New Girl Rises


This is a story based on 'New Girl', with Zooey Deschanel.


Jessica 'Jess' Day, lay alone on the big couch in the center of her apartment. The brunette's roommates: Nick, Winston and Schmidt, were all out on the town and the big room itself was abnormally quiet.

Jess's snoring broke up the silence. The girl was curled up on her side, snuggled amongst her cushions and blankets. On the coffee table before her an empty ice cream tub and half a bottle of wine sat on a stack of romantic comedies. The brunette's nerdy glasses hung hap hardly onto her cute nose and with each breath her bangs rose and fell over her forehead.

The brunette snorted awake when the door to the apartment noisily opened. Sitting up Jess looked across the room to see her best friend Cece Meyers standing in the doorway, hands on hips.

"Jess!" the model exclaimed, stomping over to the couch, "You promised me you'd get out of the apartment this weekend. You know, stretch your legs, get some sun and maybe get laid in the first time in months!"

"I-I can explain!" Jess replied hurried, her voice turning high and nasally. "I fully intended to hit the bars, chat up some guys, dress up all slutty and you know, get some action..." The brunette paused, embarrassed: "I just got a little, distracted."

Cece raised a skeptical eyebrow: "Really? Cos Schmidt tells me you came back from work on Friday, put on your 'slob clothes' and then settled in for movie night. That was over 24 hours ago Jess! You've really been sitting here all this time?"

"Right..." Jess replied, pulling herself into a more upright position before emitting a quiet, adorable hiccup. Then she continued, her voice slurred: "I was just psyching myself up for our night out Cece! Now I just get in the shower, throw on my going out clothes and join you in like 10 minutes..."

The 27 year old staggered off the couch, allowing the blanket she had been wrapped in to drop and pool around her ankles. Cece inspected the damage.

Jess's hair was a mess and completely unkempt, tied back in a loose bun that just stopped it from frizzing. Scanning down the brunette, Cece's trained eye picked up on her friend's soft curves, almost entirely hidden by her poor choice in wardrobe. She was wearing a loose fitting gray t-shirt that was worn out and stretched, the name of the college she attended written in block capitals on its back. The neck was especially loose and Cece could just see the strap of an olive green bra peeking through. For bottoms she was wearing her checked pink pajama shorts, an item so needlessly adolescent and girly the model nearly hurled.

Cece crossed her arms, rolling her eyes before glowering at her swaying friend. She loved the girl but sometimes it was like caring for a baby. A repressed, 27 year old baby who sung along to her life and desperately needed to get stuffed. When Jess hiccupped again however, Cece couldn't help but swoon.

"There's no way your leaving the apartment in this state, and I seriously doubt your going to recover any time soon either," Cece said, matter of factly: "Looks like I won't need to play the wing-girl angle again tonight after all. I guess that makes my life easier."

Jess gave her friend a curious look before asking tentatively: " You're not going to whip me into shape? Lecture me on finding a guy?"

Cece scowled before gracefully planting herself on the couch, her own voluptuous curves straining the seat of her short dress. Her back arched to present her chest more favourably. This was a body sculpted by years of core training.

"To be honest, I guessed it might come to this," Cece said, pulling her handbag off of her shoulder and setting the item down on the coffee table, sighing as she turned back to Jess:

"I guess I'll have to go with plan B."

Again Jess tried to contemplate what was being said, but abruptly gave up, too hung-over to care. So she just shrugged, unceremoniously dropping into the space beside her friend before slumping awkwardly. Any onlooker would have assumed the girls were polar opposites rather than best friends.

A few seconds of uncomfortable silence followed, both girls at a loss about what to say. Cece spoke up first, surprising Jess with an unusual question:

"Jess do you find me attractive?"

Jess blinked slowly, turning her head to study her friend. Was Cece becoming self-conscious? She had always been vein, often caring way too much about her appearance, but never because she was ashamed of it. Hell, it had always been because she was so damn proud of how she looked.

Tonight the model looked even more exceptional, wearing a figure hugging Armani dress, the colour of champagne, which not only complimented every curve of her body from her boobs to her magnificent ass, but also was just short enough to show her impossibly long toned legs, the garment stopping mid-thigh. The look was completed by artfully applied make up which made her eyes simmer and impossibly high heels which only served to emphasize her generous gifts from God.

