tagNon-EroticEnd of the Patriarchy

End of the Patriarchy


Author's note: Please don't get overly upset. This is fiction. If it's not for you that's fine, there's lots of other stuff out there you may prefer. Go have fun. And besides, there's very little here that hasn't already been done, by the patriarchy to women. If this story upsets you, then think about how it's been for women all these years.

It's also entirely possible to read this story in various ways, its message is what you want it to be. Fun femdom idea, dangerous dictatorship, entirely justified, humourous parody, whatever. Also it's not really a sexy tale. So if you're just looking to wank, sorry boys, this probably won't do it for you! There won't be a strict chronological structure to the various parts of this series. They will be 'day in a life' snapshots of different people's experiences.


2040. Year 1 of the ban.

Ferialia had become a fractured land. But it had once been a proud Nubian Queendom. A nation loyal to its female sovereigns. But it was invaded by colonial powers. Invaded by white men. They removed the female monarchy, stole the lands rich resources and installed a patriarchy that still exists today.

In Ferialia, men unjustly own 90% of all wealth. But thankfully, this is about to change.

The female populace of Ferialia have risen up. And in the election, a radical feminist government, the Gaia party, has been elected - their major policy - to ban all males from voting and public office, for a period of 20 years. And remarkably, they won the election. They won it big time. Their political opposition was divided in a dozen warring, egotistical parties. Most women voted had voted in union for the Gaia party, and even a significant proportion of progressive men were happy to vaguely support the sentiment of a female government.

Perhaps these men didn't consider the lasting consequences. Or perhaps they understood the need to return to a female-centred government. But with victory secured, the bill was duly passed by the newly formed female-majority Congress. Men would lose the right to vote.

We join the scene within the President's office, the day the bill was passed and signed. Melissa Venter had just turned 40 as she took the highest office in the land. A position that had been held by men ever since the colonial occupation. A lawyer by trade, she had seen first-hand the structured misogyny within the nation. She had spent two dozen years campaigning for equality and had grown troubled by the lack of progress. Male leaders would just not accept the notion that they should compete with women on an equal footing. She had tried to build consensus, but the male elite always pulled up the ladder, smug and secure in their privileged positions.

Subsequently, Melissa Venter had given up on building bridges. If men insisted on a gender war, she would give them one. In establishing the Gaia party, she had sought to awaken a female resistance. In those early years, she had never dared to think this women's movement could actually take her all the way to the top; complete power - the power to change everything. But now, with the patriarchal forces in tatters from their election defeat, her majority female Congress, and a mandate to aggressively destroy male privilege, she was physically tingling with anticipation. She was about to make her public announcement that would in an instant reverse gender history, the complete empowerment of women. She was about to announce the end of the male franchise.

There's was a palpable sense of excitement in the room. Her assembled female cabinet and a few selected female journalists were eagerly awaiting that magical declaration. Each one had grown up in the hyper-masculine, patriarchal society. Each bore the scars it had inflicted upon them. And now, in a few moments, that entire male structure was going to be removed. Destroyed. Ended. Women would become the sole arbiters of the future of the nation. Ferialia would put its faith in womanhood.

One man, just one man, was present in the room. He was diligently going around with two bottles of champagne, dutifully topping up the triumphant ladies' flutes. His name was Robert Venter, the husband to the President. Born Robert Muller, he was unusual in that he had taken his wife's name on their wedding day. This was something very important to her, and so he had complied, despite the sneering from other men for this submissive act. He didn't consider himself a submissive man, he was successful in his own right. The CEO of Ferialia's mining conglomerate. Though he knew that would soon be coming to an end; the Gaia party's manifesto had pledged to remove men from all senior positions, private and public. He privately knew that his deputy, a woman, had already been earmarked to replace him. He would honourably resign, giving him more time to focus on supporting his wife. His President.

Secretly, this terrified him. His wife had always been a strong feminist, and he loved her for that, but he had not anticipated that she would be swept into power. Throughout the election campaign, he had grown alarmed by the increasingly assertive rhetoric of his wife and the Gaia party. He had been compelled to stand behind her at rallies, dutifully nodding and clapping with the mostly female audience as she declared that men should lose the franchise. They cheered her, wildly excited with the notion of silencing male voices. Throughout the campaign, he often felt a need to remind his wife that it was a 20 year ban they were advocating, not a permanent one. That it would be far easier for people, including some men, to agree with if it was presented as a short-term correction to history, rather than the end of male history entirely.

She always took his comments with good grace, and lovingly assured him, that was her intention. He was less sure about some of the women around her though. Many seemed to miss out the '20 year' clause from their speeches entirely. They often cut his protests short and reminded him that they wanted female voices to be heard in the Gaia party, he would have to shut up. And now, as these victorious women chatted amongst themselves on the unlimited possibilities of their new administration, he remained silent, and poured champagne for them.

The lights beam bright, the room goes silent, the tv stream goes live. There now follows a statement from Melissa Venter, President of Ferialia:

"Ladies and gentlemen, citizens and civilians of brave Ferialia, I address you today, to announce what many believed impossible. The end of the male franchise. You heard that right. The end of the male franchise.

I have signed into law Congress' bill, effective immediately. We thank the minority male members of Congress for the acceptance of the result, and wish them well in their future ventures. For they are no longer Congressmen, we only have Congresswomen. Men will no longer sit and rule over women's lives. They have until the end of the day to clear their offices and politely leave.

Let us be clear. This is now law. To those that don't like it, you have no option of resistance. You have lost the argument. To resist this is unconstitutional. Penalties for any man still gripping to some outdated notion of patriarchy will be financially severe.

