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"How does it work?"

"After scanning your body thoroughly, it reads the neurons in your brain and analyzes the thought patterns. Then, using your own dreams (caused by the slight drug), it creates your fantasy by sending back signals to the brain. This, coupled with the sensations the machine provides your body, gives you a sense of reality, though you never actually go anywhere."

The idea was still a bit far-fetched for me, but at the rate technology was gaining ground, nothing was out of reach any more it seemed. Everything was lightning fast nowadays. Not getting out too much from my office and the work I had to do at home, I was getting a little desperate. I had heard some of the guys in the break room mention this place downtown, so there I was. What the hell, I thought. I've got nothing to lose but $50. Better than wasting more at a strip club.

"Alright, so do I have to tell you what I want it to do first?"

"No...like I said, it reads your..."

"Okay, okay. I got the picture. How do I start?"

"I'll leave the room. Just strip off your clothing, step inside, and press that green button."

It was a little unnerving being in that small room alone with this strange contraption in front of me. "Dreamweaver 2.1" was the only large-print lettering on the outside; the rest was almost completely black and a bit forboding to look at. After I had stripped naked, sure that nobody was watching me, I stepped up to the threshold. Here I was, staring into what looked like absolute black nothingness. A slight chill of anxiety ran from my head to toes, because I wasn't sure what was supposed to happen when I pressed that button.


The back half of the pod was very mechanical sounding as it moved to quickly shut me within. Any claustrophobe would have shit himself right then and there. The space was quite confining in every way. I strained to see anything, but the depth of the nothingness seemed to float on forever in that confining space. A very small green light then appeared just above my head and directly in front of me. The laser spread into a kaleidoscopic pattern and moved down the length of my body. The man told me it would scan me, so I wasn't too worried. At least something was happening.

The light clicked off and again I was alone in my small world of black. Something small and metallic touched the back of my neck suddenly, followed quickly by many of the same feelings all the way down the back side of me. Each one poked gently at my skin and then pulled away. It was an odd feeling, and even now I’m unsure of how to describe it. The neck probe was the last to move away from me, and it suddenly pricked me, causing me to jerk forward. The machine caught me softly, and very quickly I felt almost as if I were drunk. Though my sight was zeroed out by the blackness, it felt hazy to me.

The next thing I can recall was cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible Dodge Viper, the car of my dreams. The weather was perfect, sun on my skin, breeze in the air, and the smell of the ocean wafting up the cliff side. What more could a guy want? With that, I looked over next to me and found a lovely looking blonde vixen in the seat next to me. She looked amazing, and though I swear I stared at her for a long time, the car kept perfectly on the traffic-less winding road without my assistance. I tried to concentrate on just one thing about the woman, so as to be able to remember her when I awoke, yet found myself at a loss. I couldn't focus on anything at all, and suddenly the world around me became blurred. I was a little unnerved at my crumbling world, but was quickly reassured when I turned to find that the woman remained, looking directly back at me with baby blue eyes. I stared into those eyes as the scenery disappeared and only she and I remained in a white space.

I like blondes, but in my opinion, brunettes are much more sexy. The blonde's eyes immediately changed to a dark brown glass in front of me. Her hair was no longer blonde. What was going on?

Now, I know dreams can be confusing, but when you're in one, it's supposed to make sense. "Whatever you want me to be, I am." The woman said in such a seductive voice.


That was all I could think to say.

I have a vivid imagination, and so immediately my mind was racing through what I desired most. Without a moment of hesitation, a new scene began to mold from the white surrounding us. Even now I can't recall just what was around, though, because I became transfixed on the now brunette, buxom bombshell in front of me. A gorgeous evening gown was upon her equally lovely body, showing her off magnificently.

"Take me." She almost pleaded to me.

My clothes were off with a thought as I moved in.

I have never tasted a sweeter set of lips than those of this woman, and I regret to think that I may never again. Soft as silk and flush with fervor, those luscious lips connected with mine in a passion unsurpassed. Our tongues scraped gently along one another in a symphony of pleasure. I could feel the wonderful curves of her body as she pressed it against my own, arms encircling me in a blissful delight. I wished to feel her bare skin against mine, and with a thought her dress was gone.

“Mmmm...” She began to moan as my hard-on was squeezed between the both of us. Our lips never parted, and I savored every moment of her sweetness. When her soft hand reached my ass and grasped down, I couldn’t handle myself any longer. I needed desperately to place my throbbing cock within her folds. A very large bed appeared beneath her as I laid her backwards upon it. I was beginning to become acquainted with how this machine could read my thoughts.

“Put that big dick in me. Please?” She asked of me. Before I could argue that I didn’t really think my dick was very large at all, I felt it growing. A rush of warmth flooded to my genitals as my dick swelled to well over eight inches. With a newfound masculinity and the ability to control my environment, I found myself intoxicated with power. I thrust my thick shaft directly into her cleanly shaven pussy. It glided smoothly in, with the perfect amount of pressure applied back. Her eyes rolled back into her head as I buried the member within her. Slowly pulling back out, I watched her pussy lips attempt to hold it in. “Oh yes, give me more.” She stated, now sounding almost animalistic and hungry for sex. At the opening of her pussy lips, I held my mushroom tip teasingly and rubbed it across her swollen red clit.