Jess's reply came easily: "Of course you're a beautiful woman Cece! Since when did you need reminding of that?"

Cece gave her best friend a seductive smile, even whilst on the inside she was nervous as hell. This was after all, part of a much larger plan she had devised to help Jess get out of this funk. And with every second she delayed her anxiety increased, but Cece knew Jess well enough to take things slowly.

So she poured Jess another glass of wine and then another and another. Getting her friend hammered was easy as she was still tipsy from a day of casual drinking. The brunette didn't even notice Cece was not drinking anything herself. To keep her best friend at ease Cece talked to her throughout, finding it easy to laugh with her silly friend as she got drunker and drunker.

When Jess was good and wasted Cece made her move. The model stepped out from her curled up position on the couch beside her friend. Moving on her knees she climbed onto the drunk girl's lap, attempting to get comfortable as she mounted her best friend.

Jess's eyes widened as the perfect body she had so recently been asked to evaluate came even closer to her, Cece's impressive chest now inches from her face.

"Cece? Wha-what are you doing?" Jess spluttered drunkenly.

"Nothing really, just you know, reminding my friend why us girl's need to get out once in a while."

Before Jess could respond Cece leant in, pressing her lips against her shocked friend's. At first Jess struggled, wriggling between the model's strong thighs. Cece however was using a tried and tested technique that never failed, pinning the girl down with her legs whilst wrestling the brunette's hands above her own head and onto the couch's soft cushions, all the while deepening the kiss.

Soon Jess melted into the embrace, her rational mind lost in a sea of alcohol and months of pent up horniness. Cece allowed herself a smirk. Her friend was so drunk she seriously doubted the girl even knew what she was doing, instead probably just acting upon instinct. Whatever the case, to the model was indifferent. What mattered was the outcome.

For months Jess had avoided getting herself out there, instead electing to spend her weekends with the boys in this apartment. In all that time her friend had only indulged the pointless whims and even weirder scenarios that her flat mates seemed to pull out of thin air.

Cece was worried about the brunette's lack of focus. She had also noticed how easily agitated and whiny she had been of late, and had come to the obvious conclusion. Jess needed someone to fuck the arse of her, the sooner the better.

However, when it became apparent her friend was incapable of following the protocols of basic relationship chemistry, Cece had come up with this solution. The model had decided to fuck the girl herself. For Jess she was prepared to accept the indignity.

And that was how she found herself on her friend's lap kissing the girl below her feverish. Cece had no real problem having sex with another female, but on every other occasion the girls had been lackies, or groupies. Those times she had simply let them go down on her, enjoying some very pleasant orgasms without ever returning the favour. This was obviously different. In this case Cece herself was going to have to do all the work, especially since at this point it was unlikely Jess even knew what was happening.

So Cece would work hard to satisfy the brunette, even if it meant being a little submissive and acting in a lesbian manner. The model did however make sure to stay on top, remaining dominant and in control even as her tongue ravaged her friend's, whilst her hands began roaming over the girl's body.

Jess moaned as the blurry figure above began groping her shuddering torso. The teacher was vaguely aware her mouth was being invaded, moaning as a strong tongue tickled her tonsils. She struggled to breath as the pink muscle licked her teeth, too distracted to notice a soft pair of hands reaching for her chest.

The brunette gasped as her assailant moved under her top and lifted her swelling boobs, squeezing and massaging them to achieve a delicious result. Jess groaned into her friend's mouth as Cece began expertly tweaking her nipples through her tight bra, using her digits to torture the drunken girl with pleasure until the globes were hard and erect. Jess felt her groin twitch, and to her immense embarrassment the girl felt her own panties become wet and sticky.

Cece continued to attack her friend's mouth with her own, waiting until her own lips were tired before allowing her right hand to venture down Jess's belly. Cece grimaced, preparing herself before dipping her fingers beneath the elastic of her friend's adorable shorts, feeling the girl's pussy through the fabric of her panties. Even the experienced model was surprised to find how amazingly wet Jess had become down there, her hand becoming soaked in the few seconds it stayed between the brunette's thigh.

