tagFirst TimeNew Kid on the Block Ch. 03

New Kid on the Block Ch. 03


Author's Note: I apologize for the long delay. I'd like to thank the readers who urged the story to continue. A special thanks goes out to Pokey for helping me complete it.

This story has a slow build up over many chapters. Please read previous chapters in order to follow the plot.


Jason's dad talked to his mom about the arguments they have been having. He suggested a compromise. His mom would accept the friends he had now if Jason promised to try to meet other people as well. They were hopeful that he would start hanging out with "the right crowd". Jason told them he hit it off with the florist's daughter and he was going to see her after school again. Not entirely a lie, but more of a half truth.

He did indeed visit Kelly after school. Kylie had given him another ride on her motorcycle. Turned out, she worked at an auto body shop downtown after school four days a week. She said her coworkers were great and she was able to keep her Ducati in pristine condition. The ride to the florist was no less bumpy as the day before and Jason was already forming a fantasy in his mind for masturbating to later that evening.

Kelly wore the same green apron over a yellow sun dress. The material of the dress was thin and sheer. Although she wore a white t-shirt under the dress to cover her breasts, Jason was trying to figure out if he could actually see a pair of pink panties through the material around her curvaceous ass. Her curly red hair was in a loose ponytail and her two different colored eyes sparkled in the soft light.

"Afternoon, stud," she said, looking up from her magazine.

"Uh...hey. I got the rest of the money today." He handed her a twenty.

"You only owe me $17," she pointed out.

"I don't have any change."

"Well go pick out a flower."

Jason wandered around the quaint store for several minutes. Eventually he picked out a white carnation and handed Kelly the bill. In a bold move, he leaned forward and placed the flower behind her ear. He barely even knew why he had done it. Almost immediately he pulled his hand back, blushing slightly. Kelly stood smiling at him with sparkling pink lips.

"That's sweet, but I think I'm too old for you."



"Oh." Kelly made a move to remove the flower, but Jason just gestured for her to keep it. She smiled again. He walked slowly for the exit. Turning, he called, "See you around."

"See you later, stud," she replied.

The bell from the door tinkled behind him as it swung shut. What the hell was that? he thought. Kelly was an attractive girl. When Jason's thoughts weren't of Kylie's taut form they were filled with images of Kelly's heart-shaped ass. He glanced back to look at her through the window of the door. She was busying herself with a bouquet of some sort of bright orange flower. Looking closely Jason confirmed that he could indeed see the pinkness of her panties through the dress. Without warning Kelly had knocked the spool gold ribbon she was using for the bouquet and several flowers on the floor. As she bent over to gather the items, the hem of her sun dress rode up her thighs and gave Jason a now unobstructed view of the panties he had been admiring.

Jason's mouth hung open as his breath shallowed. From the way Kelly stood he could make out the puffy outer lips of her pussy encased in pink cotton. He could feel the blood from his head rush to fill his cock as it swelled in his pants. His heart was beating in his temples. He knew he was a pervert for watching but he could not look away from the sight before him. Kelly was shifting her weight around in order to reach everything that had fallen on the floor inadvertently making her ass sway back and forth for the testosterone filled teen.

The spool of ribbon had rolled under the counter so she had to get down on her hands and knees to retrieve it. Jason watched the yellow hemline rise even higher. He let out a quiet moan and tried readjusting his pants to ease the discomfort his hardened cock was causing him. He thought about what it would be like to be kneeling behind her and thrusting into her sopping pussy. He wanted to caress her luscious ass with his hands and then cup both her breasts as he fucked her from behind. His cock twitched at the thought of juices running down her legs when she came, her pussy squeezing and pulsing around his cock. "Fuuuck," he groaned.

Kelly stood up with her arms full of ribbon and flowers. She looked at Jason curiously, wondering what he was still doing standing outside of the shop. Glancing down she saw the impressive bulge in the crotch of his pants. She smiled and winked at him. Jason's face turned crimson and he hurried away embarrassed.

