tagRomanceNew Girl on the Block

New Girl on the Block


The air was crisp as I walked down 7th avenue. The air was always crisp his time of year. I usually walked later in the day, but today I had an appointment. My new job started today. After 9 years of working in a factory I was ready for a move. So far I don't know much about the job, I answered an ad in the newspaper. It said "High wages, night time hours, little to no experience needed. No one under the age of 21." It also included a call number. When I called the lady told to arrive early for orientation, so here I am taking my afternoon walk early in the morning.

As I rounded the corner at 7th and Rutherford, I noticed a moving van across the street from my house. They must have arrived while I was out, it was odd I didn't even know that the house was for sale. The house had been owned by a nice old lady. Her name was Mrs. Gertrude. She was a very nice old lady, many times she fixed me dinner while I was gearing up for a long night of studies for school. See I only worked at the factory part time, I was going to school at the community college, but that didn't go anywhere. In my spare time between work and school I always made sure to check on Mrs. Gertrude. I would pretty regularly mow her lawn in the summer, rake her leaves in the fall, and shovel snow in the winter. There were times when I worked so hard helping her out, she would invite me in for dinner but I would pass out on her couch.

I was quite worried about Mrs. Gertrude, she hadn't made any queues that she would be leaving. I made a short detour to check on her. When I got closer to the van I noticed something that confused me beyond belief for a moment. Things were being removed from it, not put in. There was no way Mrs. Gertrude was already out I talked with her three days ago. I'll never forget it, she reprimanded me for leaving the factory. She kept saying " How can you leave such a stable job. Boy I'll never understand what goes through that thick noggin of yours. This is just like when you that school. You had such a future in, what was it, social economics. And you spent so much time on your degree."

I walked on up to the front door, it was open and I thought I would find out from Mrs. Gertrude. There were boxes all over, some were open others were closed, many were about half full. I headed up the stairs to Mrs. Gertrude's room. The door was cracked and I could hear a steady beeping. I took a peek in the door, what I saw brought tears to my eyes. Mrs. Gertrude was laying in her bed, asleep, but she was hooked up to several machines that looked like they came out of hospital. I went to push open the door when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Can I help you?"

I nearly jumped out of my pants but when I turned around I almost needed to change my pants. Before my eyes stood a young girl probably 18. She had long hair the color of white sand that reached about her mid back. She was wearing a spaghetti string tank top that showed off her smooth shoulders and her supple neck. Her skin was pale like she didn't get out in the sun very much. She had a little smaller than average breasts but she made up for it in a very petite waist and stomach line. She showed off very well with a small black shirt that could have passed as a sports bra. She made an effort to show off her hip bones in a pair of very low riding bluejeans.

"Umm, yea. Maybe. My name it Nick, I live across the street." I had to try really hard to look her in the eyes. She had an incredible body. I was almost scared to think about her since I was only in jogging shorts.

"Oh, yea granny told me all about you. The things you have done for her. Anyway I'm Felicia Reynolds. Gertrude is my grand mother." I could tell she really did know who I was. But her body language told me she was worried or upset about something.

"What is wrong with her? She seemed fine a few days ago."

"That is what we thought. Three days ago she was admitted to the hospital. It was nothing big but when she got out she got sick again. I was already packed up headed for college out west but I decided to come here and help granny instead. I just hope she will make it ok. She has been asleep for two days. The nurses say she is fine but....listen to me go on. I'm sure you have better things to do." Her eyes never left me , even when she spoke of Gertrude. It was a little flattering, but she was right, I did have better things to do.

"That is really ok. I wouldn't expect less. Gertrude has been like my granny too. I have been here alone for nearly four years. She always looked out for me since the day I moved in. She brought me a fresh baked, hot rhubarb pie. Well it was nice to meet you Felicia but I do have an interview to get to. But tell you what, do you like Mongolian food?"

"I have never had it."

