tagNovels and NovellasNew Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 10

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 10



A decision had been made. We both felt much better now, and soon headed out for a decent breakfast. For a while, not much was said, but we both knew it was coming.

Finally you managed to say, "What are we gonna do?"

"Do you have any time coming to you at work?"

"Actually, quite a bit, I think, three weeks and 2 days." You added, "I took the other three days for the trip here when the conference was cancelled. I had the plane tickets anyway, so I figured what the heck - maybe a little vacation wouldn't hurt. "So far," you beamed, "it hasn't 'hurt a bit!" You gave me a big smile. "Maybe I can get something back on the plane - or reschedule the flight."

"Forget the flight," I said, "we'll cross that bridge when - if - we come to it. Get what you can back. Call and tell your office you are going to take 3 weeks starting Thursday. Just don't take no for an answer." I took a deep breath, knowing this was going to be a commitment of sorts. "Doesn't your company have a branch here? Maybe you could transfer."

You looked at me with your mouth open, eyes wide. "Oh lover! You mean... stay here ... with you?" I could see that thought overwhelmed you a bit.

I said softly, "Well, you don't have to decide that now. Three weeks, almost four, is a long time. But it's a possibility." Oh oh. You looked like you were going to cry again. Did I say something really wrong?

You sucked it up, and we finished our meal, mostly in silence, but I was really worried.

When we got in the car, before I could start it, you grabbed me, held me tight, and gave me an almost endless kiss. But this was different. It wasn't a romantic kiss, or a fuck-me kiss. You had your eyes closed, but now tears were running down your cheeks.

You loosened your grip and looked up at me. You were scared. I could see it in your eyes. Finally I understood.

"Lover, I can't believe you would... I mean... what if we don't ...?"

"Baby, I know... I'm scared too. But you know we have to try... we have to see. I just know I can't let you leave me right now. I have never been so happy in my life... or so happy with anyone." I had let it all hang out. But I meant every word.

You let out a wail and grabbed me again, locking your lips onto mine, but this time it was pure passion, lip grinding, tongue sucking, can't ever get enough, lust. Or Love?

When you came up for air, both of us were panting. "Lover, take me home." You said that very seriously, but a big smile followed. All the way, your hands were all over me. I know I missed at least one red light, no harm no foul.

When I pulled into the drive we locked in another long embrace, hands all over each other, lips and tongues working overtime. Finally I said, "Baby come on. Lets go in, we will be much more comfortable." I opened the car door for you and you took my hand, almost shyly, and held it all the way to the door. I didn't care if the neighbors were watching. They were going to see a lot more of it.

Inside, I made a detour to the bathroom and you headed for the living room. When I came out I got a bit of a surprise - you were still wearing your clothes, sitting on the couch waiting for me. Following your lead I walked straight over to you and sat beside you. You reached an arm around me and nuzzled my neck, softly nibbling at me. Soon you lifted up and threw a leg over mine, straddling me, face to face. I leaned back and you leaned forward, your hands against my chest, playfully kissing and nipping at my face.

Finally you locked your lips on mine and pressed against me in a hard, passionate kiss. There was no hurry in your actions. We just enjoyed each other. You leaned back a bit and slowly unbuttoned my shirt, pulling it loose from my waist so you could spread it wide open. You ran your hands over my chest, slowly, purposefully, feeling my body in your hands. Of course my cock had gotten rock hard under you, but this felt so good I didn't care. You rocked slightly back and forth in my lap, feeling him, letting me know how good it felt. Leaning forward, you kissed my chest, side to side, giving each nipple a playful suck. I put my arms around you, not moving, just holding you near me.

You gave me one of the big devilish smiles I had gotten to know so well, and raised your arms over your head. I pulled the T-shirt over your head and you reached back and undid the clasp of your bra. I had been relieved of that duty. As I stripped it away from you, you smiled impishly at me and covered both breasts with your hands. Slowly your slid your hands down them until your fingertips reached your nipples, and started gently pulling and squeezing them, with me only a foot away. I'm not sure if one of us enjoyed it more, as you put on a show for me. I could see the tips redden and darken. I watched as your half-dollar sized nipples crinkled into nickel sized swollen rock hard buds. Then you lifted up just a little, leaning towards me, and pressed one nipple against my lips. I sucked it in and nursed gently on you, as you pressed against me, making sure I could get all I wanted. My tongue slid back and forth, pushing the hard little bud around, as my lips softly sucked and pulled. You closed your eyes and tilted your head back a little, savoring the feeling as I savored you.

