New Girl In Town


B's party was just about over. Chuck Bass was leading the mysterious new girl up to his personal suite in the Palace Hotel. Flicking her long blonde mermaid hair in his face as they hurried to the elevator, the new girl couldn't believe what was about to happen for the second time.

Her name was Raina. She'd moved to the Upper East Side from Canada with her billionaire technologically savvy father and her buisness tycoon mother about a month earlier. Used to being the queen bee, R felt she needed to get in with the it crowd. Finding, B, little J and S was the easy part, and knowing how they worked made getting in that much easier. She grew close to S as they were in a lot of the same courses at Brown. An added bonus was the boys they hung out with. N was hot and R could only hope he wasn't loyal to B... or at least that he wouldn't be for long. Lucky for her however, C was always ready and rearing to go. A girl has needs you know.

Blair's masked ball was the biggest event of the season. Due to Raina's new status, she got a last minute invite. Her earthy gown and intricate mask made her look a million times better than B, S, or little J ever could, and because Nate was simply admiring from afar with a clear longing in his eyes to fuck her infront of everyone on the dancefloor, Chuck decided to take full advantage of his best friends lack of action.

"may I have this dance?" C asked bowing lowly. The pointy nose of his devil's mask nearly touching the floor.

"Ofcourse," R replied gladly falling into a waltz frame. "I must say, you're costume is extremely suited to your true self Bass." She smirked.

"Witty banter. I must say, your dress makes you look as intriguing as a mermaid. Like a siren louring my ship into the rocks for my ultimate doom."

"Well then plug your ears. We don't want you straying too far from all the fresh meat twirling around the dance floor."

"The only fresh meat I see is you. I have the urge to rip your dress off and fuck you right here."

"Classy, so does Nate. It's written all over his face. If he wants me, he knows he can come and get me right? He looks miserable over there with her."

"He is. But he's all tied up which means I've got you all to my self."

"Mmm, tied up sounds really good right now Bass," Raina purred as she pressed her body close to his, " real good.."

"How would you like to take a little break from this party? In my personal suite perhaps? It's done now. Blair's happy, we're smashed and ..."

"And I'm fucking horny. I'd like to take you up on that. Now."

"Mmm. Finally a girl with her priorities in order."

R led C across the dancefloor to the elevator and pressed the button. Unable to wait, she ran with her hair flowing behind her. Her long blonde mermaid hair flicking his face as she turned back to giggle at him.

In the elevator, she shoved him against the wall and kissed him with passion. All the way up to his suite. Everytime he tried to take off her mask or dress she'd slap his hand away.

When the elevator opened he led her down the hall and into his suite.

"Wow, this place is awesome..." R slurred in awe.

"Champagne my love?" Chuck had already made his way over to the bar and had two glasses ready.

"Not yet. First let me find your bedroom. But don't come in. I'm feeling playful."

"I bet you are." Chuck seated himself on a bar stool and began mixing himself a scotch. Raina wandered around his room and through his drawers looking for the slut costumes she knew he had. She had success with the bottom right of the bordior. Raina wanted to play nurse so out came the little white dress, white fishnets and visor. She even lucked out by finding a pair of red pumps. She tore off her dress and mask and threw them on the dresser. She slipped her costume on over her elizebethan lingerie and went out to C.

"Mr. Bass?" Chuck looked up from his glass and his jaw dropped. R was leaning against the doorway with her arm above her head and her leg on the frame. She was a vision. "I'd like to see you now." Without taking his eyes off of her he followed her into the bedroom.

"Now tell me, Mr. Bass, what seems to be the problem?" She sat him on the bed as she pulled a chair up beside him. Crossing one leg over the other and throwing them over one arm of the chair.

"Well doctor, I seem to be having some trouble... controlling myself." He smirked.

"Cumming too early shooter?" She giggled back.

"No as in, when I see a beautiful woman I just want to reach out and..." he reached for her breasts.

"No touching Mr.Bass. Not until I say so. Let me run some tests. " She got up from the chair and walked to the center of the room facing away from C. She then proceeded to spread her legs, bend over and touch the ground.

"How does this make you feel?"

"I want to shove my face in your snatch."

"I see," She walked close to him and with her hands on his knees leaned in so that her breasts were in his face. He licked them. "Mr.Bass, one more time and you're out do you understand?"

"Yes Nurse."

"Good. Now, what if I did this?" She layed down on her back and spread her legs as far apart as they could go and moaned.

"Oh fuck Raina."

