tagNonHumanNew Kingdom: American Court Ch. 09

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 09


Alena slowly awoke but kept her eyes closed. She moved her tongue inside her mouth searching for the fangs that her new body should have. With a smile, she realized that she would probably need Gabriel's instruction on how to elongate the new incisors. She inhaled deeply wondering how long she had been sleeping. Three hours or three weeks, she knew that a cup of coffee was definitely needed to cure this headache.

Headache? Do vampires have headaches? How can vampires survive eternity if they suffer inconveniences such as headaches? Stretching her body on the bed, she felt as though her joints were stiff from immobility and weak with hunger.

Slowly opening her eyes, Alena tried to focus in her dark surroundings looking for Gabriel. When the beside lamp suddenly lit the room, she squinted and moaned in complaint. A quick inventory of her stats included a headache, sore body, hunger, and blindness in the dark. Ignoring her body's complaints, she quickly sat up in the bed in shock and horror.

She was not a vampire.

Looking at Gabriel, she cried, "Why didn't you change me?"

"I did everything that I was supposed to do," he replied while slowly walking to the bed.

"What's wrong with me?"

"Baby," he said while sitting beside her, "calm down. We'll figure this out."

"What happened?!" she demanded in rising panic.

"Alena, calm down," Gabriel said while pulling her onto his lap. "Listen to me. You are not still human but you have not completely changed ... yet."

"Yet? I don't understand," she said in rapid breaths.

"Please try to calm down. You've been sleeping for three days as though your body was changing but you've not become a vampire. I've been trying to give you orange juice and water so you wouldn't dehydrate. I could hardly take you to the hospital in your condition."

"What condition?" she asked in confusion.

Pulling away from Gabriel, she noticed the strain in his face. He appeared tired and worried. Gently touching the wrinkles around his eyes, Alena noticed her hand. Pulling away, she turned her hand back and forth viewing the smooth, flawless skin.

"Oh God," she said. "What happened to me?"

Lifting her in his arms, Gabriel carried her to her dressing room and stood her in front of the full length mirror. When she looked at their reflections, she was shocked at the woman staring back at her.

Since joining Gabriel at the mansion, her physical appearance had improved through rest and relief of stress. But now, the beautiful face framed by thick mahogany hair barely resembled her own. She turned in the mirror, slightly distracted by her nudity, observing all of the changes in her appearance. Her body, always petite and trim, now seemed to boast perfect dimensions with the fuller breasts that stood at attention to the golden skin that glowed in unblemished perfection.

"You now have the perfect body as it would have been with no stress, illness, or age," Gabriel commented with a tender stroke of his fingers down her arm.

"But I'm not a vampire."

"Your human heart faltered as though it would stop but when I fed you, it started beating its normal rhythm again."

"My eyes changed."

"Darker, as your hair has darkened also."

"Gabe, did I do something wrong?"

"No," he said pulling her closer to him. "You did nothing wrong and I've been going crazy for three days trying to determine where I failed."

Dropping her head in a futile attempt to control her emotions, Alena stepped away from Gabriel motioning for him to keep his distance when he tried to follow her. She walked to the closet and found a long, black silk robe that noticeably had more material than any of the others. When she exited the dressing room, Gabriel followed slowly behind her watching her every move. Stopping in the bathroom, Alena collected necessary items for a bath, enough for one person.

"I would like to freshen up," she said in a monotone voice.

Refusing to look at him, Alena did not see the sorrow that passed across his face. When she heard him leave and close the door, she immediately turned on the water impatient for the temperature to warm. She stood under the spray long enough to wet her hair and shuddered when she felt the weight from the new volume drag down below her hips.

Struggling to reach the small ledge, she sat down and allowed her disappointment and fear to be released through her emotions. Tears started as she tried to understand that she had been rejected by the vampire world. Eight years of loneliness had been eased only to be elevated to a torment that she knew her heart could not bear. Now, after completing a physical bond with Gabriel, she would still age, be subject to illnesses, and eventually die. With the dark cloud of pain crushing her heart, she began sobbing uncontrollably.

