tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNew 'Girl' in the Office Ch. 03

New 'Girl' in the Office Ch. 03


The short time after Mr. Laveroc and I left the pool was a bit of a blur. All I could think about was how slutty I felt when I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth, and the rush of being roughly fucked in the water. Since we emerged I must have dried off and changed back into my work clothes (including my panties hidden underneath), then headed upstairs to the gym's restaurant as I was now sitting across from my boss at an elegantly laid out table, trying to compose myself.

"So Steven, I think you deserve a nice lunch after all that hard work this morning." Mr. Laveroc told me with a playful glint in his eyes, then leaning in and dropping his voice to a gravelly whisper, "Even though I'm imagining you as my dirty little secretary Suzi, I think I'll stick with Steven until tomorrow morning. If you don't mind, I'll order for both of us, I know this menu pretty well."

"Oh, OK sir." I managed to splutter out. After the waiter had taken the order, Mr. Laveroc looked me in the eye and revealed what he meant by giving me a "makeover".

"Right, let's get down to business," he said, with a rather playful look. "This afternoon is the start of your new role in the company. Once we've finished up here, a car will take you to home of one of our most talented junior executives. Jennifer is a bit of a protogé of mine, she's been working with me in Finance since she graduated and I have high hopes for her. She's also a very stylish and attractive young woman however, and I expect that she'll be able to help transform you into my sexy new PA. She'll pamper you with all her beauty tips and also introduce you to your new wardrobe. You'll spend the night with her and in the morning, you'll come to head office and join us in my department as Suzi. How does that sound?"

I felt like I must have looked like a bit of an idiot, staring back at my boss rather blankly, but all this was happening so fast, I found it hard to get the words out. "That sounds..."

He gestured to continue.

"Oh my God, I can't wait!" I yelped, rather too loudly for the setting I thought, and I started to blush.

"Excellent!", came the reply, "I'm glad you're just as excited as I am about this Steven. Now, lets eat." A waiter arrived with our starters while another poured some wine. The meal was a slightly surreal experience as we made small talk and my imagination ran a mile a minute. After what only felt like a short while, a beep issued from Mr. Laveroc's jacket and he removed his phone. "Ah, your car is here Steven. I'll walk you out."

A large black Mercedes was parked outside, with a well turned-out chauffeur holding the passenger door open. "I'll see you in the morning then." Mr. Laveroc said, ending his sentence with a wink.

The car interior was rather more luxurious than I was used to, and I spent the comfortable ride recounting my fuck that morning and looking forward to what lay ahead. My ass felt a little sore but I had a feeling of nervous excitement bubbling within me and when the car stopped and I awoke from my daydreaming, I realised that I had the beginnings of an erection. I must have had a smile on my face too, as when the driver opened the door for me, he answered it with one of his own. I got out awkwardly, trying to hide my excitement, and thanked the driver. He remained silent but nodded as he closed the door.

The building I had been dropped at was a modern, rather expensive looking, apartment block. As I started towards the entrance, an elegant woman in her late-twenties walked through the doors towards me. She seemed slightly taller than me, although she was wearing heels, the clicking of which became louder as she confidently strided closer. Her hair was dirty-blonde, pulled back in a ponytail like mine, and her neat but womanly figure was clad in a pin-striped skirt suit.

"You must be Steven," she said, holding her hand out, "pleased to meet you." As I took her hand to shake it, she pulled it towards her and kissed me on the cheek. "I'm Jenny, Pete has told me all about you."

"Oh," I replied, "pleased to meet you too." I wondered what exactly Mr. Laveroc had told her.

"Come on inside and we'll get started then." Jenny said, and I was then pretty sure he'd told her everything. Nervous, but equally excited, I followed her in to the building's lobby, noticing that the seams on the backs of her incredible legs meant she was wearing silk stockings.

Jennifer ushered me in to her apartment and when inside, onto a large leather sofa. She took off her suit jacket and sat opposite me perched on the end of a glass coffee table. I could see the dark shadow of a bra through her white blouse. There were enough buttons open to see a hint of cleavage.

"So!" she exclaimed, bringing her hands together in a clap, smiling. "We both know why you're here. Pete has asked me to give you a makeover for your new job tomorrow. We've got some work to do but I think you're going to look great."