"Well I will grab some on my way home. You are taking care of Gertrude, so I guess I owe you. Anyway, I guess I'll see you tonight." I headed for the door but as I started down the stairs I heard feet behind me. I stopped in the middle of the stairs as the footsteps caught up with me. I turned around to see Felicia running to catch up. She got to me in a few more steps and threw her arms around my neck. She gave me a kiss on the check before she leaned back with a sad smile. I placed my arms on the middle of her back. The mere touch of my hands on the bare skin of her back brought thick tears to her eyes. She dropped her head to my shoulder and her body almost went limp.

"It is so frustrating." My shoulder was getting wet from her tears. I picked her up enough to hold her in my arms and carried her down the stairs. The couch was free of any boxes, and I could vouch for how comfortable it was. I sat her down on the couch, but her arms were locked around me. I sat down with her and her head fell into my lap. "Why does all of this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? Why Nick?"

"Felicia you can't blame yourself for what has happened to your granny." I stroked her head as I tried to calm her down, but her tears didn't let up.

"I'm sorry Nick, I didn't tell you the truth. About six days ago, I came home and all of my things were packed up. My parents were kicking me out of the house. They said that I was 18 and I had to leave. They didn't care where I went. I called granny and she said she had room. So I came here. Now this. And to top it off my boyfriend left me the day before. It is all so frustrating." She sat up as she finished talking, the tears had slowed a bit. I kept my hand around her shoulders. And I wiped her tears away with my free hand. She grabbed my hand with a light grip and placed it on her leg. She laid her head down on my chest and looked up at me with longing eyes.

"Felicia I can't do this. I really need to go. I promise I will come back tonight after my interview. Really I hate to leave you like this, really hate it. But I must go. Right now I don't need a distraction. I'm sorry." I got to the door as quick as I could. My balls were screaming at me to turn around, but my head was in the right place. Not often those two disagree but at least this time it was my brain that was in control. I needed a job, a girl would be great, but a job is more important now. I couldn't let myself get distracted today.

I made it to the building about ten minutes early. Of course I had to rush to get ready after the thing with Felicia. The building was your standard office building. It was a little to standard for a company that required someone over 21. I walked through the front doors and into a posh waiting room. There was a small water fountain in the middle under a chandelier. The chairs were all made of a soft leather. The walls were painted in a creamy yellow. The sign above the front desk read: Clubhouse Specials. The girl at the front desk was a vision. She was wearing a strapless top that rode her nipple line. Her breasts were so big that I was almost scared if she laughed they would fall out. Her hair was loose and a wavy dark brown. She had beautiful eyes that would be shortly interrupted by gorgeous lashes you could sweep a floor with. I walked up to the desk, as she noticed me she smiled to reveal the most lovely smile I have ever seen.

"Welcome to Clubhouse Specials. Are you a client or a new employee?"

"I am a new employee. I talked with Jennifer the other day and she told me to be here today for orientation." The girl, her name tag said Cindy, checked her computer. It took her a second to go through the files but when she found something she lit up.

"Oh why here we go. Nicholas Kinders, you are going to have a great time working here. Just go through that door on the left. Follow the hall and take the first right you come to. Then it will be the second door on the left, I'll buzz Mr. Howard and let him know you are coming." I followed Cindy's directions and knocked before I walked in.

"Welcome, Mr. Kinders. Sit down, get comfortable. You can take off that ridiculous jacket, what do wee look like a law firm. Heavens no. My name is Jacob Howard. Most people call me "Boss". Now before we begin your tour do you have any questions?" I wasn't sure how to respond so the I asked the only thing I could think of. Looking back, I wish I hadn't.

"Yea, your ad was really vague. What exactly am I going to be doing?" The look on the man's face told me he thought I was joking, when I shook my head he changed his tune.

"My god. You really don't know. Think is the management firm for a string of strip clubs. I was under the impression you were applying for a job as a dancer."

"No I just answered an ad in the classifieds. I called and the girl, Jennifer, told me to be here today."

"Oh dear, If I had a nickel right. Listen son, whoever had that ad posted paid for it a year in advance. The paper hasn't discontinued it and we got the number for the company after they went under. I bet you are the eighth person to come in here without knowing. Well the offer still stands, you wanna work for me or not?"

"As a stripper? I'm not to sure."

"The money is killer boy. And for someone with your, credentials, you could be a star."

"Well money is what I need. I guess it won't hurt. What the hell. I'll do it."

