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Futa Centauress Story~


Jason let out a soft despairing sigh. Swipe right. Swipe right. Swipe right. Swipe right.

His co-worker and friend Paul had suggested to him that he try out Tinder and, to begin with at least, he'd loved the idea of it, see a girl, read her profile and if you felt compatible, swipe right, if not, swipe left, easy right? But as days had passed and conversation with matches led nowhere but the occasional hookup he had, as many did, grown to dislike the nature of the beast, no longer bothering to read their profiles or checking for any compatibility, now, as he lay on his couch, the TV in the background playing some mindless sports he only barely glanced at each women's pictures before he swiped right on them.

Jason was, he knew, not by any means unattractive, he had a slender build with warm friendly features, short brown hair and liked to consider himself quite open.

Tinder had netted him a few dates, a couple with women, a couple with dickgirls and though many had ended in a memorable night, sometimes with him on top, sometimes not, none had given him that spark he was really looking for.

He paused as he made a match, no longer feeling the thrill of surprise and excitement as he had initially been, but he was still curious to see who'd swiped right on him.

The girl that popped up on his feed was cute, a bright attractive smile, blue eyes and red hair, skin pale but with an adorable smattering of freckles, she looked to be plus sized, not something he'd experienced yet on the dating scene but certainly not something that put him off her. Beauty was beauty, and sometimes having a little extra made for a more pleasant experience, soft and warm, more relaxing and loving, or so he figured, anyway.

He checked her profile and was intrigued to find it was rather slim on details, listing her as being just shy of six and a half foot and a dickgirl.

He raised his eyebrows some, six and a half foot was tall, almost a foot taller than himself and yet another thing he'd never before experienced in a partner.

He leaned back and thought about what she would be like, as tall as she was and plus sized too she would be a figure to behold. Given the measurements he was aware of, after all, he couldn't help but wonder just how well equipped she would likely be between her thighs too.

As he was scrolling through her pictures, all selfies from a low angle that mainly just showed her gorgeous smiling face, only a few snaps capturing a hint of the seemingly impressive size of her bust, a little bubble popped up in the lower corner of his screen.


He opened it and was surprised to see it was the redhead whos pictures he'd been browsing through, Sarah.

'Hey,' he wrote back, the standard opening of, 'no I didn't swipe right on accident'.

'You ok? X'

He smiled, a girl who jumped straight to leaving x's on their messages were usually interested, 'Yeah, just chilling, wbu?'

'I'm ok thx, just relaxing, watching TV x'

Me too, what you watching?'

'Just the after talk from one of the centaur races x'

Jason glanced up at his screen, a centaur, roughly nine foot tall and built like a tank was grinning, speaking to a reporter who was stood on a set of steps holding a microphone up to him, discussing his win, 'Me too lol, It's crazy how fast they are.'

'I know haha x'

He smiled a little and looked towards the TV, they were an interesting addition to society he thought, up until fifty or so years ago they had lived in their own cities and enclaves, but over the last few decades had integrated into society, becoming a recognisable part of daily life.

Sure there were challenges, after all their size and physical differences meant they needed unique housing and many facilities were labelled as human only, not out of any segregation, but simply because a nine foot tall muscled beast of a centaur simply couldn't enter many human establishments. You couldn't just take a stallion to the cinema or to a restaurant, after all.

However many places had opened, especially recently, run by centaurs and humans alike to cater to their needs, housing was built specially for them and, in a stroke of togetherness and unity, was no longer referred to as 'stabling'.

'Your profile said you liked new experiences x'

He read the message and smiled, most dickgirl's assumed that meant he would be open to trying one of them out and the ones he had dated had felt special, each believing that they were his first, but in the end he meant what it said, he liked trying new things, new people, new food, new places, and the like.

'Yeah, got something in mind?' he wrote back.

She was cute and if a simple little date led to him trying out something new like a thick tall redhead dickgirl, why not, regardless of who topped who he'd have a memorable evening.

'Maybe we could go for coffee? Or drinks? X'

He smirked, 'So you're the something new then?' he asked.

'I think I might be more than you're expecting x' she responded.