Cece quickly pulled back out, the drunk girl groaning, hips twitching as the model withdrew.

Cece inspected her hand. The digits were shiny and dripping with cream. For a second time the model scowled. She hated getting dirty in anyway, a characteristic she grudgingly shared with Schmidt, not that she would ever tell him.

When she looked up at Jess' face once more she was annoyed to find her friend smiling lopsidedly, eyes unfocused but bright as ever. This gave Cece an idea.

The model stuffed her fingers into her best friend's mouth, catching the girl unaware. At first Jess gagged and spluttered as the digits moved deeper into her throat, stopping only when her knuckles reached her lips. However she quickly became accustomed to the intrusion once more, beginning to suck on Cece's fingers in earnest.

"That's it, that's a good girl."

As Jess suckled on Cece's right hand the brunette was free to reach awkwardly behind herself, finding her purse on the coffee table behind them. Stretching, Cece reached inside, searching before finding her pre-prepared solution to Jess's funk. From with the designer bag the model pulled out her 10-inch vibrator, moving the device behind her back.

Cece remembered the time she asked Jess if she ever masturbated. The brunette had gotten very red and embarrassed, before assuring her friend that she did not. Cece had been amazed, but now it seemed obvious. Jess could be so shy and reserved about sex, she wondered now why she had even been surprised.

Now however she seriously doubted Jess would object, as it was clear the girl was horny and not even aware of what was happening. So when stepped free of the brunette and pulled her right hand away with a pop the girl whined and mewled pathetically, desperate for more.

Cece just dropped to her knees before her friend, before prying the 27 year Old's legs apart. Then the model skillfully pulled the elastic band of both Jess' pink shorts and panties taught enough to insert her dildo. This was why she had waited until her friend had been soaked before proceeding.

Deciding to take Jess by surprise rather than risk her friend bolting, Cece plunged the head of the dildo into the pussy before her. Jess jerked awake, blue eyes flying wide open as she gasped, suddenly realizing what she was doing.

Before the brunette could freak out though Cece flipped the switch on the dildo, smirking as Jess spasmed in her seat erratically. Eventually Jess began to calm down, her head falling backwards into the soft cushions of the couch as she began cooing softly. The model was merciless however, deciding to take advantage of this time when the brunette was vulnerable. Grabbing the wine bottle with her free hand Cece stood up, tipped it upside down and began pouring its contents down her friend's throat.

Jess panted, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of white wine without any comprehension of why this was happening. For a second she thought Cece had been between her legs below her. But then the alcohol had kept coming and she dismissed the image of her friend as a wine induced fantasy, again becoming overcome by the pleasurable sensations flooding through her body.

When the bottle was empty Cece threw it aside, beginning to thrust the vibrator between Jess's hungry pussy lips. Soon she was pumping harder and faster, the brunette above her squirming frantically with each stroke. Just as Jess was an the edge of a huge orgasm Cece jumped, hearing a key turning in the apartment's front door.

Cece panicked momentarily before her brain took over and she quickly hid the evidence of what she had been doing. The model buried the entire length of her vibrator in Jess' pussy, until the hilt disappeared between into the girl's nether regions. Then just as fast she pulled herself up, she quickly regained her composure as the door sprang open.

Nick stumbled in, clearly drunk and disorientated himself. Getting his bearings he looked around, then addressed the two girls in the room before him:

"Oh hey guys! I thought you were going out? WHATS UP CECE!?!"

Cece smiled innocently before responding with an excuse:

"Oh you know, nothing much. Jess wasn't up to going out so we just had a quiet girl's night in, nothing major."

Nick turned his head to look at his roommate. Jess was groaning and whining, gyrating in place on the coach whilst her head lulled from side to side. He returned his drunken gaze to Cece:

"What's up with her?" he asked stupidly. Cece wasn't surprised Nick hadn't recognized the sight of a girl in the thralls of immense pleasure. She doubted he'd ever even gotten that far.

Instead of saying that however, she covered her tracks, working hard to give him an even sweeter smile before replying:

"Jess has just had a little too much to drink, that's all. Right Jess?"