You entrusted me to see Ferialia through this great transformation, and I will not be cautious or subtle in promoting female authority. We do not apologise for advocating a female-led nation, we will state it proudly. To the nation's women I say this, you will be empowered more than any group of women in history. Laws, professions, promotions, salaries - all will be tailored to further your life chances. There will be no glass ceiling to your ambition, no man to obstruct you or patronise you. My government works for and serves you. Female success is our life's purpose. A woman's word is law. With that being said, I would caution all women to not taunt men over their loss of the vote. Let us not be seen gloating - at least not too much. Yes, enjoy your superior status, if necessary remind men of their inferiority, but be careful not incite resentment amongst males.

And to the men of our nation. I know some of you are hurting. I understand that. I understand it because women have had to suffer your oppression for decades, so do not lecture us on how you now feel oppressed. Remain obedient and supportive of our laws, your wives, your female superiors. We have so much to reverse, so a period of humility on your part would be most welcome. If not embraced, it will be enforced. We have no qualms on using our mandate to further legislate against the corrosive male ego. Do not test our resolve.

Now we must address the '20 year' clause. Many within our nation, within our own political party, have argued that this is not enough time to remove every patriarchal injustice from society. Some say that the ban on male voting should be 50 years, or even permanent. I hear you. I truly do. I applaud your passion.

However, I made an election promise to make this ban 20 years in length. Many men voted for this in good faith. And I will not be seen as dishonest.

And so I affirm an end to the male franchise - for 20 years.


We do not know how these 20 years will go. Will our social progress be rapid enough? Will men comply in good faith or will they sow civil dissent? I cannot answer these questions now. So I make this pledge. After 20 years of this ban, we will hold a referendum. This will be a binding vote to decide whether the male franchise is to be re-established - or remains banned for perpetuity. Of course, only those with the vote will be allowed to participate in the referendum. Yes that is correct, only women will vote in it.

Men will be free to participate in campaigns but the ultimate decision will be down to womanhood. Nonetheless, I remain confident that this government and future ones will succeed in those 20 years. Making the voting for re-establishment of the male franchise a formality, something to be celebrated by all as the conclusion to a great period of transformation and social progress.

So it is not forever. Suck it up men. Show humility and accept the necessity of this change. Embrace it, cherish it. You too have been imprisoned by a patriarchal mentality. You are about to find out what it's like to live within a female-led society. You might find you never want to go back."

With a smile, the President ended her speech and the camera stopped recording. The room erupted in cheers, hugs and celebration. Many of the women shed tears of joy as they revelled in their freedom from male rule. Whispers were already circulating on what next needed to be done, re-education for all boys, female quotas in all companies, the removal of truculent male judges, changes to laws around everyday harassment of women. Anything seemed possible now. Men had lost the fight. Perhaps for good.

Melissa stayed out of these discussions, she walked over to her husband and kissed him. Teasingly she asked;

"You ok honey? How's it feel to be a powerless white male?"

Robert knew she was merely jesting and chuckled. "You were amazing Melissa, a true leader. I'm so happy for you."

She kissed him deeply again. This time embracing him in a tight, loving hug. A hand wandered down and playfully cupped one of his firm buttocks. She flirtatiously whispered to him, "Just you wait until we get home, and I truly get on top of you!" With a kiss to the cheek she left him standing there in a daze and went over to give a press interview.

Robert gazed at her. She was a goddess. Her power radiated from her confident demeanour. He felt so lucky to be Mr. Melissa Venter. She was the only women he had ever loved. The only woman he had ever slept with. Sex with Melissa was bliss. She was a riotous, uncontrollable nymph within the sheets. Always underneath her for sex, he would looked up in awe at this vision of womanhood. Her long brown hair would flail wildly about as she rode his penis. That was something else he was most grateful for; she had never once commented or expressed disappointment on his size. He knew it was small, very small. Every study he checked told him that four inches was not what a woman desired. A cruel twist of fate for a stunningly handsome young man. But Melissa never once hurt his feelings over it. She was loving, affectionate towards his small member.

Thinking of sex with Melissa, and being surrounded by confident women in their high-powered business attire, casually discussing the rise of female power...it was getting too much for Robert. He felt his penis stirring. Oh no, please not an erection, not here! Some of these women would probably see that as harassment and demand he be castrated. Why was female dominance doing this to his psyche? He felt conflicted. Hurt, resentful that these laughing women had stripped him of the vote. That his job was being given to his younger, female deputy. That women could reverse all the privilege he'd come so accustomed to. He was scared, trapped, vulnerable.

And yet he loved it. His sexual libido was stirring. He could not deny it any longer, he was submissive to Melissa, to womanhood, there was no going back from him.

Melissa finished talking press and looked across the room back to her adoring hubby. She secretly felt a degree of guilt. Anguish. That he should have to sacrifice so much in the name of progress. And yet, she could not deny a slightly deviant sense of pleasure, power. When they had married he had been a wealthy high-flyer, she a junior attorney. And now here he was, supporting her, the President. His ego was being chipped away. No longer a big shot CEO and the main breadwinner. He would have to get used to helping out around the house. No, not helping - doing all. She relished the thought of ordering him to clean up, do the washing, do the ironing, clean my shoes. While she went off to work, as President.

A handsome, obedient domesticated husband. Stripped of his power. Yes, she liked that notion - stripped. So that he was completely dependent and faithful to her. She knew she had dominant tastes but fought constantly to suppress them. Now, having stripped all men of their 'rights' she could no longer deny it. She was the female dominant. This was as much personal as it was political for her.

She loved Robert with all her heart. But that included a burning desire to see him obey and worship her, on his knees. Stripped. Yes, when they got home, she would order him to strip himself of his clothes, his fancy suit and to kneel to her. He would be naked and obedient. She knew he could be submissive towards her. Now she was going to demand it.

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