tony is like "Wow, Mrs. M., you should be proud."

"Candice continues, but, Kel gets all street, he's like; "Baby, those are fine, fine, fine. It's a shame they're only for looking at." And then I say "Be careful, my husband might stop the show if you get too randy."

And Kel goes on with, "No offense, Mr. M. But, your lady has her D cups in my face; I don't really care what you think."

And then I say, "See Candice? Now what would happen if I wasn't here?"

"Nothing Paul. I'm just kidding around." I say, and I pull down my shirt. " I tell Paul I would never even consider this if he weren't there.

"But, I ask her if she's having fun. She smiles and that's all I need to hear. "Kel, what would you do to my wife if she flashed her breasts again?"

"I'd whip out my dick and squeeze it right between those ripe, juicy titties. But, that's just a hypothetical scenario.

"But, Kel said it funnier. " Said Candice.

"True." Responds Paul.

Patricia dares to ask. "And then? "

"I said I think it's time to get some lemonade so we can all cool off. I look over to my husband, a little concerned about what we've gotten ourselves into today. "Honey? " And Paul's already got his camera in hand. "Let me just take one picture – this will be hot." I look to the two big men, almost panting with anticipation. I have to admit, it was hot. To tease the hell out of three men at once was quite an opportunity."

"What happened next? " Patricia felt like she was having an out of body experience. Almost like she was there in the room with the four of them.

"Candy just gives this dirty little smile and says, "60 seconds." And then she pulls her shirt over her head. He breasts just spill out of her shirt and the guys stand there in awe. "

"Yeah, I think they dug it. "

"You dug it too. You nips were hard enough to cut glass. "

"I bet it didn't feel like that to Kel. Before I could say a word he flipped his limp dick out of his pants zipper and smacked it right into my cleavage. I felt it in between my breasts and giggled at the sight of my husband and Tony in shock. But then, I felt Kel's big dick get warm and begin to pulse and thicken. I could feel it expand between my tits – pushing them up and out. I looked to Paul and all he did was smile and snap a photo. "

"It was so hot. And nobody was getting hurt. " Paul explained matter-of-factly.

Then I say, "You've got about 40 seconds Kel."

"Think that's enough time? " Tony joked.

Kel says, "Not nearly. Maybe if you let me rub up in between those babies."

"I looked up at him and put a finger to my lips and cooed, "I won't tell my husband if you won't." With that, Kel grabbed my shoulders and started pumping between my breasts. I watched the black spear lance between my tits and sink back down over and over. Feeling his cock grow bigger than I ever imagined possible. I almost thought it would tear out of his skin. "

"How you like that? Kel said. "

"It's so smooth."
I replied as Paul shot another photo. "

"You think it's smooth on your tittes. You should feel it in your mouth."

"Sorry, time's up." I replied. Then Kel grabbed the back of my head and slapped the side of my face with his rock hard black cock and says... "Well, give me five seconds worth then, baby." "Kel playfully slapped his cock across my face again. I didn't like him telling me what to do, "Just for that, time's up for you. I pulled away from Kel.

"And then?" Paul interjected.

And, that's when I turned to face Tony's crotch. I rubbed my hand on his wad and said, "You want equal time or what, Tony?" "He was no dummy, Tony walked over to me on my kness and said, "Yes ma'am."

"I shot a look at Kel and unzipped Tony's fly. What popped out, no one saw coming (until later), it was at least nine inches flaccid. But, it was growing between my fingers quickly. I circled the tip around my breast and said, "This is what you get when you play nice." It grew to full size in a heartbeat and if felt like a baseball bat on my tits.

Then I hear, "Oh you have to suck that cock", from Paul. "I looked at him in amazement. But, I new he was right. The poor chubby Tony looked so needy. This was too good to pass up. It was like being a dirty whore and doing a good deed at the same time – with permission from my loving husband! So, I pulled my hands up Tony's big bare belly and used my tongue to slide his cock into my now hungry mouth. Tony let out a gasp, "Oh, Mrs. M!" His penis grew inside my wet mouth to at least a foot long. I worked my mouth around it hungrily, sloppily spitting saliva up and down the shaft. The more Tony said things like "Thank you Mrs M" and "You are so beautiful", I grabbed Tony's huge hairy balls and massaged them. I then slid my mouth down the side of his shaft and began slurping up his big sweaty balls. All the while his sloppy wang trailed spit all over the side of my face. "

Paul continued, "She was just slurping that thing up. I could barely see her head under that big belly of Tony's. He was moaning as she sucked his cock all the way down to the base and back. All the while, she's rubbing and biting his fat hairy stomach. And then if that's not enough in her mouth – she's grabbing his ass and jamming him further down her throat. I just here her making "mmm" sounds and slurping it all up and down. "

"Then I take it out of my mouth – it's like nine shades of purple. Kel is standing there half hard. "Are you going to play nice?" I ask. "

"Take off your panties, you little tease. Then he jams my head back onto Tony's cock and pulls my panties down to my knees. I'm trapped between the two of them. I look to Paul and see a flash of his camera. So, I'm guessing he's into it."

"Weren't you concerned Paul?"

"I was until I saw Candy smile at me and stick her ass up in the air like she was waving in a plane. " Paul said.