Again we locked in a long passionate kiss, you body squirming in my hands, your naked breasts brushing across my chest. My hips and yours moved slowly together.

"Lover, I need you," you whispered, "make love to me." A new term for us.

I slid you off my legs and stood up, gave you a quick soft kiss on the lips and slid my arms under you, lifting you and carrying you to the bedroom. I laid you gently on the bed and stepped back a few feet so you could watch. I undid my belt, button and zipper, sliding it down slowly for you. My pants slid down my legs and I stepped away from them, wearing only the bikini you had bought for me. You were staring at the bulge of my swollen cock, and I stared back at you as I slowly ran my fingers up and down him. I know you could see he was getting larger and harder.

Moving back to you I undid your shorts and slid them off of you, leaving you with only your bikini underwear. Your hand reached out and touched me, stroking the huge bulge you had made. Shuddering, I let you squeeze and pull, loving every single brush of your fingers. Reaching down, I grasped one of your breasts, treating it just as you treated my cock, massaging it in my hand. You arched your back and moaned.

Climbing onto the bed with you, I leaned over and began a long deep kiss, sliding my tongue through your lips so you could suck on it and play with it.

We both reached down, you to my hard cock in its pouch, I to your barely concealed pussy. We stroked each other slowly and gently, letting the waves of pleasure wash over us, giving and taking. Your bikini was soaking wet, and I couldn't resist tasting you, lifting my fingers to my mouth. "Me too," you whispered, and I reached down again, then did the same for you.

Shifting slightly, I bent down and sucked in one of your nipples, squeezing it hard now, pulling and tugging with my lips, then catching it in my teeth and lifting, stretching, tongue grinding. Your reaction was instantaneous. You arched your back and grabbed my head with one hand, forcing it down on you. I sucked hard and swirled my tongue against you, taking as much of your breast as I could in my mouth.

The hand on my cock tightened around it, stroking so hard you were almost yanking on it. You were moaning as you pushed your hand beneath the fabric and grabbed me, the direct contact so sudden I let out a muffled groan against your breast. You rubbed your fingers over my cock head, stroked the sides of him with your fingers, then grasped him again. Now you were stroking me long and hard, the pace quickening as you went.

In defense I slid my hand under your bikini and plunged two fingers into you. Your entire body stiffened and jerked, and your hips lifted off the bed forcing my fingers deeper. As my hand moved faster so did yours, and soon we were both on the edge. Knowing that was not what we wanted I pulled away from you and slid your underwear off, mine following it to the floor.

Slipping between your legs, I lifted one of them to my shoulder, and started kissing, nipping, licking the inside of your thigh. You were gasping, your breath ragged, like mine. After a few moments you managed, "Lover, c'mere, I wanna too!"

Knowing what you wanted I moved back and straddled your head with my knees. As I lowered my face to your waiting pussy, I lowered my rigid cock to your mouth. I made love to your pussy as you did the same to my cock. I ran my tongue lightly up and down your lips, tasting the juices there, kissing, licking, showing you how much I loved it. You were kissing and swirling your lips around my head, unbearably torturing me.

You raised your knees and spread your legs wide for me, opening your pussy lips. I slid my tongue between those glistening wet lips, up and down, drinking your nectar. At the same time I felt your mouth sliding lightly over my shuddering cock, consuming me slowly. You did not force yourself on me, you lips tightening and slowly sliding up and down.

Your hips were rocking now and so were mine, both panting, and I plunged my tongue into you, drinking the juices I found there. You gasped and clamped your lips down on me, your head pistoning up and down as my hips rolled, ramming my cock deeper into your mouth. We were both only moments away, when you suddenly pulled back from me and said breathlessly, "Please lover, do it now, I need you!"

