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New Jersey Massage

byTravel Girl©

This is another true story which began while I was on vacation on Hilton Head Island a couple of years ago. (Look at Hilton Head Massage.) My sexual experiences in the past have been usually conservative and I have tried being faithful to my boyfriend. One night stands are definitely not my style, but a massage from an older black man at the hotel spa on Hilton Head had gone way beyond professional. Something about the sexual experience had struck a nerve with me and had become a recurring fantasy to relive it.

It had been over a year since I met Alan on Hilton Head Island for my massage. My relationship with my boyfriend had been growing stronger during that time and it was possible we would end up getting married. He had given me a ring but we had not officially become engaged. I never told him how my massage had gotten out of control. Some readers have given me feedback that I should tell him, or that he might have even liked that it happened, but that is not him at all. Part of me felt guilty, but I had never regretted it had happened and thinking about it always turns me on. It had been the first and only time I had been with a black man and what was intended to have been only a nice professional massage had turned into one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.

I thought I would never see Alan again; that had been the first and only time I had been to Hilton Head. While it had been a nice vacation, I doubted we would return anytime soon. When the opportunity to attend a business conference on Hilton Head Island came up, I will admit the thoughts of getting another massage from Alan immediately crossed my mind.

I had carefully thought about what still attracted me to even considering a repeat performance. I was absolutely not romantically motivated. The sex had been intense and unbelievable, but I wondered how much of that had been "lightning in a bottle," a one time thing that would be difficult to repeat. There had been the unplanned surprise and ongoing allure of being with a black man, to some level within my innermost thoughts still a forbidden thing. I was certain the spontaneity had contributed to my consent. If I had walked into my massage thinking sex was a possibility, I know it never would have happened, realizing the paradox. Finally, I also realized even though I had only just met Alan that time, I had felt safe and comfortable with him. With a stranger, usually I would feel the opposite.

I speak at a variety of technical conferences. The conference to be held on Hilton Head was easy to justify from a business perspective.

I had kept Alan's card from last time. I had thought about sending him a message shortly after I got back home, but ended up deciding it would be better to just let it go. I thought about it for a week before deciding to contact him and let him know I would be coming back. I sent him an e-mail reminding him who I was and telling him the week the conference was going to occur. While I was not yet certain of the trip, I wanted to see if he was going to be around.

I got a reply the very next day which was very warm and inviting. His comments included "of course I remember you!" and it would be great to see me again. However, he told me that he and his family had moved to New Jersey because his wife's mother was very ill and they wanted to be near her as it looked like she did not have that much longer to live. They had been there since winter and had bought a house and gotten jobs as they really had no idea how long they would be there. Alan was doing massages at one of the fancy New York Hotels and his wife was working as a nurse.

I replied to Alan I was glad to hear from him and explained I come to New York from time to time (which was true). I would let him know when I was coming back that way, but I wondered whether this was just a good reason to just forget the urge and keep it part of my memories.

A few months later I needed to visit a supplier in New Jersey. With Alan working out of New York City, I wasn't sure if I could work it out or not. I sent another message telling Alan I would be coming and some of the travel details so he would know what time constraints I had. He seemed enthused and mentioned the hotel he was working at so I could get an appointment, but he gave me another option if it was more convenient.

He lived about 30 minutes from New York and had been doing massages at his home on days he was not working in the city. He was leaving it my choice, but doing it out of the house would be less costly as he only gets a fraction of the money they charge at the hotel. I wondered how it would work out with his wife being around. As if he had read my mind, the next comment in his message mentioned he was not sure what day my schedule would allow, but his wife worked long shifts on Wednesday and Thursday. It seemed he was hoping I would pick one of those days, but he also said the other days would be fine and he was sure we could work something out.

After looking at the map, it would be much easier for me to do the massage out of the house rather than going through New York City. I don't know if he thought I was trying to save money, but I do well financially and money did not enter into the choice at all. I decided to fly out in the morning, meet with my customer for a couple of hours that same afternoon, have the obligatory dinner and then finish our business the next morning. After all this complicated scheduling mess, I told Alan I thought I could get out to his place on Wednesday afternoon. He thought that would be great and would plan to finish up early and meet me.

It was a really hot day, perhaps about 90 degrees and humid, but no surprise in the middle of June. I finished my meetings and went back to my hotel to change and check out. I was wearing beige shorts and a lightweight white tank top; it probably looked like I was going to go out to the golf course. I had arranged a late checkout and the timing was really working out well.

To say I was anticipating meeting him again would be an understatement. I wondered whether I would feel the same way. During the drive to Alan's house, I had all kinds of mixed feelings and guilt again, but also I was getting horny. It was the forbidden aspect that was intriguing, knowing there was a strong chance we would end up having sex, but also the safety of him being a known quantity without any strings or implications.

I got on the road for what would be about an hour drive. I arrived around 3:30 pm and walked up to the door. Alan's house was in a nice middle class neighborhood, something close to what I grew up in. They had a nicely kept up colonial and from an attitude and environment aspect, so far so good for my "nervous factor."

I was surprised when the door was answered by a young man who looked to be in his early 20's.