The next couple weeks after seemed to all meld together for Jason. The group had fallen into a certain rhythm. Bryan, now Jason's best friend, and Kristi continued to flirted with each other. Kristi's twin, Andre, didn't appear to warm up any more than he had the first day he and Jason met. Bianca's tops seemed to be getting lower cut every day while her skirts seemed to be getting shorter. Her insistence of sitting next to Jason every day with either one of her large breasts or firm thighs pressed up against him made him squirm. Chris was still as eager as ever. Danny and Rob, although friendly, still saw Jason as a threat in their competition for Kylie's affection.

Ah Kylie... Jason was infatuated and he knew it. Never in his life had he met a girl so cool. There was no other way to describe her. Jason lived for the way her hips swayed as she walked. He breathed for the fullness of her lips. And there was something mysterious about her. Some aloofness that made him want more. She had begun to help Jason in 3D Art. Often he'd use a pottery wheel near her workbench. As Jason tried to shape his blob-like lump of clay into a masterpiece, Kylie's skillful fingers worked effortlessly at her piece. From what he could see, the figure appeared to be a man sitting on a high stool bending over an acoustic guitar. He remained faceless so far, but Jason felt like hear the music coming from the piece.

"You're doing that wrong."

Jason snapped out of his reverie. "Huh?"

"If you're trying to center the clay, you need to be firmer. Right now you're only really making it worse." Jason poked at his amorphous blob gingerly with his finger. "Here let me show you."

Kylie placed her delicate hands on his clay and slowly began to shape his clay. She smoothed and pushed it until it had formed a small dome-like shape. "Now if you want to sink the well for a pot, you should do it with very gentle movements. Every imperfection will show. Your turn." Jason tried to mimic the movements Kylie had performed on his piece but the sullen piece of clay began to spin erratically. Kylie stepped behind him while he sat and placed her hands over his. With her hands guiding, the clay seemed to flow effortlessly. Their combined effort managed to form the clay into a crude bowl shape.

It was at this moment that Jason realized that Kylie's breasts were pressed up against his back. Her chest rose and fell with every breath. He could feel heat creep across his face as he flushed with embarrassment. His cock swelled, making his jeans uncomfortably tight.

"You think you're okay now?" Kylie asked.

"Uh...yeah. Thanks a lot." After she left, Jason rose from his stool to go wash his hands. The class was far from over but Jason hoped the cold water from the sink would transfer to the rest of his body. He wiped his hands dry and then settled back at his wheel facing away from Kylie. Need to concentrate. The last minutes of class ticked by dully. At the end of the day, the bell rang and Jason threw his lumpy pot back into the clay supply bin. It was then that he realized he had left his much needed bus money at home. He wondered if he could convince Kylie to give him another ride. Looking around the workroom, he saw dark hair with red streaks disappear out the door. He jumped nimbly over the wheels and ran out the door.

Jason managed to catch up with her just as she was putting on her helmet.

"Hey! Wait—"

"Just hop on already."


"I know what you're going to ask. It's not surprising. If you want, I could just drive you home from now on. No senior wants to have to take the bus with the froshies. So get on." It was more of a demand than a question, but Jason wasn't going to argue with her. He took his regular seat and clung on for dear life as Kylie raced across the sidewalk.

Some bumps, grinds, and possible blue balls later. Kylie arrived in front of his house. Jason caught a quick glimpse of his mothers hair disappearing behind the curtains has he shakily removed himself from his position behind Kylie's ass.

"Those are not the types of new friends I was talking about, young man," his mother spoke with an edge to her voice.

"I did what you told me. I made an effort to meet new people. That florist girl from a few weeks ago. I did go see her." Jason was tired. The weather was warming and the days seemed to be getting longer.

"But that's not the crowd a growing boy should be getting his influence from—"

"Look, I did what you told me okay!" The sound of his mother's berating was just grating on his ears. It sounded shrill and irritating. He grabbed his backpack, some food from the pantry and slammed his room door behind him. Hours later, his cell phone vibrated against the hard surface of his desk.

"I know your secret" said a soft, velvety voice.

"Excuse me?" Jason was shocked. I have a secret?

"You want to know what it feels like. You've never done it before."

"I-I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about."