On the other side of the bathroom door, Gabriel leaned his forehead against the wood listening to Alena cry. He had suffered alone for three days only to be alone again when she had finally woke. He knew that he should say something to her, offer her some encouragement but he had barely been able to answer her questions and do more than gawk at her altered body.

He hated himself more than she ever could. How could she ever love him again when he had somehow failed her so miserably? After four thousand years of being alone, eight years of sacrificing his life with her for the demands of his world and the three additional days of waiting in frustration, it was his failure of changing her that now pushed him beyond his control.

"Fuck this," he growled storming into the bathroom. His confidence shattered when he saw her huddled in the floor of the shower. Quickly stripping out of his jeans and t-shirt, Gabriel opened the shower door and stepped into the stall.

She felt him lifting her into his arms before she knew that he was with her. Trying to pull away from his hold, she hid her face in her hands to hide her tears. When she realized that he would not let her go, she circled her arms around his waist and sobbed on his chest.

"I'll never let you go," he vowed as he kissed the top of her head. "I promise you that nothing will ever separate us. I'll find out what I did wrong and fix this."

Hearing his vow was more painful to Alena than this failed changing. How could he keep them together when she could still die? Why would he want to be with her when she was old and looked more like his mother than his mate?

"Because I won't quit until I find out what I did wrong," he answered her thoughts.

"Gabe," she said pausing in her sobs, "what if it's me? What happens if I'm just not good enough no matter how much we want it?"

"Oh baby," he answered, "If you knew some of the changelings that I've encountered in my life, you'd understand that it's impossible for you to not be good enough. Maybe you're just too good for us."

Looking at Gabriel, Alena rolled her eyes and hid her face against his chest again.

"Alena, I did things differently. I don't understand how that would have change things but I took your blood over a period of three days instead of instantly draining you. Maybe your body adjusted or became immune to my venom. I also gave you more blood than you needed and that could have had an adverse effect also."

"Do you really believe this can be fixed?"

"Yeah," he said weakly and avoided looking in her eyes. When he realized that his response lacked conviction he added, "Baby, I'll do everything I can but if we can't fix it, then we will still be together. I'll leave everything behind and bring you here where we will live the rest of our lives together."

"You mean that you would come here and stay with me until I die?"

"No. First of all, we don't know that you will die. You did change in some things. And secondly, I meant that either way, we would be together in life," he said looking into her eyes, "and death. My life can be ended."

Understanding Gabriel's words, she pulled away from him placing her hand over her ears as though she could shut out the words he had spoken. How could the world continue without Gabriel? She refused to be the reason he was removed from Edward and the remaining brother of the Third Creation.

"Baby, it's not a choice. I could never continue to exist without you. Even while we were separated, I would come close to the children's hospital just to hear your heartbeat. You will never believe how many hours I've spent standing in the dark, outside of your home, doing the same. You are the only reason I have to continue."

Alena nodded her head and pulled away to continue her shower. Even when Gabriel assisted with lathering and rinsing her body, she felt that his hands were moving in repetitive motions with no hint of sexual tension as they had shared in their previously shared showers. When they were finished, they dressed casually and moved to the kitchen so Alena could prepare yet another human meal.

Selecting a simple sandwich of meat and veggies, she ate while Gabriel sat at the table quietly watching her. The awkwardness of the silence was a reminder of their differences that they thought they had overcome only now to find that they had just avoided them. When she finished eating, she spent considerably more time than necessary returning the food to the refrigerator and washing her plate.

When she had finished, she took a deep breath and leaned against the counter and looked at Gabriel.

"I was beginning to feel invisible," he commented with a smile. "Do you always wash a plate for three full minutes?"

"I did not ..." she said stopping when he raised an eyebrow at her. "When are we leaving?"

"I was actually going to suggest that we return to the mansion today," he answered. "I need to speak with Edward."

"About me?" she asked and then quickly added, "Or about other things, normal things, I mean you're normal life?"

"You. But first, come with me. Before we leave, there is something I need to show you."