"That's the spirit boy follow me I'll show you around then we'll get you ready to go."

-------Later that night after "orientation"-------

Already my car was stinking of Mongolian grill. I ordered plenty of food. I wanted Felicia to have a great first experience. When I pulled in to Mrs. Gertrude's drive, I saw the light in the living room was on. I got out and walked to the passenger's side to get the food, and Felicia came out the front door to greet me. She hadn't changed since the morning but she had changed her hair. She had it fixed and all pampered. I have to say she looked outstanding, she put Cindy to shame. And some of the other girls I had met today. She smiled real big when I came up the stoop, and threw her arms around me as I got close enough. We ate plenty then took advantage of Mrs. Gertrude's large television. Felicia was curled up next to me on the couch with an empty bottle of wine and two empty glasses a short distance away on the coffee table. I knew she was too young to drink but what could it hurt. I figured I'd stay with her until the morning, help her down the hangover and be off.

Felicia was thoroughly drunk by the time the bottle was gone and she was eying me like a starving dog eying a piece of meat. There wasn't anything on TV so we had it turned down real low while we talked. I kept my arm around her, she said she was cold, it was chilly but I wasn't buying it. We soon found ourselves in the same place we were earlier in the day. Her eyes could not be denied this time. I leaned in and gave her a soft kiss. I could taste the wine on her breath.

She twisted on the couch until she was more on her knees. I moved my hand up to her side. I could almost wrap my palm to the middle of her back. She was so tiny, I could feel her heart beating faster. Her skin was so soft, it felt like I was rubbing my hands over feathers. Her lips were small and juicy. When they touched mine for a second time I lost all control. My left hand that had been on her back dropped down to her small but and lifted her onto my lap. My right hand slid into the folds of her hair, and pressed her against me. I soon noticed that one of her hands was massaging my penis through the jeans I had on. Her other hand was on the back of my head as well. My left hand pressed her body against mine, her hand ventured to the buckle on my belt. My hand moved off her head and found the clasp on her bra. While the other hand was pushing up through the front of her shirt.

She had magic fingers that undid my belt and pants with ease. My boner flipped out and hit her pussy that was covered by clothe. Her hands didn't stop until they were on my penis. She broke the kiss first. I took the time to remove her shirt and bra. She pulled my shirt off after I did it to her. Before me I saw two of the most lovely breasts staring me in the face. My mouth was quickly over the left nipple. Her hands were rubbing and fondling my penis with magic prowess. She pulled back to drop off my lap to the floor. With both hands on my legs her mouth took all of my penis. I threw my head back when she started to suck. I was close to blowing my load before she started, and now I was about to fill this young girls mouth. I tried to say something but my words didn't come faster than my penis. She looked up with two beautiful eyes as her cheeks puffed out. I reached for the back of her head, when I saw her swallow my entire load. When she pulled back my penis flopped out of her mouth and sprayed a final bit onto her breasts. She smiled and wiped it off wit her fingers and then sucked it off. She climbed back up in my lap, with a little help from my hand grabbing her ass again. I put one hand on the side of her face. She turned to kiss my wrist. There was no way I couldn't fuck the brains out of this girl, but for some reason my body couldn't move. I was trapped in a spell looking at her.

I pulled her close to me, and kissed her. She didn't wait, I felt her tongue try to get passed my lips. I didn't fight it. When she pulled back, she leaned to my ear. "Fuck me!"

"I will, but not now. You are too beautiful to spoil just yet."

"I am a virgin, and I want you to be my first. Please?"

"Oh, man. You are amazing. But not tonight. Your first time should be more special than this." What was I saying. I would fuck this girl 'til she couldn't move the next day. It wouldn't even be hard, my penis was right there all it would take would be to undo her pants. But I couldn't make my arms move except to pick her up. I stood with her clinging to my chest. I walked upstairs to what I knew was the guest room. All her things were there, only a few boxes open. She had a double bed against one wall. I tried to lay her on the bed but she wouldn't let go.

"If we aren't going to have sex, at least sleep here next to me." Damn this girl. I have no clue what it was about her but I couldn't resist much from her. I nodded and she let go when I tried to lay her down. I climbed over her and put one arm over her. She nuzzled her butt up against my penis, and her back against my chest. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep, I fell asleep not long after.