“Oh please fuck me! Please!” More and more she was craving my large cock within her. With another swift movement I again slammed my shaft into her, to the very base of it, and again her eyes rolled backwards with a very satisfying moan. I gained speed with each new thrust and within a minute was pumping the busty brunette like there was no tomorrow. My room had completed itself and the moans filled it quite nicely, reverberating off of the walls.

Normally a fan of music, I decided that the sounds of sex were all I would require. A wet slapping noise coming from my sac rapping against her ass. Moans of ecstasy swirling through the air. The “Shluck, Shluck” of sweat and juices being sloshed to and fro.

I felt my climax beginning to creep up on me so I felt it was necessary to slow down a bit. I guess somewhere within the mind, that logic does not apply, however, because I continued to relentlessly pound into her lying on the bed. Except that suddenly I was on the bed, and she was riding atop me. The feeling never altered, really, just positions. Slightly confused, I was brought quickly back to things when she said “Cum inside me. I want it all.” There was little I could do to hold back any more, so I just laid my head back, closed my eyes, and let it rip.

As soon as I began to shoot my load, she pressed her body down completely atop my own and stopped to feel it blast within her. When I re-opened my eyes and looked to her, she began slowly sliding herself off of the thick shaft. Glistening with sweat that shone from unseen places, her figure was stunning as it floated off of me. White cum oozed from her pussy walls and down my penis as it sat there, still completely erect. Without warning, a second woman appeared next to her and began lapping at the dripping cum, sucking it all in. Normally that should have scared the hell out of me, and yet I only found it more erotic, with two amazing looking women now at my feet, one sucking eagerly at my spent load.

I just laid there for a few minutes observing and pondering on what more I could really want. Apparently I’m a little more twisted than I had previously thought, however, and would soon find that out first hand. As my mind began to wander, I found myself on top of the first brunette, again fucking her in a missionary position. This time, however, my pace was slow and methodical, pulling completely out and then pressing slowly all the way in.

I felt a poke at my asshole. Surprised to say the least, I whipped my head around only to become more surprised. There was the second woman, whom I now recognized as a girl that I had chased for some time to no avail. Her hand was at my ass, one finger pressing at my asshole. Normally I may have jumped a little at the poke, but I was suspended mid air, with my arms outstretched in a “Y” shape, and I was on my knees leaning into the first girl.

“Calm down,” said the woman behind me, “after all, you know you want it.”

After quick consideration, I knew she had to be right. Somewhere in my brain, I wanted this. So I let her proceed to press upon my asshole as I slowly slid in and out of the brunette. I found that the more I began thinking, the more I wanted her fingers in my ass. Thinking this, one finger slid slowly within me, quite easily, as with the aid of some lubricant. The feeling was amazing, having a finger within my ass, pressing on my prostate, while I slowly was fucking another woman.

Then she slid another finger within me. Normally I think I may have experience a slight pain, but this was my world and it felt only good and smooth to me. After a few more strokes, I felt like I needed to cum again. That’s when she pulled her fingers from me. I turned with a pleading look to her and asked “Why?” I needed no answer, though, when I saw the strap-on dildo she was wearing. It was a fairly small one, comparable to the size of two fingers, so I wasn’t intimidated, but I was rather turned on by the site. A beautiful woman wearing such a strong looking piece of equipment aroused me even more. I found myself wanting to be in the middle of this sandwich more and more with every passing moment.

The dildo found little resistance when it passed into the awaiting hole that her fingers had left. Not being very large, her hips were pressed quickly to my backside, forcing me completely into the brunette beneath me. When I would pull out, she would also. Each thrust only seemed to make me crave more. I felt the dildo within my ass grow right where it was, buried completely in my body. My eyes rolled backwards as I felt it swell within myself. My own dick became instantly hard as a rock, and I didn’t move. I just sat there and enjoyed this new sensation.

I don’t know how long I remained in one place, but when I snapped out of it, the woman behind me was well at work pounding my ass, and in turn slamming me within the girl on bottom. All three of us moaned in time, glowing with the eroticism of it all. My ass seemed easily stretched to a much larger size than it had previously been used to, and I marveled at it myself, finding only more pleasure in feeling used.

With that thought a strange feeling came over me. My entire body began to tingle. The dildo was pressed completely within me, and I have no idea how large it was at this point. It didn’t matter. It felt wonderful. My vision became hazy and the girl beneath me disappeared with the haze. I felt warm sensations flowing to my face, chest, and groin, in a way that I don’t know how to explain. I could feel my body changing. All I could hear then was my own pulse ringing within my ears, at a rate that didn’t seem like it could be healthy.