It was like she thought he hadn't read that she was a dickgirl. But nevertheless, he enjoyed the game of cock cat and mouse, regardless of whether or not she was his first, letting her believe she was made it so much more fun for the both of them.

'Sounds exciting, I get off of work at five tomorrow, is there anywhere city centre you'd like to go?'

'Sure! I know a place, Send me your number and I'll send you the details x'

He did and relaxed, a smile on his face, tomorrow he might find that spark. Worst case scenario he knew, at least he'd at least get laid.

Day rolled over into night and Jason fell asleep with thoughts of Sarah, imagining her soft body, her laying on her stomach, his cock slamming in and out of her hole, or of him laying on his back, her atop of him missionary, the softness of her body pressed against his form, her massive height and frame making him feel so small as they fucked.

Needless to say, he awoke with wood, but, thanks to the joys of modern life didn't have time to sort himself out, instead needing to get himself ready to go to work, always hurried to do so.

He dressed and ate breakfast after showering, his food held in his mouth as he picked up his bag and scarf on the way out the door to begin his short commute from his flat to his office.

He checked his phone and found he had a text from an unknown number. After saving the contact as 'Sarah (T)' he checked the message. She had listed an address just a few streets over from where he worked and while he didn't know the coffee shop by name, he at least knew whereabouts it was.

He texted back the okay and they agreed to meet there at half five, shortly after he got out of work.

He arrived dressed in his casual wear as he set about work with his co-workers, designing an app for their current client, discussing features, passing on builds, holding meetings, the whole thing was very laid back, though they conducted themselves seriously, taking pride in their work and in the success of their small organisation.

He was sat at his workspace when Paul came up, putting a black coffee down beside Jason as he worked, leaning on the desk, "Hey good job with talking down the client."

"Eh it was nothing," Jason smirked, picking up the cup, "I just explained that if we were going to make all the changes they wanted how much it would cost them. They saw our point of view rather quickly once they saw the numbers."

Paul chuckled and shook his head, "How come they always want to change their minds on the base design like, a week from us finishing?"

Jason shrugged, "They don't put enough thought into how they want it all displayed. They only ever say what they want not how they want it presented. It's hard to know that before you see the app, then once you do, it's never how you envisioned it. But oh well."

Paul shrugged, "I think it looks fine, should be a success for them."

"Heres hoping," Jason agreed, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Up for a few drinks with the team tonight? There's a new club a few streets over that has the cutest centaur waitress."

Jason chuckled, human and centaur relationships were rare but not unheard of, they mainly just served as eye candy for one another. Human girls for their petiteness and beauty were lusted after by centaur men while centaur woman, with their massive size, were often lusted after by human men, after all, their breasts were seldom smaller than the men's heads.

However, the two were, on a sexual level, simply incompatible in Jason's mind.

Female centaurs rarely showed an interest in men with their practically diminutive size and female women simply couldn't handle centaur men, they were just too big, though there were exceptions, of course, love blossomed despite sex and some smaller centaurs could get with some larger humans, gods knew he'd seen a couple such porn videos online, but it was still a mismatch.

"Wish I could but I have a date," he smirked.

"Oh?" Paul laughed, "Another tinder match huh?"

"You guessed it, we're going for coffee then-"

"Then," Paul continued for him, mimicking his voice, "Then you'll go back to hers or she'll come back to yours and someone will ride someone's dick allllll night long and it'll be amazing and you can come into work the next day and brag about it to Paul. How right was I?"

Jason laughed, "Yeah pretty much, hows your girlfriend doing?"

He smiled some, "She's doing fine."

"Still fighting?" Jason smirked and Paul rolled his eyes.

"Only about who gets to top."

Jason laughed and Paul shook his head, smiling, returning to work as the two of them continued their efforts on the app, passing builds to and fro from coders to graphics, to testing to back again.

It was an endless cycle seemingly, but at the end, they almost always delivered a product that the client would be happy with, even if they didn't realise that right away.

As it was, for today at least, they hit their targets, pulling the app together and sending off, what they hoped was, the final version of the app to the clients, where an email in the morning would give them the final verdict on whether any other changes needed to be made.