"The touch of a woman. The feeling when she slides her hands up your chest. Her teeth lightly pressing into your neck. The sounds of her moans late into the night."

"Okay. Who the hell is this?" Jason was embarrassed and slightly angry. He never shared that information with any of his new friends. None of the girls from his hometown would bother calling him like this.

"Starts with a B. Ends with --ianca."

"Bianca! How did you get my number?"

"Magic, my little virgin," Jason imagined her giving him a playful wink at that moment. "I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve, and I'd just love to show you the naughty ones." She says in voice that's obviously filled with an unfulfilled lust for passion.

"Tricks? Who did you trick... Wait a minute. How do you know I'm a virgin? There are plenty of girls. Lots of girls that I could have slept with!"

"I only assumed you are a virgin. But, considering your angry response, I'd say my assumption is correct. Don't worry. I think it's sexy. It's such a turn on knowing I'm a boy's first, it gives me so much more control of when and how I can show you my naughty little tricks to make your toes curl. And I simply adore the look you virgins give the moment you cum in a girl's pussy for the first time."

Jason had one hand on his crotch and was rubbing it subconsciously. Somehow this entire ordeal was turning him on too. He pictured Bianca in his mind. Hair like a rainbow waterfall cascading straight over her shoulders and down her sides. Large aquamarine eyes. Pierced eyebrows that showed she was a natural brunette. And wondrously large tits that always seemed to be perky when he was around.

"Close your mouth, Jason, or you'll catch flies."

"Y-you're wrong. I'm not a...virgin. I've had plenty of sex. Tons of it in fact."

"Really...then this whole thing isn't turning you on? Is my candor undesirable since I don't compare with all those other girls?"

"I never said—"

"I bet you do want me. I bet you want to caress my breasts. You want to know exactly how wet my pussy can get. I bet right now you're hard as a steel pole and ready to let me have it all night long. Tell me, Jason, are you that hard? Do you want to stick that throbbing cock inside of me?"

Jason was flustered. He couldn't figure out where any of this was going. She seemed into him but was it a trick? If she told the group, Kylie would think he's an even bigger loser. Was it blackmail?

"JAY-son..." Bianca called in a sing-song voice, waiting for a response. Okay, man, just play it cool.

"Look, Bianca, I do think you're attractive, and, yeah, maybe I am a bit...aroused. But that doesn't mean that I want you like that." He was trying to get the picture of the rainbow cascade of her hair down her bare skin, with a teasing finger on her lower lip as she looks back over her should.

"Oh, please, Jason. The only thing you've ever screwed was a light bulb. You're as hot and heavy as I am. Now admit you're a virgin and I'll tell you how many fingers I have in my throbbing cunt."

Jason felt his resolve waning, "And what if I don't?"

Bianca let's out a quiet teasing chuckle, "Well then you'll just miss out on a great show." She says right before letting out a slight moan.

Resolve shattered, Jason caves in, "... I'm a virgin..."

A louder chuckle, laced through with lust and passion sounds on his phone. "Alright...Now for your reward...Pick a number between one and five."

Shit. Five?! "Uhh...well, one I guess."

"Aww. And here I was hoping you'd be a bit more adventurous. It's okay. I'll break you of that boyish charm. Soon you'll be a man and I'll be the woman riding that thick cock of yours. Undo your pants, Jason."

"Wh-why?" In truth, he had already had his pants down. He couldn't believe how horny she'd made him. His cock stood straight up, quivering as the light from his desk lamp reflected off the pre-cum oozing from the tip.

"Because you're mine now. And we're gonna have some fun. Tell me what you want to do to me. Tell me all your naughty secrets."

"Oh God, Bianca." he moaned, stroking his cock, "Your tits. I'd love to feel them, taste them."

"Mmm. It's always the same with you boys. You wanna lick my nipples? Bite them even? They're so hard for you right now. And my pussy...my pussy's so wet. I can feel it throbbing around my finger. Ohhh....I want more...Do you want it, Jason? Do you want me to stretch my pussy for you?"

Her voice was so hot, so tempting. Jason was stroking his cock slowly trying not to breathe too heavily into the mouthpiece of the phone. "Oh yeah, Bianca, please..."