"Hi, you must be Beth. I'm AJ, come on in."

"Nice to meet you."

He told me his Dad was running late. He got backed up at the spa and he would arrive in about an hour. He was very apologetic on his father's behalf, but I realized it was my own fault. Alan had no way to contact me to let me know as I had not given out my cell phone number.

AJ said his Dad had hoped I would wait, but he would understand if I did not have time. I felt really dumb. Somehow when you imagine these things it always works out smoothly and I had not thought about dumb things such as traffic or delays. AJ said his Dad had called about 5 minutes ago, and he would call again when he was ready to leave.

I was a little disoriented and I tried to think. I noticed my surroundings while I thought about my options. There were several pictures around the house and I saw one with Alan and his nice looking family. His wife looked to be in her 50's; you could tell she had been very pretty in her day. It looked like AJ was the baby of the family as the other son looked to be in his 30's.

I was good on time. Really I had nothing else going on, so I decided to wait for Alan. AJ had answered the door in a pair of shorts and a flowing baggy silk shirt. He said he had been out vacuuming the swimming pool and said his dad wanted me to be comfortable. He could turn on the TV or some music.

He also said I was welcome to use the pool and asked if I had a bathing suit. It just so happened I had a couple of bathing suits in my bag. This was my 'emergency kit' in case Alan's wife was there. I trusted what Alan had told me, but what if she was home sick that day? I thought to wear a bikini for at least the start of the massage this time to give me the option of control if I ended up deciding I only wanted a massage. Who knows, maybe I would not have the same attitude the second time around. With an hour to kill, I thought getting some sun would be a great idea, so I thanked AJ for the option of using the pool.

He said if I wanted to change, I could leave my things in the massage room which was down the basement, first door on the right. I went down to change as he suggested and I noticed the room was much nicer than I expected in a private home. It was very bright and ultra-clean. He had a professional massage table in the middle of the room and there was a shower stall in the corner of the room - very nice.

I was glad to have brought more than one swim suit. I had bought a "mix and match" bikini with multiple tops and bottom styles to select from. I had brought all white, both a conservative and a thong bottom, and a conservative and more revealing top. When I say conservative, I should qualify that neither the top nor bottom were old lady style, they showed a lot but still preserved a little modesty. I had intended to wear the thong and small top if it was only Alan in the house, but the other ones if his wife had been around. With everything that had happened and Alan's son as my host, I opted for the more conservative set.

The bikini bottom was cut high up on the hip, but was fairly wide in coverage on the front and back. The top tied on the neck and on the back, and as I looked myself over in the mirror I thought I looked pretty good for 33 years old. I am pretty with blond hair and green eyes and in good shape from running. I have a lean 115 pound build on a 5'7" frame. My 34C – 23 -34 figure was in good shape from running and although I was not dark, I had a decent tan for me even though I had some tan lines. The white suit showed off my tan well.

I went upstairs and out to the pool where AJ looked to be finishing up vacuuming the pool and putting the equipment away. They had a nice built-in pool and although the houses were close together, there were a lot of trees and a high wooden fence providing a high degree of privacy.

I should describe AJ. I cannot say he looked like his dad much. He was about 6 feet and lean. He had the shaved head look which was really common these days for black men. His skin color was significantly lighter than Alan; from the picture he might have gotten that from his mother. He was very polite, articulate but soft spoken.

"Would you like something to drink?" He offered a variety of beverages and in the heat, beer sounded best.

He gave me a towel and I laid it out on one of the chaise lounges facing the sun. As I lay back, I thought it was working out pretty well despite the fact Alan had been delayed.

AJ came out with a couple of beers and asked if I would mind if he joined me by the pool, he had intended to swim and relax after he had finished the pool.

"Oh, I think it is OK for you to use the pool at your own house." I was laughing.

He pointed to sunscreen on the table and just said "if you need it". I thought both the drink and the sunscreen were very gracious.

"Thanks. I will probably want the sunscreen a little later."

He unbuttoned his shirt and I could see his lean frame was also muscular, but not bulky. What I thought were shorts when he answered the door was actually a somewhat clingy, black swim suit. Not a Speedo type, this one was a stretch material like Lycra but it had thicker material than a Speedo and had legs that went a little down on the thighs. It was revealing, but not grossly so.

I was enjoying the sun and the nice cold Corona he had brought out. From my conversations with Alan last time, I knew AJ was going to school in engineering, but I thought it would sound a little weird if I knew that much about him. It soon came out anyway as we talked. We talked about how school was going; he was in electrical engineering, I had been in chemical. We talked about our schools and although it was obvious I was older, maybe someone would have been guessed about 5 years when in reality it was more like 12 years.

I found out he was on the track team, which explained his lean build. We talked for a while about running as I had also run track in school and still run these days to stay in shape. In this regard he was like his father being a good conversationalist, not overbearing; surprising for someone his age to listen and not just wait to talk.

When he found out I was just in town for a couple of days, he said "that was a long way to come for a massage."

I said, "I met your father in Hilton Head. I was going back and tried to schedule an appointment, but he had sent me an e-mail that he had moved. I explained it was just a coincidence that I also visit New Jersey on business. So here I am."