Walking out of the cabin, Alena realized that, other than sitting on the deck, this was the first time she had been outside since they're arrival. As Gabriel led her closer to the bank, he stopped and lifted her in his arms to carry her. When they approached the falls, she turned in his arms watching the torrents of water crashing to the rocks. Gabriel continued to walk towards the water and then stopped before they could feel the mist of the spray on their faces.

"Undress," he said while removing his t-shirt.

When she continued staring at him, he sighed in frustration and quickly removed his shoes which were soon followed by his jeans. Standing in front of her naked, every detail of Gabriel's perfect body was exhibited in the golden sunlight. He reached for her and started tugged the belt of her rob loose until it fell to her sides parting her robe and exposing her body to his gaze.

Unlike their shower only a few minutes earlier, the feel of his hands on her skin reminded her of their attraction and the sexual satisfaction that only they could give to each other. When he slid the rob from her shoulders, Gabriel reached for her breasts, holding them in his hands and gently stroked her nipples with his thumbs until they were hard and pressing into him in a silent demand for more attention. He moved his fingers down her skin, stroking a path that created a desire in the center of her belly.

Gabriel pushed the robe from her body and let it fall to her feet. Kneeling before her, he leaned forward and pressed gentle kisses across her tight tummy and reached around her body with his hands to slowly massaged the soft flesh of her bottom.

Holding his shoulders for support, Alena leaned into him trying to move his mouth further down. She whined in protest when he stood again smiling at her frustration.

"Patience my love," he said and tenderly kissed her lips.

When he moved away, he clasped her hand firmly inside of his and walked to the water's edge. Trusting him completely, she knew that he would keep her safe but yet she was curious as to how close they would get to the rapids.

"You'll love this. I promise," he responded to her.

"You know, I really got screwed on that."

"What?" he asked in confusion.

"The whole mind reading gig. I'm quite happy with my current teeth and diet but I would have really enjoyed reading your mind. And living with you forever."

"We'll get there," he promised. "I know this is going to work out."

"Because you just know things."

"That's correct. Ready?"

"Ready for what?" she asked and then shrieked when he pulled her into his arms and leaped into the water.

Surfacing together in the pool, Gabriel held her close while he swam close to a smaller water fall obscured by the grander cascades. When he slowly advanced to the tumbling water, he leaned Alena's body underneath so she would feel the massaging power of the liquid.

"Oh my God," she said when he pulled her close to his chest. "The water is so much warmer than the river."

"I thought you would appreciate that. Let's agree to not worry about anything else for now experience all of nature's gifts together. Deal?"

"Deal. I'm sorry about the breakdown earlier. Do you still love me?" she asked seductively grinding against his body.

"Don't apologize. We've had a setback," he answered pulling her closer to his rapidly hardening length. "Let me show you how much I love you."

With little effort, he lifted her body from the pool placing her bottom on the edge of a smooth rock, warm and wet from water's pressure. A small cascade of water poured over her backside gently massaging her scalp and shoulders, running down her spine and under her bottom. The sensation of the current touching her most intimate places created an erotic sensation flowing through her body.

Gabriel remained in the pool holding her hips firmly so would not slide from the rock. He watched her shudder in reaction to the water's caress of her body. Her eyes closed as her body started climbing the path to its climax. Dipping lower in the water, he rose beneath her legs with her knees locked over his shoulders.

With his head at the same level of her hips and her legs splayed over his shoulders, her body was open to his gaze. Slowly she started rolling her hips forward looking for the release to the passion building in her body. When she moved forward, the folds of her flesh parted revealing the hardening bud which glistened with the moisture of her arousal. Tenderly, Gabriel parted her flesh more smiling as she gasped in reaction to his touch.

Opening her eyes, Alena looked at him with eyes pleading to give her the pleasure she sought from only him. Gabe smiled at her passion and leaned forward until he was barely touching her with his mouth. She tensed in his arms trying to pull away from his mouth on her tender center but he held her firm. Holding her open to his mouth he nibbled on her clit smiling at her moans and struggles to stay upright. He then inserted two fingers into her tight opening pushing deep into her body.