"Please what Jason?"

"Add another f-finger. Stretch your p-pussy out."

"Ah-ah, Jason. First you gotta tell me what my little virgin's up to."

Fuck. I've never done this before. "I'm um...I'm touching my penis and uh..."

"Call it a 'cock', Jason. 'Cock' is such a sexy word. Say it."

"C-cock." He mumbled. I am so screwed if my mom hears me, he thought. Suddenly the idea of his mother catching him having phone sex with a girl he barely knew scared the shit out of him. She'd probably ground him for life and set all sorts of curfews on his sorry ass. His cock started to wilt as the thought of mortification flashed through his mind.


"We really shouldn't do this, Bianca. I mean my mom's down the hall and—"

"And what? Be a man, Jason. C'mon you're not going to abandon me like this, are you? All wet and waiting, waiting to be pleased, wanting to be satisfied. Don't leave me right here on the brink of such immense pleasure Jason."

"But if my mom catches me..." Jason pleaded, trying to find a way out even though his body was pleading to give into the sultry temptation of imagining Bianca sliding her fingers in and out of herself. Her legs spread wide, her head tilted back eyes closed, and mouth slightly open in pleasure. His silent daydreaming was interrupted by a deep moan of pleasure coming from the phone.

"What about her? Forget her, and get me in your mind. Picture my chest heaving with sweat moistening my breasts as they rise up and down. Imagine my hands sliding from my neck down across my breasts as I start to play with my nipples." She said as she took a sharp breath.

What am I going to do? My cock wants me to release it, but I don't want something to happen and hinder my chances of getting with Kylie. But god oh god Bianca is putting things in my mind I never thought possible.

"Jason, honey? What would you do if I said I wanted your cock right now? What would you do if I said I was willing to meet you somewhere and give you a preview to my vast knowledge of naughty little tricks?" She said while moaning even more. The sound of her quiet cries of pleasure was making it hard to even focus on what she had just said.

"What did you say?" He asked, his mind a blur of passion as he just realized that he was rubbing his cock in long even strokes that had gotten progressively faster.

"Never mind, I can tell that you're having too much fun right now." She said after quietly letting out a throaty laugh at the spacey tone in his voice. She lets out an even louder moan as the tone of her voice slowly gets louder and louder as the gaps between them become shorter and shorter. "What might my little virgin be doing with his cock over there right now?"

"I, uh, well I'm stroking it. All the way up and down. Playing with the tip of it a little bit." While that was a lie, he couldn't manage to say much else with the vigorous pumping of his arm. He could feel the waves of pleasure rolling through his body. He could feel the soft skin of his hand sliding across his cock as the immense amounts of pre-cum that had flowed out from his tip lubed up his cock, allowing his hand to slide up and down it, making it feel even better. The moans coming from Bianca made his cock throb even harder as the waves of ecstasy rolled through his body farther and farther, more and more concentrated.

"Well you really seem to be getting into it now don't you my little virgin? I can hear some wet slapping over there. Sounds like you're just about ready blow your load." She said with a sultry teasing voice and a slight giggle. "I wish I could be there to take you over the edge. But I guess I'll just have to listen to the quiet moans and slapping coming from you while I make myself cum." She said as she let out an even louder moan than before. "Oh right there, Jason! That's the spot! Come on, baby, give it to me hard. Oooh..FUCK!!!" He felt an almost overpowering rush of pleasure through his body as he drew in a deep breath and then he felt it all suddenly explode from his cock as came. A breathless 'oh my god' slowly came from his lips, as he suddenly realized that his cum was flowing down his cock.

"Judging by that, I think you came at the same time I did." She said breathlessly a slight chuckle behind it, "Could Kylie do that to you?" and with that it just struck home what he had just done. He had just jacked off not only to the voice of a girl other than Kylie, but to a complete and total stranger almost. While yes she did have a good looking body, he couldn't help regretting what he had just done. A hopeless feeling that he had just sabotaged his chances with Kylie sank through him. Without saying goodbye or even another word to Bianca, he hung up.

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