I thanked Jennifer, still rather nervously.

"Nothing to worry about," she said, sensing this, "this is going to be fun! Now we're going to get you nice and smoother first, then we'll move on to your wardrobe. I also have a colleague joining us later for some other tuition." Her face was inscrutable as she crossed her legs. Her skirt started to ride up and she made no attempt to hide her thigh and garter revealed where the black stocking ended. My cock got a little harder as I met Jennifer's gaze again. "Now, get up and strip."

By this point I knew better than to hesitate, although I was instinctively embarrassed about the bulge in my panties. I took my shirt off and as I moved down to my belt I was questioned by Jennifer.

"Ooh, what's this? Come on, take them off." I proceeded to strip down to my panties, my cock pushing against the fabric. "All the way please." I complied. "I see what Pete means, you're exactly his type. Lovely tits but a nice little cock too. Now turn round." Again, I did as I was told. "And quite an ass too, I think I can work with this." She smiled. "Come on, follow me."

I was led into a sizeable bathroom. It was a wetroom with a shower in the corner and a full length mirror on the wall. Jennifer started to undress, playfully saying, "Can't get this wet, it's Gucci." I watched her take slide off her skirt and hang it up before unbuttoning her blouse and letting it drop to the floor, then sliding off her black glossy heels. "It's good that you're watching, you need to learn to undress just as well as you put your clothes on." My cock twitched, harder than ever. "First thing's first, we'll have to do something about that."

I stared at this gorgeous woman, now wearing nothing but her black lacy bra, thong, suspenders and stockings, stepping closer to me. "Stand on the bath mat there honey." I moved a little closer to where she nodded towards as Jennifer knelt in front of me. She looked up at me with a glint in her eye and said "I'd take notes if I were you."

I involuntarily moaned as a felt my erection being enveloped in my colleague's hot, wet mouth. Jennifer started to suck on it as I placed my hands on her head's soft hair. She took me in and out as I guided her deeper. I could feel her tongue starting to lick along the underside of my cock and up to the tip as she sensed my precum. Jennifer lapped it up before engulfing me again, sucking harder and faster. I gently thrusted into her mouth as I got closer and closer to orgasm, moaning more loudly each time. A few seconds later I saw stars as I came and held her head close to me. Jennifer slid me out of her mouth and as I looked down I saw her remove a hand from her panties. She stood up quickly, pulled my head towards hers and kissed me deeply. I tasted my cum roll of her tongue and onto mine, I swallowed.

Pulling back Jennifer told me, "I normally swallow it all but I thought you might want the practice." She seemed serious about this. "Now, lets get you ready for your new wardrobe. Go and turn the shower on there and step in for a minute." I did as I was told, still feeling shivers of pleasure from her blow job. "You're already half way to passing for a hottie little secretary, with some clothes on anyway,"we both giggled, "but Pete will want you nice and smooth, even the places the rest of the office won't see." Jennifer took a tub of cream from the cabinet and motioned me over to her. "This will do the job."

She took a handful of the cream and proceeded to rub it onto my chest and my breasts, taking a little longer than necessary to squeeze them and my nipples. I started to feel my skin tingle as she moved on to my arms then further down. "You're not too hairy as it is but lets get you totally smooth for your big day tomorrow," Jennifer said as she moved on to the area around my cock, "and I'll make sure you've got killer legs for all the skirts you'll be wearing." She spent extra time around my thighs and then sent me back into the shower. The little hair I had washed off easily and I was also treated to some expensive shampoo and body wash. Once I was dried, styled and fragranced, Jennifer led me into a bedroom.

"OK honey, this is where you'll be staying tonight, and after that, whenever you want. And these," Jennifer said as she slid open the door to a sizeable wardrobe, "are for you!"

I looked on in delight as I saw a rack of beautiful clothes, mostly suits with rather short skirts, but also summer dresses, formal frocks, negligé and, at the end, what looked suspiciously like a school uniform.

"Between Pete and myself, we think they should fit pretty well but you'll want to try them on", Jennifer continued, "also have a look in the drawers beside you." I opened them up to reveal dozens of expensive looking underwear, including a drawer full of different varieties of stockings.

"Oh, thank you Jennifer!", I exclaimed and hugged her tightly.

"Please, call me Jenny," she replied, "OK Suzi?"

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