The morning I woke up to quite a bit of noise coming from down the hall. Felicia was still asleep, I carefully pulled out of her sleeping embrace and rolled off the bed. I fixed my pants, realized my shirt was down stairs. What does it matter. Whoever is here won't care, much less know why. I walked down the hall to were the noise was coming from. I soon saw that there were about six people in Gertrude's room. I walked in and got a few odd looks. The worst one was from the elderly lady sitting up in the bed. As I walked in she was talking.

"I told you, I feel fine. Will you unhook all this crap from me. Nicholas what are you doing here, topless? I swear boy, you lose things easier than anyone I know." I was at a loss for words. This was the last thing I expected to find. Before I could talk on of the other people in the room spoke up.

"Mrs. Sanders, I believe this is your granddaughter's boyfriend. We were going to alert her of your state when we got here this morning but the two of them were asleep." Fuck you. Who ever this guy was, I didn't like him. I was dead. Gertrude would surely kill me. I couldn't bare to look at her but my eyes betrayed me. She was smiling. Almost to the point of laughing.

"Well, were they now? Nicholas we can talk later, now tell these people I am no sick and I want to be unhooked from this crap. They won't listen to me. Tell them your name they will listen."

"Uhhh, I am Nicholas Jason Kinders." This was weird. I have never felt more uncomfortable.

"Are you now, ok. He has the authority, unhook her. Mr. Kinders we will be back tonight to check on Mrs. Sanders. If there is a problem, our number is on the fridge, and her medicine is on the counter. Have a good day." The people unhooked her from all the monitors and left. Gertrude waved me over and directed me to sit next to her.

"Nicholas. I didn't think you would ever find you a girl. You work to hard baby. Take a break for a while. But boy I never dreamed that the girl would be my Felicia. She is a great girl, she has been through a lot, but you will do fine. Now tell me, what has been going on while I was out." I took my time revising the past few days, leaving out all the parts that I didn't want her to know. She just sat there and listened. As I finished there was a little noise from down the hall. Gertrude smiled. "It sounds like you had quite a weekend. You can tell me the rest some other time. Right now it sounds like Felicia is up." How did she know. Never the less she was right. Felicia walked in the room, thankfully she had put on a shirt, it was a tight shirt but it at least cover everything. Her eyes lit up when she first saw me, then she jumped when saw Gertrude. She ran over and threw her arms around her.

"Oh, granny. I am so happy to see you."

"Same here baby girl. I hear there is some news you have for me." Felicia released her hold, and looked at me. I could see my reflexion in her eyes. My short brown hair was still a mess, matted in a few places. I had a few red spots on my chest and abs were the bed was pressed against me at odd angles. She smiled and sat in my lap, with her hands in her lap. I placed my arm around her back.

"Yep. Nick is a great guy. I is..."

"Her new boyfriend." I finished for her after she paused. She turned her head to look at me, her face was inches from mine. I gave her a quick kiss. She threw her arms around my neck. Her lips brushed me ear.

"Thank you." I could barely hear it but I knew what she was saying.

"Well that is just lovely. The two kids I care about the most found happiness together. Now I want to know, how you two met. Over breakfast. I'm starving." I couldn't stop the laugh. Only Mrs. Gertrude would want to eat now.

"What would you like Mrs. Gertrude-"

"No baby, you call me granny."

"Ok. What would you like for breakfast.....Granny?" She smiled at me as she stood up.

"Oh, surprise me. I just woke up from a two day nap, I'll have anything." Together we all walked downstairs and I whipped up a big breakfast while Felicia and Gertrude caught up about the past two days. She paused a second when she got to how I met her. She looked up at me and smiled with a breath of relief. She didn't hold much back. She didn't go into great detail, she thankfully left out the part about getting drunk. Gertrude just smiled, and I was blood red. When she finished telling the story Gertrude laughed and looked at me. "I knew I would get the truth out of her. That was nothing to be sacred of in telling me that. Like I said, you both deserve to be happy, and I love it that you are happy together."

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