I flipped over to lie on my stomach after about 10 minutes; the sun was very strong and I did not want to burn. AJ asked if I wanted any sunscreen and I said I was trying to even out my color a little. We continued to talk and I learned AJ stood for Alan Junior, although he jokingly begged me not to call him that. I said if he did not call me Elizabeth or Liz, I would be happy to oblige.

After another 10 minutes or so, I was ready for some sunscreen, but I kept it to myself and asked if it was OK to cool off in the pool.

He replied, "Absolutely, would you like another beer?"

"Thanks, that would be great."

I climbed in while he went inside. The water felt great, but very cold. I was not in very long, just enough to cool off. I climbed out about the same time AJ was coming out with more beer.

He said "That was quick."

I replied, "The water is cold and I really wanted to get more sun anyway."

As I was walking toward the chairs, I caught my reflection in the patio door glass. To my shock, I realized the thin white material of my wet suit was giving a pretty good show. I had never worn this suit before and I had not tested the wet factor. You just assume that a normal bathing suit is designed to handle water. Fortunately at least, I was shaved under my bikini line, but my hard nipples from the water were pretty prominently displayed. AJ must have noticed.

Because of my predicament, I decided to lie on my stomach. The towel on the chair would help dry off my suit a little. We continued to chat. AJ had been back from school for a few weeks and his dad wanted him to find a job. I laughed when he admitted he had been trying to stall, but had started working about 10 days ago as a bartender.

After a couple of minutes while we were talking, AJ asked if I was ready for sunscreen.

"No problem though, just trying to be a good host and keep out of trouble with my dad."

I laughed and said I would not turn him in. I thought about whether to just flip over and apply it first on my front, but I was not sure if my nipples had calmed down yet. AJ sat up and started to rub the lotion on my lower back. His hand ran along the line of my bikini bottom and along my lower back and sides.

He said, "Would you like to leave your top the way it is or untie it to avoid lines?"

I had thought about that myself and I wanted to avoid more lines anyway. I would have normally untied it, but I did not want to give him any wrong ideas. I reached back to untie the back strap and left the neck alone. He quickly smoothed in the sunscreen without making a big deal out of it which scored points with me.

AJ then asked whether I wanted sunscreen on my legs or if I would rather do it myself. I thought to myself that this young guy had very good instincts and maturity.

Because I thought he would not take any of this as something more than applying sunscreen, I told him, "Thanks for asking, that would be nice."

Again he did not make a big production out of it, but I had probably not realized my own reactions to being rubbed high up on my legs. I had forgotten how my thoughts had been drifting during the drive to their house and how horny I had been while I anticipated Alan's massage.

So even though he was just trying to not miss spots, I had to admit that when his hands were on my thighs near my bikini I could feel myself tensing up. I had not thought about the fact the bikini bottom was cut high on the hips, so when he smoothed the sunscreen, he as touching a good portion of my butt. I was relieved when he finished even though it had only taken a short time.

I guess it had been about 30 minutes total since I arrived at the house and about that time the phone rang. AJ walked inside to get it, and while I could not hear everything, I could hear him say, "Beth is here now; she is out by the pool. Would you like to talk to her?"

AJ had come out and given me the phone. I noticed he was now carrying a little bulge and I suspected it must have been from the sunscreen application.

Alan apologized profusely for being so late; his last client was just showering and he would get on the road as quickly as he could. He asked if I was OK and if AJ was being a good host.

I said, "AJ had been a perfect gentleman and I was just relaxing by the pool having a beer."

Alan sounded relieved I had not just left and thought he would arrive anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour depending on how long his client took to get dressed and traffic. I told him not to worry; timing would not be a problem. He sounded relieved again.

I had sit up to take the call, halfway up realizing my top was untied. I had been holding my arm over my top to keep it from falling off while I held the phone. When I handed the phone back to AJ, I noticed that I had not been entirely successful and he probably had caught a look at some part of my breast. I needed to use both hands as I lay back down and he probably saw more of my breast hanging while I was lying back down.

I told AJ his dad was still going to be a while. I realized he probably had other places to be and unless he was uncomfortable leaving me alone, he did not have to wait. He said he was just hanging around the house anyway and did not have to work until later.

It looked like AJ was bothered by something. He was acting sheepish and finally asked if I would not to tell his father about him putting on my sunscreen. He thought his dad would get upset if he had been anything less than on good behavior with one of his clients. I laughed and told him not to worry. I did not think his dad would have that reaction, but I would keep the secret.

I had the impression AJ respected his father, but there was also a little bit of fear too. There is probably a more complicated story, but suffice to say that relationships between parents and children are frequently complex.

I lifted up a little to reach for my beer and noticed AJ was trying to look without being too obvious about it. I reached back to tie my top and flip over and put sunblock on my front.

AJ had also been using sunscreen; although mine was an SPF15, he was using a 4 which was more of oil. AJ was reaching back to put the oil on his own back. It was a little awkward, but to be polite I asked whether he wanted me to put the lotion on his back.

There was nothing sexual about it, just common courtesy and reciprocating for his treatment of me. He hesitated for a moment and then said, "If you don't mind."

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