"Listen Chuck, we play by my rules or not at all. Got it? I can easily walk out of here like this and go fuck Nate infront of Blair. Fuck, Blair can join if she wants, she's probably really tight. So listen, I'm Nurse not Raina and I'm going to come get you now. Don't touch me or I'm leaving." She crawled over to Chuck and pulled his shirt off. She kissed him long and hard with lots of tongue, then took him by the scarf and through him into the chair. She took the scarf from around his neck and tied his hands behind his back. R straddled C and began grinding herself against his hard cock. She made out with him and gropped his chest. She undid his belt and took off his pants. She then ripped her nurse dress open and through it on the ground. She couldn't keep her lips away from his for long. She then tore open her corset bra thing and moaned as Chuck sucked on her hard nipples. She stood up and wiggled out of her panties, revealing a clean pussy that was wet with heat. She faced away from C and bent over shaking her ass in his face. He licked at her snatch but she was too far for him to really go at it. Just a few licks here and there.

"How excited are you Mr. Bass?"

"So excited."

"You've been very good Mr. Bass"

"But I'm a bad boy."

"I'm going to diagnos you with a good fuck, but first let me prep you for the procedure." She kneeled down infront of him and pulled off his underwear. His cock sprang to action after being released from it's cotton jail. R grabbed his cock and began to pump it. She lifted it and licked from his balls to the tip. She then pumped as she sucked on his balls. C was loving this too much. R was perfect. R was now sucking his throbbing cock, taking it as far into her mouth as she could go. She was gagging all over it and C couldn't get enough. Suddenly with his balls being massaged and his dick down Raina's throat he came. He couldn't stop himself, his cock began to soften. Then as he felt her swallowing his load, he became instantly hard.

"Perfect. You taste so good Mr. Bass. I think it's time for your diagnosis to begin." She removed the scarf from around his hands. As soon as his hands were free, he picked R up, threw her on the bed and grabbed a condom from his night stand.

"You can't use that. I want to feel your jizz in my hot cunt. I want you to eat it when we're done." R moaned.,

"Oh god." C threw the condom over his shoulder and pinned R on the bed. He kissed her and made his way down her body, stopping to suckle her nipples and tickle her inner thighs. He spread her pussy wide and flicked her clit with his tongue. She moaned loudly as he kissed, sucked, licked and finger fucked her tight wet snatch. Finally he climbed back on top of her and slid slowly into her. R cried out in ecstacy as C began pumping inside of her. Slow and fast, playing with her nipples as he rode. But R had another idea. She threw C down on the bed and climbed ontop of him. Riding him hard and fast he took her to her orgasm. Her pussy clenched, and her body spazzemed. She let out gutteral cries. Chuck couldn't hold it any longer, he threw her back down on the bed and fucked her brains out until he came. Grunting and sweating like a mad man, Chuck spurted his seed deep inside of R.

"Oh god yes, Chuck. Mmmm squirt your hot cum inside my tight pussy. Mmmm yeah."

"Oh fuck Raina." Chuck pulled out to view his work of art. Raina pushed his cum out of her slowly and stuck her fingers down there to catch it before putting it in her mouth.

"Mmm Chuck you taste so good. Have some. It's the final part of your diagnosis." Chuck went down between her legs and began to lap up his seed. He was suprised to find that it wasn't that bad. When he was finished, Chuck looked up at Raina's flushed cheeks. He couldn't tell if it was from the sex or all the alcohol she'd consumed. Whatever was the cause, he could get used to looking at that face every morning.

"I'll be back," said Raina as she left the room.

"Amazing..." mummbled Chuck as he lay back on the sheets. Raina returned with the bottle of champagne and two glasses.

"I thought we could use these." She said as she filled the glasses.

"Let's get some fresh air," Chuck offered motioning to the balcony. What C really meant was, lets smoke a joint. They went out onto the balcony overlooking Centeral Park without clothes. Just champagne glasses and a spliff in hand. Chuck lit up and they passed it back and forth not talking for a while.

"Do you think Blair will ever learn?" R asked C.

"Learn what?"

"That Nate doesn't want her. He wants anything but her. He'd take trashy me over her."

"You are NOT trash Raina. You are the most beautiful girl in the world."

"I can still be trash, regardless of how I look Chuck..." She looked at him with her big glazed eyes and Chuck couldn't help but feel something for her.

"Raina, I um, I need to tell you something. I think I love-"

"Woah, should have taken the clothes all over the floor for a hint huh?" Nate had walked out onto the balcony.

"Do you like what you see?" Raina asked him, raising her glass above her head and twirling around. Turning her back on Chuck and whatever he was about to say.

"I love it," whispered Nate reaching out to cup her face in his hand. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply. "If only you knew what I wanted to do to you. I just want to take you on a real date, take you home and fuck you. I just want to hang out with you and not feel like I'm sneaking out of house arrest. I love you Raina. Not Blair. I love you."

"I love you too," she choked out between tears. Chuck looked at his love and his best friend and began to wonder if anything would ever change. He would always be the booty call.

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