Candice continued, "And that's when I feel Kel's massive cock jam completely past my pussy lips and into my lower intestines. I go wild. I can't describe the feeling as his cock thrusts back and forth into my wet little twat."

Paul describes the following to Patricia with utter fascination and not a hint of regret. "Kel has both hands on her hips and is just riding her like a pony. And she's just grinding her little ass right into it. And, then back up Tony's cock to the head as she pushes her pussy around Kel."

"Suddenly, Kel flips me over and starts drilling me harder and deeper from up top. I have this view of Tony's hairy balls dangling and bobbing on my eyes and nose as his long cock arches and drives into my mouth. I feel Kel's hands grasping ant my hips as he pulls his long, throbbing black snack out of my pussy and then waits a beat...

"Well, do you want more or not, Mrs. M?""

"What do you think?" I answer.

"I think I want you to beg for my cock."

"And, I think there's way too much cock for me to beg for it. Tony, you want my pussy on your fatty or not?"

"Yes, please, Mrs. M!"

"I pulled myself up to my elbows and Kel's cock fell out of me. I must admit, it wasn't easy to say goodbye to. But, as I spun around and saw Tony lying on his back and the foot long flag pole waving in the air – I knew I wouldn't miss Kel's cock for long. Then I just lowered myself onto Tony's big, slimy, wet fat, Italian sausage. "

Paul takes the lead of the storytelling from here... "I thought that fire hydrant of a prick was going to split my little girl in half. Candy lets out this squeal and her mouth widens in shock. Then it turns to a smile and she slowly raises up on the anaconda. And, she's up there on the very tip of his cock, like the top of a roller coaster. Then, she holds out her hand to me and I take it. And, I do."

Candice continues, "And then I relax and just slide down that firepole. It was intense. But, the feeling would have been nothing without Paul holding my hand and staring into my eyes. I never felt closer to him"

"I knelt there watching Candy's beautiful toned stomach and giant bouncing, sweaty jugs and she just slapped up and down against the fat mover. His big belly jiggling as he begins speaking in tongues. I look up and Kel has his cock in front of my wife's mouth. Waving it like "Hey, remember me?" He's doing this as Candy smacks up and down on Tony's fat wet dong. Suddenly, she grabs that black hose and widens her lips, shoving it into her mouth. Kel then forces it as deep as it will go. Kel grabs the back of her hair and starts talking to her. But now, it's none of that ghetto badass stuff. No, he's under her thumb now. He's like, "Oh Candy, you so sweet. Why you married baby. I love those titties. Oh where did you get that sweet, sweet mouth. Please baby, I'm sorry I ever took a tone with you. I'll do anything as long as you keep sucking my, my, my....""

Candice continues, "I look up and see this big, muscle bound black man just leaning back and nearly wincing with pleasure. He's moaning and whispering the sweetest little things. But, I'm no dummy, I know he's about to blast a big-ass load down my throat and sorry that's for Paul only. I pull his cock out and pump it just once. A thick rope of chalky white semen catapults out of his cock onto my tits. I'm rocking back and forth on Tony as this stuff just keeps splashing all over my tits. He lets out moans and bursts of near pain filled ecstasy as I pump out pearl rope after rope. It finally drains all over my now glazed knockers like frosting. I smear his now half sized penis around my nipples as I let out a gasp."

Paul reflects, "Her entire body seizes up like she just got hooked up to jumper cables. Her body shivers and tightens and she's writhing with these jizz covered knockers and this snake just reels out of her snatch, inch after angry inch. Candy arches back and her hair is just flying around and her semen-soaked boobs are glistening and bouncing back and forth as she just comes and comes and comes. She falls over in a heap on Tony's fat wet and hairy bear-belly. His cock slips out and it's literally shining. She slides of him and begins slurping her way down his belly and to his big fat matted down curly haired cock. She immerses her mouth onto his shaft and pulls her mouth up and down his enormous Godzilla-cock with such enthusiasm, you'd think he saved her life."

"It's true, I just wanted that poor fat boy for a great orgasm. I felt that fishy, salty cock just erupt and didn't even have time to pull away completely as he just shot-gunned a blast of briny cum all over my face. He grabbed his cock and gripped it and let loose a roar as the big hairy bear leaned back and released an even fuller and slimier gust of jizz into my face and hair. I felt it just burst onto my face, stick and begin to melt down my cheeks. I could taste the salty protein on my lips. But, I never swallowed. Even when he shot yet another thin line of ivory cum across my neck and knockers, splashing on the crusty layer already hardened from Kel. Anyway, It was as if Tony was waiting his whole life for this. And when it ended he fell over in a heap. In fact, both men were wet and limp and lying in a glow of perfect satisfaction if I do say so myself."

There was a long silence.

And a little longer.

Patricia finally spoke. "And have the two of you had sex since?"

"No, we thought we should wait until we spoke to you." Candice said.

"Is there something wrong with us?" Paul asked.

Patricia put down her notepad. "No, not at all. In fact, there might just be something very right with both of you."

"What do you mean by th..." Paul gasped as he looked down and saw his therapist on her knees ferociously swallowing his penis into her ravenous mouth.

Candice she watched her husband lean back with that little slut between his knees; taking in the sounds of her therapist slurping on her husband's cock.. Paul looked at Candice in shock as she said... "Now, this is worthy $125 bucks an hour."

The end?

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