tagBDSMNew Government Male Laws Ch. 01

New Government Male Laws Ch. 01



This story takes place in a future world where Radical Feminist politicians have stunningly taken control of all levels of US government. The Progressive Party had not only captured the Presidency with the first female President, but also the Senate and the Congress. More women had been elected than ever before and in fact, there were more women in Congress than men in the Progressive Party. The Justice Department had filed criminal charges against conservative Supreme Court Justices forcing them to resign, with remaining Judges being told to fall into line or be accused of misconduct also. Feminists were appointed to replace them and the Court enacted new laws effectively subjugating all single males 18 years old and over. A Male Czar had been appointed to implement and enforce new laws which were designed to neutralize the male physic and mentality and to bring them under feminine control. Alicia Savo became the first Male Czar.

Chapter One

Alicia Savo smiled as she addressed the press conference. "To answer your questions, let me assure you that the new laws will only apply to those males of 18 years or older who are either not in full time education, married, handicapped, engaged in law enforcement, lawyers, firemen or are government employees, the new law will also exempt those males who are connected to the US Courts system.

"The President and the legislature have been besieged by Governors and Mayors from across this country urging help in stamping out the crime wave that has disrupted our orderly society. Acting on advice from psychiatrists, psychologists and Feminism Now, these new laws have been developed. The first years will be the hardest for the males now affected by the new laws, whilst those who are still in school, and under the age of consent, will learn to adapt to the law through mandatory classes to be attended by all males and females every year they are in school. Children growing up with these laws in place will be able to join society with much less anxiety than those being forced to comply at this time.

"Thank you, no more questions please," Alicia said as she and her staff walked back into the Justice Department building. Outside, the television reporters were answering questions from their anchors back at the stations. The press conference was carried live across the nation and watched in homes and schools everywhere. Teachers were guiding students through the Male Law Pamphlet which outlined the new laws governing males to take effect imminently. They had been enacted 45 days ago and were to go into effect tomorrow on Saturday. It was Friday afternoon and there were mixed feelings on the new laws. Boys were scared of what they were soon to be facing, especially the seniors and those who were now 18 years old but exempt because they were still in school. Those that would graduate in a couple of months and not enrolled in college for the coming year would be forced to give up their clothes and be exposed naked for all to see.

Countless single males throughout the country have, for the past 3 months been marrying to avoid being forced to obey the naked laws. Women across the land have found themselves being pursued by males, begging them to marry. The balance of power had slowly shifted and now women found themselves in total control.

Married women who till now had been treated as second class citizens now found their husbands treating them not as equals, but as the power behind the marriage. Women were now making the major decisions for the family; husbands being threatened with divorce, were now on their knees asking their wives for another chance or even forgiveness.

Males everywhere realized that they were in an uncharted minefield. The word of a female against that of a male would be automatically taken. Men understood that a woman could lie and have them punished and women too realized that they indeed would lie to have males punished.

Women everywhere began to realize that they had been handed the keys to the vault. It was talked about in women's clubs, over the backyard fence, on the bus, at the office water cooler and at school. If you were female, you felt an empowerment like never before. No matter your physical strength or stature, you suddenly became a force to be feared by males. The more they read of the laws governing males, the more they knew that their lives were to become exciting and interesting like never before. The countdown to Saturday morning was the focus of the female population.

All households had been sent the official pamphlet governing the behaviour of single males in the United States. Parents of affected young males or those approaching the age of 18 were on edge as they studied the pamphlets and warned their sons how they must act. Most parents had not wanted the enactment of such a law but they had no vote to oppose it. The feminists had risen to power under the guise of restoring sanity and civility to the country and once their hidden agenda had surfaced, the people found an avalanche of obstacles barring them from dissent. Almost every day, new laws were passed which solidified the Progressive Party's hold on government. Social Security was strengthened by removing those citizens from the rolls who had a net worth of $200,000 or more. Homosexuality was legalized and gay people were allowed to join together in a civil union as a couple. More laws kept coming at the people who though unhappy with the new administration, obeyed them without question, as they had always been taught.

Demonstrations protesting against the newly passed laws had been ruthlessly put down by the government. It was argued that most violence and crimes were committed by single males, young and old, who were without a family to feed and protect and that marriage would change them into law abiding citizens and would force them to become productive citizens. Those males who rejected marriage would still be a problem, but troublesome single males would stand out and be easier to control if they were naked.

Permitted clothing for single males would be shoes and socks only, when the temperature was above 70 degrees. A jacket or coat would be allowed when the temperature was lower. In freezing weather, a single male would be forced indoors. No hats or caps would be allowed in order to permit easier identification.