Once I came to, I was still on my knees, only I had been untied and was resting upon my hands on the floor. Something was very different. I could still feel the penetration of my ass, and so I didn’t move very quickly, but I bent my head down and almost thought I would have a heart attack at what I saw. I had become the brunette of my dreams. Dangling from my chest was now a pair of round, tanned breasts with erect nipples. Past that was a flat stomach and shaved pussy. My hair had become a milk chocolate color, with almond hints. Slightly discomforted yet strangely turned on, I sat motionless unsure of what to do.

“I’m going to fuck you silly, bitch.”

The voice came from behind, and I turned my head to find the second woman still behind me, wearing the strap-on harness. I had almost completely forgotten about the invading dildo within my ass, but was quickly reminded when it was yanked from within me. She grabbed my left hip with one hand and a fistful of hair with the other and began wailing away at my stretched hole. Again I was lost in a feeling and forgot all about being worried in the least. I just wanted more. More sex. More orgasms. More dicks within me.

A good looking young man was then in front of me. All I could see were his feet at first, given my position, but he quickly dropped to my level and moved to kiss me. I was repulsed at the idea of kissing another guy, but then noted that I no longer seemed to be one myself. By the time I was through rationalizing this, our lips had already met, and the kiss was almost as good as the first time I kissed the brunette myself, as strange as that now sounds. He slid his sleek body beneath me.

“You want me to fuck your pussy, don’t you?” He asked in a stern, yet peaceful way.

All I could do was bite my lip and nod yes. The dildo in my ass was holding still for the moment and I could feel my own pulse bearing down on it. My heart rate climbed as his large member came close to my slit. I say large, because a dick suddenly looked quite different to me, and I was attracted to it in a way that I cannot describe. I wanted one, though not in the way that you would think. I didn’t want one of my own any longer, but I wanted one within me. I wanted one to use me.

I was seeping juices from my vanilla folds, and it lubricated his prick nicely while it glided in. Already having the woman in me from behind, I was beginning to feel kind of full. It still wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I thrust my hips back and down, impaling myself upon his shaft, feeling the full length within me. I gasped at the penetration, and began shuddering with one of the strongest orgasms I have ever encountered. A rush ripped through my body and into my pussy, pulsating and thrashing me about.

He pulled halfway out of me, only to quickly thrust back in. A second wave flashed through me, and suddenly I knew why I wished to be a girl for this part of my dream. I wanted to be used, and I wanted to experience multiple orgasms. Both of my partners picked up speed as I was racked with the most intense feelings of lust. When I closed my eyes, I could then feel the cock in my pussy growing larger.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhh.....” I moaned in a very animalistic tone.

At the end of that moan, something was thrust within my mouth. I snapped my eyes open to find another man standing in front of me, his cock placed in my mouth. I should have been disgusted. I should have made the dream change. I didn’t. I began fervently sucking at his prick’s head. He grabbed my hair and helped me along with the task. I was covered head to toe in sweat and being violated in every whole. Ecstasy had a whole new meaning to me at that very moment. The man beneath me began playing with my perfect tits. Massaging them and tweaking my nipples, I could feel another orgasm building deep within me. He placed his mouth around one nipple and began sucking quite hard, while gripping the other tightly with his hand.

I was dribbling spit down my own chin as I did my best to suck the second man’s cock while my other end was being ravished. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust himself in. I found out quickly I had no gag reflex, and soon was deep-throating his entire seven inches or so into my throat.

“You like that, bitch?” He said to me, while he plunged into my mouth. I could only moan back and continue drooling. I was losing feeling to my extremities very fast, and almost felt as if I might pass out. Without warning, he shoved into my throat and released his load. I quickly swallowed what was in my throat as a reflex not to choke, but pulled back from him in the surprise that he gave me. The remainder of his large wad was shot directly onto my face and into my hair.

I only wanted more.

At least ten more men appeared then, surrounded the threesome upon the floor. One immediately replaced the man in front of me with a fresh new dick to suck. Another replaced the woman behind me, and shoved his rather wide dick within my gaping asshole. I watched from the corner of my eye as the other woman was taken by three of the men and fucked as thoroughly as I was being fucked, just so that I could watch. My attention couldn’t stay with her long, however, as orgasm after orgasm began tearing through me. Every man that entered me blew his load inside of me, and I was soon dripping from every hole with semen. Others had jacked off their loads upon my back, and I was completely drenched. Though I had swallowed what seemed like a gallon, I felt no effects of being full.

Finally, my body could take the onslaught no more, and I passed out in the middle of a torrent of muscle spasms and hazy images.

When I awoke, I found myself lying in the middle of the floor naked, looking up at the machine labeled “Dreamweaver 2.1" The room was dimly lit now, and my muscles felt like I had just run a marathon. I managed to get up and found my clothes neatly stacked on a table at one end of the room. When I exited through the door next to the table, the man I had spoken with earlier was there.

“Hope you enjoyed yourself. You took a pretty long ride. Come back and see me anytime.”

I only stared blankly at him for a moment, trying to get my bearings still.

“Wow. I have no idea how that worked, but...wow.” That was all I could say as I walked to the door.

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