I forced myself to pull away from you, and turned to give you a long passionate kiss. We both needed a moment to get it together. Our bodies were heaving with deep breaths. My cock was tingling. I had been very close. You whispered softly, "On top of me lover, I want to watch us." You spread your legs for me and I slid up between them, both of us with big happy smiles. I was about to take My Woman, and she was urging me on, demanding that I do so.

I leaned on my arms, staring down into your eyes as I rocked softly, sliding my cock back and forth over your mound. You were so open and ready that my cock got very wet, and slid easily over the crease between your lips. Little by little you spread your legs wider, and my cock slid deeper between your lips. You had pillows under your head again, and I could see that you loved to watch.

I slowed, and withdrew further, until my cock slipped between your legs, and you reached down and guided me into you. For a moment we were both still, enjoying the feeling of my head being held between your lips. Gently I began to push, and you raised your hips to meet me. My cock slowly slid deeper into you. I could feel you trembling - or was that me? Back once, then again, a little faster and a little deeper. I stopped again and held myself inside of you, feeling you gently pulse around me. The third time I did not stop, pushing until my body was pressed on yours. You had been watching me enter you, but now you smiled up at me and whispered, "Oh Lover! That feels sooo good!" I could feel you consciously squeezing me, kneading my hard shaft in your tight tunnel.

You shuddered as I slid back again and started slowly fucking you, a very measured pace, giving your all I had with each stroke. As my body met yours you pushed, trying to get just a little bit more of me. The sensation was almost unbearable, so vivid that my cock was pulsing, and I had to stop sometimes to gain my composure. All the while, you smiled that wonderful smile, telling me how much you were loving it too.

When the pressure eased a bit I was able to move faster, thrusting till I slapped against you, and your hips were moving in time with me, adding to the impact. When I looked at you, your eyes were glued on our union, feasting on every inch of cock that slid in and out of you.

Then, knowing what I love, you looked up at me, taking your nipples between your fingertips and making them even harder, proudly displaying them to my hungry eyes. In answer I started ramming into you harder and faster, watching your breasts bounce with my strokes, even as you continued to play with them. I was panting from exertion now, sweat forming on my forehead, occasionally a drop falling onto you. Finally, you were trembling and had to close your eyes, your hips bucking of their own accord, our bodies ramming together, the bed knocking against the wall.

In a loud voice you suddenly called out, "Lover, take me now, oh oh, do it do it do it. Make me all yours!" Those words were ringing in my ears as I rammed into you a few more times, eyes jammed shut, lips clenched. I stopped, deep inside, for a moment, and the fireworks began. Jet after jet of my cum spurting into you, so hard you jumped with each one. Your hips were pumping against me, inner muscles milking every drop out of me. Your body was bucking and jumping uncontrollably as orgasm upon orgasm swept through it, till I wondered if it would ever stop. I loved every second of it, beyond belief.

I fell forward, my body next to yours, my cock still buried in you. I could feel you trying to hold me in as I slowly, inevitably, softened. You were crying without tears, joyfully, almost incoherent, "Lover, Lover, Lover, yes, oooooh oh oh oh so good good good, oh yes, wonderful!" I agreed.

Rolling next to you, I wrapped my arms so tight around you I'm sure you couldn't breathe. "Baby, Baby, Baby, oh god yes yes, we did it, did did did did!" I wasn't sure what, but I knew something wonderful had happened. We covered each other with kisses, writhing in each other's grasp, hands and feet everywhere, hungry to touch every inch of each other.

Finally we relaxed, bodies stilled, both of us still kissing each other time after time. I think heat waves must have been rising from us. We snuggled as you pressed yourself tighter and tighter against me.

After a few moments of silence, I heard your voice from against my chest. "Lover, you know, don't you?"

"Yes Baby. I do."

"However it happened, whatever it means, however it's possible. I LOVE YOU." Not an exclamation, a statement of fact. Stated somewhat fearfully.

"Baby, don't you know, can't you tell? I have loved you almost since we met! I didn't understand it, couldn't believe it was happening. But I knew! I have been waiting, hoping you would realize it, admit it, to yourself, then to me. What happened doesn't matter now, it's what it is. It's the best feeling of my life. Now we just have to make the most we can out of it. Whatever that means, whatever it takes."

You were sobbing. That did it, I started crying too. Joyfully, just pure emotion, spilling over out of control. We were crying and giggling at the same time, so much happiness we couldn't contain it, letting it wash over each other.