But for now at least, there was celebration, the satisfaction that came with completing a project, as Paul had said the team was getting together for a round of drinks at a bar, but Jason had other plans. As he checked the time on his phone he smiled, he'd be just in time for his date with Sarah. He glanced towards his bag and debated bringing it with him, it had many of his work files in as well as his laptop, but it would be a pain to drag it around all evening. Anyway, he had his keys and wallet in the pockets of his coat, if at any point over the weekend he needed his laptop it wasn't exactly a long walk to pick it up.

After deciding to leave it he stepped outside he wrapped his coat around himself a little tighter, the winter months bringing with them an early night and a chill to the evening that made him shiver, hunching his shoulders and resetting his scarf to be a little snugger around his neck.

Popping his collar to further protect him from the cold he dug his hands into his pockets, his breath forming a mist as he began to walk the streets towards the coffee shop they had agreed to meet at.

Checking his phone as he drew close to where he thought the cafe was he checked the time, he would be a few minutes early, but it was better than being a few minutes late he reasoned, once again checking the text from Sarah, 'Greyson Street', he glanced up at the sign on the corner which at least confirmed he was in the right place, now he only had to find the Cafe in question 'The Peace and Pace Cafe'.

He spotted it several buildings down and on the other side of the street, smiling as he did, making his way towards it. As he passed the other commercial buildings, shops, cafe's, bars and restaurants he noticed that many of them were Centaur friendly, their doors taller and broader, the ceilings higher to accommodate.

He pursed his lips, feeling the cold air run through his short brown hair, sweeping it back and thought back to her profile, to their conversation. He'd barely seen any of her below the neckline and she had hinted strongly at being something new he likely hadn't experienced before.

As he noticed the cafe he was heading towards sported the same broad tall door his mind made the likely connection.

He pushed open the door to the cafe, the warmth of the room hitting him, the cold fleeing as he drew in a deep breath, the scent of coffee and cake mixed with a less familiar scent, but one he recognised all the same.

About two-thirds of the customers in the cafe were Centaurs, male and female, standing at tall tables varying in height with large coffees and sweets, a scattering of humans using custom high chairs let the two intermingle.

Sitting at one of the smaller tables was a familiar face, Sarah, her elbow resting on the edge of the table, palm against the side of her head, fingers trailing absently through the wavy locks of her orange hair, her other hand resting on the rim of her cup, steam trailing in little tendrils through the spread of her fingers.

She was wearing a simple t-shirt, a logo from one of the centaur racing teams on the front, the curve of the shirt following the curve of her breasts, full and prominent, the shirt stretched so tightly around them that he was pretty sure he could see the outline of a bra, the shirt trailing down over the thickness of her figure. While her legs betrayed a sign of mottling on a white and orange coat she was mostly covered from the waist down in a warm casual gown that covered her back, rear and rear legs, the front two exposed with another slip of fabric trailing almost elegantly down the front.

As he started to wind his way between the tables towards her, passing a coat rack that, thanks to the cold of the evening, was laden with a few heavy looking jackets and coats, he started to unbutton his own heavy coat, settling the collar down and unwound his scarf.

He was a couple of tables away when she spotted him, her eyes lighting up with recognition from his picture and, as he smiled, so did she, delighted that he didn't seem in the least bit bothered by the revelation of her nature.

"Hey," he said, mimicking his first message to her on Tinder as he slipped his coat off from over his shoulder, laying it across the back of his high chair which he climbed up onto, a feat proving not to be too difficult given that she was certainly one of the smaller centaur, no nine foot behemoth as he had seen race the night before on tv, though six and a half foot was by no means small by his standards.

"Hey yourself," she said, her voice rich and welcoming as he settled to sit opposite her, her eyes a radiant blue, scanning over him curiously, drinking in his slender form and genuine smile, the look of relief across her features tangible.

"Surprised I'm not turning tail?" he said with a smile as she picked up her wide-brimmed cup, taking a sip of her coffee before nodding a little, her hooves making a little clicking noise on the floor as she shuffled her stance.

