tagInterracial LoveNew Family Ties Ch. 04

New Family Ties Ch. 04


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Without further ado here is Chapter 4


Practice dragged horribly for Josh. All he could think about was the turn of events at his house, and his beautiful, dark skinned step mom.

Practice finally ended, and as Josh began to leave the locker room, he could hear the guys talk about how lucky he was and that there was a hot chick with a sick ride in the car park waiting for him. His balls begin to tingle and a grin came onto his face as he stepped outside.

As he got closer, he didn't recognize the hot red Lexus that was in the car park. But there was no doubting who the hot chick that everyone referred to was. She was leaning against the car, looking amazing as she always did. His face hardened and he stormed up to the car to where his sister, Elana stood.

"I wasn't expecting to see you for a couple of days!" Josh just managed to hold his anger back.

She stood against the car, her finger twirling of her long blonde hair halted. She had on a short pink dress that scooped all the way to her belly button, killer heels and an attitude that had men begging for her attention.

"No kiss? Hello, brother dearest." Her eyes scanned his face, which for a split second had been contorted with anger.

"Are you not even going to say how good I look or how nice my new car our Daddy bought for me is?"

Her lips were painted with a gloss that he loved to see gliding up and down, sucking hard on his cock, coaxing out loads of cum. A nice reminder that she had been there and sometimes even her friends.

But this time he was in no mood for her. The past couple of days that he spent with Raina had changed things. As she stood there, he couldn't help but compare her to Raina.

Where Raina was natural curves, beautiful dark skin, and a great ass, combined with natural erotism, Elana was stiff, unmoving hair, with breasts that were so large and unnatural looking, she looked like a child that might topple over from the weight of them. Elana was hot, but now he was obsessed with his stepmother's figure.

"I took care of things so that we will go back to the way things were," Elana exclaimed gleefully.

Josh pushed her hands away. She pouted but stood close to him. "It's ok brother, I will overlook you trying to make me jealous. I know you didn't fuck her. You love me and only me. I understand you like no one can."

Josh sighed heavily and looked around. He saw his friends staring in their direction, most likely at Elana. He didn't think they could hear his conversation, but decided to get in the car for privacy. He climbed into the passenger side and closed the door. He rolled down the window and leaned his head back.

Elana squatted on her legs, bringing her face to Josh's level. The guys watching her loved it. The pink dress rode up, revealing her toned, luscious legs. Her tight ass was close to peeking out as well. A stiff breeze would reveal if she was wearing panties or not. Elana reached into the car and began to stroke Josh's leg.

She giggled, "That bitch sent text messages and phone calls to Daddy, and I had them all diverted to my phone. Just like I did with my mommy. Old tricks are always the best tricks. Poor Daddy thinks she's fucking you, and after I showed a video of you spearing her on your cock, he set up divorce papers. Raina is still in the dark about everything too!"

She looked at Josh with her eyes lowered. Pleading and yielding herself to him.

Josh stared at her, his lovely sweet whore of a sister Elana, and an evil grin spread across his face. "My Elana, my lovely little sweet Elana."

Her eyes were so full of yearning. "Did I not do exactly as you instructed me to Joshey? You told me I had to fuck Daddy. Have I not pleased you?"

He began to stroke her face. His sweet little sister Elana, she had accomplished everything and more.

"Of course I'm pleased with you. Now we are moving towards where we can be together.... But why did you come back so soon? You could have ruined everything!"

The confidence returned to her eyes knowing that she had pleased him.

"I know baby...I didn't count on the girlfriend of the geek that I was fucking to show up and stick her nose in. I gave him the videos of us fucking and he CGI'd Raina's face on my body. I didn't know that he had secretly taped me and him fucking too. Probably so that he could jerk off about it later."

"Apparently, his girlfriend dropped by his house to setup a kinky night of loving and when she found the video of him getting sucked by me she flipped. He got home to find her destroying his stuff. After she calmed down, he had to prove to her that it meant nothing, so she told him to destroy the footage. He managed to hide a copy and snuck out to send it off ASAP. I'm sorry Brother."

Even though the plan to split his father and Raina apart was running a little off schedule... things were still heading in the same direction. She laughed, and her eyes almost had a crazy look to them.

"When I showed the video to Daddy last night he was furious. First thing in the morning, he called his lawyers and said after the meeting he was coming home. Poor silly Daddy would never doubt his baby. He bought me this car as a reward for showing our stepmother as a cheater! I think he wanted to hush me up too."

Josh was beginning to feel his balls tingle at the thought of his sister fucking his father.

"Tell me how he fucked you, and pull your tits out right now."

The desire in his eyes weaved a magic spell over Elana. She loved his domination over her. When he ordered her to present herself to him, she was to kneel and present whatever body part to him and use it to make him cum. If he ordered mouth, she was to kneel, her hands behind her back, present her mouth, and he would use it however he chose.

So she pulled out her tits and had them resting over the car window, with her hands behind her back. Josh almost idly fondled them she talked.

"He came home late two nights ago. I wore my little boy shorts and a singlet with no bra and that pill you told me to slip in his drink. I told him and showed him the video. I tried to make him a drink, but he was furious and sent me to bed. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to get the footage. And then yesterday morning when I woke up, I found him watching it, still in the same clothes, bottles of his favorite whiskey empty on the table. When he told me to get him a glass of water, I grabbed the pill you told me to slip in his drink, and he drank it. From there the drug kicked in. He told me to take off my clothes and to not speak. He was not like you brother, he didn't kiss me or play with my pussy. He didn't even wait till I was wet. He just pulled his pants down and fucked me from behind."

He could see that her nipples were very hard.

"Did he not suck your tits, or let you ride him? What different positions did he do on you? How many times did he fuck you?"

He wanted his father to use his sister...

The thought of Elana fulfilling all his father's and his own sexual needs made him so hard. He wanted his father to beg and crave for Elana, to where she was the drug his father needed, like he needed air to live. Josh wanted to be the dealer. He wanted his father to depend on him. The fact that he was fucking his dad's only special daughter also gave him a rush of power.

She looked at him with fear in her eyes. "He didn't even touch me like that, Josh. He just held on to my sides and fucked my pussy. I screamed out to him to take my ass, or if I could suck his cock or to cum inside me. But he just held me there and fucked me. I didn't even know he had finished until I felt him cum on my back. I thought that I could maybe seduce him... He just ignored me and walked off. I'm sorry Joshey." A tear slipped down her cheek. He reached over and wiped her tear with his finger.

"Mouth," he whispered. Her fearful eyes changed to sparkle with lust as she opened her mouth. He slid the tear stained finger in and out of her mouth.

"You have still done well Elana. Get in the car, my dear... You've got to suck me off before we get home to see how mommy and daddy are." He smiled and started up the engine as she got in and her head slid down into his lap.

It hadn't occurred to him that his beautiful step mom hadn't shown up yet like she was supposed to....

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