We spent hours in the bed, not making physical, carnal love, we could and would do that most any time, but playing, laughing, teasing, pleasing, getting to know each other's soul. All small, happy talk; we left the "Big Issues" for later. Now it was only important to enjoy each other. At last, we napped in each others arms.

When I woke, you were lying next to me on your side. Somehow we had shifted in our sleep. You were breathing lightly, barely audible in the quiet house. I noticed that the nipple I could see was smooth, unpuckered, much broader than I was used to seeing it. I wanted so badly to touch you, but I wouldn't take the chance of waking you. Instead, I allowed myself to feast on the sight of you, and relived the events of this wonderful day in my mind, savoring every detail.

When I thought of our lovemaking I sucked in a deep loud breath, without thinking, and I saw your eyes flutter and open. The amazing smile you gave me said it was ok, and you slid against me, arms pulling me to you. We both stretched from the stimulation of our bodies touching. And kissed the kiss of lovers, not so much passion of the body as passion of the mind.

Then I noticed another sensation, and I was annoyed, at first. I was hungry! But we just ate! Then I realized that was hours and hours ago. No longer was the feeling tempered by nervousness and uncertainly. The questions that mattered had been answered. "Baby," I said, "are you hungry?"

A little surprised, you thought about it for a moment, then said, "You know, I'm starving!"

We dressed comfortably and headed out to a middle-of-the-road restaurant, mostly because it was close. Our meals were good and we wolfed them down, famished now that the butterflies were gone. Sitting in the booth together, we teased each other a bit, but we concentrated most on the job at hand. However, we both knew what we wanted for desert, and finally you put it into words. You said low, so no one else would hear, "Lover, please take me home and FUCK me!"

The emphasis told me exactly what you wanted, and I was in perfect agreement. We walked quickly through the parking lot, anticipation and excitement urging us along. As soon as we were in the car, you unbuttoned your blouse as I was backing out, and pulled the bra down from your breasts. Before we made the street you leaned over and unzipped my fly, then reached straight in and grabbed me. "Damn you baby, you're gonna get us killed," I said with a great big smile on my face.

You jerked your blouse open wide and wiggled, making your breasts shake. After sticking your tongue out at me you said with a mock scolding tone, "You just concentrate on your driving, and don't worry about me. I have things to take care of." With that you gripped me tight and started stroking me hard. You weren't gentle at all, but you let me know just how you felt. I gritted my teeth and endured the couple of minutes to the house.

The wonderful discomfort you were causing me was driving me crazy! Somehow we made it, and before we got out I reached over and grabbed a breast, first squeezing hard, and then pinching the nipple almost flat. You winced only slightly, then squeezed me in a death grip. "Wait till I get you in the house," I threatened.

"I can't," You said impishly, and with that you jumped out of the car and ran for the house, your blouse almost blowing off your shoulders.

I ran after you, trying to stuff my stiff cock into my shorts as I went. At the door step I caught you as you started to open the door, wrapped both arms around you tight and squeezed as hard as I could. I kicked the door open, yanked you off your feet and carried you bodily into the house, all the way to the couch, where I threw you down onto the cushions. You were squealing and giggling. Before you stopped bouncing I grabbed the front of your shorts and yanked so hard I popped the button off and sent the zipper whizzing down, all in one motion. I grabbed them and yanked up, lifting your feet high in the air as they slid off your legs. "Put me down, you pervert!" you screamed in mock anger, a huge smile betraying your feelings.

In answer I flipped you over on your stomach and grabbed your arms, pulling them behind you. Holding them with one hand, I grabbed the tie-back for the drapes with the other, and tied your hands there. You were flailing on the couch, pretending to try to get away, but of course you could have any time you wanted. I gave you two hard smacks on your bare cheeks, and you shrieked in surprise.

"What a mean bastard you are!" you screamed, and I might have worried if you weren't giggling away at the same time.

In answer I gave you several more hard whacks, and as I smiled at the redness showing there I growled, "That will teach you to mistreat a man's cock while he's defenseless!"

"I promise I'll never ever do it again," you said in a contrite voice, and I knew that was the last thing you meant.

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