"Mmhm, not going to lie, the last couple of dates I've been on never really got this far..."

Jason smiled a little, wanting to point out that her profile wasn't exactly forthcoming about the fact that she was a centaur, but that hardly seemed polite conversation, "Their loss I suppose. Jason." he said, holding out his hand to her, grinning a little.

She smirked playfully, her lips a lovely shade of red as she reached across, taking his hand in her own, much warmer hand, her grip soft despite the larger size of her hand, "Sarah, can I get you your first coffee?"

He tilted his head slightly as he pulled his hand back, resting his arms on the table, he'd been about to go get himself his own, but it would be rude to decline, "Please, black, no sugar."

She smiled and nodded, taking a couple of steps back from the table before turning and making her way cautiously through the other generously spaced tables towards the counter where one of the aforementioned behemoths was being served.

He tilted his head, quite shamelessly watching her ass as she walked, trying to assess how he felt about his date being a centaur. He had to admit her butt was huge, her gown trailing down to the back of her knees, though at the bottom he could just see the end of her flowing tail, the same enchanting shade of orange as her hair.

As he watched her, wondering just where the night might lead, he realised that he was in fact completely okay with her being a centaur, though it did bring to mind the only other snippet of information he had gained from her profile. She was packing.

Biting his lip he sat a little straighter, thinking about the implications that entailed, beneath that simple gown lay something that was, in fact, completely new to him, as she had promised.

She returned to the table, smiling as she set the coffee in front of him, smaller than hers, large for a human he quickly clasped his still cold hands around it, letting the heat from the cup work into his fingers, warming him.

"Thanks," he said softly, looking up at her and smiling, "So uh, what do you do for a living?"

"Oh, I'm a bartender, the hours are a little dodgy sometimes but I enjoy it, you?" she replied with a smile.

"I'm with a small firm, we design apps and stuff, It's pretty fun work though it can be stressful sometimes, tight deadlines, annoying clients, the like."

She nodded along, listening and watching him all the while, her look one of intrigue and interest, "Sounds pretty cool, you work near here?"

"Just a few streets over," he confirmed with a little shrug, "on the corner with Smiths."

"Ah, I know it." She smiled, "I live just a few streets over the other way," she continued before taking a sip of her coffee.

He smirked a little, a not so subtle hint on her part that her pad was a five-minute walk from here, he wondered just what she was looking for from this, though he figured she wasn't looking to top, given their relative sizes.

"So you been with many centaurs before?" she asked, trailing a finger along the wood of the table top, a curious look on her face.

Jason raised an eyebrow, "Actually, you're the first I've ever been on a date with. I knew a couple in University and I've worked with a couple, though."

"Mm, I'm surprised. Usually, people tend to ask a thousand questions."

He smiled, "Figured that might be rude. And it's not like I don't know things about centaurs in general. That, and I want to get to know who you are, that's more important than what you are."

Judging by the blush that formed across her cheeks under her light smattering of freckles and the warm little smile, that had been the right answer, "So no questions at all?" she asked as if fishing.

He took a sip of her coffee, maybe she just liked talking about centaur stuff, "Well..." he rested his chin on the back of his hand, contemplating for a moment, "You don't mind?"

She shook her head, smiling.

"Okay, well," he lowered his voice to an almost conspiratorial tone, "How do you, you know, clean? At the back?"

"Like how do I wipe my ass?" she asked, tilting her head.

It was his turn to blush now, caught off guard by her bluntness "Ah, that's not what I meant, I just mean like-"

She laughed, a warm rich sound that was infectious, a smile creeping to his own lips as he realised she was teasing, "I know what you meant Jason, did you know you're cute when you blush?"

"Ha, thanks," he said, rubbing the back of his head a little as he chuckled bashfully, lowering his hand back to the table to smile.

"I've got a really big shower with really strong jets, gets almost everything it needs to, you just, like, put the liquid soap in the shower head and after a little while it runs out to just water and it rinses it out. But every few days I go to a groomer, trim the hair, get my hooves done, that sort of thing," she explained, delighted to see just how attentively Jason was listening.

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