She cried out as Gabriel moved his fingers in and out quickening his rhythm as she squirmed in his arms. When he inserted a third finger into her, she felt her body tense in anticipation for the upcoming climax. As she surrendered to his ministrations, Gabriel pulled his mouth away quickly and waited for her to look at him.

"Do you trust me?" he asked.

"I do," she quickly answered.

His fangs elongated and his eyes shone bright against his handsome face. Before she could ask his intentions, he move back to her clit and place a quick kiss to the bud. Her body's arousal overrode any fear she could have and arched closer to his mouth. He sucked her clit into his mouth until it was hard and distended from his treatment. As she felt her climax peak, he sunk his fangs around the bud releasing the venom that would eliminate any discomfort but inject the aphrodisiac that belonged exclusively to him.

Placing her palms on the rock, Alena braced herself as the waves of passion pulled her into their depths. She knew that she would have fallen in the pool if Gabriel were not there firmly holding her on the rock. Of course, she would not be experiencing this passion at all if Gabriel had not been there with her.

He heard her scream as she peaked in her orgasms and felt her tense and then shudder as her body felt the passion rolling through it. When her nectar mixed with her blood, he removed his fangs, sealed the wound close and savored the flavor of her juices. He drank as deeply from her as he would have from any vein in her body. Once again, he thought that he could exchange the craving for blood for an eternity of her special bouquet.

When she collapsed on his shoulder, Gabe held her close slowly rubbing her back until her breathing returned to normal. Turning to his mouth, she kissed him deeply slipping her tongue between his lips. Tasting the mixture of her own blood and juices in his mouth caused her a moment's hesitation and then an immediate assault to her senses. As he increased the pressure of his touches to her body he also moved to the more sensitive areas.

Pulling her down from the rock, he held her close to his body moving to a boulder with a flat surface sloping out of the water's calm pool. He laid her on the rock and turned her so that she was resting on her hands and knees. From centuries of exposure to the water and sun, the rock felt smooth and slick more comfortable than a slab of stone should be.

He stepped up behind her and searched for her opening with his fingers. Finding her wet and ready he hesitated before moving into her not wanting to be extremely rough and forceful with her so soon after her recent climax.

"Hurry Gabriel," Alena moaned leaning back into his exploring fingers. "Please don't make me wait."

"Tell me what you want."

"I want you to fuck me. Fuck me now and hard. Please Gabriel," she said moving back and forth on his fingers.

"Tell me to stop if you don't like it," he said while he positioned his cock at her opening.

With a quick, hard thrust, Gabriel sunk half his length into her body. Waiting for her to adjust, he held her still hoping that she had not changed her mind already.

"Please Gabriel," she said looking over her shoulder. "All of it. All of you."

Sliding back out of her until just the head of his cock was inside her tight body, he took a deep breath and growled as he pulled her hips back to him and slammed his cock deep into her. Feeling her body tightening against the invasion, he feared for a quick moment that he may have hurt her.

"Oh God, yes," she whimpered grinding her hips back into him. "Is all of it in of me?"

"Alena," he said softly, "be patient. We're almost there."

"Gabriel, quit telling me to be patient! I don't want to be patient anymore. I need this. Now."

Releasing the control on his lust, he slid out of her again and quickly thrust his hips while pulling hers back to meet his. He felt the tip of his cock harshly pounding against something inside of her. He winced fearing he caused internal damage and slowly withdrew looking for any signs of blood or trauma. When only the head of his cock remained inside of her, he silently vowed to return to the gentle lovemaking that she deserved.

Before he could move, she arched her back and forced her hips back to him. Shocked by her aggression, he quickly tried to halt her movement before he was deeply sheathed inside her again. She rebelled against his caution and pulled away from him cringing when his cock resisted a complete exit and was forcibly removed by her forward movement.

Turning around on the rock she placed her hands on Gabriel's shoulders and pulled their bodies closer together. When his cock nudged the entrance of the pussy, she twisted their bodies so that Gabriel was partially reclining with his back against the rock but his feet still resting in the river bracing his weight.

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