"Wha-what? Ohhh, awww..." Jess mumbled in response, practically incoherently.

"See?" Cece said, turning to Nick expectantly.

"Right..." said Nick, looking down at Jess skeptically, who was now rubbing her legs together lewdly: "She's clearly wasted, you'd better see her into bed."

"Obviously" replied Cece, rolling her eyes as she pulled Jess up off the couch: "I was literally just going to do that."

Nick just shrugged, still swaying on the spot. He watched as Jess collapsed into Cece's arms, still mumbling and groaning, eyelids fluttering with every movement. The model struggled with her best friend's weight.

"Well, I guess I'll leave you to it" Nick said unhelpfully. "Night!"

Cece watched Nick slouch of into his own room, only tripping once before closing the door behind himself. She sighed with relief. That had been close. Now that Jess was flush against her the model could feel the damp patch between the girl's legs spreading through her shorts, the crotch now pressing against the side of her own thigh.

Grimacing determinedly, Cece half dragged, half carried the sex starved Jess into her own room. The journey was exhausting and of course her best friend was no help, too lost in her own pleasure to realize she was being moved. When it came to sex and drinking Jess was a complete lightweight.

Inside her room the girls collapsed against the untidy bed, Jess not quite making it onto the mattress. Cece staggered back up breathlessly, staggering back to the door and locking it before turning around and leaning against it surface. Whilst trying to get her breath back she observed her best friend once more.

Jess was a sorry state, slumped over the end of the bed and mewling pathetically. Lying on her front the girl rested on her elbows. As the bed was so low Jess' kneeling position meant that her bum was raised highest into the air, her face plastered against her own sheets. Her top had slipped up, exposing the brunette's midriff and belly button. The girl was pumping uselessly against thin air, her behind rising and falling, instinctively trying to find purchase on the imaginary man that was not in reality present.

Cece sighed deeply, realizing she would have to be even more hands on to finish off her best friend now. The model was a big enough pro to know that once a girl becomes acclimatized to a vibrator it was impossible to get off on its movement alone. That meant she had to get in close and give Jess an orgasm herself.

Cece gulped, never realizing it would go this far. If only she hadn't been interrupted. She cursed Jess' roommates for what they had done to her best friend. This was all their fault.

The model stepped forward before hesitating. Then she pulled the straps of the dress she was wearing over her shoulders and wiggled the tight garment down, over her hips and onto the floor. Stepping out of the dress, she lifted it off the ground and folded the designer label over a chair, before once again stepping behind her delirious friend.

Now Cece was left in her favorite lacy black lingerie. The garments were slightly frilly and surprisingly functional, the bra a tight full cup to support the weight of her impressive bust, whilst her panties cut across her cheeks to emphasize her toned derrière. The model stayed in her high heels, hoping that by maintaining her sensuality she could somehow keep her dignity.

Cece crouched behind her friend and then pulled her up into a more accessible position, ass millimeters from her own face. Then she began peeling Jess' pajama shorts down over her adorable cheeks, let them pool with her panties on the floor around her knees. Squeezing Jess' ripe young ass experimentally she began to study the younger woman's anus.

Cream dripped down her best friend's legs before Cece, her vibrator still nestled in Jess' pussy. The model tried to forget who the girl before her was, just finding her target, screwing her eyes shut and pressing forward.

Jess gasped as the same implement that had invaded her mouth earlier now attacked her most private orifice. The brunette groaned as the strong tongue lathered up her rosebud, attempting to turn and identify her assailant before a hand grabbed her shoulder and held her firmly in place. All Jess could do was grip the sheets and hold on as her butthole was violated for the first time.

Cece lapped away for a minute before the earthy taste overwhelmed her and she elected to switch holes. Pulling the still vibrating dildo from Jess' pussy was a struggle as it was deeply embedded. The moment it was free the model stuffed the permanently hard member as far as she could into Jess' tight asshole, relying on the girl's own cream to lubricate the experience.

Jess yelped and struggled before abruptly giving in and slumping once more. At this point the brunette was so desperate to cum she would have taken a pineapple up their if it meant an orgasm. Still, although she enjoyed the vibrations she was feeling incredibly stretched and full, struggling to cope with the large object in her sphincter.

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