The new laws were also expected to stop the loitering on street corners of groups and gangs of young toughs. Single males were forbidden to assemble in groups of more than 2 at a time during unsanctioned events. Much of the determination whether they were breaking the law or not would be entirely up to the law enforcement officers. However a complaint from a female of any age, or even a clothed married male would carry the same weight as if it were from law enforcement and punishment could be swift and very painful. Resisting punishment could result in incarceration which was guaranteed to be an unforgettably bad experience.

"Miss Savo, Congressman Danner is here to see you," a voice over the intercom announced.

"Send him in Sarah," Alicia replied, "And hold my calls please," she said, flipping the intercom switch.

She was nervous but excited, this was the first test of her authority. President Nancy Palosi had coached her on the way to handle freshmen congressmen and had given her FBI background on all male congressmen and senators. Her computer was hooked into the FBI database and information on all males was being assembled for use against them as the need arose.

Congressman Paul Danner had fought President Palosi at every turn and even though he was a freshman congressman, having assumed office in January, his voice had caused much controversy in the press. He had argued against the high handed sexist way in which the Progressive Party was consolidating power and ignoring the Constitution of the United States. He had been warned to shut up by even his close associates but he had not understood the power that was building up against him.

Paul felt alone and vulnerable as he reluctantly entered Czar Savo's office. He had been asked to come to the Male Czar's office and though not wanting to, he had been advised not to make an enemy of Savo. So here he was standing in front of one of the most powerful women in government.

"Thank you for coming congressman," Alicia Savo said as she stood behind her desk.

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you Miss Savo," Danner said reaching out his hand to her.

With a withering look at him and ignoring his attempt to shake her hand, she sat down behind her desk. "I have a title, congressman, and you may address me as Czar Savo until I tell you different. Is that understood?"

Embarrassed and speechless at such a condescending reception, he slowly lowered his hand. "Yes Czar Savo, I apologize, I meant no disrespect," he said, sitting down in one of the leather chairs.

Alicia eyed him intently, causing him to squirm and blush. "I would also appreciate it if you did not assume that just because I'm a woman, you can just walk into my office and sit down as if you owned the place."

Danner quickly rose from the chair and apologized again. He now had a queasy feeling in his stomach and his bowels. This was not going well and he wanted to run away from this very attractive woman who he now realized held power over even U.S. Congressmen.

Savo wanted to smile over her handling of the young man. He had been elected to the Congress winning the seat in West Virginia barely beating out Lara Wilson. Lara Wilson was a personal friend of President Pelosi who now thought enough time had elapsed since he took office that he should be silenced and brought under their influence. It was evident to Alicia that Pelosi had a score to settle with Congressman Danner and that her job was to destroy his masculinity and confidence.

"Danner, I've received quite a dossier about you covering your life from around the age of 14 years old. Let's see, you're now 33 years of age. My first question to you is, what is a U.S. Congressman doing entering an adult entertainment store and buying pornography?" she leaned back in her chair and looked him in the eye.

Paul Danner paled visibly and began to feel faint. "Miss, I mean Czar Savo, that's a lie, I haven't done that."

"Danner, I can bring in a stenographer and others and put you on oath, or we can do this privately off the record here in my office. Would you like to go on public record or off the record? It's up to you. You can leave right now without defending yourself or admitting to these charges, but I'm afraid this will be made available to the press as well as other more embarrassing information regarding your predilection to certain sexual fantasies," Alicia said calmly.

Paul Danner crumbled, he felt close to passing out. It wasn't something as horrible as she was making it out to be, it was just some porn books and magazines. What did she expect? He was single and actually too busy to date much, because of his running for election and then trying to get up to speed on how the Congress worked and then all the meetings.

"Czar Savo," he began, "I bought some literature at a book store. It was legal and no big deal. I don't do that much and I got rid of it almost immediately. Please don't make something out of nothing."

"Paul, may I call you Paul?" she continued without waiting for him to reply. "I am aware that what you did was legal, however, I wonder what the people in your district would think of their congressman buying sex books about homosexuals, bondage and discipline, and books about female dominance and male submission. What would your poor mother think of her only child with a predisposition for sex videos? One can only imagine your masturbation habits."

Congressman Paul Danner was falling apart. What he had been told about this woman and the power she possessed was overwhelming him. He had run for office to fight the kind of government takeover that was taking place. His experiences in life had not prepared him for the ruthlessness of this woman. He wanted to run, but there was no place he could run to or hide. She could ruin him and his reputation with innuendo. His secret of using masturbation and fantasy was borne out of natural need for sexual release

"Please Czar Savo, Miss Savo, please don't make this public. I'll stop my dissent of the President's policies. There won't be any need to ruin me publicly," Paul said softly, head down.

President Palosi's instructions to Alicia Savo did not permit her to allow the Congressman to escape with his dignity. In fact, her instructions had been to take his manhood from him as a gift to her friend Lara Wilson. Lara Wilson had asked the President to emasculate the son of a bitch for her. Czar Savo had no grudge against the young man in front of her, but she was feeling the power and superiority over a man and although she knew this power was coming to all females, this was actually happening in front of her and she found herself aroused. The two security cameras were running capturing Congressman Danner's demise.

"Paul, I want you do something for me," Alicia said.

"Anything, Czar Savo, I will do it," Paul said quickly, seeing a possible reprieve.

"You do this and I will not expose your dirty little secrets" she said looking at him. "If you can't do it, or refuse to do it, say nothing, just leave my office and I'll release the story to the press."

"Yes Czar Savo, I will do it. Thank you," Danner said.

"I want you to take all your clothes off. I want to see you bare ass naked standing in front of me. You have 15 seconds or get the hell out of my office," Alicia said looking at her watch, "Starting right NOW."

Shocked, Paul was frozen until he saw her watching at her watch. "Miss Savo, I'm a Congressman, I can't do something like that. Please," he pleaded.

"Well thank you for coming in. Good bye," Alicia said curtly.

"What are you going to do Czar Savo?"

"I told you I was going to release the story to the press. Oh, and there's another story about an underage girl you were accused of fondling when you were in college. I know the charges were dropped, but still," she raised an eyebrow.

Paul knew what she was talking about. The little girl had mistaken his reach out to stop her from falling and accused him of touching her improperly. It was a mistake, but now on top of the other stories, it would come back to haunt him again.

Resigned to his fate, he began undressing. His face was beet red and he looked away from Alicia Savo as he took his clothes off. He turned his back to her as he at last slid his boxer shorts down; she admired his firm tight buttocks and smiled to herself. As he turned to face her he covered his privates with his hands and stood in an embarrassed silence.

"Paul," she started out, deliberately disrespecting his congressional title, "I waited three days for you to answer my request for you to visit me at my office. You will be punished for that. But for now, I want to watch you masturbate in front of me. I know you know how. Now do it like you normally would."

She watched as he took his penis in his hand and slowly began manipulating it. It was still flaccid which didn't surprise her as she knew he was scared to death. Alicia was sure the President would make a present of the video to Lara Wilson. Congressman Danner had been effectively silenced. Still, he needed to surrender his manhood.

Alicia walked around the desk behind Paul Danner. She let her fingers trail over his back and drop down to his ass. She wiggled them into his crack a little before withdrawing them and walking around to his front. Her little move had brought Paul's cock to a full erection. She looked him in the eye and he looked away. "Look at me boy," she said and as he turned, she took his cock in her hand and squeezed it.

The exhilaration she felt at being able to have a male, standing submissively before her, afraid of her power, was the most wonderful feeling of her life. She knew what they had been planning for several years, but to actually have the males of this country in such a weakened position was amazing. Her hand slid down to his testicles and grasped them firmly.

"Masturbate for me congressman," she said, smiling at him as she rolled his nuts around in her hand. She remembered how in the early feminist meetings the planning was being laid out. Feminist speakers railed against current laws and spoke about a new age coming where women could take over the government and change the laws. That women would control first the government, then the courts and then change the laws. It had almost seemed like a wishful fantasy back then, but here she was holding the balls of a United States Congressman while he masturbated. She let go and whispered to him, telling him to cum into his hand. She watched his face change his body tensed and in seconds his breathing announced he was cumming. He was looking down at his cock as the tip erupted with hot white cum and he pumped his hot seed into his hand.

She knew in her heart that this scene would be repeated thousands and thousands of times by men. She saw now how easy it was to turn men into submissives simply by changing laws and physically enforcing.

Finished, Danner stood there foolishly holding his softening dripping cock with one hand and a handful of hot thick cum in his other.

Alicia dipped a finger into his cum and brought it to his lips. He opened them and she pushed her finger inside his mouth. "Use your tongue to clean it off," she said and then repeating the move again, she talked to him quietly.

"You will keep your mouth shut about the President's policies from now on. When we want you to say something, we'll tell you what to say and if you're smart, you'll be very obedient. You may be a congressman, but you're a male too. If you get thrown out of congress, you'll have to give up your precious clothes and be naked like all the other single males, so make sure you obey. Tomorrow morning, I want you to call Lara Wilson. She will be expecting your call. You will apologize for the things you said during your election race. You will be obedient to her and do whatever she says. Now go ahead and lick your nasty cum out of your hand and get dressed. The next time I call you, you come running right quick. Do you understand?" she asked.

Paul Danner nodded and lifting his hand to his face, he began licking up the thick creamy cum. Alicia sat down at her desk again and watched him for a moment before picking up the phone and making a call. "Madam President, Congressman Danner asked me to let you know he will be proud to be on your team and if there is anything you want him to do, just call him."

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All too realistic

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